Valerie’s Fantasy

Valerie's Fantasy

Valerie’s Fantasy by Theobald

Dan and Valerie booked into their hotel amidst a bustle of visitors and guests coming and going. After the trip down from London, all they needed was to still have to stand for ages at the reception desk to take up their reservation. They had got to their room at the pub late the previous night after a boisterous wedding reception and had slept late – and other things – only checking out at midday and catching their coach an hour later.

Valerie was meantime surveying the posters and banners in the foyer. ‘Annual Brighton Tattoo Festival’ she read as the props were being carried out. She moved around the posters and pictures lined up for removal, looking at the promotional photos display. She could not help admiring some of the close-ups of intricately detailed masterpieces on both men and women, recalling her age-old wish to have a few tattoos of her own. Finding a pile of about thirty postcard size photos on a table, she picked them up and leafed through them, obviously photos taken during the festival but not collected by the subjects.

“Keep those if you like,” a voice said behind her as the table the photos had been on was carried away. “Looks like nobody wants them anymore.”

“Thanks!” she said to the back of the man as she slipped the pictures into her handbag.

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“Fixed up,” smiled Dan as he approached and handed over her vanity case. “Number 332, overlooks the pier, not the Honeymoon Suite but evidently the next best thing. Supper is from seven, let’s go have some fun.”

Valerie was towel-drying her short mousy hair when Dan came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping from his hair. She had taken the photos of the men, placed them on one side and had spread out the pictures of the women in front of her, the less ostentatious tattoos directly in front of her, the ‘gross’ ones further away. Dan looked at them over her shoulder as she explained how she came to have the photos. Dan, too, was not over-impressed with Valerie’s rejections and looked closed at a few of the daintily artistic designs. It was obvious that they both thought that symmetrical designs, rather than pictures, were better suited to the female form.

They woke early the next morning and made love. Valerie had her head on Dan’s shoulder, enjoying the closeness and his arm about her, caressing her breast. “Did I ever tell you the piece I read about the bridegroom who took his bride to have her tattooed every day on their honeymoon?”

“No, sounds a bit kinky though, almost sadistic.” answered Dan.

“Perhaps she wanted it too. As you saw, some women like having tattoos.”

“Seems unusual for a woman to want to be tattooed. I’ve never really been able to consider it a feminine type of adornment, seems to be something more akin to sailors.” He started tickling her. “Time to get up, or do you intend spending the rest of the day in bed?”

“Yes,” she answered with a sly smile.

After breakfast they decided to investigate the beachfront, the day not being suitable for sunbathing. They played around on the two piers, ate ice-cream in the pebble beach and ambled back to their hotel, looking at the odd shops and hotel entrances along the main road. A few blocks from the hotel Valerie pulled Dan into a side street, stopping in front of a small tattoo studio. She stood looking at the flash art work in the window and some photos stuck to the inside of the door, until she noticed that Dan was looking at her, a very puzzled look on his face. They proceeded a little further up the road and went into a pub, placing lunch orders and taking their beers to an empty cubicle in a corner.

“OK, what’s this business with you and tattoos?” asked Dan after taking a sip from his pint.

Valerie looked onto her glass at the fast disappearing froth and said softly. “I have had a fantasy about being tattooed ever since I was about twelve.”

“Such as?” asked her astounded husband.

“Nothing too bold, nothing that cannot be hidden by normal clothing if needed, you know what I mean.”

“No, I do not know what you mean, but I am sure you will explain,” mumbled Dan.

“I don’t want anything big and flashy: serpents, seascapes or wild animals or things,” she said quietly.

“Perhaps you can enlighten me on what you would like.”

Valerie was surprised that her fantasy had not been rejected out of hand, as she had been expecting. “I have always pictured having a circular lace pattern over the top of each arm, going over the shoulder, an intertwining waist band which also encircles my navel, highlighting my belly ring and a small colourful floral pattern on the top of my feet. There is something else I would like to try, something I have never seen or heard of before, a small flower on each of my fingertips.”

“Is that it?” asked an aghast Dan.

“Well, not really, I also want something to replace the pubic hair you made me lose on our third date,” said Valerie, now starting to get a little bold.

Their meals came and they ate in relative silence, Dan in thought and Valerie hopeful. Dan bought two more beers and brought them to the table. “I have also had a fantasy, probably just about as long as you’ve had yours. What if we trade fantasies, you get yours and I get mine?”

