Tressed to Kill

Tressed to Kill

Tressed to Kill – Schylaar

“Come on Alleasha, I haven’t got all day!” my husband Jeff called to me. I sat upstairs in my boudoir brushing my long luxurious locks. My mother had made me wear my hair in a shoulder-length bob for my entire childhood and once during my 16th year a hairdresser – schooled by years of my mother’s directions – cut my bangs an inch from my scalp and I swore not to cut my hair again until I was old enough to decide for myself.

So here I am, at age 25, with hair down past my waist, past the tender bulge of my buttocks and ending at the point where my bottom meets my thighs. As a child my hair was almost white blonde but as I grew older it turned darker and now it is a golden blonde with subtle strawberry blonde highlights. Every day I have people stopping me in the streets to ask me “how long have you been growing your hair” or “is it difficult to look after?”… it drives me insane! I know I should feel grateful but it’s really getting old. Just once I’d like to walk down the street and not have some stranger bother me, giving me compliments and stroking my hair as if it’s their right to touch what they are admiring. Sometimes I am rude – I tell people, “I’ve been growing it all my life – just like you. I just don’t get mine cut as much as you!” – they look in shocked disbelief. “Oh,” I say, “As if I’ve never been asked that before. Why don’t you leave me the hell alone?” They’re shocked – but the satisfaction I feel justifies me.

“Come ON, Ally!” Jeff yells and this time I know I shouldn’t keep him waiting any longer. I stroll down the stairs in my new crimson dress, my hair hanging down and reaching only an inch above the hemline of the dress. I knew I looked great – I had purchased this dress because the red brought out the highlights in my hair. We were going to an office party to honour my husband and his software programming genius. He worked for a large international software development company and he had single-handedly come up with a solution to months of problems in the company’s latest program. This 5-star dinner was in honour of his skill and to thank him for saving the company millions of dollars in development costs. To say this was a big night for Jeff was not exactly right – a career making evening was closer to the truth.

I trotted across the living room and paraded in front of my husband. A whispered “wow” was all that escaped his lips before he pulled me into his arms and gave me a long kiss on my neck. He knew better than to ruin my 20-minute lips!

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We climbed into the waiting limo and were on our way. Jeff and I snuggled in the back seat as he quietly stroked my long hair. He adored my hair and it often featured in our sexual games. At times he would mount me from behind as I knelt on all fours and would hold my hair tight in his fist while he made love to me. Other times he would wind my hair around his hardness and feel the silky lengths rub against him as I moved slowly away from him. It was my pride and joy and he loved every strand.

We arrived at the hotel with a few minutes to spare and took our time finding the grand ballroom. There were a hundred or more people seated 12 to a table in the large room while a trio of musicians played light jazz next to a large dance floor. As Jeff and I walked in the people at the tables began to stand and clap and before long we were the subjects of a standing ovation. All I could do was smile with pride at my amazing husband.

We took our seats at the number one table with the directors of the company and had a lovely meal. The champagne and spirits flowed and before long we were all quite drunk but feeling merry and full of fun. Jeff and I spent a lot of time talking to one of the senior managers, Steve, and his wife Lucy. Lucy was a hairdresser and was constantly touching and admiring my hair.

She sighed and said, “I wish Steve would let me grow my hair longer”. I looked at her hair. It was cut in a very fashionable chin-length bob and rode higher as it neared the back of her head where the bob was in line with the top of her ears. The hair under this at the back was clipped to about half an inch. I thought it looked great on her and told her so.

“Yes, it’s nice and I DO like it,” she said, “But sometimes I feel like I would like to decide for myself what sort of cut I get.”

I was confused. “You mean Steve tells you how to cut your hair… and you do it?”

“Yes,” she said, “I knew he had a hair fetish when we met at the shop so I can hardly complain now can I?”

“Hair fetish?” I asked. “I’ve never heard of it before! What do you mean? He loves hair?”

