Tammy and Lindsey

Tammy and Lindsey

Tammy and Lindsey – Nice ‘n’ Short

Tammy and Lindsey were best of friends. They had just finished their senior year of high school. They were a different type of pairing, however. Tammy went to vocational school and completed a degree in cosmetology with honors. Her emphasis was on haircutting. Lindsey on the other hand was your typical college prep student. Although she was very pretty – 5’6″ with crystal blue eyes, a curvy 105 pound body, with ample breasts and gorgeous mid-back length naturally blonde hair – she wasn’t your typical blonde bimbo girl after the star quarterback either. She got good grades and actually distanced herself from that crowd. In fact, she enjoyed the company of her best friend Tammy and the more down-to-earth Vo-Techers or Techers as everyone called them. She didn’t care for the fake, snotty, games that many of the so-called cool kids played.

Anyway, Tammy and Lindsey had big plans. They decided to spend as much time together as possible this summer before Lindsey had to go away to college – she was going to study business. And Tammy had to start her career. They had decided in their youthful exuberance that Tammy would work for a local hair salon and hone her skills and develop a clientele while Lindsey would learn about the business world. Then after four years they would open up a salon together. Tammy of course in charge of the hair aspect and Lindsey needless to say would run the financial part.

And with these dreams they were moving through the summer months. Well, it was the middle of July when Tammy had returned from being away visiting her older sister. Tammy had been gone for five days and she returned with a big surprise… a large, extremely beautiful dragon tattoo on her back. Actually its tail started at her upper right shoulder and the rest of the tattoo flowed down a little and across her back with the head of the dragon finishing on the left side of the middle of her back pointing up toward her armpit. It really was beautiful and fit Tammy perfectly. Lindsey absolutely adored it and was surprised that her friend suddenly showed up with it without telling her.

Well, let’s stop here and tell you a little bit about Tammy. Tammy was much more adventurous with her looks than Lindsey. Naturally it went with her occupation of cosmetology. Tammy was a very beautiful 5’3″ woman with perky breasts and a body like an athlete. She had run cross-country in high school and had continued running ever since. Not that she was a particularly good athlete or that she had been out of school long; however, she enjoyed running. It let her mind wander. Anyway, Tammy had naturally brown hair; although her hair was almost never that color. Throughout her time as a hairstylist trainee she was never one to shy away from being the model for other girls or the trainer at school. She was forever getting a new style or hair color or perm or you name it done to herself. She said she liked the changes. Right now her hair was colored a funky bright orangey-red. It suited her perky personality perfectly. And her hair was styled in a severe inverted bob: all one length in the front to about her mouth and then angling sharply up the back to a little above her occipital bone. The hair beneath her occipital bone was buzzed to almost nothing with a number one guard. Accenting this style were two thick bleached streaks framing her face. To compliment her punkish hair style Tammy had a few piercings as well. She had a small hoop in her right eyebrow, a tongue stud, a pierced navel, and her ears each sported 4 rings in her lobes, as well as one ring in her left conch, each daith, and her right tragus, and one hoop in the top cartilage of her right ear.

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“Tammy I can’t believe how great your tattoo looks. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were going to get it done,” Lindsey said.

“Can you tell who it is?” replied Tammy.

“If I didn’t know you any better I would say it is the dragon Smaug from your favorite novel.”

“Yes it is. Isn’t it wonderful?” came Tammy’s appreciative response, happy that Lindsey knew what it was.

Both girls had talked about getting tattoos many times. They both loved them and it was no surprise that the free spirited Tammy would be the first to get one. Tammy talked and then acted on her talk while Lindsey, although, secretly wanting to act on her talk was always afraid and consequently did nothing. For instance, the piercings. Each girl had talked about getting their ears pierced more often and their tongue and so on. However, Lindsey still had only one hole in each ear.

“I figured I would get the tattoo and that that might inspire you to do some of the things you always say you’re going to do but never do,” Tammy said. “You know,” she continued, “that when we go into business together and have our trendy salon you can’t be popping in and out of it in your – excuse me for saying this – dull looks. You’re going to have to spruce up a bit.”

