Tammy’s Turn in the Chair

Tammy's Turn in the Chair

Tammy’s Turn in the Chair – James

Tammy and Jennifer were sisters. For years Tammy had been Jennifer’s worst nightmare. Ever since they were little girls, whenever Tammy wanted to get even with her sister, Jennifer, she would run to their mother Sarah. Tammy would tell her mother either a lie or would blame something she did on poor little Jennifer. Jennifer’s punishment was to have her hair cut very short, while Tammy was allowed to keep her hair long as a reward for telling on Jennifer.

Poor Jennifer! Tammy might go months and let Jennifer’s hair grow before she would tell a story to their mother, so that Jennifer would have to have her hair cut off. The longest Jennifer’s ever got was about chin length, before Tammy lied to their mother and Jennifer had to have her hair cut off.

The cut Jennifer received was a cut with clippers, with a No. 1 guard. She was allowed to keep short bangs in the front, but that was it.

Jennifer hated to have her hair cut this way. But what upset her the most was the fact Tammy would be there, watching every moment of her shearing. Tammy LOVED to watch the clippers run over her little sister’s head and watch her hair fill the cape and drop to the floor. Tammy would sit there with a smile on her face enjoying every second of her sister’s humiliation.

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This had been going on for years. Tammy’s hair was only trimmed of split ends and had reached a length where her hair covered her ass and then some. Tammy’s hair was the envy of every girl in the high school the sisters attended.

It was around homecoming and Tammy decided that she was going to run for homecoming queen. She felt why shouldn’t she! She had the longest and most beautiful hair in all the school. With hair like a queen why shouldn’t she be queen? So she set about fixing the election so she could win.

Tammy set her plan up to win the election. She would have a friend switch the boxes in which the vote were cast. The real votes would be thrown into the furnace and burned up. Tammy’s prepared boxes would be turned in at the office. The plan appeared flawless. Or so she thought. Except someone overheard the whole plan.

The day of the election came and Tammy’s plan went off without a problem. At noon the loud speakers around school gave the news of Tammy’s easy victory. Tammy tried to act surprised. But, she was going to get the surprise of her life later that day.

When Tammy got home with the “big news” her sister Jennifer was already there. Her first thoughts were that Jennifer had told their mom the news. Jennifer sure had given their mom the “news”, but it was not the news Tammy had hoped for.

Sarah, their mom, called Tammy into the dinning room. There sat her mom with a tape recorder. Sarah said, “I want you to hear this.” She turned the tape on and heard Tammy’s voice laying out the whole plan to fix the homecoming election. “Well, young lady, what is this all about, is it true?” Tammy spewed one lie after another at her mother to explain the tape. But, none were believed.

“Well, Miss Tammy, you know what happens to liars around this house.”

“No mommy, anything but that. NO YOU CAN’T! Not my beautiful hair, PLEASE NO!”

Sarah grabbed Tammy by the arm and dragged her out to the car. Jennifer was waiting in the car. Tammy was put in the back seat and the doors were locked. All the way to the salon, Tammy cried, begged, and pleaded with her mother not to do it. “PLEASE NO, not today. Can we wait till tomorrow?” Jennifer did not say a word during the whole ride.

The car pulled up at the salon. The doors were unlocked. Sarah grabbed Tammy by her arm and dragged her into the salon. Jennifer followed closely behind, not saying a word.

Misty the stylist was waiting for them at the door. “This way, your Royal Highness,” her mom said. And into Misty’s cubicle they went, Tammy, Sarah and Jennifer.

Tammy was placed in the chair, and her mother held her there. Misty turned to Jennifer and said, “What style for the Queen?”

Jennifer smiled and said in a very clear voice, “Take it all off, shave her bald like a baby.”

With those words Misty placed clippers on Tammy’s forehead, turned them on and pushed them right down the middle of her head, taking all her hair off. Four more times Misty did this, taking ALL of Tammy’s beautiful long hair off. Jennifer was enjoying every moment of this shearing.

The hair kept piling up deeper and deeper on the floor. Misty now started on the sides, in front of Tammy’s right ear. Misty ran the clippers all the way to the bare spot on the top. Misty continued this all the way around her head. Ending by shearing off the last long beautiful tress in front of her left ear.

The hair on the floor was almost six inches deep. Tammy was crying uncontrollably, moving her eyes from her hair on the floor to her shaven image looking back at her from the mirror. She screamed at mother, “How could you do this to me?” But Misty was not done.

Misty now covered Tammy’s head with white lather. She then ran a disposable razor over her head, taking all the lather off. Misty kept doing this until all the lather was gone. There sitting in the chair was a totally bald Tammy. She was in total shock. All she could do was stare at her pink, cleanly shaven head sticking out from the barber’s cape.

Jennifer walked over to the chair were her sister was sitting. She went over to whisper something into her ear. Tammy screamed, “You BITCH!” Jennifer’s mother asked her what she said.

“Well mom, I asked her how she liked her turn in the chair!”


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