Story of Toni

Story of Toni

Story of Toni by Sangreal

Frank interrupted his conversation with Jerry, and turned to Toni, his wife, who had just come outside where the two guys were talking.

“What the hell are you doing out here? I thought I told you to wait inside for me!”

“Frank, I was just checking on you guys. You’ve been out here for nearly three hours, and I…”

Frank interrupted her. “Dammit, I don’t care how long we’ve been out here. We might be another three hours. I told you to wait inside, didn’t I? And I know I left you naked, so what the hell are you doing with you clothes on?”

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“Frank, I just…”

“Just nothing! Now get back inside like I told you. And take those goddamn clothes off!”

Toni turned around and left the two men in the garage where she found them. Frank turned back to Jerry. “Shit, sometimes she really pisses me off.”

“Damn, Frank, aren’t you a little rough on her? She was just checking on us. It has been a while.”

“Y’know, Jerry, I don’t need her checking up on me. And frankly, I don’t care how long we’ve been out here, I told her to wait inside. And dammit, she got dressed, too! I told her to wait inside for me. I shouldn’t have to write it down. Anyway, if I don’t make her do as she’s told, she’ll aggravate the shit out of me. I’m not gonna have that. Not from her!”

Frank got up from the chair where he had been sitting while he was talking to Jerry. He walked over to his work bench and started to rummage around. “Here, this should do it.” Jerry had a short length of chain in his hand and a small padlock. “C’mon, Jerry. We’re gonna straighten her out.”

Jerry followed Frank into the house. Toni was inside, naked as she was instructed. Jerry was accustomed to the sight of Toni naked. She was always nude while she was at home. Even when Frank had guests over, Toni was expected to stay undressed. Frank was adamant that Toni obeyed him. Keeping her nude was one of his ways of controlling her. He forced his will upon her in many ways and when she disobeyed him in even the slightest way she would always suffer some consequence. Tonight was no exception.

“Toni, c’mere. Sit in this chair.” Frank was standing next to a heavy wooden chair with a flat seat and straight back and slender arms. As Toni sat down, Frank walked around to the back of the chair and threaded the chain between the slats of the chair-back and wrapped it once around Toni’s neck. Frank slipped the hasp of the padlock through the chain’s link and clicked it shut. The chain was loose around her neck. But Toni couldn’t stand, and so was confined to her position, seated on this wooden chair.

“I think that should keep her for a while, don’t you think, Jerry?”

“Yeah, it looks like she’s there until you let her go, Frank.”

“Okay, now Toni, you sit right here and wait for me like I told you to do in the first place.”

“Yes sir, Frank. I’ll wait right here”

“Dammit, I guess you will!”

With that Frank and Jerry went back out to the garage and talked until it was quite late. All the while Toni was left, naked chained to the chair in which she sat.

That Saturday, after breakfast, Toni was cleaning up the dishes, she went upstairs and returned a while later dressed to go out.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” Frank asked Toni.

“Frank, I’m going to visit my sister. Don’t you remember? I told you yesterday. She and I have had this planned for weeks.”

“No, you’re not. You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying home today.”

“Frank! This is all arranged. We will be out all day! I told you about this yesterday.”

“Toni, you’re not going anywhere.”

“Frank, my sister’s expecting me in twenty minutes!”

“Call her and cancel.”

“I can’t do that!”

“Yes you can. And you will. Toni, You’re going to stay here with me today.”

“Shit, Frank! I wish you would tell me if you expected me to stay home. This really sucks, you know.”

“Toni, go call your sister, then get undressed. You’re staying in.”

Toni went back upstairs and called her sister. Then she got undressed.

Later that day the doorbell rang and Frank went to answer it. Toni could her him talking at the front door. She heard him invite the people in.

“C’mon, Toni, I want you to meet these people.”

“Just a second, Hon. I need to get decent.”