Lindsey looked down a little ashamed. She knew her friend was right. But she just felt shy about changing her appearance too much. What would everyone say and think? Although she wanted nothing more to change her looks from “oh pretty” Lindsey into “rrrroar sexy” Lindsey. She knew new hair and even piercings and maybe even a small tattoo would help her accomplish that. And besides when she said she liked that stuff and said she wanted to get pierced and a tattoo, she really did mean it. She just didn’t act on it.

Well, the summer continued and before the girls realized it, it was time for Lindsey to leave for college. There were about two weeks until Lindsey would be leaving and the girls decided to get together one last time this upcoming Saturday night. They both knew that Lindsey would be busy getting ready to leave and spending time with her family that final week.

Saturday night finally arrived and the girls went out a party. Many of the seniors from the girls’ graduating class were there as well as many coeds home for the summer and getting ready to return to college as well. The girls had a wonderful time at the party and actually Lindsey drank quite a bit. Anyway the night wore on and soon Tammy was driving Lindsey and herself to her mom’s house. Lindsey was staying the night with Tammy.

They got to Tammy’s mom’s house and everything was dark. Tammy led Lindsey into the house. Tammy’s mom was away for the weekend visiting Tammy’s sister. They went inside and Tammy sat Lindsey down at the kitchen table and got her some water.

Lindsey, in her drunken slur, asked, “Tammy can you trim my hair before I leave for school?”

Tammy replied, “Oh, I would love to, you know that.”

Lindsey then surprised Tammy with her next statement. “Tammy do you have any beer here? I want to drink and party with you a little before I leave.”

Tammy, who really never drank, decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of drinks with her friend who she probably wouldn’t see again for some time. And she got out some beer that had been in the garage for ages and that her mom most likely forgot about.

The two girls began drinking and talking into the night. Before long Tammy was feeling the affects of the alcohol, after just 3 beers and Lindsey was long gone having drank quite a bit at the party. When Lindsey asked again, “Tammy will you trim my hair?” Tammy got this sly look on her face – the alcohol was at work – and said, “Of course, but I also want to highlight it for you tonight as a going away to college present.”

Lindsey thought the idea was great. She thought to herself that her naturally darkish blonde hair would look great with some blonder highlights. And she watched Lindsey head off into the house to get her cosmetology supplies.

Lindsey yelled to Tammy, “Where do you want to do this?”

“Right there in the kitchen will be fine.” And within in a second Tammy was back. She put a cape around Lindsey and very carefully began to trim her hair. She took off no more than half an inch off her mid-back length hair and finished the trim in about 10 minutes. Then she turned around and began getting the highlights ready.

Now the alcohol had really gotten to Tammy otherwise she never would have done what she did. She mixed the dye solution for the highlights. However, instead of using the blonde coloring she mixed a deep, rich, pink color – almost magenta in color. She then began to highlight Lindsey’s hair with this. She really focused on the underside of her hair and at the bottom, at the tips. Then she added some streaks on the top. The effect of the heavy undercoated highlighting gave her hair the appearance of being mostly blonde but with a hint of this deep magenta/pink color coming through from underneath. This was then accentuated by the few streaks she had throughout the top coating of hair. Lindsey had no idea and was too drunk and trusted her friend too much to even look in the mirror when it was done. They both went to bed.

Tammy awoke first and remembered vaguely what she did. She ran to Lindsey’s room to see what her hair looked like. It looked good. But what would Lindsey think? She softly nudged Lindsey so that she would wake up and told her to look in the mirror, but not to scream; that she could fix it. Needless to say, Lindsey feared the worst. And when she looked she could not believe what her best friend had done to her. Although even she had to admit it looked good. Slowly the tears started to form as Lindsey kept running her hands through her pink highlighted hair. She realized that the underside was almost entirely pink and as she ran her hands through her hair it would show through the top layer.

