Sun Toi, Part II

Sun Toi

Sun Toi Part II by Daphne

As related in the first part of this recollection, Sun Toi was a girl who I met one night while working at my job as a bus driver. She was a petite Asian woman, about eighteen years old. She had no place to stay, so I let her stay at my place. I had just recently split up with my wife because she didn’t want to have children. As part of the agreement to let Sun Toi live with me, the young woman said she would act as my child. At her insistence, she shaved her head and started wearing diapers.

Sun Toi was the apple of my eye. She always found ways to make me laugh by saying or doing something funny. Thursdays was when the maid came by. Her name is Mable and she cleaned up my house about once a week. Mable is a tall, heavy-set woman with long, curly hair. I had to think of some reason for her to find a young woman wearing diapers in my house, so Sun Toi and I agreed to tell her that she was mentally challenged and I was acting as her guardian. Mable accepted this, and even took over some of the parenting roles by changing Sun Toi’s diapers and bathing her.

One day, Mable was cleaning the kitchen while Sun Toi and I were in the living room playing. Sun Toi said she was hungry and asked me to bring her a bottle. I went into the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator and noticed that we were out of milk. I asked Mable to watch Sun Toi while I went to the store to buy some. When I got back, Sun Toi was not in the living room so I went into the kitchen. That was when I saw a most unusual sight. Mable was sitting at the table with Sun Toi on her lap. Mable’s shirt was open and Sun Toi was sucking on the nipple of one of her rather large breasts!

“I hope you don’t mind,” said an obviously embarrassed Mable. “She started crying that she was starving, so I did the only thing I could think of to quiet her.”

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As she was speaking, Sun Toi gave me a very sly look as she continued nursing. I will have to admit, with Mable’s rather large size compared to Sun Toi and Sun Toi’s gleaming bald head, they did look like mother and child.

One evening, a few weeks later, Sun Toi and I had just gotten back from a walk to the park and I had just taken her out of her stroller when she spoke: “I have tummy ache!”

“Do you want me to give you some Pepto Bismal?”

“No, that will not help. I want you to do what Mable does for me,” Sun Toi said.

“What is that?”

“She gives me something called an enema.”

“I don’t know how to do that,” I said.

“Take me into the bathroom and I will show you.”

When we got into the bathroom, Sun Toi took out a tube with a bag attached to it from under the sink.

Following her instructions, I pulled down her panties. I placed some Vasoline on my finger and greased her anus. After placing the tube into her buttocks, I ran water into it until she expelled the contents. After that I cleaned her up and put a fresh diaper on her. I put her on my lap and rubbed her stomach.

“I feel much better,” Sun Toi said.

Sun Toi and Mable became very close. Mable was always bringing her presents and calling her her special little girl. Once, when she was sitting on Mable’s lap, playing with a new toy, Mable was rubbing Sun Toi’s head.

“This child’s head feels rough as sandpaper!” she exclaimed.

I told her that I usually shave her head about once a week, but I had been very busy lately.

Mable replied, “Bring me those clippers, I’ll shave her head as smooth as her behind.”

Mable never asked why Sun Toi’s head was shaved, so I was surprised by this request, but I brought the clippers into the kitchen anyway.

Mable plugged them in, sat Sun Toi sitting up on the table, and began running the clippers over her head.

I left the room. After about five minutes I heard a terrible scream. I rushed into the kitchen to find Sun Toi standing on the table holding the clippers. But it was Mable that drew my attention. She was sitting in a chair holding her head in her hands, sobbing.

“What is wrong?” I demanded.

“Look what that child has done to me!”

With that, Mable lifted her head. Straight down the middle of her long, curly black hair was a white streak of bare scalp.

“I turned my head for a minute,” Mable said. “When I looked back, that little devil had those clippers right down the middle of my head.”

“I’m sorry,” I told her. “What can I do about it?”

By now Mable had stopped crying and seemed to gain her senses back.

“First of all, you need to give me some money to buy a wig,” Mable said. “Then I guess you had better finish the job.”

I picked up the clippers and stepped behind Mable. With one hand holding her hair up I put the clippers to the base of her neck and sheared a path over the side of her head. I repeated this several times until she was as bald as Sun Toi.

When I finished Sun Toi started laughing at Mable’s shiny scalp.

“You think this is funny don’t you, well I’ll teach you.” With that, Mable grabbed Sun Toi and jerked her, stomach down, over the table. Then she reached into the back of her panties and pulled them down.

“Give me your belt,” Mable demanded.

I took it off and handed it to her. Mable then proceeded to whip Sun Toi’s bare behind. She continued until Sun Toi began crying and then she stopped.

Mable then put on her coat and pulled a scarf over her newly shaven head and stormed out of the house. “I will not be back.”

“Sun Toi, you have been very bad,” I told her as I took her to the bathroom to rub some ointment on her buttocks.

The next day, when I came home from work, I found Sun Toi playing in the living room. I reached down to pick her up I heard some familiar singing in the kitchen. When I went in there I found Mable cooking dinner. She was wearing a wig.

“What happened?” I said. “I thought you were never coming back, and, anyway, this is not even your regular day.”

“Well I wouldn’t have come back, except that when I went home and pulled that scarf off, that no good husband of mine kicked me right out on the street. He said he wasn’t going to have a bald-headed wife. So I guess you have a live-in maid!”

“I wish you could stay here, but I cannot afford to pay you for seven days a week.”

“I know that,” Mable said, “So I’ll charge you the same as before if you give me room and board. Besides, I think that you and your child should take some responsibility for what happened.”

It was at that moment that Sun Toi interrupted. “Let Mable stay with us, please, please, please. Then I would have a mommy and a daddy.”

Mable and I looked at each other and laughed. “I guess I have no choice in the matter, since I am surrounded by such persuasive women.”

“Whoopee!” Sun Toi cried.

It was not until that evening that I realized the one problem with that plan. There was only one bedroom in the house. The couch was too short for Mable or I.

“I will sleep on the floor in the living room,” I said.

Mable then insisted that she sleep there. Finally we decided that the only choice was for us to share a bed. At least by the next night I would have had time to buy another one.

After I had my shower I got into bed. A few minutes later, Mable came in wearing her night gown. She stood at the foot of the bed and took her gown off, revealing a nightie that came down to her knees. She then reached up and took off her wig. I was surprised to notice that she had apparently used a razor on her head, for it was shiny with the glare from the light on her bald pate. As she got into bed I asked her why she had shaved it again.

“I decided that, since I have to wear a wig, I might as well be comfortable.”

“I know another way you can be comfortable,” I said as I reached over and unbuttoned the front of her gown, exposing Mable’s massive breasts. It was then that I looked up to see Sun Toi standing at the door, smiling at us. I knew what her thoughts were:

“Now I really do have a family.”


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