Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge by BladesRule

During Melinda’s senior year in high school, she suffered every young girl’s worst nightmare–she lost all her hair. She went bald, almost overnight, because of a condition called Alopecia Areata. It began with a few bald spots on top of her head. She was deeply concerned, and had arranged to visit her doctor, but before she could, she woke up one morning with hair all over her face and pillow. Melinda quickly ran to her mirror and was horrified when she saw that most of her curly black hair was gone. “MY HAIR!!” she screamed. “OH GOD, I’M LOSING MY HAIR!! I’M GOING BALD!!!” She reached up and tugged at one of the remaining tufts of hair, and it came right off her head. She was so overwhelmed that she fainted. Her mother rushed Melinda to the doctor, and he diagnosed her with Alopecia. Within two days, Melinda was totally bald, and completely devastated.

Melinda was very popular at her school, especially with guys, and here she was, 17 years old and completely hairless. Her mother took her to a wig salon and bought her a pretty black wig, similar to her natural hair. Melinda couldn’t bear to look at herself in the mirror without her wig on, and even with it on, she wasn’t comfortable with it–it didn’t look quite right to her. She stayed home from school for several days following her trauma, but had to return or fall behind in her classes. Melinda returned to school in sheer terror that someone would learn her terrible secret. Her first few days back passed by without incident, although several girls asked her what she did to her hair. Melinda tried to avoid the subject as much as possible, but she found it very difficult, especially during trips to the girls’ bathroom where everyone was preening and primping in front of the mirrors.

About a week after Melinda’s return, she was in the girls’ locker room changing into her gym clothes. As she pulled her dress off over her head, her wig started to come off her head. She managed to pull it back in place, but not before a girl named Marla, Melinda’s worst enemy, caught a glimpse of it. Marla said nothing, but Melinda knew that it wouldn’t take her long to spread the word that she wore a wig. Marla and Melinda hated each other’s guts ever since the time Marla accused Melinda of stealing her guy from her at a school dance. The truth is, the guy couldn’t stand Marla in the first place, and was only too glad to dance with Melinda. A cold war ensued after that.

It wasn’t long before Marla and her friends started staring at Melinda in the halls, and she could feel the eyes upon her for the next two days. Even Melinda’s own friends began staring at her as the rumors circulated the school about her “hair”. It was pure hell for Melinda, trying to maintain her secret, and she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of it.

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The next day, the inevitable finally occurred as Melinda prepared to leave school at day’s end. As she crossed the courtyard on the way to her locker, she was approached by Marla and her best friend Felicia. “So how come you wear a wig?” Marla asked abruptly.

Melinda tensed up and uttered, “None of your business!”

“I’ll make it my business,” Marla barked. “You stole Chris from me, you little bitch! I think you owe me one.”

“I don’t owe you anything–buzz off, Marla!” said Melinda in a terrified voice. By this time, a small crowd gathered as they overheard this exchange. Melinda tried to walk away, but Felicia kept block- ing her path, as Marla continued taunting her.

“You know, I always knew there was something phony about you, but I always thought it was your boobs!” she chortled. “So, tell me, what’s the wig for? Is your real hair too ugly? Or maybe you’re BALD under there? I’d love to know…”

Melinda knew she was trapped, but desperately tried to escape their evil clutches. “Well, I’m not telling you, so leave me alone!” she nervously replied as she walked away, thinking it was over.

“Okay, fine,” Marla said, “I won’t ask you anymore. By the way–your slip is showing.” Melinda fell for Marla’s line, even though she wasn’t even wearing a slip. Melinda looked down at the hem of her skirt, thus giving Marla enough time to lunge after her and yank the wig right off Melinda’s head, leaving her standing there bald in front of her classmates. She could hear them gasp as they witnessed the rumors becoming a fact.

Marla burst out laughing. “Holy shit! You ARE bald! Look at you, little Miss Skinhead!” Melinda just stood there completely stunned as tears began flowing down her cheeks. Marla waved the wig around and exclaimed, “You must be a Hare Krishna! Here’s your little wiggy, Baldy!” She tossed the wig at Melinda’s feet. She quickly picked it up, threw her hands over her head and ran down the hall in her high heels crying hysterically, “Don’t look at me! Please don’t stare! I’m bald! Don’t stare at me!!” She ran to the girls’ bathroom and hid while her friends tried to console her. One of them eventually drove her home, where she cried her eyes out on her bed for over two hours before falling asleep.

Somehow, Melinda summoned up the courage to return to school the next day. She knew that she had to face her classmates again sooner or later, and decided not to postpone the inevitable. Throughout the day, several classmates showed their concern for her, and she tried to explain how she lost her hair. The love and support was very touching to Melinda, and it made her feel much better. Little did she know that the best was yet to come.

