Veronica’s Adventure

Veronica's Adventure

Veronica’s Adventure

Veronica had been excited all week. Tomorrow (Saturday) was the day she was going to pick up her brand new Miata. She and her husband, Mike, had saved a long time to afford a second car and it was going to be hers to drive. They had spent weeks looking at different cars and chose the Miata because it was small, sporty and best of all, a convertible. Veronica is in her early thirties, very attractive with long legs and thick natural blonde hair that falls to the bottom of her back. She couldn’t wait to drive down the road with the top down and have her hair blowing in the wind behind her. She could only imagine how the wind would feel as she sped down the freeway. The weather was going to be perfect, 85 degrees, blue skies and a light breeze coming in off the ocean. Veronica couldn’t wait.

Later that night Veronica and Mike decided to celebrate. Veronica went shopping to buy some things to make a nice romantic dinner. While she was away, Mike set about creating the perfect romantic atmosphere for her return. He lit candles in the kitchen, dining room and living room and set up the bathroom with more candles and the makings for a bubble bath for Veronica. He put on their favorite Judd’s CD and turned the volume down low. Veronica returned from the store with all of their favorite goodies. Mike met her at the door so he could see the surprised look on her face when she saw the candles and heard the music playing on the stereo. As he took the grocery bag from her arms she leaned over and gave him a long deep soft kiss. Mike said “just wait, the best is yet to come.” “I don’t want to wait” was her sultry response. As they walked toward the kitchen Mike was mesmerized by the way her long blonde hair glistened in the candle light. He reached up and ran his fingers through her mane marveling at how soft and sexy it was. He has wanted her to cut it very short since they got married, but at that moment, he was thankful she had always refused. He walked closer and lifted a handful of her hair up so he could smell it. It had that fresh clean arousing scent that always turns men on. He wasn’t sure he could wait much longer himself.

They managed to make it through the candle lit dinner without ravaging each other. When Mike knew she couldn’t take it any longer he took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom where he lit the candles and started the bubble bath. Veronica stood by the door while Mike readied the bath. Mike stood up and walked over to her. “I have a surprise for you” she said. Without saying another word Veronica began to remove her clothes. As she took off her underwear she revealed to Mike that she had completely shaved herself. Mike couldn’t contain himself. They made love for hours, in the tub, on the floor and finally ending in the bedroom. You can just imagine the excitement he must have felt!

The next morning they awoke late and just laid there remembering the night before. Neither one spoke, they could see the passion and love in the other’s eyes. Finally, Mike spoke. “Veronica, I can’t believe how aroused I was last night just because you shaved. You know I have always loved women with short hair but I’m not sure anything can compare with seeing you shaved last night.” Veronica replied. “I was very nervous about shaving it off. You’ve been asking me to cut my hair short for a long time and I won’t. So I thought I would give you the next best thing.” He rolled over and softly kissed her. “I can’t tell you how glad I am that you had the courage to try it. By the way, I don’t suppose there is any chance of seeing a close shave on your head?” “Not in a million years, buster! Come on! We need to get up and get ready so we can get our new car.” “Okay, okay.” Mike said with a grin on this face. Veronica got out of bed and into the shower. As she washed, she thought back to the look on Mike’s face when he saw her clean shaven. First, there was a look of disbelief and then a state of arousal she had not seen in him for years. She laughed as she thought about what might happen to him if she ever did cut her hair like he wanted. She began shampooing her hair still wondering about Mike’s reaction to her with a short haircut, then wondering how she would look without all of her beautiful blonde hair. Veronica quickly put the thought out of her mind as she rinsed her hair and watched the water and shampoo run down her hair. The shampoo poured off the ends of her hair as she thought about how she could never do that with short hair. She finished with her shower and towelled off . Next, she began blow drying her hair. She always loved how her hair flowed when she was using the blow dryer. She could only imagine how it would feel with the convertible top down and her hair flying behind her as she drove down the street.

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They arrived at the dealership a little after 1:00 p.m. and were met at the door by their salesman. “Nice to see you all. You couldn’t have picked a better day to buy a convertible.” Veronica smiled. “I know, I can’t wait to put the top down and drive it home. Let’s get the paperwork over with so we can take it.” “Right this way then” said the salesman. They signed all of the papers and the salesman handed Veronica the keys. “It’s parked right out front, you can’t miss it.” Mike was barely able to keep up with her as she headed for the front door. She opened the door and there sat her brand new bright red Miata. She ran over to it, got in, flipped the latches and put the top down. Mike just stood there and smiled at how happy she was. Veronica said “I’ve got a couple of quick questions for the salesman, I’ll meet you at the house.” “Okay.” Mike said and left her as she was walking back into the dealership. Satisfied with the answers to her questions Veronica climbed into her convertible and sped away.