“No, Toni, come as you are. I want them to see you.” Frank had Toni come meet people she didn’t know before when she was naked. Frank used Toni’s nudity as his way of enforcing his will over her. So Toni walked out to the front of the house where the two strangers stood. Frank introduced her to them. “Toni, this is Jackson Miller, and his assistant, Betty Ames. I’ve invited them over today because I want them to demonstrate Jackson’s new product. He says it is a wonderful hair removal balm. Evidently, it does something to the roots so that after a time or two the hair is permanently gone. It sounds like quite the cool stuff.”

Jackson spoke. “Well, actually, it treats the skin and the follicle with a compound that softens the hair and disables the follicle. Then when the hair is removed, effortlessly and painlessly, it doesn’t grow back.”

Betty added, ” Most people experience no discomfort with our product. In fact, the procedure is often quite pleasant. And it’s simple, really. First we use clippers if the hair is long enough, this is so the adhesive strips can get a grip on the hair. But once the hair is short we apply the softening lotion, which softens the hair and renders the follicle inactive. Then we apply the adhesive strips, which then lift the hairs out of their follicles. Once all that’s done the treated area is cleaned and a skin lotion is applied. It’s really all very nice.”

Toni thought for a moment then asked Frank, “Well, all this is well and good, Frank. But just what are you planning to do, anyway?”

Frank was smiling. “Toni, I’m gonna have them do your legs, then your forearms, your pits, and then your pussy.”

“Frank! You want them to remove the hair from my legs, okay, maybe. But my arms and my pits! And my pussy? Frank, you said it was permanent!”

Jackson spoke up. “Well, you might see some minor regrowth, but after a second or third application it will all be gone, yeah, pretty much permanently.”

“Frank, You can’t do this to me! You can’t be serious.”

“Toni, I am not going to have you disobey me. Now I don’t want to hear any more of this from you. I told you what we’re gonna do, and that’s all there is to it.”

Jackson interrupted, “If you two need to talk about this, we can certainly come back, or reschedule or something.”

“Yeah, we can wait if you need to discuss this,” Betty said.

Frank spoke, glaring at Toni. “No, we will do this now. Won’t we Toni?” Frank had stopped smiling.

Toni was silent for a moment. “Yeah, okay, we’ll do it now.”

“Should we go into the kitchen? Is that alright with you, Jackson?” asked Frank.

“Yeah, that’ll be fine.”

They went into the kitchen where Betty laid out a plastic sheet on the floor. A kitchen chair was positioned in the middle of the sheet. Toni sat on the chair.

Betty had Toni spread her legs so her pubic hair was exposed. Betty produced a set of electric clippers and reduced Toni’s bush to a short stubble. Betty applied a cream from a tube onto her fingers and rubbed it into Toni’s skin. She covered Toni’s legs, pussy, butt crack, forearms and armpits with the cream. Betty seemed not to care that she was stroking Toni in her most intimate of areas. And while Toni didn’t express any concern over this, she noticed every stroke of Betty’s hands, especially when they were between Toni’s legs. The cream was left on Toni for nearly a half an hour. Then she was instructed to shower thoroughly. As she was showering, Toni noticed much of her hair coming out in the water. She toweled dry and returned to the kitchen. Betty applied adhesive strips over her entire body where she had been treated. Quickly, but gently, Betty tore the strips off Toni’s skin. With each adhesive strip came hundreds, perhaps, thousands of tiny hairs, roots and all. “Betty was right,” thought Toni, “this doesn’t hurt. Actually, it feels kind of good.”

“You may find that some regrowth might occur,” sad Jackson, “In that case, we can come back and touch up a little, or I can leave you with a kit where you can do it yourself.”

Betty said to Toni, “You’ve watched me do this so now you should be able to do it yourself, but if you need me, of course, I’ll come back.”

Frank was watching all the proceedings. “Well, Toni, you certainly look stunning! Really quite beautiful, if I do say so!”

“Frank, I hope you like me this way. I guess there’s no going back now. They say it’s permanent.”

“Yeah, Toni, I like you this way. I like it a lot.”

Jackson and Betty left. Now, Frank and Toni were alone. “C’mon, I want to try this new look out.” Frank took Toni by the arm and led her upstairs. That evening Frank fucked Toni, repeatedly. Toni considered whether this might not be so bad, after all.