After lunch, Melinda was called up to the principal’s office. She was surprised to find Marla there, along with her mother, who was visibly angry at her daughter. One of the teachers witnessed the entire episode the day before and turned Marla in. The principal announced to Melinda that Marla would be suspended for one day for pulling her wig off, and that she would be expected to apologize to her in front of the whole school.

Marla’s mother abruptly interrupted and said, “I don’t think a suspension is a suitable punishment for what Marla did to this young lady. I have a better idea. Instead of suspending Marla, I think she should have her head shaved bald and see how she likes it.” Melinda couldn’t believe her ears! Talk about getting even!

“WHAT?!?” Marla shrieked. “Mother, you’re not serious! You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?”

“Oh yes I would, young lady! You deserve a lot worse for the way you humiliated this poor girl. Do you have any idea how much you’ve embarrassed me? I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!”

“Please, Mother, NO! I’ll do anything…” Marla pleaded.

The principal mulled over the idea for a minute, and said, “Well, this is rather unorthodox, but under the circumstances, I think it might be a suitable punishment. I’ll withdraw the suspension if Marla has her head shaved.”

Marla started bawling and her mother took Melinda aside and apologized for her daughter’s behavior and then invited Melinda to witness the proceedings that afternoon right after school. Melinda, now grinning from ear to ear, replied, “I’d love to, Mrs. Kimsey, but is it all right if I bring along a few of my friends?”

“Absolutely!” said Mrs. Kimsey. “That sounds like a wonderful idea!”

At 3:00 PM, quite a crowd gathered outside the barber shop, while inside Marla was being readied for her new “do”. She had no idea that 30 to 40 of her classmates were waiting outside. Melinda and her best friend Carrie were present, as was Mrs. Kimsey. The barber was a bit confused as to why this was happening, but it was just another haircut to him. He switched on the electric clippers and swung the chair around to face the mirror and cut a swath right across the top of Marla’s head, removing her thick reddish-brown curls. Big tears rolled down her face as she watched her crowning glory be taken away. Melinda tapped the barber on the shoulder and said, “May I?” He handed her the clippers and Melinda took great delight in taking several swipes at Marla’s curls, leaving nothing but stubble behind. She even let Carrie take a turn. The barber later resumed shearing and buzzed Marla’s head totally while she did a slow burn in the chair. Next he lathered her head with shaving gel and carefully shaved her head clean with a straight razor. Marla could only sit and take her medicine.

“I hope this pleases you, Mother.” she muttered angrily.

“Very much so,” said Mrs. Kimsey. “By the way, you’ll be happy to know that I did buy you a wig to wear until your hair grows back.” Marla was surprised to hear this, as well as relieved, “Oh, thank you, Mother. At least no one else know about this.”

“I hope you like it,” her mother said, as she pulled a small box out of her bag. She opened it and pulled out a bright blue clown wig! It had big blue curls and Mrs. Kimsey placed it on Marla head.

Marla couldn’t take any more abuse and “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me, Mother!” She then looked at Melinda and screamed, “I hate your guts–both of you!!” and abruptly ran out of the barber shop with the wig on her head.

She was stunned to find Melinda’s friends all gathered outside, and upon seeing Marla in the clown wig, they erupted with laughter. Melinda followed Marla out the door and exclaimed, “Hey everyone, Marla just got a haircut–look!” She reached over and snatched the blue clown wig right off Marla’s bald head and Melinda’s friends immediately howled with laughter. Melinda got the last laugh as Marla stood there totally hairless and turned beet red.

“Stop laughing at me!” Marla pleaded. “Please, don’t laugh at meeee! They shaved my HEAD! Oh God, I’m BAAALLLLD!!!” This only intensified the laughter from Melinda’s friends. Marla could no longer contain her anger, and she turned around and tried to slap Melinda, who alertly threw up her right hand and blocked her. Marla then tried to get at Melinda’s wig, but couldn’t reach it. Then from out of nowhere, Carrie suddenly grabbed Marla by the collar and ripped her red dress right off her body! “MY DRESS!” Marla shrieked, as she stood there clad in a skimpy white bra, suntan pantyhose and white panties, trying in vain to cover up her undies, “Gimme back my dress! Oh God, I’m in my underwear!!” Carrie ran off with Marla’s dress, and Marla just panicked and took off running down the street bald in her underwear and ducked down an alley to hide. Her mother eventually came to her rescue after an hour.

Melinda, meanwhile, was ecstatic. She was so happy she even removed her wig in front of her friends. “I guess that makes us even!” she smiled.



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