She was on the freeway with the top down, music playing wind blowing and hair constantly getting in her face and mouth. She kept pulling her hair behind her but each time some of it managed to get loose and blow in her face. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be!! She never dreamed her hair would be such a hassle with a convertible. She hated hats (besides she didn’t have one with her) so that wasn’t the solution. Dejected, she exited the freeway and stopped at the light. This gave her a chance to get a good handle on her out of control mane. She tucked her hair behind her the best she could before the light turned green. But only 2 blocks later strands of hair were again in her mouth and face. She was fighting to get the hair out of her face when out of the corner of her eye she saw a barber’s pole. She looked over and saw that it was an old time barber shop. She hit the brakes and made a quick U-turn and headed back to the barber shop. She had parked the car and was walking toward the front door before she realized what was happening. She stopped dead in her tracks. “What in the hell am I doing!” she said aloud. She tried to gather herself and quickly walked to the side of the building. Her mind was racing. Cut my hair! Why! Will it solve the problem? I don’t want short hair. I don’t know what I would look like with short hair. Slowly she began to calm down and think more rationally.

I just bought a brand new convertible and I can’t take it back. I don’t want to take it back! I can’t have my hair blowing in my face every time I drive with the top down and I’m not going to leave the top up all the time. She had one last convincing thought. Mike has always wanted me to cut my hair . . . Veronica slowly approached the front door of the barber shop. She opened the door and much to her surprise a female barber was working there. Veronica guessed she was in her mid forties. She had jet black hair cut short on the sides and back. The back of her hair looked like it had been cut with the kind of clippers used to cut men’s hair. The top was about 3 inches long, she guessed, and styled with curlers or a curling iron. The haircut suited the woman very well. There was also a male barber cutting hair in the far chair. For the first time, Veronica notices that there were other customers sitting in the shop. She almost walks out, only the memory of her hair blowing in her face kept her there. She walked over and sat in one of the chairs closest to the female barber. Veronica was still very nervous and kept fidgeting in her seat. What seemed like hours was in reality only about 20 minutes. The male barber finishes with the last customer before Veronica and motions for her to have a seat in his chair. She hadn’t counted on this! She wanted the female barber to cut her hair. She looked at the female barber and saw that she was almost finished with the gentleman in her chair. She decided to wait. “I’m sorry, but I would like to have her cut my hair if you don’t mind.” “Not at all” he said. He called the next customer and began cutting his hair.

“Honey!” Veronica jumped. The female barber had finished with her customer and was calling her to climb into her chair. Veronica had been staring at the floor looking at all the cut hair and watching and listening to the sound of the other barber using electric clippers on his customers hair. She slowly got up and approached the barber’s chair. The barber could see her obvious apprehension at being there and tried to calm her. “My name is Judy, what’s yours?” “Veronica” she said in a quiet voice. “Veronica, I love that name. My daughter’s name is Veronica.” “Really?” “Sure is. It’s a very pretty name.” Veronica was starting to feel a little better. “What do you want done Veronica?” she hesitated and then quietly said “I want to cut my hair short.” “You don’t sound too sure about that” said Judy. Veronica then explained about buying her dream convertible and her hair blowing in her face and not wanting to wear hats and being disappointed that it didn’t turn out like she dreamed and that she didn’t know of anything else she could do and how her husband had been wanting her to cut her hair short for years anyway.

“I really do want to cut it off. It’s just that I’ve had long hair for years and have grown very attached to it.” “I know what you mean.” Said Judy. ” It took me a long time to cut my hair, but once I started each time I get it cut I have the barber cut it shorter. Now, I have them use clippers on the back and sides and I’m probably going to cut the top shorter next time. I wouldn’t have long hair for the world anymore.” “Judy, when I saw you I immediately noticed how pretty you were with your short hair. Seeing how nice your haircut looks is helping to make this a little easier.” Veronica said. Judy asked again. “Are you sure you want to cut it short, Veronica?” “Yes, it’s that or get rid of the convertible and I’m not about to do that. Lets get started before I change my mind.” Judy could still see the apprehension in Veronica’s face so she turned the chair away from the mirror. “Last chance to change your mind.” “No, I want to do it” Veronica said with a little more conviction. As Judy was putting the cape over her, Veronica thought about Mike’s reaction to seeing her shorn and let out a little chuckled. “What’s so funny?” Judy asked. “Oh, I was just thinking about the surprised look on my husbands face when I get home. He really has wanted me to cut it all off since we got married.” “What kind of style does he want you to have?” asks Judy. “Do you remember when Demi Moore cut all of her hair off into that very short style, even before she did the movie Ghost?” “Yeah, I thought she looked great.” “Well, he wants it cut like that, only shorter.” “Veronica, that’s a lot of hair to cut off!” said Judy. “I know and I’m not sure I want to go nearly that short. It sure would make Mike happy though.” I bet it would” said Judy. I’ll bet it makes you happy too. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what you want so why don’t we get started. You shouldn’t have a problem with hair blowing in your face when we get through.” And with that, Judy began.