Next week when Jerry came by for a visit, Frank showed Toni to Jerry to get his reaction.

“Well, Frank, you certainly raised the bar with this! She sure is different. And it’s permanent, too?”

“Yeah, it’s permanent, though she’ll need to be touched up before it’s really complete. It’s a good look, though, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I like her this way, too,” Jerry said. “Are you still keeping her locked up? Like you did the other day I was here?”

“Not so much, recently. But I did just the other day. Y’know, she can be such a bitch when she wants to. I had hoped that making her bald like this would make her listen better. But it hasn’t helped much. She can still be such a fuck up!”

“Man, Frank, I don’t know what else you could do to her. If you can’t get her to obey you, now, I just don’t know.”

Toni spoke. “Frank, I’ve tried real hard to be good. Honest. I’ve done everything you asked me to. What have I done to make you mad, Frank?”

“No, Toni, I guess you’re all right. You just keep at it. You just be sure you do as you’re told and you’ll be just fine.”

Some days later, when Frank came home from work, Toni said that she had been talking to her sister and would really like to go visit her, and would it be all right if she went to see her?

“No, I want you to stay here, Toni. I don’t like your bitch of a sister. Every time you go over there, she fills your head with a lot of shit and I suffer for days afterward from her.”

“Frank, I’d really like to see her. It’s been over a month since we got together.”

“Then have her come here. If you want to see her, have her come here.”

“Frank, you know it makes her uncomfortable to come here. Seeing me walk around naked, she gets all angry with me. And now that I have no hair on my pussy, well, she’ll go ballistic.”

“I don’t care what she thinks. If you want to see her, then she comes here, ’cause you’re not going there. You got that?”

“Okay, Frank, I’ll have her come here.”

The day Pam, Toni’s sister, was to visit, Frank planned to stay away. But when he returned, Pam was still there. He knew he was going to hear her bullshit. Sure enough.

As soon as he walked in the door, she started in on him.

“Frank, what in the hell have you done to my sister? What do you mean having her hair removed, permanently? How dare you? You’re such an asshole!”

There was no sense arguing with Pam, and Frank knew it. So he did what he had to do.

Frank said quietly, but firmly, “Pam, It’s time for you to go home, now.”

Pam didn’t stop. “Now, Pam! Leave, now!” Frank insisted.

Toni said to Pam, “Pam, you’d better go now. Please don’t make it worse. Go on, I’ll call you. Please, Pam, go on.”

Pam was still ranting at Frank. “You miserable little bastard! This isn’t the end of this, you know. You can’t treat my sister like this. You’ll see!”

Frank said to Pam, “Pam, you’re wrong, in this, like everything else you do. But you’re right about one thing though, this isn’t the end of this. You just wait. Because I’ll treat your sister any damned way I like. She’s mine, and, by god, I’ll do with her as I please. Now it’s time you get the fuck out of my house.” Frank slammed the door behind Pam as she left.

“Toni, I’ve really had it with that stupid bitch of a sister of yours. I don’t want to see her around here again, You understand?”

“Frank, please, don’t be like that. She doesn’t understand, that’s all. She won’t be like that next time, I promise.”

“Toni, if she is a bitch like that again, I swear, she’ll never set foot in this house again. You had better keep her on a short leash when she’s around me. Tell her to keep her mouth shut. Or else I won’t let her come here again. I mean that.”

“Alright, Frank. She’ll be nice to you, I promise.”

Frank had Jackson Miller and Betty Ames back twice more within the next half year to touch up and finish the denuding of Toni. As Jackson had said, some of the hair might grow back. And when it did, they were called back to complete their treatment. Now Toni was thoroughly bald from the neck down. The only hair that she grew was on her head.

Frank liked Toni this way. He especially liked to show her off to friends. And occasionally when they were out in public, Frank would make Toni expose herself. Frank found this all great fun. Toni, too, would enjoy flashing, from time to time. Toni was an attractive woman with a stunning figure. She knew that men would look at her. So she found a thrill in showing herself when she felt safe with Frank nearby.