Tammy said, “I was drunk and don’t know why I did it. Please don’t be mad. I’ll fix it for you.”

Lindsey replied, “I am not mad. I don’t know what I am. But I don’t know if I like it.” However, subconsciously she knew she’d wanted to do something like this for a long time. However, having the hard facts of a deed done staring her in the mirror was much different. She really didn’t know what to feel. She thought it looked cool and she knew she liked the idea of it, but actually having it done was something different. She was more in love with the idea of being that adventurous and thinking how she would look and feel and now that it was done she didn’t know how she felt.

Lindsey said, “No, leave it how it is. Maybe this is the first step to my change and I made it just before I go away to school and nobody will think I made a change at all and this is how they will know me. And maybe then I’ll have the courage to do some of the other things I have wanted to do for some time.”

Tammy said, “Okay, as long as you’re not mad at me. I don’t know why I did that or what overcame me.”

Lindsey: “I know it was the alcohol and I was the one that asked you have a few drinks with me, when I know you don’t like to drink. So, it is partly my own fault.”

They girls hugged and Lindsey left. She went home where her mother was surprised at her new look, but couldn’t help but admit that although it was a bit adventurous and wild… it actually suited her daughter’s features pretty well. And even though mom didn’t like it on a personal style level she knew it was good for Lindsey to be trying new things. And with that Lindsey left for college.

Four years later…

Lindsey walked into Tammy’s new shop, called The New You. Lindsey still looked pretty much the same. She was still beautiful and still had that athletic body, but now it was the body of a woman. She was 22 years old and had just graduated with honors from college with a degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting.

Tammy walked out to greet her. Tammy was still gorgeous as well and she had not lost her flair for the adventurous in her looks. She still sported the many piercings and now had a short crop, similar to that of Anne Heche, when she lets her hair grow a little. Only now her hair was colored black and highlighted with bright purple streaks. Tammy said, “It’s good to see you. You haven’t changed at all, except I see you let your pink highlights grow out and cut your hair a little bit.”

And it was true Lindsey hadn’t changed that much. She had grown to love her pink highlights but as her hair kept growing she slowly cut them out and never had the courage to have anything that daring done again, even though she wanted to. She sported a just below shoulder length bob. It suited her well, but didn’t have that flair that she wanted.

“Wow, you really did it. You got your own shop. It looks wonderful,” commented Lindsey.

“Well, I went into business with my sister and we just bought the shop about a month ago. In fact, our grand opening isn’t for another two weeks,” replied Tammy.

Tammy’s sister was 10 years older than the two of them and Lindsey had never met her. In fact Lindsey really knew nothing about her. She knew she had a sister that lived about 200 miles east but Tammy never really talked about her much. It turns out that Tammy’s sister had become an apprentice at a tattoo and piercing shop right out of high school and had been a practicing tattooist and piercing for a little over 4 years now. That is how Tammy got her tattoo when she returned from visiting her sister. It was the first tattoo her sister ever did after graduating from her apprenticeship.

Tammy explained how her sister wanted to move back home and open up a shop and that they decided to go into business together: a combo tattoo/piercing/hair/nail/everything place for alternative looks. Tammy would do the hair and nails etc. while her sister, Kate, would take care of the piercings and tattoos. And the only thing they needed was someone to take care of the business end of it. Neither Kate nor Tammy had any idea or sense when it came to that kind of stuff. And that is where the offer was made: Tammy said, “We’ve kind of been waiting for you. The offer still stands. Kate and I will be owners but we need you to be our business manager. You will get a regular salary and be given some sort of profit sharing after the cost of running the business is taken into account. We really need someone we can trust and we want you. You graduated with honors. So, what do you say?”

Lindsey was speechless. They had always dreamt of doing this but Lindsey thought that dream was over when they lost touch over the last four years while she was away at college. Lindsey said, “Well I haven’t been made any offers. And unless I move away from here I don’t see a better offer available, so sure I’ll do it.”

