Silent Client

Silent Client

Silent Client – K Locks

Bonnie has been my customer for many years now. One day Bonnie mentioned to me she wanted shorter hair from her shoulder-blade-length straight hairstyle. Bonnie was very quiet, she never really mentioned much, so as we got back to the chair Bonnie sat and I cut. I gave her a nice chin-length bob all one length. When I was done Bonnie looked at the front and back and got up off the chair and paid and left. Bonnie is that way, I have learned, she does not say much. When she says she wants to go shorter, that means that, no discussion or anything.

Four weeks later Bonnie was back, which was not the norm because she usually came in for a trim every eight weeks. Knowing Bonnie the way I did meant that she approved of the shorter hair and wanted to keep it. As Bonnie sat in the chair, she mentioned that all one length was boring to her. I then proceeded to cut Bonnie’s hair into one of those trendy layered looks that you could tuck behind your ears. I cut the back to about collar length and gave her a flip look. It was great, and again Bonnie inspected the cut, got up and left, with no comment at all.

Three weeks later Bonnie was back. She said nothing as she sat down. I now wanted to see how far I could take this, so I cut her hair into a short, around the ears look and took the back up to the hairline. I did not use clippers at all, and kept the top full and with length. It was a great look. As usual, Bonnie inspected the style and left.

Well three weeks went by and no Bonnie so I figured that was her limit. Then one night, just as we were closing, Bonnie walked in. I saw her and pointed her to the chair. I decided that because it was so late I would cut her hair dry. Again Bonnie said nothing, but she did something she never did before, she tilted her head down before I did it with my hands. I knew at this point she was committed to short. Now I was going to take it to the next step, so out came the clippers, and soon Bonnie sported a nice short tapered man’s cut with about three inches of hair on top. I parted it for the first time ever. When I was done Bonnie just got up and left, again no comments.

Three weeks later she was back, and again she sat down and just tilted her head down before I even asked. Out came the clippers and again I started clipping away short, this time #1 blade taper cut, but this time I continued on top and just started clippering away her hair on top. Soon Bonnie was a new owner of a very short and well-defined flattop. Once I got done I expected something from her, like ‘Why did you do this?’, anything… but she just got up and left.

Well three weeks passed, then it was three months, then one year. I had taken Bonnie to the limit. Then one Tuesday in May Bonnie showed up in this very nice looking chin-length bob, with a deep side part. She came to my chair and sat down. My mind was going 100 mph, do I give her a trim, a flattop, an earlobe bob, what? I reached in the drawer and pulled out the clippers. I decided, flattop. Just as I turned them on Bonnie spoke. She looked at me and said, “I want a perm, not just any perm but real tight and real curly,” and just smiled. Here we go again.


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