Once when they were out, Frank and Toni ran into Toni’s sister, Pam, and Pam’s husband, Doug. They stopped at a restaurant and were having a few drinks and a few laughs together. Pam was talking to Toni and Frank and Doug were talking. Then Pam addressed Frank. “Frank, you know I still think you treat Toni like shit. And I really resent it. I love my sister. You know, Frank, if you won’t treat her better then I think she should come and stay with Doug and me. Doug agrees with me and we’re ready for her whenever she wants to come. You see, Frank, you don’t own her. She has a place to go, now.”

“Pam, you stupid bitch! Listen to me, Toni isn’t going anywhere. Least of all, to live with you and this poor, moronic, pussy whipped jackass of a husband of yours. Pam, you and Doug can kiss my fucking ass! You know, the only reason I put up with your shit is because I want Toni to be able to visit with you. But all you ever do is talk stupid shit! And, frankly, I’ve had enough of your bullshit! Both of you can go to hell, for all I care!”

Doug sputtered a bit, but Pam shot back at Frank, “No, Frank, you’re the stupid son of a bitch! Toni is gonna come live with us. So you won’t be able to hurt her anymore!”

“No, she’s not, you cunt. She’s staying with me. And we’re leaving, now.” Frank threw forty dollars on the table. “Here’s money for the tab. Don’t say you never got anything from me. C’mon, Toni.” Frank got up. So did Toni.

“Toni, you don’t have to go with him. Please, come stay with us. Toni, I love you. He’s just using you.” Pam was pleading with Toni.

“No, Pam, I’m going with Frank. I’m sorry, Pam. I know you don’t understand. But I love him. And I know he loves me, too. I’ll call you.” And with that she turned and walked away with Frank.

On the way home, Frank and Toni were quiet in the car. Then Frank said to Toni, “You know, I was proud of you, back then. I’m glad you didn’t go with you sister.”

“Frank, I love you. I won’t leave you.”

“Toni, I love you, too. ”

Jerry was visiting, and they were talking in the garage as usual. Toni was inside as Frank had told her. Jerry said to Frank, ” Do you still chain Toni up like you did that time she came out here and you had told her to stay inside?”

“Not much, she’s generally pretty obedient. But occasionally, I still like to tie her up,” Frank said. “Why?”

“No reason, really. Just curious.”

“Do you think I should chain her up more often?”

“Shit, Frank, I don’t know. She’s your wife. I guess you can do as you please.”

“Yeah, you’re right, of course. I do, pretty much. But what the hell, let’s go in and tie her up and fuck around with her a little. You wanna help?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“What do you mean, ‘you guess’? Don’t you want to go play with Toni a little?”

“Yeah, sure”

So Frank and Jerry went in and summoned Toni. As she was already naked, they went about binding her, hand and foot. They put a gag in her mouth. They changed her bondage several times. Each time they would contort her or splay her in some way to expose her. Frank would insert his fingers in her pussy or her asshole. Jerry never took such liberties with her. He knew there were limits to what he would be permitted to do to her. But after a while of these games with Toni, Jerry remarked on the hairlessness of Toni.

“Yeah, it was quite a treatment, wasn’t it. That Miller guy and the woman he had with him did a great job.”

“Yeah, Frank, it’s quite remarkable. I can’t believe how good it worked. She’s absolutely smooth.”

“Well, not completely. She still has the hair on her head, after all. You know, those eyebrows and eyelashes, too!”

“Shit, Frank, you wouldn’t have that removed, too, would you?”

“Oh, I might.” Frank smiled and looked at Toni, who was still bound, immobile and silenced with a gag. “What do you think, Hon? Would you like to go completely bald?”

Toni struggled to protest. But her voice was muffled and she could not speak.

“What? You would?” laughed Frank. “I might have to call Jackson and Betty back, then!”

“Frank, you wouldn’t?” said Jerry. “You wouldn’t make her bald, would you?”

