Snip-Tease – PT Cutter

I was sitting at the front of my favorite watering hole with the usual gang hanging around when in walked two of the most incredible blondes that I had ever laid eyes on. It was difficult to see from my spot but one’s hair was golden blond, thick, with a gentle wave to her waist. The other’s was straight, not as full, also blond but very light in color in fact, almost white and well past her ass. Man, I almost fell off my chair gawking. I rolled my tongue off the floor and composed myself as they walked right over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me at the bar.

They were in a heated conversation and did not notice me at first. They both ordered margaritas. The conversation was clearly about their hair. “I’m just tired of this mop,” said the golden blond. “I can’t seem to do anything with it. It’s so heavy I can’t wear it up and has this funny wave right at the bottom.”

“You think that’s bad? What I wouldn’t give for a little body like yours. My hair is so limp it makes my last boyfriend look like a stud and you know how hard I used to work to get his up,” said the second, adding, “We just have to do something about these mops. It’s tough when you’re on vacation and away from it all to find a good chop shop when you need it.”

After a few drinks, their conversation turned to their vacation plans, then on to their former boyfriends, their least favorite girlfriends and back to their vacation. Evidently their luggage had been lost and they were looking for a phone to check back with the airport and see if it was in yet. I offered my cell phone. They accepted and made calls to the airport, their hotel and a local friend. They were very then very apologetic for ignoring me and thanked me profusely for the use of the phone.

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I bought them another drink and engaged them in more conversation about their vacation plans and where they were from, etcetera. They were amazingly friendly for a couple drop-dead blondes. Until today I’d never had much luck with the fair-haired types. I pointed out a couple great things to do and see in the area that were off the beaten track for most touristy types and then related a story about some luggage I had lost, a couple years back. Boy they opened right up and they were both a bit ripped – partly the time change but mostly the booze – and they were snookered. The golden blonde’s name was Terry and the other’s name was Merriduth but her friends called her Snooks.

“It’s so hard when you’re traveling and things go wrong,” I said.

“Tell us about it!” they exclaimed. “Nothing has gone right so far – except for meeting you that is.”

“Gosh thanks.” It came out badly but they were so gone I could have said most anything. I leaned over to talk with Terry and accidentally tipped my beer over and a bit spilt on Terry’s hair. “Wow am I sorry!” I mopped it up.

“No problem, Mike. This mop is so far gone, I just wish I had a scissors.”

“Well, it just so happens I am a hairdresser and have one right here,” I replied.

“I knew you were a real find,” said Snooks.

“Now I found him first,” Terry retorted.

“You must be heaven sent, Mike. Can you do a page boy – or better yet, how about a back buzz. I think I’d look great with a naked neck,” Snooks laughed.

“Too bad you don’t have clippers on you – I’d go for a chrome dome,” Said Terry.

“Let’s not get carried away,” I said, pulling out my scissors. “Seriously, what do you want here – or how about we put it up to the bar for a vote.”

“Great idea – I’ll go for it if you do, Snooks,” Terry prodded.

“Why not?” replied Snooks.

“Attention – Attention.” I climbed up on the bar – Jack the barkeep gave me a nod. I tapped two beer bottles together. “Attention – Attention.” The bar quieted. “I need a vote here for how short I should cut these lovely ladies’ hair.”

“Buzz it!” yelled one patron.


“Buzz it – Buzz it,” came a chant.

“Ok who is first?”

Terry shrugged, took my hand and pulled herself up on the bar. She spun around pretending to model. The house roared its approval. “Buzz it – Buzz it – Buzz it,” the chant seemed to stroke her and I could tell she was really getting into it.

Someone tossed me a brush so I brushed it out and prepared for the first snip. I sectioned out a lock at the top of her head and drew the scissors up to it. “Shorter, Shorter, Shorter!” I slowly moved the scissors closer and closer to her scalp until it was pressed right to the scalp.

“You have done this before?” Terry asked looking up at me with her big brown eyes.

“Yep,” I replied.

“Do it,” came her response.

With that I started to cut. A hush fell over the bar and the lock fell away. I held onto it then tossed it to the crowd – they cheered. I hoisted another lock and snip – it was severed at the scalp. I worked my way around her head and finally all that was left was her bangs.

I scissored close to the scalp around her beautifully shaped head. “Leave the bangs they look great!” came a shout. Her head was a perfect ball of fuzz about 1/4″ all around except for those beautiful, full bangs. She really looked great if I do say so myself.

“Now me! Now me! Don’t forget me!” came a shout from Snooks.

“Another!” roared the bar.

I pulled Snooks up while Terry modeled her do and threw locks of her hair to the audience. “Buzz it – Buzz it,” the chant began again. Snooks turned and did a couple poses. I brushed her out and she said, “Go for it.” I sectioned the first lock but she was taller than Terry and her hair much longer. I held it up as high as I could and moved the scissors right to the base against her scalp. The crowd hushed and I began snipping. Her hair was much finer than Terry’s and it severed quickly. I held it aloft and the crowd cheered.

“Take it all off!” a shout came from the rear.

Snooks whipped off her top. I was shocked. “You’ve done this before” I said. She turned and smiled, looking me in straight in the eyes. She swiveled her hips and slowly slithered down then back up. The audience went wild! I sectioned another lock as she pressed close to me. Snnnniiip and another lock was severed. She turned and unbuttoned her bra. The crowd went wild!

I caught Jack, the barkeep, out of the corner of my eye. “I’ll lose my license,” he was saying with his hands on his head. “But it will be worth it!”

With each snip another article of clothing hit the floor. Then with Snooks down to her panties, Terry picked up the slack and continued the “snip-tease”. Again I left long bangs with a lovely buzz all round. When we were done Jack waved his arms and said, “Ok, Ok – let’s tell him… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!” The bar broke into the proverbial chorus. “Speech! Speech!” the gang yelled. I was blown away. Both girls grabbed me and gave me a kiss. It couldn’t have been a better day!


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