Summer Tonsure (Preparation for July the Fourth)

Summer Tonsure (Preparation for July the Fourth)

Summer Tonsure (Preparation for July the Fourth) by Ted Morgan [email protected]

Sarah cries – not bitterly – but still her bright blue eyes rain tears. Unsure for a minute who she is, Sarah stares at herself in a large mirror. The touch of the barber’s hand on her exposed scalp had thrilled her. However, seeing her bare head for the first time shocks her.

Slowly, Sarah turns from side to side to see first this side of her head. Then she turns to see the other. She holds a hand mirror to look at the pale clean area at the back of her head. She touches her head here and there to get a sense of still being Sarah. She no longer sees pretty blond Sarah. She sees a lovely bald woman with bright blue eyes and gleaming smile.

Her small frown breaking through the counted-upon smile tells that her being bald looks unlike her risqué fantasy image of being hairless. The looked for outcome had always sent a rush of blood to special places. Being bald had promised bliss.

Sarah’s barber, an almost potbellied middle-aged man, had acted professionally while he cut off her pretty bleached blond hair, which minutes earlier had fallen in crinkled rivulets barely to touch her shoulders. First, he combed her long bangs forward over her sky blue eyes. With shears, he cut her bangs inch by inch until her eyes were free.

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After slowly and gently brushing her hair back in place, her barber had simply run electric clippers with only the barest hint of a guide straight down the middle of her head – from forehead to crown. Quickly, her haircutter stripped away hair from the top of her head.

More slowly, in long sweeps he clipped away all her good-looking hair at the sides and back. The irreversible loss from each sweep ravished her pretty hair and head. However, feeling the barber lather and then slowly shave the nubs of her hair had felt blissful. She wondered how this ordinary guy could do this to her. Still, he did. Her head tingled. She pinched her lips – above and below – together. She repeats the pinch on her lower lips again and again.

Being made bald for the first time surprises you. The sound of shears snipping away bangs sounds well-known. The roar of clippers sounds relentlessly new. The touch of metal on skin feels amazingly, even fearfully, strange. It happens quickly. The barber leaves no time for you to yell stop. First you have hair, then you don’t.

Now Sarah’s soft Nordic skin sets off the colorless skin all at once laid bare to sun and sight. Sarah sighs. Ruins of her straw blond hair cover the cape, the floor of the salon, and seemingly everything else. She and her clients will just have to get used to her new look.

Sarah pictures wearing a wide-brimmed hat tomorrow, but clearly she needs slowly to tan the stripped top of her pretty head. Suddenly, she misses the touch of her tossed hair on the back of her neck and bare back. She notices that her black sweater and black pants that minutes earlier set off her blond hair became just black articles of clothing.

Why had she let strangers take pictures of her private affair? She tells herself that she will enjoy seeing her haircut. However, Sarah secretly enjoys the thought of you watching her being made a pretty bald woman. She knows you do. However, finding the man who will stroke her naked head as her lover remains her private matter.

Tomorrow concert bands will play. Venders will grill and sell hot dogs and ribs. Children will play under red, white, and blue banners. Families will wait for nightfall and fireworks. Sarah will fascinate you with her bald glory. Her bald glory will reflect the colors of fireworks. Be there!


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