“Sounds like a bargain, what is yours?” Valerie asked.

“Can’t tell you.”

“How am I supposed to know how to respond then?” she asked.

“I can’t tell you until we get home, you’ll have to trust me till then.”

Eager now, she asked, “When can I start, and with what?”

They went back to the tattoo studio and spoke to Julius, the artist, Valerie opting to try the finger tattoos first. The artist had never carried out such a work and was keen to see the results, the novelty of the idea appealing to him too. The tattoos were unique, each daisy-like flower being identical: pale red petals with a yellow center, a curved stem with five leaves on it, the middle finger stem was straight and the stems of the other flowers on her other fingers curved away from it. The flowers on the thumbs were slightly larger than the other eight. Valerie was surprised that the whole operation was not quite as painful as she had expected, and Julius told her that the tattoos on her fingers were possibly going to be the most painful of all.

The next morning Valerie and Dan were again with Julius. They had decided to try the shoulder designs next, a problem because what Valerie explained ended up looking like a spider web. Eventually Julius was able to sketch a circular filigree pattern to be done in a faded shade so as not too look too blatant. As Julius had another appointment later in the morning, he was only able to finish Valerie’s left shoulder, the right one being scheduled for the following day. She kept her shoulder covered for the rest of the day, feeling unbalanced, but enjoyed people’s reactions when she held out a hand for change. Several people actually asked to see both hands together, believing the flowers to be temporary applications.

The second shoulder turned out as good as the first and both Valerie and Dan were impressed, Valerie seeing all kinds of startling effects with off-the-shoulder creations. The next step was the waist band. First she had the ring around the navel done, a hoop of intertwining patterns that gave the effect of a woven metal ring. The band was of a similar pattern and looked like a metal link belt. Julius managed to obtain a realistic 3D effect in the design by playing with highlights and shadows.

Julius suggested a pattern similar to the shoulder work for her feet instead of a floral design, the shape altered into a rounded and elongated triangle. His sketch looked good but Valerie asked him to soften the edges, finishing the work off with a blended lace-like effect all the way around. The two men agreed that the effect would be better, Valerie being happy with the final sketch. The end result looked even better, enhanced by the delicate shape of her feet and once again prompting a slight change in styles, this time shoes.

Valerie and Dan had to date not mentioned the final tattoo she wanted, being a bit embarrassed at the beginning, but Julius had become more of a friend. They mentioned a big piece to him and he tactfully scheduled it for the following Monday, not asking what or where it was to be.

Valerie had found some tattoo magazines and had scrutinised them, looking for a suitable art piece to fit in the position planned. The third magazine had photographs of ethnic jewelry tattoos done by Sabine Gaffron of Berlin. Valerie found the perfect design, she showed it to Dan who thought it a bit overdone for a pubic area, but agreed to see what Julius could do with the design.

On Monday morning Dan shaved Valerie perfectly smooth, a job he enjoyed thoroughly. If Julius was surprised at the last request, he hid it very well. He was familiar with the beautiful work done by Sabine, and her ability to make her exquisitely detailed pieces stand out in almost tangible bass relief. The design Valerie had found did not fit into the triangular location and Julius asked to scan and computer manipulate it to fit. He took Valerie into his secluded cubicle and had her sit and lift her short skirt, tracing onto paper the shape and size the final design had to be. He asked them to return the next day.

Julius had changed the design from five points to four points around a transparent ruby placed just below the center of the design. Two arms extending down either side of her pubic lips. The design had also been lightened so as not to appear too heavy and detract from her delicate pubis. The size and siting also still allowed her to wear a modest bikini bottom.

The artwork was very involved and the initial part took almost the full day to complete. Valerie was tired and sore at the end, having sat half-naked with her legs parted the whole time. Dan accepted that he would be celibate that night. They returned two days later for the piece to be filled in and completed. When it was eventually finished, the two men surveyed the final product with delight. Julius admitted that it was one of his best works and Valerie was thrilled with what she could see. A large mirror was brought in and she paraded in front of it as best she could in the confined space, eventually taking off her top and bra to see the full result of her fantasy. Still naked she went over to Julius and hugged him, giving him a brief kiss on the mouth, she then embraced Dan and thanked him for allowing her to indulge in what she had dreamed about for so long.

