Ultimate Long Hair Question

Ultimate Long Hair Question

The Ultimate Long Hair Question by PT Cutter

I thought I had heard everything, but about two weeks ago a man in a suit and tie approached me in the mall and asked if he could buy my hair. My hair is way past waist length and I get compliments all the time but I was speechless. I thought he was about to say something like – “my what beautiful hair”. I could not believe the question. So I stuttered “no way!” but he offered me $800. I balked, stuttered a “no, thank you” and started to walk quickly away.

He said, “$1000 and a stylist of your choice…”

I turned and asked, “Why?”

He said, “Why not – $1200?”

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I had been considering a haircut for a long time. Thoughts were racing through my head – Cut my hair? Boy, I’d been thinking for some time…. I said, “Make it $1500 and it’s yours.”

“Done,” he said.

My stylist was around the corner and near the end of the east walkway. We went inside and Jacky, my regular, was open. She said, “You’re way early for your usual trim – what’s up?”

I said, “This guy is paying $1500, so ask him.”

“For $1500 you can shave mine bub, what’s your story?”

“Thanks dear, but not today. I want her ponytail cut off at the back of the neck right here… then I think a chin-length bob but raise the back a bit.” He then laid down 15 crisp $100’s and another $50 for Jacky.

“Let’s do it before I get cold feet,” I said in a very shaky voice.

Jacky didn’t waste any time getting started. She secured the hair right at the base of my neck, picked up her scissors and began to cut. What the hell am I doing? I thought. I have no idea how I’ll look. Then the cutting began. Oh what a crunch! Somehow it sounded so final. The crunching seemed to last forever – then it stopped and Jacky held up my tail. Gosh it was long – about 25 inches I guess. She laid it down in front of me. “That would be mine,” the stranger said.

We never did get exactly what the deal was, he mentioned something about a bet but it was never clear. I sat with $1500 in $100’s as Jacky started cutting. My bob turned out amazingly well – my hair has a nice natural wave that I never noticed as it has always been long. I’m a happy camper but starting the day I would never have believed this would happen.


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