Very Short, Cut a Lot Off

Very Short

Very Short, Cut a Lot Off – Spud

I was having a very busy day and had fallen quite a bit behind and was just about to start a haircut when Julie, one of my regulars, walked in. I said I was sorry and maybe she could go and do some shopping or something for half an hour. She said she didn’t really need to and wouldn’t mind waiting. As everyone else in the salon was a bit behind too, the waiting area was full so I asked her to sit in the spare chair next to me.

I then started asking my current client what she wanted doing to her hair. She had a grown-out pixie cut and I thought she would only want it trimming but she said that she was going on a 3-month trip in Asia and she wanted something very short… cut with clippers. We discussed it for a while and she decided to have a #4 all over and tapered up at the back and sides with the #2 guard.

As I attached the #4 guard to the clippers I noticed that Julie was looking intently at me. I started the clippers and ran them up the back and then the sides of the girl’s head. Her hair was only about 2 inches long so there wasn’t a great amount of hair falling on the floor but there was dramatic difference between the cut and uncut hair. I then placed the clippers on my client’s forehead and ran them straight down the centre of her head. She had been quite all right till this moment but she jumped a bit at this point, but laughed straight afterwards so I continued clippering the top of her head. Once it had all been clipped of with the #4 guard I asked if she wanted to continue. Her hand came out from under the cape and she felt her hair. She nodded and said, “It feels so smooth, but I want it bristly at the back and sides.” I changed the guard and noticed Julie was still staring at the girl with an absolutely mesmerized look. I finished the cut by clippering off the back and sides with the #2 guard and blending it in with the longer top. I turned to Julie and said, “Well at least that didn’t take long,” and she just nodded blankly.

After going to the counter and getting paid I went back to Julie and put the cape around her neck. Julie had a conservative longish layered cut, which she brushed off her face. At the sides it covered her ears and it was down to her shoulders at the back. I said to her that she certainly seemed interested in the previous haircut and she said that although she had seen women with clippered hair in the last few years she had never seen it cut with clippers before and it reminded her of an experience she had as a girl. I couldn’t resist asking what it was and after a little coaxing she told me her story.

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“One day when I was about ten I was in town with my father and brother when my father announced that he and my brother would get a haircut. My brother was not keen on the idea as my father liked short haircuts and the fashion than was for longer hair. We all went to the barbershop, which was empty, and the two men jumped into the barber chairs. My brother mentioned something about a small trim to the barber but he ignored him completely and turned to my father and asked how he would like it. My father said, ‘Very short please,’ and that was it, my brother got a very short and severe cut with the clippers removing most of the hair from the back and sides and cut short on the top.

“I knew my brother hated this so when we left the barber’s and got into the car, I teased my brother, calling him, ‘Baldy, Baldy you’ve got no hair.’ My father told me to stop but I continued so suddenly the car pulled over and I looked out the window and we had stopped outside a hairdresser’s. ‘Right young lady, you’re going to have a haircut as well.’ He looked at me in such a way that I knew I could not change his mind and I’d better keep my mouth shut. Unfortunately there was nobody in the salon and my father led me straight to an empty chair. The middle-aged lady smiled and said, ‘All out for haircuts today, so what’s it going to be for the young lady?’ Just like my brother she took no notice of me and looked at my father. ‘Just the ends trimmed, sir?’

“‘No, short,’ replied my father. My hair was halfway down my back and she lifted her hands up to my shoulders.

“‘Shoulder length or maybe a bob?’

“My father didn’t really know what a bob was so he just said ‘Very short, cut a lot off.’

“The stylist nodded, said ok and wet my hair down with a spray bottle. She looked at me in the mirror and lifted up a long section of hair from the crown. She combed it up several times and then with her fingers about 3 inches from my head she cut off a big wet lock, which fell to the floor behind me. I was in shock as she continued reducing the whole of the crown of my head to 3 inches in length. She then moved to the left and started layering in the sides just a bit longer and finally she moved to the back. At the end she blow-dried my hair and it looked like a short Farrah Fawcett which luckily was quite popular at the time. My long hair was now just at shoulder length at the back and just below my ears at the sides.