Judy pulled all of Veronica’s thick blonde hair out from under the cape and brushed it out. It reached halfway to the floor. With Veronica’s back still to the mirror, Judy grabbed her big shears and a big lock of hair from above Veronica’s right ear. “Do you want to save the hair?” “Yes, please” was all the response she got. Schniik! Schniik! Schniik! The first large piece of hair was separated from Veronica’s head. Judy took the 3 foot section and laid in across Veronica’s lap where Veronica grabbed it and clutched it tightly in her fist. Judy slowly worked her way around Veronica’s head, each time taking a large handful of hair and severing it from her head. The left side was complete and all that remained of Veronica’s beautiful long blonde hair was the top. The pile of hair in Veronica’s lap was immense. She could not believe that all of that hair had been on her head only a few minutes before. Again, she was having second thoughts but new it was too late now. Judy grabbed the first large handful of hair on the top of her head, right at the front. Again Veronica heard the now familiar Schniik! Schniik! Schniik! and another section of hair was added to the pile in her lap. With two more sections removed, Veronica’s hair had been reduced to a length of 3 to 4 inches all over her head. Judy came around to the front of the chair and took the pile of hair from Veronica’s lap and set it aside, out of the way.

With the long locks gone, Judy set out in earnest to reducing the remaining hair to a length that Mike would be proud of. She began at the nape, taking each section of hair and placing her fingers against Veronica’s scalp. She then cut off all of the hair that protruded above her fingers. Each section on the back was cut in the same manner with only a slight increase in length as she moved up the back of her head to the crown. At the crown, all that remained was hair about 1/2″ long with the hair at the nape only 1/4″ long. Judy was very pleased with the way Veronica’s hair handled the short cut. It laid down against her head very nicely. There wasn’t any conversation during the cutting because Veronica was still quite nervous and Judy was now totally engrossed in the haircut.

With the back done Judy moved around to the right side. She combed the hair straight down. It completely covered Veronica’s ear. Judy slowly cut the hair above the ear leaving a 1/8″ gap between the top of the ear and the start of the hair line. As the hair fell away from Veronica’s ear, Judy noticed the perfectly shaped ear and thought how well it would look free from the hair it had been hiding behind until now. Next, she began cutting the side in the same manner she used to cut the back. Very short at the base and 1/2″ near the top. Judy was careful to not let too much hair fall down the front of the cape because she didn’t want Veronica to get scared at how much hair she was cutting off. Judy moved to the left side of her head and combed the hair down over the ear. As she scissored the hair off above the ear she watched the hair fall to the floor and for the first time saw how much hair she had cut off. The floor was covered with blonde hair. She quickly looked at Veronica’s shorn head and knew she was going to be beautiful with her new haircut. She finished cutting the left side and moved to the top.

Judy grabbed Veronica’s 4 inch bangs and scissored them off only 3/4″ from her head. She repeated this process all over the top. Each time she cut the hair she made sure it didn’t fall into Veronica’s lap. Soon, she had finished. She grabbed a brush and gently styled Veronica’s hair with the short bangs being combed sideways off her face. “Are you ready to take a look?” Judy said. “It feels so different. My head feels like it is light as a feather” Veronica said with a crack in her voice. Slowly Judy turned the chair around toward the mirror. Veronica held her head low looking at her feet. The first thing she saw as Judy was turning the chair around was all of the blonde hair on the floor. “Is all of that mine?” she exclaimed. She quickly looked up into the mirror and didn’t recognize the girl staring back at her. “It’s all gone!! It’s so short!!” Judy just let her stare at herself in the mirror for a little bit. “Honey, I know it’s short. From everything you told me about what you wanted and what your husband wanted I figured you would both be happy with it. It sure will surprise you husband! You know, you really are a very beautiful woman and the short hair does enhance your beautiful features.” Veronica just sat and stared at herself. As she stared, she had to admit that Judy was right. She did look very attractive and even sexy with the short hair. She began to turn her head and look at her new haircut from different angles. Judy got the mirror and held it behind her head so she could get a good look at the back. Veronica took her hand and ran it over the top and back. The hair in back slid between her fingers momentarily and disappeared beneath her hand. It felt strange but at the same time wonderful. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought she would have short hair or look this good with it. She tugged at the hair on the sides. It was so short she almost couldn’t grab it. She kept looking at herself in the mirror, playing with her hair the whole time. Finally, she smiled broadly.

