True Blonde?

True Blonde?

A True Blonde? by DeB

Emma folded the newspaper over four times until only the crossword puzzle was visible. She leaned forward and snagged a pencil from the holder on her desk; leaned back and began working the clues. She sighed wearily. The worst thing about this job as administrative assistant (read “secretary”) for a middle-of-the-pack talent agent is the sheer boredom, she thought to herself, tapping the yellow pencil against the newspaper. Emma looked up at the two young girls sitting in the waiting room, audibly snapping their gum and giggling. She smirked contemptuously. The SECOND worst thing about this job is dealing with people like that, she thought. What total bimbos! She slid their folders off her desk, opened the first one. “Tiffanye Collins”—oh, brother! “Tiffanye”—how pretentious! She studied the accompanying photo. A stunningly beautiful, but completely vacuous face, framed by massive clouds of shining dark-brown hair. Well, of course her hair is beautiful, Emma thought cattily. Growing hair is the only thing her head can do.

The photo in the second folder was a head shot of a gorgeous girl with long, thick red hair. Her face, while attractive, held an aspect of cruelty…maybe in the narrow green eyes…or the thin, smiling lips…Emma shrugged. Pity the girl exuded that vibe, she was really a knockout. “Amber”, her name was. Just “Amber”. Shhhheeeshhhh…how eighties!

Anyway, Manny, her boss, was in his office readying himself to see these two rocket scientists. They were up for a part in a new shampoo commercial, and he couldn’t decide which one to pick based on their pictures, so he’d sent for them. Just wanted to make them dance to his tune, Emma thought wryly. Getting his rocks off exercising his power. Well, he had a tough decision ahead of him—both had glorious hair, long and thick…the job would probably go to the one who gave him the best blowjob…

The inner office door opened and a short, balding man appeared, puffing on a cheap cigar. He strode over to Tiffanye and Amber. They both rose to meet him, giving their long manes one last flip in an effort to influence his decision. Manny smiled. What a great job! Gorgeous bitches throwing themselves at him all day! “Well, ladies,” he began. “It was really, really hard to choose just one of you; both of you have perfect hair. Anyway, I talked to the commercial’s director, and he wants to see…”

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The door opened with a creak, suffusing the dim room with sunlight. Every head turned at the intrusion. Kelli stood framed in the doorway, her long blonde hair gleaming in the sun. “Excuse me, does anyone have change for the meter?” she asked. Manny’s jaw dropped, his eyes shining with a mixture of lust and greed. “That girl…she’s just what the director’s looking for!” He raced towards her.

His eyes looked Kelli up and down hungrily, taking in her hot, exciting young body clad in a very short tight floral print dress, her braless nipples clearly visible through the thin cloth; he scanned her flawless skin…her lush, full ruby-red lips…her sparkling blue eyes…and most of all her glorious blonde hair. Parted in the middle and brushed straight down on either side, it fell in a shimmering cascade just past her shoulders. “What’s your name, Gorgeous?”

“Kelli,” she replied, amused.

“Well, Kelli, how’d you like to be in a shampoo commercial?”

“Shampoo commercial?” Kelli subconsciously raised a hand to touch her golden mane. “No! I’m just here to get change for the meter!”

“Well, it’s your lucky day, kiddo. Come into my office, we’ll talk.” And throwing an arm across her shoulders he escorted her into his inner sanctum.

Tiffanye and Amber stood there dumbfounded. “What the fuck!” Amber snorted angrily.

“W-what happened, Amber?” Tiffanye asked plaintively, her eyes beginning to tear up.

“What happened, Tiff,” Amber hissed, “Is that blonde whore just strolled in off the street and stole our audition!”

“That slut!” Tiffanye wailed.

“Don’t worry, babe. NO WAY is she gonna get away with this. Wait here, I gotta make a phone call.”

