Sit Down!

Sit Down!

Sit Down! – Enjoycut

They sat down in the park. Lisa and Erina, two friends since first grade. The sun was stinging on their bodies. Erina was an eighteen-year-old waitress in two Michelin star restaurant. When she applied for the job she was told to stay in perfect condition. All personnel needed to take good care of themselves. Skin, weight, nails, clothing and hair. Erina was very happy with the money she earned although part of it was meant to maintain her good looks. She had thick auburn hair, shiny till the ends, just past her shoulder blades. Trimmed every month. But no more then a quarter of an inch. She loved her hair.

Lisa admired her for her looks. She would turn 18 next week and was still going to school, because her parents wouldn’t let her quit and find a job. Lisa had waist-length blond hair. Her hair was thin and soft shining. She had so much hair that it didn’t show that it was thin. Even in her school uniform she looked great.

Erina invited her to meet her at lunchtime. She brought cold drinks and sandwiches. They giggled over boys and Erina started boasting about her adventures with Jim… and Tony… and Al… and how she managed to have dates with them trying her best to have each of them not find out about the others. When Lisa asked her who she liked best Erina didn’t know what to answer.


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“So why do you take the risk? They will find out some time, you know.”

Then Erina confessed her fetish for very short hair. “When I see a guy with an ultra-short haircut I get this strange urge, you know. And I… I just go for them. Think I still like Jim most.”

Jim was a 22-year-old son of an accountant, working in his dad’s office since two years now. He needed to be dressed accordingly, “to respect the customers” as his father always put it. Lisa knew Jim. She had met him several times. He seemed to be a kind and reliable guy.

“But I can’t help throwing myself at every guy with a shaven head or a short brush cut. I get weak, horny just thinking about it,” she said with a tiny smile. “And I always go to the barbershop with them when they get their hair cut.”

Lisa listened to her in astonishment and didn’t know how to respond to this confession. She even felt excitement herself, hearing Erina whisper about her feelings. She couldn’t believe what happened to her while listening to Erina. She felt herself getting wet and had nip-ons. Erina noticed Lisa’s reaction which was obvious since she had stuck her hand between her legs and started rubbing her hills of excitement while staring strangely at Erina’s hair.

They changed the subject to planning Lisa’s birthday party next weekend. Two days after the real date. Then after a while chatting about all kind of things Lisa went home and Erina had to go to work. “See you at the party”. “OK”.

Erina was walking to Lisa’s house. She had decided to take the afternoon off to surprise Lisa on her birthday. It was about three when she rang the doorbell. Lisa’s mother opened the door and welcomed her with a big hug. “Great to see you again. Lisa will be delighted that you are here. She didn’t expect you, you know. She told me this morning you’d be at work.”

Lisa’s mom told Erina to walk right upstairs to her room. When she entered eyes of three persons went wide open.

“Congratu… what the hell… what are you doing here?” The last words were addressed to Jim. Lisa and Jim jumped off the bed they were sitting on together. Both of them tried to start explaining, but Erina turned around and ran out of the room, downstairs, out of the house. They went after her and caught her two blocks away. Jim grabbed her firmly by her arm and made a new attempt to talk to her. But she slapped him in the face. While both looked at each other in anger, Lisa said: “I had to tell him Erina. He is my cousin.”

“That’s no reason why this piece of junk should go….” Erina stopped her speech. She realized now what Lisa just said. “Cousin… Had to tell… O God!” Erina’s mind went crazy.

“Yeah, and since you trust me the way you act yourself, I have a present for you, and it isn’t even your birthday,” Jim added.

Jim, still holding her arm, dragged her with him. Erina started to cry. “What are you doing Jim. Where are you taking me? It hurts!” Lisa followed, not knowing where they were going either. After about ten minutes of walking, crying and shouting, Jim stopped in front of his barbershop. “I will leave you, but I’ll make sure you can enjoy a nice haircut even when I will not be with you any more.” Then he dragged her in…

“Hi Jim,” the stylist said. She was sitting in the barber chair, looking up from the magazine she was reading. “Back again. Oh, hi Erina.”

Without saying anything, still holding Erina’s arm, he dragged her to the barber chair and pushed her in. Lisa, too nervous to talk, sat herself down on one of the waiting chairs. She looked around. There were two enormous barber chairs. Lisa felt aroused, not believing her dream would come true.

“Jill, this lady has a special request.” Jim turned to the barberette. “She gets turned on by very short men haircuts, so I decided to give her one.”

“Oh no Jim, I couldn’t do that,” Jill replied. “I would get fired if I let myself into this.”

“That’s ok.” Jim looked in the mirror facing Erina’s crying eyes. “I said, I’d give her one, didn’t I?” He pumped up the chair. Jill nervously looked at Jim, knowing in the state he was he couldn’t be stopped. Lisa grabbed her arm and pulled her in the chair next to her. And smiled.

Erina stopped crying, couldn’t move a hair. And since it was obvious there would be no help, she just hoped Jim’s anger would fade away before it was too late. But… then she jumped in the chair. It was a strange sound her ears were not accustomed to. ‘POP… hummmmmmm’. Jim flicked on the clippers. She started to sob. “Oh nooooo…”

“SIT STILL,” Jim demanded, pushing her chin to her chest. He lifted her hair in the back to push the clippers under. “This is my first time, you know. I’m not sure if I would do a good job on a crewcut or a high and tight. So I’ll do what I can.” Then he drove the clippers upwards from her hairline to her crown. Long tresses of thick, healthy, shiny hair fell to the floor, revealing the white skin. When he was finished at the back he moved to her right side. It was then when Erina saw what Jim meant by doing what he could. He pushed her head to the left and started mowing away her sideburns. The clippers had no guard. He shaved her completely bald. Tears were flowing from her eyes and Jill and Lisa gasped in disbelief from what they were watching.

In a few minutes Jim buzzed her head to no more than sandpaper on her scalp. Erina, looking at her crying reflection, thinking he was finished with her, then heard another unfamiliar sound. PFFISSHHHH…. She turned to where she thought the sound was coming from. Jim was holding a can and in his other hand was a pile of white cream. He patted the cream on her head and asked Jill for the safety razors. She handed them to him and sat down again in awe. Erina closed her eyes firmly but couldn’t avoid the tears to escape. While doing this job with a lot of dedication, his anger sank. Very carefully but firmly he pulled the razor over Erina’s head, positioning it with his other hand. SSSCCRAPPEE… SSCRAPPEE… Erina couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Jim moved his fingertips over her head to see if there was any stubble left. When he was satisfied with his work, he uncaped Erina and helped her out of the chair. She was still crying and could hardly stand on her feet. “So now, get out and enjoy yourself,” he whispered in her ears. She quickly ran out.

He paid Jill and left the shop with Lisa just behind him. Once outside she jumped on him and hugged and kissed her hero. “Thank you for this unforgettable birthday present. One day…. will you do this to me?” she asked with pleading eyes while she flicked her hair backwards. Jim was looking in her eyes. She was looking at his brush cut, caressing it. Then she looked back in his eyes, quiet for some seconds.

“Nah,” he replied. “It’s no fun doing it to a volunteer.”

Laughing loudly they held hands and headed home…


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