Dan and Valerie spent the last few days of their honeymoon playing in the penny arcades or going to films. They did go to the beach a few times, Valerie preferring to sunbathe rather than risk the water on her tattoos, and also because of the antibiotic ointment she spread over the art pieces. They were both amused at the stares Valerie’s tattoos received and couldn’t help laughing when the father of a family tripped over the deck chairs he was carrying because he was distracted staring at her.

Dan and Valerie returned to their North London flat after their two-week honeymoon with still a week to settle in before going back to work. On Friday night Dan was shaving Valerie when she asked softly, “What is your fantasy?” Dan continued shaving, making out that he had not heard her.

“Come on, what is the fantasy that I must indulge you in in return for my tattoos?”

“I am sorry I ever mentioned it, I cannot ask you to do that,” he said sheepishly.

“How will you ever know unless you tell me? A bargain is a bargain and we had an agreement. It is my turn to pay up now,” she said as Dan toweled off the remains of the lather.

“I can’t ask you. I love you, I love the way you look and I am happy with my tattooed wife, let’s leave it at that.”

“Please tell me. I am sure it cannot be more of a shock than me asking you to let me be tattooed. Go on, I want to come up with my part of the deal.” Her voice became emphatic, partly out of curiosity and also out of a feeling that she was being excluded from his inner feelings.

“I don’t know. It is asking too much, let’s drop it.”

“No!” she cried. “Tell me. I insist you share it with me.”

Dan lowered his head. “I have always fantasized being with a bald woman, making love to her, kissing her smooth scalp or caressing her gently.”

“Would you like me to be that bald woman?” Valerie said in a voice quivering with shock.

“I had imagined it, but now it does not seem so important any more. I have you and I love you just the way you are. Let it go at that.”

“I still maintain that a deal is a deal. You should have your fantasy, just as I had mine. Remember, my tattoos are permanent, hair can grow again. You deserve to have your fantasy fulfilled.”

Dan was startled at Valerie’s obvious insistence. “You want me to shave all your hair off, completely bald. Are you really sure of this?”

Now it was Valerie whose eyes were downcast. She nodded in reply. “Yes, you can shave me, do it now. I accept your desire.”

Dan fetched their scissors and took up a position behind Valerie, his left hand gently running through her soft thin hair. Valerie was hunched forward, not moving at all.

“Are you absolutely sure?” he asked again.

It was a soft little squeak that answered in the affirmative. “Yes, it is what I agreed to, you must make me bald.”

“I don’t have to. I am sorry I ever mentioned it, let’s forget it.”

“If you don’t do it, I will have to have it done elsewhere. I feel I cannot back out of our agreement.

Dan took a small clump of hair and snipped it off, feeling his wife tense as he did so. “I can’t do it,” he said and put the scissors down. Valerie picked them up and placed the open blades on her forehead, taking several cuts to leave a bare patch where her fringe had been. She handed the scissors back to Dan.

“Please, you must finish it, it is only right,” she said softly. Dan continued cutting until her hair was no longer than a quarter of an inch long all over. Valerie had not looked up and it sounded as though she was sniffing, trying to hold back her emotions.

“We don’t have to go any further. You have a reasonably good brush cut – it can stay like that. I am satisfied.” Dan said to her turned back, subconsciously tracing the tattoo on her shoulder with his finger.

“No, cut it right down and then use the lather and razor. I want to be the way you fantasized.”

Crestfallen, unable to accept that his fantasy was turning out this way, he placed the scissors right on the scalp and snipped it as short as the blades would allow. Removing the wetted warm towel that he had placed on her head, he filled his hand with shaving gel and spread it over her stubble, shaving the scalp with long gentle strokes. It did not take long to turn his wife’s head into the smooth gleaming image that he had been picturing for so long, in spite of the occasional gentle shudder that wracked her whole body. Taking a few drops of the baby oil that he used on her pubis, he gently massaged it into her perfectly hairless scalp and moved away from her.

Valerie slowly stood up and raised her hands to her head, feeling, caressing the hairless skin, exploring the strange feeling. She turned to Dan and put her arms around him, a broad grin on her face. “You adorable, lovable idiot,” she beamed at him. “This was my other fantasy and I have been trying to work out how I was going to get you to agree to this as well.”

The End.


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