“I might, Jerry. You never know.”

That evening, after Jerry left and Toni had been released from her bondage, Toni asked Frank if he was serious about making her bald.

“Why do you ask, Toni? If I do have Jackson and Betty come back, I’d expect you to comply, anyway. You know I won’t have you defy me. You wouldn’t do that, now would you?”

“Of course not, Frank. But I really don’t think I want to be bald. I mean, at least I can put clothes on when we go out, so no one knows I don’t have any other hair. But if my head is bald, too, I just don’t know what I’ll do.”

“Toni, you’ll do as I tell you, that’s what you’ll do. Just like always.”

“Yes, Frank. Of course.”

Frank thought about making Toni completely bald for several days. Then one night the doorbell rang and Jackson Miller and Betty Ames were at the door again.

“C’mon in! We’ve been expecting you.” Frank had answered the door. “This is the big night! We’re going to go all the way and really finish the job. This should be really great.”

As before, Betty laid the plastic sheeting on the kitchen floor. A chair was placed in the center of the sheet, and Toni took her place on the chair. Betty produced the electric clippers and started to shear Toni. First to go were her eyebrows, then Betty ran the clippers over Toni’s scalp. She started at her forehead and ran back to the crown of Toni’s head. Over and over, she sheared the hair off in this fashion. Then she attacked the sides of Toni’s head. Up, over her ears, the clippers cut away Toni’s hair. First one side then the other. Finally, Betty sheared the hair off the back of Toni’s head, up from the nape of her neck, the clippers did their work. Soon Toni sat with no more than the barest shadow of her former hair.

“Will you be able to get her eyelashes, too,” asked Frank.

“Well, I think we can. But Betty will have to be especially careful. Especially after the cream is washed off and the adhesive strips are used.,” said Jackson.

“I think I will just do that by hand. I can tweeze them out. I can do it,” was Betty’s response.

Toni sat silently while all this was going on around her. For her it was almost like a dream, like she wasn’t even really there. But, of course, she was. Toni was about to lose the last of her hair, permanently.

Betty applied the cream to Toni’s scalp. She rubbed it in carefully.

“Toni, close your eyes, now,” said Betty, “I’m gonna do your eyebrows and your lashes.”

Toni closed her eyes, and it was only more dreamlike, now.

After the cream was applied, they waited for about a half an hour. Frank and Jackson and Betty stood around talking and joking with one another. Toni sat silent and still. After the time was up, Betty led Toni to the sink where she bent Toni over the counter and washed Toni’s head and face. Betty led Toni back to the chair and the adhesive strips were applied to Toni’s scalp and brows. While the strips were working on the remaining stubble, getting their grip on the weakened hair, Betty began to carefully tweeze the lashes from Toni’s eyelids. The tiny hairs came loose, readily, leaving Toni’s eyes free of her former lashes. Betty pulled the adhesive strips off her brows. The hair came out with them. Toni had no eyebrows, now. Then Betty turned her attention to Toni’s scalp. With each strip Betty removed, new hairless skin was exposed. Soon, Toni was completely hairless. Frank had seen to it that Jackson and Betty had completely denuded his wife. Now Toni was bald from the soles of her feet to her scalp. Nowhere did hair grow on her body or limbs.

Jackson and Betty had finished. They cleaned up their area and departed. Toni was left alone, naked and hairless with her husband. Frank led Toni to their bed where he fucked her like he had never fucked her before.

For weeks, after Toni’s ultimate transformation, Frank wouldn’t let her out of his sight. He even took time off work to spend it with Toni. Frank took Toni repeatedly during those days. Each time he fucked her like it was the very first time. Frank was very pleased with what he had done to Toni.

Toni never complained, but never said much to Frank about it one way or the other. Frank was not concerned about Toni’s reaction. He expected his wife to comply with his demands, and that was all there was to it, as far as he was concerned. And Toni would comply. She had accepted her fate as Frank’s wife. She did love him, too. But Toni did feel isolated. And she told Frank so. So Frank decided to take Toni out, occasionally. When they would go out, Frank would have Toni wear clothes that he chose for her, and he had her wrap her head, so her bald scalp would not be noticeable. Like this, they went out to eat and to shop. But Toni wanted to see her sister again.