Laughingly she answered, “No, not really. Rather, he likes the ABSENCE of hair! Odd that it’s called a hair fetish, moreso it should be called a hairLESS fetish! But no really… the shorter my hair is the more he likes it. And I have to be careful – sometimes if I don’t keep an eye on him he takes off far more than we agree upon and that’s not part of the game…”

“Wait a minute,” I said, “he cuts it himself? YOUR hair? I mean – is he qualified? And what do you mean by ‘game’?” My head was spinning – I couldn’t believe people DID these things!

“Well it’s like this. I allow him to cut my hair once every two months. We agree beforehand on the style and length and then I get naked, he cuts my hair, he gets very aroused… and we make the most insane, passionate love I have ever known.”

As I listened to Lucy describe her husband’s fetish I was strangely aroused. Being obsessed with hair myself, albeit my own, I knew the power that hair has over one’s identity and appearance. To have the power to REMOVE that identity was both arousing and mind numbing… I had never, ever thought about this before but it was the ultimate control to be able to direct the appearance of somebody and take away something that would take such a long time to come back to its previous appearance.

Lucy must have seen the look of shock and lust on my face because she laughed and told me she had felt the same way when she first met her husband. When they had met her hair had fallen to her shoulder blades in a typical ‘Rachel’ cut – but that lasted exactly 3 weeks into their relationship when he sat her down on a stool in his kitchen, told her to take a deep breath and proceeded to give her a flat top. As the clippers roared up the nape of her neck she had orgasmed for the first time in her entire life. After that she was hooked… and often prayed that her hair would grow faster so that their games could be played more than every two months!

She grinned at me. “Actually,” she said, “tonight is the night!”

“Tonight? You mean… it’s time for the ‘game’?” I asked

“Yes,” she smiled, “Tonight is the game. It’s been two months to the day since my last shearing, though last time he let me keep more than is usual. This time I think he will wreak revenge for that allowance! We’re staying at the hotel tonight because we live out of town and planned to drink as much of this free champagne as possible. So I packed my haircutting tools and we’re going to do it right here in the hotel. It will be very exciting to do it outside of our own home.”

I looked at her and I could sense her excitement. I had noticed Steve gazing at her all night but now I understood why. Tonight his fetish would be played out.

Just then Steve and Jeff returned to the table with a fresh bottle of champagne and talk about the office. I couldn’t stop looking at Lucy and wondering what sort of haircut was in store for her. Jeff caught me staring and looked at me questioningly… I could only grin at him and plant a little kiss on his cheek. I would tell him about it later…

The night wound to a close and both Jeff and I were very drunk. We slowly gathered ourselves and made our way to the front door of the hotel to catch our limo ride home. As we reached the lobby of the hotel Jeff grabbed my elbow and steered me hurriedly to the hotel elevators. I began to ask him what we were doing but he only hushed me quiet and pushed the button for the elevator. We climbed in and rode up 14 floors, stepping out into a luxurious hallway adorned with gilt-edged mirrors and lush carpet. At the end of the hall on each end was a door and we turned to the left and headed for room 1401.

As we got there the door opened and we were greeted by Lucy and Steve. I looked at Jeff questioningly and he just grinned and told me Lucy would explain. Lucy told me that she could tell I was fascinated by the thought of her haircut and had mentioned it to Steve. Steve in turn had discussed his fetish with Jeff and found that Jeff had long been an admirer of short haircuts on women.

“But Jeff, you never told ME that! I thought you LOVED my long hair!” I said

“Of course I love your hair sweetie,” he said, “on YOU. But on some women there is nothing sexier than a short haircut. And when Steve told me he was giving Lucy a haircut tonight I just couldn’t help but ask if I could watch. He said ok… and also told me that Lucy thought YOU would like to see it too. So here we are. Surprise!”

I looked into the room and saw a small barstool set up in the middle of the living room and a table nearby set up with scissors, comb, a cape, clippers, several attachments and a straight razor. Lucy looked eager in her tight halter neck top and very short shorts so I said, “OK, let’s do it” and Jeff and I sat down to watch. We opened the bottle of champagne sitting on the side table and poured more drinks for each other. By this time we were feeling no pain.