For the first time since the haircut began, she noticed the other people sitting in the barber shop. She looked at them and they all had approving smiles on their faces. The barber in the next chair looked and nodded his approval. Veronica looked at Judy. “I love it. Mike is sure going to be surprised when I get home. He’ll probably come up here and thank you personally. He’s wanted me to cut it short for so long and I’ll bet this is beyond anything he could have imagined.” Judy said. “If this will be that big of a surprise for him then lets give him the full treatment.” “What do you mean the full treatment?” Veronica asked. “Oh, don’t get scared. I just want to take the clippers and clean up the back and sides. I like for there to be a clean close look on women with haircuts this short. With your pretty face, the tapered sides and back will bring out your features even more.” “Judy, you’re the boss. Buzz away” Veronica said with excitement. Judy grabbed the clippers and a comb. She pushed Veronica’s head forward and placed the clippers flush against the base of the nape. With an ease that comes from years of experience, Judy guided the clippers up the back of Veronica’s head. She stopped at the top of the ear line. The 1/4″ of hair at the nape had disappeared. All that remained was a scant shadow of hair. The base of the nape was completely buzzed and slowly increased in length up to the ear line where there was only about an 1/8″ of hair remaining. Judy then used the clippers and comb to blend the longer top section with the new buzzed section. When Judy was finished, the back of Veronica’s hair had been buzzed into a block style. With her blonde hair it almost looked like Judy had simply shaved the back of her head.

She moved around to the side and with Veronica watching in the mirror began to buzz the side up to just over an inch above the ear. Judy placed the comb against the side of the head and ran the clippers across the top of the comb. Veronica got excited as she watched Judy clip off her hair. The hair just above her ear was completely gone and gradually increased in length until it blended in with the longer top section. Judy repeated the clipping on the other side. Using the clippers, Judy then blended the back and side sections and trimmed a little more hair off the top. Veronica watched with fascination as Judy worked around her head. She could see that Judy was enjoying this haircut immensely.

Judy finished with the clippers and put them away. “You’re going to enjoy this next part, Veronica.” Judy said as she went to the hot lather machine and filled her hand with warm shaving cream. She returned and began to apply the shaving cream to the back of Veronica’s neck along the hairline. Veronica had never felt such a sensation. It was so warm and relaxing. Judy took her straight razor and began shaving the back of Veronica’s neck. “That feels good” said Veronica. “I know, this is always the best part when I get my hair cut” said Judy. Judy finished the shaving and gently towelled the excess shaving cream off Veronica’s neck. Judy then brushed off Veronica’s neck, undid the cape and shook off the hair on the cape. “I never thought I would say this but I’m kind of sad you finished with the clippers, Judy. It felt wonderful as they touched my head.” Judy smiled. “Well honey, I don’t have to stop. You still have some more hair that can be buzzed.” Veronica thought about it for a moment. “No, I think I’ll leave it like this for now.” “Okay, but anytime you want to get it cut, you know where I am.” Judy responded. Veronica reached around the back of her head and felt the stubble left by the clippers. It was prickly, yet soft. She couldn’t believe how short her hair was in back. She then rubbed her entire head. She had done it. She had cut all of her hair off. She really did it! Now she was excited. She couldn’t wait to get home and show Mike her new haircut. He was going to flip out!

She thanked Judy repeatedly, gave her a $20 tip, paid for her haircut and collected the 3 feet of hair that had been cut off. She was going to go home and give Mike the surprise of his life. On the way home the wind was blowing and her hair hardly moved. Now this is how the dream was supposed to be. New convertible, top down, wind blowing and NO hair in my face, she said to herself.

Upon arriving at home she was disappointed to find that Mike wasn’t there. Where could he be? About 10 minutes later she heard Mike’s car pull up and the front door open. “Veronica, what happened? I went out looking for you. I thought you had a wre . . . ” Veronica walked into the room and he froze. In disbelief he slowly came over and stared at her. He reached up and rubbed the remains of her thick blonde hair. She slowly turned around for him. He touched the stubble on the back of her head where only an hour before had been 3 feet of hair. “What . . . ” was all he could manage. She began to tell him the story of her hair blowing in her face and how disappointed she was that is wasn’t like she dreamed. She went on to tell how she saw the barber shop and met Judy and how Judy had turned her around in the chair and then cut all of her hair off. Best of all, though, was how she LOVED it. She couldn’t believe she had not listened to him years ago and cut it short. Needless to say, Mike loved her haircut. He decided his next goal would be to get Veronica to let him cut her hair or maybe even shave her bald.



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