“Great,” Tammy squealed as she rushed over to hug her best friend. “Wait right here I want to tell Kate the good news and introduce you to her,” Tammy said.

The introductions got underway and Lindsey finally met Kate, Tammy’s sister.

Kate walked into the room and Lindsey was surprised at her look. She saw a few tattoos under her sleeveless blouse, but that was to be expected, after all she was a tattoo artist. Overall Kate didn’t seem that extravagant. She was beautiful, a pierced nose and labrette and a simple bobbed hairdo. Her hair, a light brown, was straight and just brushed her shoulders in an all one-length bob. However, as Kate got closer to Lindsey, Lindsey was able to see the more flamboyant Kate she expected. Hidden by the way Kate walked into the room was the fact that Kate did have an all one length bob brushing her shoulders; however, the opposite side of her head – the side Lindsey couldn’t see as she walked into the room – was shaved completely bald up to the part in her bob on the right side of her head with a tattoo of a sleeping dragon above her ear. This was the type of person Lindsey was expecting to meet.

Kate was a charming lady and glad to finally meet Lindsey. However the way she eyed Lindsey up made Lindsey feel awkward. Kate then turned to her sister and said, “You were right.”

Lindsey looked at Tammy and asked, “What? What is that all about?”

Tammy said, “Your look. Kate didn’t know what to expect with you and I told her and she was saying I am right.”

Lindsey: “I know I am not as extravagant and flamboyant as you two but I don’t look bad.”

“No, you’re right,” Kate said. “You are very cute, but you don’t fit the look we are trying to portray here at our shop. But not to worry, we can help you overcome that.”

“That statement makes me worry.”

Tammy responded, “Don’t worry, Lindsey, all Kate means is we’ll help you achieve a look that fits in around here.”

“But I am just going to do the books and stuff I thought.”

“I know but you are going to be here and be seen by our clients and we want to portray a certain look… so…” said Tammy, “so what my sister is trying to say is, don’t be nervous, just let us help you modernize into a newer look. Think of it as a makeover if you will,” replied Kate.

“I don’t know,” said Lindsey.

Tammy said, “You know we won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do but you would fit in better if you let us update your look a bit. Come on, it’ll be fun.”

“Besides we’re the best in the business,” said Kate. “Just close your eyes and trust us.”

“I trust you two. The thing is I just don’t know what I will look like when I am done if I give you free rein. I mean you two can be over the top at times,” replied Lindsey.

Tammy responded, “We won’t go over the top. Just let us update your look. A new haircut, maybe a few piercings and if you want a tattoo. You always said you wanted one and Kate won’t even charge you.”

Kate said, “Not a penny. Only thing is, trust us and you’ll love what we do with you.”

“Okay?” said Lindsey meekly and nervously.

With that Kate grabbed Lindsey by the arm and led her into her studio. She began by sitting Lindsey down on her work chair, which was nothing more than a glorified leather reclining seat. Kate started by pulling Lindsey’s hair behind her ears. She noticed the one stud in each of her ears and decided to start the makeover with a few more earrings.

Kate, ever the professional, marked the location for 3 more holes in each of Lindsey’s lobes. That would give her a total of 4 piercings on each lower earlobe. Lindsey nervously watched as Kate unwrapped a fresh needle and unceremoniously pushed it through her right earlobe and replaced the needle with a hoop. Kate repeated this process 2 more times on the right ear and 3 more times on the left ear. Upon completion, Lindsey gingerly touched one of the new hoops and smiled meekly at Tammy. Kate then said, “Now we are getting somewhere,” as she began to unwrap yet another needle.

Lindsey was beginning to form the beginnings of a protest when Tammy interrupted her with, “Wow, they look so great!” All Lindsey could do was give that meek smile again as Kate was marking and preparing to pierce her right daith.

“OUCH!” Lindsey whimpered as the needle was pushed through and the hoop replaced it. Kate acknowledged that the daith piercing hurt but that she was almost done. She had only 3 more piercings to do before she completed Lindsey’s ears. “What?” Lindsey defeatedly mumbled, knowing she would submit to it but worried about going through with it none the less.

