Now That’s a Close One

Now that’s a close one

By Shear Delighter

My wife’s hair has always been a subject of discussion and change ever since we met on an online dating site. After talking on the phone for a week, l went to her house 300 miles away to meet face to face. Within 24 hours, with a little persuasion, she agreed to let me cut her hair. It was already kind of short, but the back hung down below her collar, hiding her neck, the most beautiful and sensual part of woman, Period! I had joked about her neck on the phone , and she said she didn’t have one.
I told her she had one and I would find it for her, and that I did.
So I sat her down and 15 minutes later, her neck and sides were buzzed with a #2 guard above the base of the skull bone and a #.5 at the neckline. She liked it, loved the attention/touching and l’ve been cutting it ever since, eventually graduating to a #1 and a 00000 clippered neckline.
When her sister saw it, she stroked up the back of her neck announcing this is what he likes, isn’t it? She said “yes it is”, and told her he likes it this way, and so do l…
Fast forward a year, and she agreed to a buzz cut, that ultimately ended with a can of shaving cream and a safety razor, my forever favorite. There’s just something magical about a tiny shiny bald headed woman with dark lipstick and big earrings. Rrrrrrrr…
As she let it grow out, having a new appreciation of what short “really” is, she agreed to keeping it much shorter, much to my delight.
It quickly grew out and after about three months, her hair was almost 1 1/4” long, just long enough for some real bangs. So we agreed on keeping the bangs but buzzing the rest to a #2. I got some masking tape and covered her bangs to the width and distance up her head where they would blend into the #2 bristles.
I turned on my “Designer” Wahl’s and made short work of that uncovered 1 1/2” silk. She let out a shriek as the hair immediately started falling on the apron covering her shoulders, but quickly smiled, as this is what we both agreed on, an extremely short but feminine “crew cut”.
Now the real haircut was coming… A #.5 up to the outside of the hurricane shaped crown and forward growing top on all sides. A little tapering, a little blending, and what remained was a cowboy hat shaped patch with a definite darker top and white-walled sides and back tapered to the neck with a 00000 clipper. Now to finish up. l removed the masking tape and carefully took my scissors and comb to blend the soft bangs into the stubble on top. I ran the #.5 up the sides of the bangs on both sides, eliminating the fringed Chelsea look, leaving more of a straight soft patch of straight hair in the middle that could be combed either direction or not at all. A couple of snips with the thinning shears softened the bottom edge, leaving only enough to remind you that the stubble on top used to be hair, before the hungry jaws of the sharp clippers reduced it to a harvested memory.
Those who are in the know, appreciate how much more intimate love making is when there are clippers involved. I suspect that many a woman’s shorn head began with the sexual urgings brought on by the buzzing vibrations required to finish up a short tapered bob or pixie. My wife is loving the attention/touching and love making is almost always preceded by a quick #.5 on her back and sides before her “Susie” gets the shiny treatment too.
Mmmmm, life is good…

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