Lucy took a seat on the stool while Steve wrapped the cape around her shoulders. She promptly ripped it off again telling him she wanted to feel him against her while he cut. Jeff and I exchanged glances and I could tell we were both thinking the same thing… maybe we were interrupting them by being here. But soon I realised that Steve and Lucy were enjoying putting on a show and so I sat back to enjoy the scene.

Steve started by grabbing small sections of Lucy’s bob in his fingers and snipping them off an inch from her head. He made his way delicately and deliberately around her head as she sat with eyes closed obviously enjoying the sensation. Before long she had a halo of hair around the tops of her ears with the hair beneath that level at the back still half an inch in length. Now Steve grabbed the clippers and turned them on. The noise was quite loud in the quiet room and I saw Lucy visibly shiver at the sound. Steve gently moved her head to the side and then, using no attachment, ran the clippers up the side of her head. They mowed a path through the hair that ended an inch above her ear. Lucy gasped and touched her fingers to the side of her head. “Steve!” she yelled, “You were supposed to use the number 2! What on earth are you doing! I’m practically bald!”

“Oh honey,” Steve said gently, “We have to show our guests what a good haircutting is like. Besides – you know you’ve always wanted this and have been too scared to ask. Now you have it. I know what you want better than you do and it is my job as your husband and best friend to give you everything you want, whether you ask or not. Now keep still while I finish. You know as well as I that there’s no point complaining now. Sit back and enjoy…”

With that Lucy regained some of her composure, took her position on the stool and tilted her head again to the side while Steve turned the clippers back on and mowed a second skin tight path next to the one he had just made. Time and again he ran the clippers up her neck until all the skin below eye level was completely visible. Lucy now just had a cap of hair one inch long around her head that for the moment looked rather ridiculous.

As I watched these proceedings I found myself strangely aroused. The intimacy and trust shown in this relationship was astounding. Lucy and Steve had total respect for each other and I found myself envious of their relationship. Jeff for his part was gripping my knee tightly in one hand and had the other hand wedged between his thighs. “I’m not the only one getting aroused here,” I thought as I turned back to watch the haircut taking place.

“Well,” said Lucy, “Now that you’ve cut the rest of the hair so short the top looks just ridiculous. What are we going to do about this Steve?”

“Shhhh,” Steve said as he kissed Lucy lightly on her bare nape, “Close your eyes and it will be a surprise. You have to trust me, you will look wonderful.”

With that Lucy closed her eyes in complete trust of what Steve was about to do. Steve picked up the clippers once again and added an attachment. He positioned himself behind Lucy and held her head straight in one hand, the clippers held quiet in the other.

“What attachment were we going to use on the sides Lucy?” Steve asked

“It was going to be a number 2, until YOU decided differently…” she replied

“Oh yes, that’s right,” he said and with that, in one fluid motion, he flicked on the clippers and plunged them into the hair at Lucy’s forehead. She gasped and struggled to keep her eyes shut but she knew she was getting the shortest haircut of her life. Steve kept plowing the clippers into her hair and dragging them back over her head until all that was left was 1/8th of an inch of hair. When he was finished Lucy had a very short crown of hair around her head with nothing below the level cut by the first passes of the clippers. It was stark and not particularly attractive. Lucy stood up and went to look in the mirror.

“God, Steve, look at this. It’s horrible! And it’ll take AGES to grow out! I’m going to make you buy me a wig tomorrow. It’s the least you can do.”

With that she took another look at herself in the mirror and started laughing. She hugged Steve and this quickly turned into passionate kisses and before long they were pulling at each other’s clothes, oblivious to the others in the room.

“We’ll get going then,” said Jeff and made to get up

“No, no,” said Steve, “You guys stay, enjoy the champagne. Lucy and I will retire to the bedroom. Feel free to crash in the other bedroom if you like. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like.”

