What Happened at Brandy’s

What Happened at Brandy's

What Happened At Brandy’s by EddyZ.

Oh, I wish I had not been so stupid! I had been so confident that I would win the bet that I hadn’t even bothered about the consequences. But I had lost! And the loser had to do whatever the winner demanded.

“Well, what am I to do?” I had asked him.

“You’ll get a note with instructions,” he had smirked. “Just do what it says.”

So I have bought a black miniskirt with zipper, a white tanktop, sheer black nylon stockings, a black garter belt and black high heels.

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At home I have put on that gear. I am not allowed to wear panties and I must look like a whore with the heavy make-up that I had been ordered to put on. I am nervous: what will be expected from me?

I am on my way to the stated address. It turns out to be an apartment building. I open the door to the porch and push the bell of number 703. I hear a voice: “Hallo, who is there?”

“I am Cherry.”

“I’ll open the door to the hallway. The elevator is on your left. Go to the seventh floor.”

When I leave the lift a girl is waiting for me. She is dressed in about the same outfit as I am.

“Hi, Cherry, I am Brandy,” she says, grinning. “Come in.”

She ushers me into a drawing room and has me sit down on a low couch. With difficulty I succeed in keeping the bare upper parts of my thighs covered with my skirt.

Brandy smiles: “Well, I think it would be appropriate to toast to us with cherry-brandy.”

She doesn’t wait for an answer and offers me a glass full of a red liquid. I have never drunk this before and I sip at the glass.

“No, ad fundum,” says Brandy. “You must empty your glass in one draught.”

I close my eyes and gulp. I feel the liquid flow down my gullet like fire. I haven’t yet put down my glass but Brandy is about to fill it again. She urges me to drink. I do so reluctantly but cannot refuse. Only slower. But soon I feel the strong drink rise to my head. I’m getting high and hazy, the room seems to spin around slowly. I’m getting giggly. I think I can’t walk straight now.

“Damn it! I’m getting drunk,” I say.

Brandy smiles. “Time to come with me. I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I have to blindfold you. You don’t mind, do you?”

I giggle when she fastens the blindfold. She helps me getting up and walking. I think we go to another room and stop in front of what seems to be a table.

“Climb on it and lie down on your back,” says Brandy, helping me. Both my wrists are grabbed and fastened into restraints on both sides of the table. My skirt is unzipped and pulled away. I feel my legs being raised to a vertical position, then spread and lowered on supports. I remember this position from my visits to my gynaecologist. Also my legs are fastened.

“What is going on?” I ask.

“You should not speak,” says Brandy next to my ear. “You know the conditions. You only have to do what is asked from you and to submit to the treatment.”

I feel that my top is cut with scissors and pulled away. Now I am naked apart from my stockings and pumps. I feel now very uneasy. What is going to happen to me?

Then I feel and hear the scissors cutting off my pubic hair.

“What are you doing?” I exclaim.

Near to my ear I hear Brandy hiss: “Ssssh, shut up! I told you to keep your mouth shut or I will gag you!” she says, no longer friendly.

What the hell, I think and begin to giggle. The sensation of cutting off the hair of my intimate parts is not unpleasant. Then I am startled when suddenly a creamy substance is applied and spread all over my pubic region. There must be another person in the room for I hear Brandy’s agitated respiration next to me.

They shave me! The scraping at that place stimulates me sexually. I gasp when two fingers enter my vulva and pinch and stroke my clitoris. I wiggle with my hips and am panting. I’m nearly coming but then I hear Brandy say: “Enough, untie her.”

Would that be all? But no, I’m turned over on my belly while someone pulls me towards the edge of the table till my head hangs over it. My arms are turned on my back and secured with handcuffs.

The blindfold is released and I see Brandy who starts brushing the hair that hangs down from my head reaching the floor.

“You have beautiful hair,” she says and then smirks. “But not for a long time.”

What does she mean? I needn’t wait long. Suddenly she shouts: “Bitch! You have wheedled my boyfriend from me! Now you have to choose: give him back to me or I’ll take your hair!”

With that she pulls out a lock of my hair at my nape and cuts it very short to the skin. A two foot long strand slides limp and useless to the floor.

“No! Not my hair!” I cry and start to sob. “Please don’t do that to me!”

“Do you return Roger to me then?”

Another of my tresses goes the same way.

“I cannot do that. Please, I beg you! I’ll do anything you want, but not that. I love him.”

A third strand is lopped off. She laughs, sneering: “You love him? No, you don’t. You only want to fuck him, you slut. I am the one who loves him. Oh, don’t bother, he loves me too. We have been reconciled with each other.”

Suddenly I feel sick and I throw up over my locks on the floor.

“Filthy slob!” shrieks Brandy. She pulls me from the table and towards a straight chair. She shoves me upon it. I’m sitting in front of a huge mirror that goes down to the floor. My hair covers my breast as if nothing has happened Brandy ties my ankles to the legs of the chair, then nods to someone who approaches.

I stare at a girl in a white trouser suit. Her head is as bald as a cueball and in one hand she has a pair of huge clippers.

“Go ahead,” Brandy orders, “treat the whore as she deserves.”

“Oh please, don’t do it,” I sob. “I’ll leave Roger to you.”

“Too late, sweetheart,” Brandy smirks. “Say goodbye to your lovely and luscious mane.”

The bald girl inserts the clippers on the hairline at my forehead and moves them right through the middle to the back of my head. Soon the right side of my head is denuded. Though my eyes are misty by tears I can see my reflection in the mirror. On the left side my long hair is still covering my breast. But not for long. After it has gone the last of my long hair, on the back, is clippered off…

My head is covered with shaving cream. With a straight razor the girl reduces the stubble to nothing, leaving me with a shiny bald head.

