Waking Up

Waking Up

Waking Up by David2505

I’m being kissed. I’m pretty sure that I’m being kissed. Is this a dream? No, I’m waking up. My neck, my cheeks, my ear. She’s kissing me. I’m waking up, and she’s kissing me. I try to force my eyes open, but it doesn’t work. My wife usually isn’t this frisky in the morning, so I’d better pay attention. I open my eyes again. “Good morning.” She is cooing in my ear. I definitely need to pay attention. I blink a couple times. I’m awake now. I open my eyes. She is naked, always a good sign.

Kathy stops kissing and looks at me, making sure that I’m really awake. “Guess what?” she asks. I stare blankly. “My hair is finally long enough to do this!” She swings her head so that my face is gently whipped with her thick dark hair. She begins to caress my neck and shoulders with her hair, letting me feel the softness.

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed this, which is my own fault. I had talked Kathy into letting me cut her hair off a long time ago, and she had kept it short for several years. She finally gave in and started growing it longer, and it was now a few inches past her shoulders again. This was the first “hair massage” I’d been treated to since before the haircut.

Her caresses led down my chest, punctuated with kisses. There was a long pause at my crotch as she completely wrapped me in her hair, and then she headed down my legs. I knew what was coming. As much as I love being stroked all over my body with her lovely hair, I have one true weakness. My feet. Something about the softness of her hair cascading over the soles of my feet completely melts me. She started on one foot, then the other. Back to the first. I was in heaven.

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Suddenly, she grabbed my ankle. Before I knew what was happening, she had tied one leg, and then the other. I started to sit up, but she pushed me back and tied my wrists to the bed, up over my head. I was now spread-eagled on my back, completely helpless. She returned briefly to the hair massage, mostly around my crotch. When she was sure that I was completely aroused, she climbed on top of me and began to make love to me.

“There are two rules, my love. You may not speak, and you may not orgasm.”

I started to respond: “I’m not sure I can control…”

“SHH! You are already breaking the rules!” I decided to keep quiet.

After a few minutes, she sat straight up and began to brush her hair. I love to watch her brush her hair. Since she was sitting still, I started to move. She stopped brushing. I stopped moving. She started brushing again. I stayed still.

The doorbell rang. “That’s for me!” she said cheerfully, and got up off the bed. She put one of her sexier nightgowns on, and her robe. She then took the blanket, and covered me from the chest up, leaving me both blinded and exposed. I felt her take me in her mouth briefly, then get up from the bed. She turned on the radio, turned up the volume, and say in a loud voice “Wait here, please.” Like I had a choice. I heard her close the door, leaving me tied to the bed, naked, blind and spread-eagled.

So, I am lying on the bed. I can’t see, and with the radio on, I can’t hear. I’m completely exposed, and obviously we are not alone. What the hell is going on? I can’t figure this out, and after a while, my mind starts to drift. I have no sense of time, and feel myself dozing off again.

I hear the door open. She comes in and turns off the radio. “Oh dear, you seem to have lost interest!” She begins to kiss my chest, then works her way down and takes me in her mouth again. My interest quickly returns. She gets up off the bed, and it sounds like she is putting a tape in the VCR. “You may enjoy watching this.” I am about to say that I can’t see anything, when she climbs up onto the bed and pulls the blanket down off of my head. She pulls it down so it now is covering me from the waist down. She is underneath it as well, and once again takes me in her mouth.

The first thirty seconds of the tape are blank, then a picture of our antique Koken barber’s chair appears.

I look down at my wife’s form under the blanket, then back at the screen.

She walks in front of the camera, wearing only her nightgown, and climbs in the chair. She looks directly into the camera, and smiles as she begins to brush her beautiful thick hair. When she’s done, she runs her fingers through her hair, then shakes her head, sending it flying around her. “I know how much you love my long hair, but I know there is something else that you love even more.” Her hair stylist walks into the scene, carrying a small black bag.

I gasp. “You didn’t really…” She pops up, still under the blanket. “No talking, or I turn off the tape and stop what I’m doing!” I shut up.

Her stylist winks at the camera. “I don’t usually make house calls, but under the circumstances…” She smiles and puts her bag down on a small table next to the barber’s chair. She takes out a cape, and covers my wife with a flourish. She pulls Kathy’s thick hair out from under the cape, and begins to slowly brush it.

I look down at my wife’s form under the blanket. Now I understand why she is covered. How short did she cut it? I’m having trouble adjusting to the fact that the scene that is unwinding on the screen has already happened, and the results are within reach. Except I’m tied down, and I can’t reach. Or see.