Lucy and Steve ran giggling into the master bedroom and slammed the door shut behind them.

“Wow,” Jeff said, “I’ve never seen anything like it. Can you believe she did that?”

“She took it so well!” I said, “She has total trust in Steve. I think it’s beautiful. But you know, those clippers fascinate me. Have you ever had your hair cut with clippers Jeff?”

“Sure I have!” said Jeff. “My mother always took me to get a crewcut till I was 12 years old. The clippers against my head is something I will never forget. I don’t think there’s another feeling in the world quite like it.”

“I wonder if I would ever have the courage to do something like that,” I said

“Come on,” said Jeff, “I have an idea…”

He took my hand and led me to the stool in the centre of the room where Lucy had sat during her haircut. He sat me on the stool and began fumbling at my hair, trying to drag it up on top of my head. I jumped up in alarm and just stared at him in disbelief. “What on EARTH are you trying to do Jeff?”

“What? Don’t you trust me like Lucy trusts Steve?”

“I DO trust you Jeff but you’re drunk and you’re not thinking straight. Just tell me what you were doing and give me a chance to say whether I want this, ok?”

“Well,” said Jeff, “I was thinking… you want to know what it’s like to have your hair clipped right? But you want to keep your hair long. Sooo… what if I tied up all your hair except just a little bit at the nape of your neck. I could clip off that hair so you could feel what it’s like but no one would ever know. You always wear your hair down so it’d just be our secret. What do you think?”

I thought about this and I found the idea appealing. Nobody would know I had my hair clipped but it would be like a little secret between Jeff and I. The thought made me feel daring and outrageous… and I found myself telling Jeff that he should go ahead….

Jeff found some clips among the hairdressing items on the table beside the stool and he carefully pinned up all my hair except a section hanging at the back. He told me that he’d only left hanging a section that ran up about an inch above my hairline so that when finished I would have clipped hair the width of my head and an inch high. Sounded good to me.

We agreed that Jeff would use the number 3 attachment. I heard him fumbling trying to get the attachment to fit but soon he was done and pushed my head forward. I could feel the long hair hanging down the back of my neck and I shivered in anticipation. Jeff turned on the clippers and I felt him trying to push aside my long hair to get the clippers underneath. He was having trouble doing this so I suggested he cut the hair shorter first before clipping. With that he inverted the clippers and I felt the teeth dig into my neck cutting off 30 inches of hair in seconds. When he was done I could feel my hair tickling the back of my neck in a short uneven bob. I was having flashbacks to my childhood now. The feelings were intense and I was remembering my short bob cuts of 20 years ago.

Just at that moment the feel of cold steel against my neck interrupted my reverie. I felt the vibration of the clippers and then in one movement they ran up the back of my head… not one inch, not two inches, but what felt like a line right up to the top of my ears! I gasped and tried to take in these separate sensations. Firstly…the cut felt much, much higher than we had agreed upon. Secondly, why was I feeling cold steel against my head? Shouldn’t I have been feeling the plastic of the attachment?

I heard Jeff gasp and I darted my hand behind my head to feel a path that ran from my hairline up about four inches before ending where the rest of my hair had been pinned up. The hair in this path was bristly and so short it nearly wasn’t there at all! I shrieked and turned to glare at Jeff who just stared at me in wide-eyed disbelief. He tried to tell me he was cutting it higher cuz he thought, like Lucy, that was what I wanted but I was afraid to ask. He wanted to give me what I wanted without asking, just like Steve did for Lucy. He had intended to do it with the number 3 attachment … but had forgotten to put it back on when he cut off the bulk of my hair with the inverted clippers. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was terrified and sorry.

“Well,” I said, “This is EXACTLY what I wanted. So why don’t you finish it? It’s great!” And with that I sat back on the stool with my back to Jeff and waited.

