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That Bowl

That Bowl Cut – Debbie

OK, here is another one of my hair experiences. This one was some years ago now in the late eighties. I was 14 and it was the summer holidays. I had begun to realize that haircutting was a turn-on for me and had been getting progressively adventurous with my cuts. I had always had pretty much shortish hair in a fairly ordinary girl’s short cut, resembling a pageboy through the mid eighties. Anyway, at the time we had a stylist come to the house for trims. I hadn’t really given much thought to my cut until the spur of the moment (I find that once the cutting starts I get very exited and much more adventurous asking for things I normally wouldn’t) so I sat down on a chair in the kitchen and I realized it would be a while before school started, therefore, if I was going for something radical now’s the time. I had already had the back graduated scissor over comb the previous cut so it was short on my neck. The stylist asked what I wanted and I just blurted it out.

“Can you do it like shaved this time?”

Now bowl cuts or basin cuts as they were known were very fashionable then, so my request wasn’t too unusual.

“Well… how high?” the stylist said, so I drew a line with my finger at the back of my head, quite roughly. “To the top of your ears?” she said in a surprised voice.

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“Erm, yeah.” I was confused at why it seemed so odd to her, it was a popular style

“But it will be just neck!” She was almost shouting now. “OK if that’s what you want, but don’t tell anyone it was me who did it.”

I was now feeling very nervous and it began to dawn on me as she pulled out her rechargeable little black clipper shaver that instead of a clippered neck I was about to get a shaved bald one… HIGH. Looking back I think I knew what I was doing – I remember feeling very mischievous at the time and not least very turned on and excited. My mum was in the room too and the stylist asked if it was OK. My mum didn’t seem to have a clue and said no problem. The stylist was used to doing old ladies’ blue rinses and hadn’t a clue what was ‘in’ she just took it all literally. She didn’t even have clippers, just the shaver. It was this experience that taught me the difference between clippers and the clipper shaver, talk about learning the hard way.

Shaving my neck took forever, she would shave away little patches at a time working gradually upwards. Even though it was short the clumps soon piled up. I remember thinking how high it was going when she got to the top of my ears. It felt unnatural at that point, like it was too high especially for a girl. I was getting into punky haircut territory now and that excited me very much. She finally finished and I was by then dying to see it, very nervous and not fully aware of the length or lack of any. She layered the top a little making it look fuller than a proper boy’s bowl cut and it was done. I stood up and my mum told me to turn round which was received with a gasp and then a laughing off saying it was very different or something like that. As I felt it, it did feel really weird, not a sensation I’ve had before even though it’s been clippered as close as possible since (i.e. grade 1). It was the first time I’d even had an electric tool on my locks. I went straight for the bathroom to check the damage and I fell in love with it. Facing the mirror I didn’t look much different but on turning round and seeing the back view with the small mirror I could see my new hairline. So basically it was like a usual high clippered bowl but shaved bald so now I just had the hair on top and my hairline stopped at the top of my ears, in that sense it didn’t feel anything like other clippered haircuts. I had hair then shaved bald skin at my neck, she was right it was just neck. When the stubble grew it felt very different again, returning to school one girl said she liked it but next time I shouldn’t have it clippered so high – little did she know. I won a lot of respect from ‘harder’ girls and the more trendy who had many clippered styles themselves. I thought I would have got more strange looks than I did, maybe because it grew out quick and I didn’t expect the compliments I got.

My only regret is that I didn’t get a photo, I am sad about that and many people have asked for one so sorry folks. After that I grew it out again gradually getting to my shoulders until I was 17, but that’s another story.

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