Unusual Story…n

Unusual Storyn

This is an unusual but true story! It sort of mixes a true story, with my thoughts I have about female hair and haircutting

I made the long drive to the salon that I visit every 6 weeks. It was a special visit that day, one of the two special visits I make every year. I waited until my stylist came out and told me to go back to her station. I hopped up into her chair, and she put a cape around me. “Switching today” I said “yep” With that, she grabbed her battery powered clippers and flipped them on. She then picked up the front of my hairpiece and began to cut around the glue and hair to take it off. It was new hairpiece day. A day that happens twice a year, and a day that I look forward to.

After shampooing my now uncovered head, we returned to her room, and she disappeared to get my new “hair system.” During this time, I usually sit there looking at and scratching my head, something I can only do once every six weeks when I come in for a “service”

She returned with my new system. I noticed that it was pretty long this time, and a little darker than usual. After putting it on my head, and measuring and marking it, she popped the clippers on again. Following the guides she drew on the top of my head, leaving the edges of the crown longer for the glue to hold on to.

A few minutes pass as she prepares my head and system for the glue. I start to talk about where they get the hair for these systems. She informed me that it is from the states. At times, I have thought about where the hair came from. Did somebody sell it willingly, did they need the money or didn’t they have a choice? After the glue was ready, she placed it on my bare head. Perfect fit, you can’t even tell it is a hair piece.

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Now for my favorite part. The systems come in long, much longer than needed. I now had a shoulder length bobish style. Here I went from short to long instantly, the long hair felt great on my cheeks and I felt it on my shoulders and back. Wow I always wondered what long hair felt like. I started to sweat instantly and my nose got itchy from the longer than chin length bangs I now had. I have always wanted to stop there, leave me with the long hair, but I couldn’t do it. Many factors, including not wanting to explain to my co-workers and friends how I grew 8 inches of hair overnight.

I am a amateur stylist, I like cutting the one length bob cut. There is something I like about the cut whether it is 6 inches below the shoulders or at chin length. I have gone through the drill of sectioning off the hair and pinning it up, making neat sections and working my way around the head of hair.

I have often thought about when a woman makes the decision to cut her hair. It is a hard decision for most of them. What is it like driving to the salon, and waiting in the reception area? What are they thinking of at that point? Are they nervous, sad, excited? Do they style their hair one last time before it is lying on the floor?

The moment of truth comes, when she is shown to a stylist chair and asked what she would like today. Are the words, “cut my hair to a chin length bob” hard to say coming from a woman with breast length brown hair? What is she thinking as a cape is placed around her neck, does she look at herself one last time in the mirror before she is lead to the shampoo bowl? Has anybody backed out at that point? No cutting had taken place so there is time.

She leans back into the sink as her long hair is washed for the last time. After a quick towel dry, she is lead back to the chair and settles in. The stylist works quickly getting all of the tangles out and sectioning the hair. First the back, leaving the first section down and pinning up the rest, then on to the sides.

Now it is time. Does the stylist ask one more time if she wants to cut it? The moment must be forever as she reaches over to the counter and picks up her shears and comb. She feels the stylist combing through her hair at her nape, then “shick, shick, shick” her long haired days are on their way out for now.

I was thinking about this as my stylist combed through my new mane of hair. I was actually going to experience getting a short haircut. But the best part is that I will look almost exactly the same as I came in.

First she brushed my hair into a pony tail, which felt really neat. I liked that tug feeling and the hair hitting my back (I am jealous of ponytail wearers now) She then started to section off my hair just like I have done the many times when I cut a bob, first the back, then the sides. I could feel the first section of hair sitting on my shoulders. The sides and back were piled up on top of my head. I could see in the mirror that my head looks like a woman with long hair getting a haircut. I was going to experience something that I thought about and read about so many times, a short cut from long hair.

After finishing off the sectioning, my stylist fixed my cape and reached over to her table and picked up her shears and comb. I was thinking, “boy I love the feeling of hair on my shoulders” at that point, she pushed my head down and started combing at the nape of my neck, they I heard “shick, shick, shick” I look in the mirror and see her throw a huge piece of hair to the floor, it was followed by another “shick, shick, shick” I never thought that the sound of getting your hair chopped was so loud. I looked up again and she threw another piece to the floor, I then immediately felt that cool breeze on that returned to my temporarily hidden neck. My cropping has begun.

She worked quickly cutting me down, first in the back, then on to the sides. Hair was sliding down the cape at a fast pace. It was collecting in my lap. I was thinking that if I was a woman and was having my hair cut like this, what would I be thinking at this point. Would I be crying watching all of my hair that I spent so much time on, make its way down my cape, into my lap, then into piles on the floor around my chair? Or would I be excited about my new look. In my case it doesn’t matter, I was only a “long haired” for 20 minutes. Not enough time to get attached to my new long locks. Although I wish we had more time together.

That cool feeling returned to my ears as she snipped away the 8 inches that were hiding them. The hair made that sweeping noise as it fell off my shoulder and went down the cape. She made her way to my bangs, she unclipped the last section that she had and combed it out. I how had a short haircut in the back and sides, but my bangs went below my chin. I sort of like that ticklish feeling they give you. I couldn’t see through them, they were so thick. My stylist made quick work of the bangs, cutting and layering them so they fall at my eyebrows. Watching that hair fall was pretty cool.

After she combed through my hair one last time, there was a pretty good sized long piece on my left side. I looked around, there was long hair on my shoulders, in my lap and on the floor. I had one last piece on my head. What would a women think at this point, would she be happy her shearing is almost over, or a sadness watching her last surviving long lock get cropped to its new length.

Snip, sweep, my cropping was over, I was back to short hair. Exactly what I had when I walked in 1 1/2 hours ago. My stylist dried and styled my hair and removed my cape. I hopped up from the chair, tipped her and headed out for the drive home. I can’t wait for another 6 months to pass.

I hope there are people out there that can relate to this story. Tell me what you think. And any women out there who have experienced a short hair cut, tell me what was going through your head as you as your hair was being cropped. I am curious!


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