In a few moments I felt his hand against my head and the clippers roared back to life. Once again they ran up the back of my head and before long I could feel myself being aroused by the vibration and the feel of the clippers. I felt long strands of hair slip down my neck and fall to the floor in clumps as my husband sheared away 9 years of growth. All too soon the feeling stopped and Jeff announced he had finished. I ran my hand up the back of my head to find that nearly all the hair was completely gone up to the level of the top of my ears. I felt tears rising to my eyes but bit them back. I still had the bulk of my hair so I shouldn’t be so upset.

I looked at Jeff and could tell this had aroused him too. I lowered my eyes and glanced at the bulge in his pants and then looked back to gaze firmly into his eyes. “Shave it!” I demanded and I saw the look of shock on his face and had to hold back a giggle.

He quickly grabbed the straight razor and hunted in the bathroom for some shaving lotion. He wet down the back of my head with warm water and it made goosebumps rise on my arms. It felt amazing! He followed this with shaving lotion and then began to slowly scrape the razor over the remaining hairs. The feeling was incredible… I could feel his hot breath on the bare nape of my neck and the feeling was driving me insane. I wanted him right there and then but I was worried that Lucy and Steve would come back out.

When he was finished he wiped the back of my head and slowly unpinned my hair from the top of my head. The hair swinging against the shaved nape felt soft and silky. I got up and looked in the mirror. There was no way to tell that I was bald from the ears down! I looked just like I always had.


Suddenly I realised that I was boring. My hair, while complimented on by everyone I met, was straight and dull and boring. And I was tired of being stopped on the street and asked the same old questions.

Without another thought I walked to the closed bedroom door and knocked sharply. Lucy came to the door wrapped in a towel and I promptly spun around, lifted my hair and showed her Jeff’s handiwork. She gasped, then giggled, then called for Steve to come and look. They touched my bare head and admired my courage. Then I asked Lucy if she was willing to give me a haircut. She looked puzzled but said sure… and 5 minutes later she was dressed and standing behind me where I sat on the stool.

“Ally, haven’t you had enough haircutting for one night? I mean, LOOK at this pile of hair on the floor! It’s massive!”

“I’m sure Lucy,” I said, “I’m tired of being noticed for my hair when all I’ve ever done with it is just LET IT GROW. I want to be noticed because I’m stunning and DIFFERENT!”

“Ok, that’s understandable. But what exactly do you want me to do?” Lucy asked

“I want everyone to be able to see my baldness. I don’t want it to be a secret. I want to celebrate my daring and courage,” I answered her.

“Well, sweetie. That’s gonna mean a short cut. Your hair is shaved to the top of your ears so we need to cut the hair back there to that height. Are you going to be able to deal with that? I mean, that’s a lot of hair that’s going to fall!”

“Do it!” I said “But do it fast. I don’t want a second to regret this. Do it now!”

“Ok honey. The clippers are the fastest way. Hold on!”

With that she pulled grabbed the clippers and a comb and stood behind me combing out my butt length hair. She grabbed the comb and ran it through the back of my hair until it stopped just at the point where the shaved part started.

“Here we go!” she said and with that she inverted the clippers and plunged them into my hair level with the comb. 34-inch lengths of hair fell to the floor as she began the top-of-the-ear length bob. She moved the comb to the left and held the hair firm at the same length as the first cut and again plunged the clippers into the hair sending more of my long tresses to the floor. She slowly made her way around my head, gradually baring the bald nape of my neck so that it was completely visible. In a few minutes I had a very short bob, almost a chilli bowl, with no hair beneath. My head felt so much lighter and when Jeff came and ran his lips over the bald part of my head I felt myself quiver in anticipation of our lovemaking later.

I thanked Lucy, took one last look at my hair lying on the hotel room floor and grabbed Jeff’s hand.

“I guess this will become a habit… and I sure did enjoy the feel of that straight razor. Do you think the limo driver would mind stopping at the 24 hour drugstore on the way home so we can pick up a new set of clippers?”

And with that I stalked out of the room, my hair bouncing around my ears and my self-esteem greater than it had been in years. And Jeff, holding my hand tighter than ever before.

By Schylaar [email protected]


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