After her stylist finishes brushing, she begins to run her fingers through Kathy’s hair. She talks into the camera. “For the longest time, every time she comes into the shop, it’s always the same story ‘I’m growing it out, I just want a trim, just a little trim.’ I keep trying to make other suggestions, since she looks so good with a short cut. Besides, I LOVE to cut beautiful hair like this.” On screen, Kathy speaks up. “I told her to do whatever she wanted today. The only rule is she has to cut it dry, since I know how much you are going to enjoy watching my hair fall onto the cape, and onto the floor.”

I am starting to move my hips now, and a warning comes from under the blanket. “Self control, my boy! If you orgasm, you don’t get to watch the rest of the video.” I try, painfully, to lay still.

Her stylist runs her fingers through Kathy’s hair some more, then looks into the camera. “I think we’ll start by taking off some of this length in back.” She takes out a pair of barber’s shears, and opens and closes them slowly for the camera. She swivels the chair so I can see what she is about to do. “Let’s take it up to collar length.” She smiles at the camera, and proceeds to cut off 5 inches of gorgeous thick hair.

I watch it fall, transfixed. Kathy’s hand appears from under the blanket, with the remote. She rewinds the tape a bit, and plays it again. In slow motion. Again, 5 inches of her magnificent mane falls, very slowly, to the floor. She hits the play button and returns to what she had been doing.

The stylist pivots the chair again, and I see Kathy’s face. She is clearly enjoying this. She shakes her head at the camera, sending her now collar-length hair flying. It looks great at this length. Her stylist runs her hand back from Kathy’s forehead, coming up with a huge handful of thick dark hair. She smiles at the camera again. “Let’s just have some fun now!” And she scissors off about half the length, tossing the cut hair nonchalantly in Kathy’s lap. She does that two or three more times, each time adding to the pile of hair in Kathy’s lap. She then takes a comb and starts working on the sides, cutting in some shorter layers, until a short shag cut emerges, barely covering her ears. Kathy has pulled a hand out from under the cape, and is playing with the cut hair, picking it up and watching it fall back into her lap.

Watching her play with the cut hair is more than I can take. I orgasm. The hand with the remote pops out from under the blanket, and stops the tape. She flips the blanket back over my head, blinding me again. As she walks out of the room, I hear her say, “I told you not to do that. Now we can’t watch any more of my video until your tired, old body recovers.” And she closes the door behind her, before I can say a word.

I can’t believe she just walked out! Does she still have that shag haircut? I’m sure she went shorter, and I am dying to see how she looks. I hear the vacuum running downstairs. Then she comes back upstairs and I hear the shower running. After she gets out of the shower, she waits a while before coming back in the room. “I do hope you’ll behave better this time” she says as she begins to kiss me again. She pulls the blanket down over her, and restarts the tape where it left off.

On the screen, Kathy is trying her shaking technique on this new, shorter style. Her hair moves, but it doesn’t have the impact that it did when it was long. Her stylist is giving her the choice of leaving it like this, or going a bit shorter. Kathy looks into the camera and says, with a big smile “Well, maybe a little shorter…” Her stylist spins the chair again, and I see her use the comb and scissors to begin cutting the back into a close taper. When she finishes in the back, she starts on the side, exposing Kathy’s ears. After about five minutes, she is left with a very cute, somewhat boyish cut, a bit long on top.

This is my favorite cut, among the short styles she’s had. There is enough hair on top to play with, but I get unimpeded access to her nape and ears. I hope she left it like this, but somehow, the fact that she is still under the blanket makes me think otherwise.

The chair spins so Kathy is facing the camera again. Her shaking now has no effect on her hair at all. She asks into the camera “Well, what do you think? Is it short enough?” Her stylist says “Oh, what the hell!” and reaches into her little black bag. I can’t see what she comes up with, but see her reaching down to plug something in. She stands behind Kathy and reaches around to place the clippers at her forehead. She glances down to make sure she has them positioned right, then looks up at the camera. “Hope you enjoy this!” She clicks them on, and mows a path back through Kathy’s head. The clippers are set for 3/8″, and the 2″ to 3″ layers that had been left on top go flying. It only takes a few minutes to reduce her thick hair to a 3/8″ crewcut. Together they decide that is enough for one day, and the cape comes off, shaking a pile of hair onto the floor. The camera is adjusted down, so I can see the hair being swept into a pile on the wooden floor.

Seeing Kathy sweeping up her own hair is more than I can take, and I orgasm again. Kathy unties my feet, then throws the blanket over my head again while she unties my hands. I immediately pull the blanket off, and stare at my beautiful wife and her new crewcut. I run my fingers through the short length, as she tells me there won’t be any more hair massages for a while…


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