In no time, Kate had marked the piercing location for both the right and left tragus. “Now,” Kate warned, “these are going to sting a little.” And burn and sting they did as Kate pierced first the right and then the left tragus of Lindsey. Lindsey’s ears were entirely red and very sensitive when Kate pierced Lindsey’s left upper cartilage.

“All done with the ears!” Kate exclaimed triumphantly as she held up a mirror for Lindsey to inspect her work. Tammy was amazed at how good Lindsey looked with the piercings. Even Lindsey submitted to a smile, realizing that they did look good on her, even though she wasn’t sure about the whole makeover yet.

Kate said, “I just want to do one more piercing on you and then you’ll be ready for the tattoo.”

“I haven’t agreed yet to the tattoo,” Lindsey began to say when Tammy interrupted.

“Come on, you’ve come this far and everything looks good… trust us.” While Tammy continued to talk Lindsey into the further modifications that were planned for her Kate got out another needle and walked over to Lindsey’s nose and before she could utter a sound pushed the sharp point through her right nostril.

Tears began to well up in Lindsey’s eyes as the pain and suddenness and anxiety over having a pierced nose were thrust upon her. Kate quickly placed the small diamond stud where the needle once was, leaving Lindsey with a beautifully pierced nose decorated with the cutest little diamond stud anyone has seen. Lindsey through holding back sobs said, “But I didn’t want a pierced nose. Not in my profession, I need to look professional.”

Tammy retorted, “Nonsense. You work for us and at our store we have a look and this is it. Besides you look fabulous.”

With that, Kate seized the opportunity to get out her tattoo gun and inks. Before Lindsey could even fully comprehend what had just taken place and what the extent of her makeover was becoming; Kate began prepping her left arm to be tattooed. She said, “We each have a dragon tattoo. I figure to give you a nice cute black ink tattoo of a dragon that wraps around your upper left arm.” Lindsey, still reeling, from the piercings didn’t even have a chance to agree or disagree when she felt the first pinprick of the tattoo needle.

The pain of the tattoo needle didn’t seem to bother Lindsey too much. She was still in shock from her so-called not over-the-top makeover; which quickly seemed to be going over the top. Her ears were throbbing, as was her nose.

Kate was a very good tattooist. And she worked quickly and efficiently. Before long Lindsey sported a black Celtic dragon with its tail and head beginning and ending on the side of her arm and wrapping around her arm. The total width was about 3 inches. The head started on her tricep and moved around the arm until the tail finished by lying under the head of the dragon. It was beautiful craftsmanship and with the newly pierced Lindsey it fit her perfectly. It was a bold statement but still retained the qualities of femininity.

By now Lindsey was just staring at her reflection in the mirror. Already she didn’t seem to recognize herself. She kept moving the gaze of her stare from her piercings to her tattoo back to her piercings. Tammy brought her some water and led her to the salon section. She said, “Now to give you a look that will compliment the real you and represent a look we are trying to achieve here at our new salon.”

Lindsey, very self-consciously asked, “How do I look so far?”

“Beautiful, this is the real you coming through now.”

“I don’t know,” Lindsey replied with the hint of a sob.

“No, really you have liked this look for so long and now with our help you are achieving it. You are beautiful and will look beautiful in any look. Be daring, be part of our salon, be part of us.”

“Well, I guess I’ve gone this far and really I don’t have much choice anymore. I can’t go on interviews with these in my ears and nose and this tattoo is so noticeable I’ll always have to wear long sleeves,” Lindsey replied.

Tammy said, “Not here you won’t. Be proud of your look – this is you.”

“Well, let’s continue,” whispered Lindsey.

With that Lindsey sat in the salon chair and was caped. Tammy started by reshaping Lindsey’s brows. Lindsey had fairly thick brows that were well manicured. However, Tammy severely waxed them down to almost nothing. Then with what was left Tammy deftly plucked and shaped them into a high, extremely thin arch, which was no more than one or two hairs thick. She then defined the arch with some eye pencil.

