Slave Girl of Gor (a re-working)

Slave Girl of Gor (a re-working)

Slave Girl of Gor (A re-working) – CrewCtGal

…..imagine me with long hair again, kneeling before you with my collar of heavy silver and side chains to my wrist bracelets of chased silver. I have been “Silked” by my Master, and you have also allowed me to Bell my ankles with tiny tinkling anklet collars.

I am kneeling before you, with my knees spread wide as befits a slave in the presence of a Free man, and I’m gently weeping. You have just used the 5 wide thonged whip on my bared shoulders and thighs to chastise me for the grievous error, in a slave, of excessive vanity.

While serving a group of your male friends with sweetmeats and wine I had lifted my eyes and appraised each of your comely friends. More, I had held my back straight and thrust my breasts against my silks and walk tall and slow, as I did as a Free High caste Woman before you enslaved me.

Now you were chastising me severely for my immodest vanity.

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“So, you like to make other men look and lust at you? Other than your Master who owns You? Well then, we shall make you less comely!”

You will summon your #2 girl, and announce that henceforth she will reign as # 1 and command her to bind me.

Then you order her to crop off all my waist length blond hair. It is to be harvested close to my scalp, in section by section clippings, each hank to be tied in red ribbon as it is garnered.

Then, with soap, brush, bowl and razors I am to be shaved, my skull will be made bald, all hair, even the rough stubble of the cropping is to be shaved away.

I am to be un-silked, denuded. A heavy plain iron collar, such as is worn by field slaves is to be riveted around my bare, hairless neck. Solid side chains will link bracelets and a coffle chain.

Both my ears are to be thrice pierced, and a slave stud is to be passed through one side of my left nostril with a hoop. Finally as the ultimate humiliation I am made to braid the strands of my own hewn off hair into wristlets for your male friends, and a thick hair coif for my shaven head.

Worse of all, I must plait a thick long shining lead-leash of my own golden locks to pass through the nose ring for you to lead me, naked, bald, bruised and bowed back into the presence of the males to whom I flirted.


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