“About 6 weeks later, just before school, started my father told my brother that he should get a ‘back to school’ cut. I thought my father didn’t see me smirking at my brother but he turned to me and said ‘And one for you, young lady, as well.’ As we left the house my father warned both of us: ‘I want you to get my money’s worth, so no little trims or I’ll take you back myself.’ I went back to the same salon but when I walked in there was a different lady there so when she asked me how I wanted my hair cut I couldn’t just say ‘Like last time.’ My father’s warning was ringing in my ears and as this was only my second trip to a salon as my Mother used to trim my split ends, I blurted out, ‘Very short, cut a lot off.’ Just like last time she wet my hair down and combed a section from the crown up between her fingers. I was expecting her to cut off the inch or so that had grown since my last cut but instead with only an inch of hair below her fingers and 3 inches of wet hair flopping over them she snipped off the hair leaving an inch-long spike standing up by itself. ‘Short enough?’ she asked. I nodded in shock. The rest of the hair on my crown was quickly reduced to the same length and finally my fringe, which was below my eyebrows, was snipped off the same length.

“She then moved round to the side of my head and started cutting the hair there the same length. The hair that covered my ears was cut off so it barely just covered the top of my ears. She then combed the sides and fringe forward over my temples and forehead. The hair almost reached my eyes at the sides and the fringe was just above my eyebrows. Starting at the side she then snipped the hair off about half an inch from the hairline at the sides and continued across my fringe and down the other side. She then combed it back, but still she wasn’t finished. She carefully placed her scissors on my cheek and cut a little v in front of my ear and continued cutting over my ears. I was still in shock looking at my short fringe and bare ears a couple of minutes later and was unaware that she had moved round to the back of my head when I suddenly felt the coolness of the scissors on the skin of my neck. ‘Keep still while I straighten it up,’ she said. I felt the scissors move across the back of my neck and up behind my ears to join the short hair over my ears. She walked away for a minute and I pushed my hand out from under the cape to feel my hair. My fingers slipped through it and off the ends of the short crop. At the back there was no length at the bottom as she had cut the hair off at the hairline. Just below I could feel short wispy pieces of hair on my neck. The hairdresser returned with something in her hand and said, ‘Don’t worry this will get rid of the hair on your neck.’ I looked what she had in her hands and when I heard the buzzing sound I realised she had clippers in her hand. I thought she was going to cut my hair even shorter just like my brother’s with the neck all clippered up. I tilted my head forward like I had seen my brother do, accepting my fate. I thought all the cutting so far had just been to get the hair short enough for the clippers and was expecting to feel the clippers run high up my neck but she just shaved off the wispy hairs below the hairline.

“When my brother and I got home I could see my father was surprised but he just said, ‘Good, nice and short.’ Later that night I heard him and my mother talking about how he didn’t mean for me to have a boy’s haircut but at least I had learned my lesson. Over the next couple of weeks the shaved hair on my neck grew back, firstly as short spiky bristles and then as soft down which I just couldn’t stop feeling. I didn’t have to get my hair cut the next time my brother did but I found lots of ways to feel his clippered hair after the cut.”

Julie looked at me and said, “I was so shocked when I had my hair cut short that I never had it short again but I always remember how good it felt to touch the short hair on my neck and after my brother haircuts. I remember when women first started having bowl cuts and the shorter ones were obviously clippered it looked so radical. Now you see lots of girls these days with clippered hair and I always look at their hair and wonder what it would feel like to have the clippers run up my neck and to be able to feel the short hair afterwards.” She gave a nervous laugh and added, “I’d never have the nerve to do it myself but it certainly brought back a lot of feelings actually watching a girl get a clipper cut.”

Julie has always been one my more conservative clients and even though she is a pretty woman and definitely has the bone structure for a short cut I had never suggested anything but a mainstream haircut, but after listening to her story I said, “Well I think you should get your money’s worth today.” I picked up my clippers and held them close to her neck. She looked at me and the clippers in the mirror for a second, then another and another. I switched the clippers on and with a loud hum they burst into life. Her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head. Her hands came out from under the cape and she pushed her hair back and over her ears. She turned her head to the left and right and looked intently in the mirror obviously trying to imagine what it would look like. She released her hair and shook it out around her face. Then slowly, without a word, she tilted her head forward till her neck touched her chest and quietly said, “Very short, cut a lot off.”


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