Lindsey was amazed at how different she looked with the extremely high thin brows and piercings. She really had to look twice to recognize herself. She thought she still looked beautiful but she didn’t have that serious aura about her anymore. She even tried to make herself look serious and couldn’t succeed. The brows and piercings said blasé and gave her a permanent nonchalant look.

Then Tammy moved to the hair. First Tammy sectioned off all the hair from the crown down. She then took all the hair on the top of Lindsey’s head and tied it off and up and out of the way. She then picked up the clippers and changed the guard to a number one and began at Lindsey’s right ear and pushed the clippers upward toward her crown. The hair in front of Lindsey’s ear cascaded down to the floor leaving nothing but 1/8 of an inch stubble in their wake. Immediately Lindsey could feel the difference. Her head already felt lighter and she could feel the coolness of the air on her scalp in front of her ear. Without hesitating Tammy moved in for the second pass and then the third and soon all the hair from the front of her ear to the back of her ear was gone. Lindsey reached up and brushed what was left of her hair with her hand. Goose bumps formed when she touched the prickly yet soft stubble that remained.

Tammy continued her buzzing and Lindsey was visibly moved by the experience. She thoroughly enjoyed the buzzing; however, a continual doubt and worried feeling stayed with her. She wanted the change but was still very, very worried about the outcome and more importantly, even though she wanted to be daring could she and would she like the final result? Well, with all these piercings and a tattoo and obviously very short hair from her crown down, the point of no return was passed a long time ago.

Soon Lindsey sported a 1/8-inch buzz cut of all her hair beneath her crown. Tammy let out the clips which were holding Lindsey’s still long crown hair out of the way and when it fell you couldn’t even tell Lindsey’s hair was buzzed underneath. The long crown hair covered it up.

“Well, time for the next step,” said Tammy. And with that she got out the bleach. She painted the strong smelling blue cream onto all of Lindsey’s hair and set the timer. Twenty minutes later Tammy washed out the bleach to reveal a perfectly white head of hair. Lindsey was truly a platinum bleach blonde. There simply was no color left in her hair. “It didn’t take much to bleach your already blonde hair,” said Tammy.

Tammy then began to cut the remaining hair into a style. She knew her friend didn’t want anything too outrageous and figured that the makeover thus far had already changed her quite a bit, so she decided to be conservative in the final style. Or as conservative as Tammy ever was. She cut Lindsey’s hair into an angled bob which began just above the chin in the front and angled to the occipital bone at the back. Then to add just a touch of pizzazz. Lindsey now had an all one-length bob parted at the center which angled toward the back and it was undercut with the number one clipper setting. So, to finish it off Tammy dyed (about an inch and a half wide) the front hair, which hung down to just above her chin, bright electric blue.

The whole ordeal was over for Lindsey. She nervously looked in the mirror and explored her new look. It didn’t even seem like her anymore; although, she did have to admit to herself that she looked sexy, daring and very attractive. It was hard at first for her to accept that this is what she was going to look like for at least the next part of her life, or until Tammy and Kate wanted to change her looks some more. She liked it or at least told herself she liked it; however, she had grown up and been around the conservative look for so long that even though she knew she looked good, part of her told her she looked weird. Well, she said to herself, this is me and this is how I am going to be for a while. I might as well accept it.

She agreed to start immediately and would come in tomorrow to begin to organize the books. She looked great, although her cute sundress didn’t quite fit the rest of her image. Lindsey said as she walked out the door, “I guess before I come back tomorrow I should do some clothes shopping, because I don’t think my cute outfits are going to cut it around here.” And with a laugh she walked out into the street a new part of her life already underway. And the stares and gawks she received as she strutted down the street were more of the “Ohhh my, now that is a fine looking woman” than the “Yuk! Why would someone do that to herself?”

Please feel free to comment or send me any messages regarding this story. It was my first attempt at a haircut story. Thanks, nice-n-short. Contact me at [email protected]


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