During the shaving Brandy has left the room. Now she returns, hand in hand with Roger. She unties me and unlocks the handcuffs. She mocks at me, addressing Roger; “How do you like your slut, darling? Is she not lovely with her shining dome?”

She laughs: “You have lost everything, dearie, your bet, your hair and your lover.”

Roger kisses her passionately in front of me and flings to me: “I heard you. You said that you didn’t want me any more.”

Together they leave the room, chuckling and embracing each other. Despairing and sobbing I let myself down on the floor and lie on my shorn locks that such a short time ago had decorated my head.

Suddenly I hear sweet words of consolation. Soft lips kiss my tears away, soft hands stroke the skin of my shoulders, my back, my buttocks.

I look at her, the bald girl, just like I am now.

“Who are you?”

“I am Brandy.”

Another Brandy? “I don’t understand.”

“I am Brandy and I live here. The name of the other girl is not Brandy. She is called Monica.”

Monica! Mona? Roger had told me about his former girlfriend Mona.

“I am awfully sorry for you. It had not been planned. I should have come out when they left. But Roger suddenly refused to take an active part, he only wanted to watch.”

“Why did you do it? Why did you cut off my hair and shave my head?” I scream, tormented.

The girl does not answer immediately. She looks at me thoughtfully. “What is your name? It is not Cherry.”

“It is Nicole, but my friends call me Nicky.”

“Well Nicky, you couldn’t escape your fate. If I hadn’t done it, Mona would. And she has no experience whatsoever. She could have hurt you.”

“Hurt? What do you think? I am beaten.”

“Nicky, listen. I am very sorry for all this. I had no idea that this was going to happen. I work with Mona but I am not close to her. She asked me to use my apartment for a surprise party. I really had no idea. If I had known, I would never have agreed. Do you believe me?”

“Oh my god, I’m feeling awkward. I think I must throw up.”

She ushers me to the bathroom and then to her bed. I’m worn out and there is no more spirit in me. When I feel the sheets I fall asleep.

When I wake up Brandy is lying next to me. She looks at me, smiling.

“Hi, how are you?”

“Oh. I have a terrible headache, I think a hangover. I’m not accustomed to… oh, my god!”

“What is it?”

“You cut my hair! Oh, well, I don’t blame you…. Oh, my head!”

“Wait, I’ll get you something to feel better.”

She jumps out of bed, she is stark naked, and comes back with a glass of water and two tablets.

“Swallow them.” She helps me. “Good girl.”

“Brandy, what is the time?” Suddenly I panic. “I have to call my boss. I cannot go to my job with… without hair on my head.”

Brandy looks at me curiously. “Do you have to work on Sunday?”

Oh, it is Sunday!

“No, of course not. Sorry, I am… well, forget it.”

Brandy smiles. “Relax, Nicky. Let me give you a massage. I can do that, you know. You will feel better soon.”

I do. It is great, being naked and massaged by an also naked woman. Her hands are soon everywhere. And soon we are kissing, automatically blending into lovemaking….

I am embarrassed, stirred up, warm and red. It is a complete new sensation. She is so sweet and expecting. Roger was always so dominant and demanding. I realize that he never has given me this pleasure.

“Phew, I never made love to a woman.”

“Once must be the first time, sweetheart.” She kisses my belly.

“Are you a lesbian, Brandy?

“What d’ya think?” She laughs.

“But I have… had a boyfriend! How can I..?”

“Oh, Nicky… you don’t know very much of relations, do you?”

I feel so odd. The whole situation is weird.

“Brandy, why do you shave your head?”

“Well, I like it. I don’t like hair, you know. I did want to do this years ago, but I had not the guts. It was a long time before I went so far. I should have done it much earlier. It gives me a feeling of freedom. No hair, no worry!”

“You did enjoy shaving me, didn’t you?”

“Well. I told you I’m sorry. I mean that. But yes, it excited me. Roger knew that I like headshaving… Nicky, listen, I know how you feel about it.” She rubs my head. “It feels good, Nicky, feel it.”

I don’t know if I should feel her head or mine. So I feel both and giggle.

“See? It is fun, isn’t it?”

“Yeah… but I prefer hair.”

“Okay, I don’t want to rush you.”

I smile. “I know you won’t.”


All this happened just about a year ago.

Brandy and I are still lovers. Soon I moved in with her. And still always we are both bald. We shave each other’s head at least two times a week. Why do I do that? I do want my hair to grow back, don’t I?

Well, at first I agreed to keep my head shaved for three months. Brandy did love it so much and I love Brandy, so that was not difficult. Of course I couldn’t go to work with a bald head. At that time I was an apprentice, now I am a hairstylist. Brandy had several wigs which she put on when she went to work for the insurance company.

I got myself a wig. I had wanted one with long hair but Brandy advised against it. “Too laborious. A short one is easier.” So I decided upon a pixie cut. Of course I caught much attention when I entered the beauty salon as everyone knew that I had always resisted cutting off my long hair. I explained that I had been away to see an old friend and while seeing her with short hair I was so impressed that I had changed my mind. But working all day with hairstylists it is clear that my secret was soon discovered!

Then my boss called me in his office. “Take off your wig,” he ordered me.

I was afraid that he would fire me but he seemed very satisfied.

“Very well. How often do you shave?” I told him. “Well, would you mind leaving your wig off? I want you to do your work without it.”

“What? You want me to be bald in the salon?”

He did indeed. So I have not grown my hair. I don’t even know how long I will have to stay bald.

Brandy is delighted!

The end.


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