After the nasty affair at the restaurant when Pam asked Toni to leave Frank, Frank had forbidden Toni to even call Pam. But now Toni was asking Frank to let her call her sister, again. Frank really didn’t like the idea. But he agreed to let her call Pam, if he didn’t have to see her.

After Toni had talked to Pam again, her spirits rose. She was happier, now that she felt connected to the world, again. In time, Toni had even convinced Frank to let Toni visit with Pam.

After the visit, Toni was like her old self. She was happy and enthusiastic about life again. Her isolation had made her depressed, but now she was warming up again. Frank, noticed the difference and was pleased with the change.

But one day Doug called Frank. They talked small talk for a while but Frank could sense something was on Doug’s mind. Then Doug told Frank that Pam was complaining to him about Toni again. Pam had been outraged that Toni was bald, and had threatened to call the police and have Frank charged with abuse. Doug was insisting, again, that Toni come live with them. Frank had heard enough. “Doug,” he said, “I want you and Pam to come over here tonight. We’re gonna settle this once and for all. Be here at eight and we’ll be waiting.”

Frank didn’t tell Toni that he had invited her sister and brother-in-law over that night. He didn’t want her prepared for anything. He just wanted her to deal with this confrontation spontaneously, without too much forethought. Frank was confident of Toni.

That evening Pam and Doug came at eight, as expected. Toni was surprised, but delighted at the same time. Pam and Doug came in and were directed by Frank into the living room to wait for Frank to bring Toni in. Tonight, Frank had Toni dress for their guests, and he had her wrap her head. This was uncharacteristic of Frank, who always insisted that Toni remain naked while in their home. But Frank was playing this situation for all it was worth.

That evening the four of them sat and had a reasonably rational conversation. Pam and Doug reiterated their desire to have Toni come and live with them. Again, they accused Frank of abuse, but Frank refrained from attacking them and their accusations. Frank and Toni listened to Pam and Doug. When the times seemed right, Frank would rebut some of Pam’s accusations, but for the most part Frank was the model of restraint. Toni, too, was polite and didn’t take a side in the conversation. Instead she would ask a question or two, but generally looked to Frank for the lead. After a while of this, Frank stopped them and took over the conversation.

“Look, you two have accused me of some pretty heinous things. I, frankly, resent being demonized like that. But you’re entitled to your opinion, of course. And, so too, is Toni.

“You’ve assumed that Toni doesn’t like it here with me and that she would leave me if she could. Pam, Doug,” Frank said to each, in turn, “I don’t think she would go with you.

“Now, you see your sister here, dressed, which you know is unusual, and now I’m giving her the opportunity to decide for herself. Would she go with you, or will she stay with me?

“Toni, The choice has always been yours, I hope you know that. Yes, I’m demanding. I know that. But whether you stay here or go, that’s entirely up to you. If you go, I’ll give you everything you need. And I will not fight that. If you want a divorce, okay. Alimony, okay. But if you want to stay, you know what I’m like, and that’s your decision. What’ll it be?”

All four of them sat silently for a moment. Then Toni got up, and without saying a word left the room. A moment or two passed. When she returned, Toni had removed her clothes and her head wrap. She stood before her husband and her sister and her brother-in-law. She was completely naked. She had not a hair on her body. She looked at hem all, and said, “I’ll be staying here. I think it’s time for you two to go, now. Thanks for coming tonight. It was great seeing you. But, Pam, I love Frank. I don’t expect you to understand why we live this way. But it’s our way. And I’m staying here.”

“Toni!” Pam began, “You can’t be serious?”

“Pam, I really think you should leave, now,” Toni replied.

Pam and Doug got up and left. Toni was alone with Frank.

Toni turned to Frank and said, “I would never leave. Of course, you knew that, though, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but you needed to make the choice,”

“Frank, I made that choice years ago, when we got married. I am yours.”


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