And leaving Tiffanye sniffling, Amber strode to the office’s payphone. Emma smiled maliciously. Someone’s gonna get it…

Twenty minutes later Manny emerged from his office with Kelli in tow. “You’re a lock, kiddo…as long as you’re a natural blonde, the part’s yours…the director’s a stickler for authenticity, real pain in the ass…but brilliant, absolutely brilliant,” he added hurriedly when he saw the hesitant look on Kelli’s face. He had to schmooze this broad…a fat commission was on the line…

“Oh, I’m a blonde all right; no worries there,” Kelli announced.

“Good, good…Now get going! Can’t keep the big man waiting!” And patting her discreetly on the ass he sent her on her way.

Kelli, her eyes full of stars, left the office and made her way to the street.

“Excuse me, miss? You’ve been chosen for the shampoo commercial? Come with us, please.” Kelli looked up to see two girls, a redhead and a brunette, approach her.

“Huh?” Kelli exclaimed.

“Yes, we’re the team assigned to get you ready for your audition. Don’t get me wrong, your hair’s lovely, just lovely, but Manny feels you need a professional’s touch to nail down the part.”

“Oh,” Kelli said, mollified. “Well, let’s go then.” And she let herself be led to Amber’s car, a red Jetta. The trip to the salon took less than five minutes. Amber’s friend Joyce owned the place, and she’d called ahead to make…arrangements…

Amber pushed open the salon door and ushered Kelli inside, with Tiffanye bringing up the rear. Kelli didn’t notice Amber surreptitiously lock the door behind them and flip the sign over to read, “Closed”.

Kelli was less than impressed by her surroundings. “I don’t know…” she hesitated. “This place looks kind of shabby…”

“Honey, trust me, ALL the trendiest places are dives like this,” Amber soothed. Then she called out, “Joyce? We’re here!”

From the back came an immense woman with stiff black hair, smoking a lipstick-stained cigarette. On her pink smock the name “Joyce” was indeed emblazoned; she’d been fully briefed by Amber and was ready for them.

“Ah, you must be my new star…Sit down, sit down! I’ve prepared a cup of tea for you…drink up, then we’ll get started on that lovely mane of yours.” She reached out a claw-like hand and stroked Kelli’s shining hair. Kelli flinched in spite of herself, but allowed herself to be led to the waiting area, where they all sat and Kelli accepted the cup of steaming tea from Joyce. “Aren’t any of you going to have a cup?” she inquired mildly.

“Errr…no,” Amber replied quickly. “It’s a tradition. Only the “leading lady” gets the star treatment.”

“Well…okay…but I wish you’d join me.”

“I want a cup,” Tiffanye whined. Amber dug her in the ribs with a quick elbow.

Kelli somewhat self-consciously drank the hot tea. It was soothing…she could feel herself start to relax…the other women made small talk while the sodium pentothal took effect. Kelli’s eyes glazed over and her mouth fell into an easy smile. The three conspirators looked at each other triumphantly. “That was remarkably easy,” Joyce observed. “Well, shall we get started?”

Amber and Tiffanye each took an arm and escorted Kelli to one of the salon’s workstations. Amber rolled up Kelli’s skirt, while Tiffanye worked on pulling down Kelli’s panties, exposing her lush, thick blonde bush. “Well, what do you know, she really is a blonde,” Tiffanye observed. “Yeah, Einstein,” Amber retorted cruelly, “But not for much longer! Joyce?”

The huge woman approached Kelli’s shag with a black bottle and a small brush. She paused momentarily, stroked the thick soft fur lovingly. “This is a real shame,” she said sadly. “This girl’s got a marvelous bush.”

“Just get to it, Joyce, huh? Time’s a-wasting.”

With a last shrug of her massive shoulders Joyce uncapped the bottle of black dye, dipped the brush in, and began applying the dark liquid to Kelli’s shag. Kelli moaned in pleasure, her drugged mind reacting to the gentle strokes of the brush across her pussy. Joyce spread the dye quickly and professionally, then rinsed away the excess, drying off the wetness from Kelli’s thighs. The three women bent down to examine Kelli’s crotch.

