What Were You Thinking

What Were You Thinking

What Were You Thinking? – Greg

“I wonder what was going through her mind when she was doing that?” my wife commented as we were watching the famous haircut scene in GI Jane. We had been watching the movie at home one night and it was funny to see how much my wife had paid attention to that one scene. She also noticed a bulge in my pants and commented, “Do you think Demi is pretty?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “but to be honest with you, it’s the shaving that’s turning me on!”

“Oh really? Does a woman shaving her head really turn you on?”

“Yeah, it’s just so different from the norm, and on the right woman, it can look so sexy!”

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Off went the VCR and on to the bedroom we went. After making love that night, my wife asked me if I thought she would look good bald. I replied emphatically yes and she noticed that I was hard again just thinking about it. She told me that one day she would surprise me.

You have to understand my wife is very spontaneous and I’m really surprised she did not do it that night.

A few months had passed and one day we decided to do a little shopping downtown. As we were walking to a store, we happened to pass by a small barber shop and I noticed my wife looking in the window. I did not say a word and I still did not think she had the guts to go through with it. She liked her hair medium length and had not changed it in years.

When we walked into the store she decided to go look at shoes. I know how long it takes for her to look at shoes so I wisely chose to go browse the sporting goods. After a good thirty minutes or so, I went back to the shoe department to find my wife. She was nowhere to be found and the clerk said she had left the store about ten minutes ago.

“Surely she didn’t…,” I thought to myself and then rushed over to the barber shop.

When I got there, she was sitting reading a magazine waiting her turn in the chair. I sat down next to her and asked her what she was doing. She replied that this was the day she was going to shave her head. “Next!” barked the barber and my wife about jumped out of her skin.

Nervously she crawled into the chair. The barber put the cape around her neck and fastened it. “Alright little lady, what can I do for you today?” he asked.

“I want a GI Jane special!” came the reply.

“Are we talking a military issue haircut, because that’s a GI special.”

“No,” my wife replied, “I want you to shave my head completely bald!”

I have to tell you at this moment, I was pitching a serious tent and watched with great anticipation as the barber picked up his clippers. He took off the attachment and turned them on. He turned the chair to where my wife was facing the mirror with a big smile on her face.

He started at the top and with the first pass hair began to fall down to the floor. He worked from front to back until all she had left was a big patch of hair in the back. He turned the chair to the side closest to me and began to work from the bottom of the nape shaving off what little remaining hair my wife now had on her head. After a few more runs, she was completely bald and he dusted her off.

“That will be $10.00 ma’am,” he said.

My wife felt her head and told him she wanted it smooth. With that comment, the barber put a hot towel over her head and then covered her head with shaving cream. Moving with speed and precision he shaved her smooth in what must have been record time. He then wiped her clean and put powder on her new shiny head. I paid the barber and thanked him, and we walked out.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked.

I told her she looked fabulous and gave her a kiss on the lips and then on the head. She told me she loved it and I agreed. We then went home and had some very kinky sex. Our sex life had improved so much that she told me she wanted to stay bald for a long time.

A few months later, we had dinner with another married couple we had not seen in a while. They did not know that my wife had shaved her head and were shocked when they saw us. That night while we were eating, the questions came and I could see the woman becoming very intrigued with my wife’s new look.

Then the question came: “What was going through your mind…?”

The end or a new beginning?


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