“Amazing!” Amber exclaimed. “Absolutely perfect! No one would believe she’s a real blonde now! Let’s call Manny!”

“Umm…Manny? This is Tiffanye…you better get over to the Best Tresses Salon on Pico right away. We found something out that you need to know.” Manny knew better than to ask any questions of the empty-headed Tiffanye; they’d chosen her to make the phone call for just that reason. They knew she could get Manny to come over.

Fifteen minutes later Manny strode up to the salon, puffing furiously on his stogie. Amber let him in. “Hi, Manny. We thought you’d better see this in person. We followed that new girl to this salon, and caught her right before she had her…ummm…public hair dyed.” She led him to the chair where Kelli sat, displayed. Manny’s piggish eyes took in the tableau. “Shit! That lying BITCH! Man, Amber, I can’t thank you enough. If I’d sent her to that audition, and Franklin had discovered this, he’d never see another one of my clients. You know how nuts he is. I owe you big time, honey. You keep that audition, it’s at five P.M. today” He took one last look at Kelli. “Fucking cunt,” he spat, as he turned on his heels and stormed off. Amber locked the door after him. “Wheeee! We DID it!” She turned to Kelli, her eyes filled with contempt. “And now for some fun. Time to teach this blonde bitch a little lesson.”

She sauntered over to Kelli, a cruel smile creasing her lips. “Try to steal our job, huh, Blondie? Well, we’ll just have to take care of you.” She gathered Kelli’s long blonde mane in her left fist and shook Kelli’s head back and forth viciously. “Cunt. Whore. God, I hate blondes! Tiff, hand me those scissors.”

Kelli’s face twisted in pain as her hair was yanked. Tiffanye, giggling stupidly, handed the scissors to Amber. Amber lay the blade at the base of the fisted ponytail and began cutting. The sharp scissors made a crunching sound as they chewed through Kelli’s golden hair. It took quite a while and lots of effort, but the shining mass finally came free. Short strands sprang free from Amber’s grip to fall raggedly about Kelli’s head. Her hair was a chopped, ragged ruin. Amber continued cutting off snippets of hair as tears coursed down Kelli’s cheeks, the drug having worn off to the point that she knew what was going on…knew that she was being shorn, years worth of growth being stolen from her.

Having denuded Kelli’s head as much as she could with the scissors, Amber now picked up a pair of electric clippers and began running them over Kelli’s head again and again. Small tufts of blonde down wafted gently down as Amber completed her assault on Kelli’s mane. She then clippered off Kelli’s eyebrows, laughing in her face as she did so!

Kelli was beginning to struggle a bit; Tiffanye ended that by tying her arms down to the chair. Then Amber went to work on Kelli’s newly-black bush while Joyce began spraying an evil-smelling concoction on Kelli’s bald head. Tiffanye looked puzzled, so Joyce explained. “It’s a new product called Epil-Stop. Supposed to work just like electrolysis. If it works like it’s supposed to, this bitch will be egg-bald for a long, long time.” Kelli sobbed openly as she felt the noxious chemical seep into her scalp…killing her hair roots…rendering her bald forever…

Meanwhile, Amber had finished removing the last trace of Kelli’s soft bush. “Here, hand me that shit. I want to give her pussy the treatment.” And she coated Kelli’s squirming crotch liberally with the spray, wiping away all remnants of her shag forever. “There…so smooth…so shiny…she looks just like a baby girl. Maybe we should diaper her.” The trio erupted into laughter as Kelli’s face burned red with shame.

They tied her hands behind her back and collected her golden hair into a ziplock bag, which they hung around her neck on a small string. Then they pushed her, naked and hairless, out into the crowded street before making their escape. Kelli sank to her knees and sobbed as the noonday throng stopped and stared at her…children laughing…women wrinkling their noses in disgust…men making lewd comments…the bright sun beating down on her shorn pate.


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