The Show by Hair-Raiser

Eve nervously walked over to the Hair-Raiser stand. She’d been going to the salon for over a year. She had had a phobia of going to the hairdressers, borne out of her love for her own long hair. Until she found Hair-Raisers or, more accurately, found Tania, her stylist, there, it seemed every time that she would go for a trim, the hairdresser would try to talk her into losing her locks. But Tania was different. If Eve wanted a trim, that was all she got. If she went for it elaborately braiding, that was all that happened without even the mention of getting it cut.

Eve had at first been pleased when Tania had asked if she would mind modeling at a hair show so Tania could show the different ways of arranging long hair, but as it got nearer the event so her nerves at being on stage in front of a lot of people grew. She was relieved that her best friend Rachel had agreed to go with her for moral support. However, as soon as they arrived at the show, Rachel had told Eve that she didn’t think it would be useful for her with shoulder length hair to see very long hair styled and so wanted to see some women having shorter hair styled and cut. Rachel left Eve alone. Eve was feeling nervous once again.

When she got to the Hair-Raiser stand she looked for Tania but couldn’t see her. She recognized John, the owner of Hair-Raisers and asked where Tania was.

“Thank goodness you’re here,” John looked relieved. “What a morning I’ve had. Tania rang in sick and I had to find a replacement. I’ve got another demonstration at the same time or I would have done it. Anyway, I’ve got Michael, he’s a great stylist. You don’t mind modeling for him do you?”

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Eve wasn’t sure, but Michael had walked over and it was going to be hard to say no. Michael introduced himself.

“Well you must be Eve. I must say Tania has a knack for finding great models. Let me take a look.” He led her to a chair and started brushing her hair. She was a blond and her hair was immaculate. Neatly trimmed ends falling to mid back, cut in a gentle arc and shining brightly.

“OK. Well I know what to do. Are you nervous?”

“Slightly,” Eve confided.

“It’ll be fun. We’re in the main auditorium in 10 minutes. There will probably be quite a few people, so just remember, they’re here to see you become even more beautiful. You should feel good about that.”

In fact, it made Eve even more nervous, but she nodded politely.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s feet were getting tired. She’d seen a few haircuts at various stands but it was hard to see what was going on. She decided to visit one of the show cuts and felt “Mad Mick’s Razor cuts” sounded like fun. Her own hair was razor cut around her face to give it a softer look, and it always was both an exhilarating and nerve wracking experience seeing the razor slicing through her locks. She got to the auditorium early and managed to get a seat on the second row near the centre. The room filled quickly and there seemed to be a party atmosphere. The girls sitting next to Rachel were big fans of Mick’s work and regularly went to see his shows.

“A real crowd-pleaser,” they confided in Rachel.

Eventually, “Fanfare for the Common Man” was played over the speakers and bright stage lights were turned on signaling the start of the show. Mick leapt on to the stage wearing a headset microphone and he pranced across the stage to the applause of the audience. Rachel thought this was more like the opening of a rock concert rather than a hair show, but she felt the enthusiasm of the audience and joined in.

“Well ladies and gentlemen. Have I got a show for you. We’ve got a lot of hair to style today so let’s get started and let me introduce our first lovely model, Eve.”

Eve nearly passed out when Michael called her name, but somehow she managed to walk onto the stage. He’d asked her to walk slowly to centre stage, take a bow and then swing her hair side to side. As she got half way, she somehow noticed Rachel in the sea of faces and suddenly felt much better. What a kidder Rachel was, of course she was going to be there to support her best friend. When Eve started swinging her hair the audience went wild and Eve heard Rachel shout, “Way to go Evey.”

Mick led her to the chair and fastened the cape. He brushed her hair and declared to the audience;

“When your hair is as lovely as this, it is hard to improve on it. But we’re going to try.”

The crowd applauded.

“Well the start is easy enough. We just tie it in a simple pony tail.”

Eve relaxed a little more. Tania often started this way.

Mick fastened Eve’s hair in a pony tail so that it was pulled back tight just an inch or so from the hairline of the nape. He fastened it with two bands, one close to the scalp, the other about an inch away. He then turned the chair so that Eve was facing away from the audience. She couldn’t see what he was doing but could tell that he’d moved to the front of the stage and was building their enthusiasm. He was in fact showing them his razor. He returned to Eve and pulled her pony tail tight in his left hand. The room quietened. He then seemed to Eve to be pushing hard down on her hair with his right hand and pushing it back and forward in a sawing movement. Seconds later he stopped and turned the chair back so Eve could face the cheering audience. Eve saw Mick leap to the front of the stage with a cut throat razor in his right hand. She saw him lift her pony tail in his left hand and throw it into the grateful audience. Eve immediately raised her hands to touch her pony tail but found only a stump of hair instead.

“What have you done?” Eve screeched as Mick returned. He just smiled and took the band out of her hair, pushed the hair behind her ears and Eve had a rough bob cut.

“There we’ve done it. With one cut, she already looks like a million dollars. It’s easy to care for and absolutely stunning. Shall we stop there?”

“No!” came the cries from the audience.

Mick turned back to Eve and started wetting her hair. Floods of tears were streaming down Eve’s face. Mick turned his microphone off. “What’s wrong Eve? They love you.”

“I want long hair,” she demanded.

“Too late to change your mind now,” Mick advised.

“But I never wanted it cut in the first place. Tania was just going to tie it up in different styles.”

“Oh dear. John never said. You’ll have to have some words with him and Tania. Still too late now and we can’t let the audience down. They’ve come to see a show.”

Mick turned his microphone back on. “Eve is mourning the loss of her hair. What do we say? Stop here?”

“No, cut some more.” Cries of encouragement came from the audience.

“Just a little then.” Mick pulled sections forward and started slicing off long sections of hair. He pulled the hair over her face down, and chopped a rough-cut fringe. He quickly got a hair dryer and on maximum heat setting, dried it roughly with his fingers. Eve could smell some of her hair being singed.

“So here is the softer version of the bob,” Mick declared. Once again the audience showed its appreciation of Mick’s work. He turned the chair from side to side so the audience could see all of his work.

“Are we stopping here?”

“No!” the crowd roared.

Mick once again got out his bottle and wet Eve’s hair. Tears were still streaming down her face, but she was silent.

“They really love you,” Mick encouraged to Eve, once more turning the microphone off. “You could do this for a living. It won’t take too many years to grow back if you really want it long again.” It didn’t help Eve.

Mick started picking up sections of hair and holding them 1″ from her head, started slicing lock after lock. Periodically he would pick up handfuls of hair to demonstrate to the crowd just how much hair had been liberated and would throw them into the audience. When he finished, he once again dried her hair and applied some finishing wax. Eve’s once long locks were now in a short pixie cut.

Signaling that Eve’s ordeal was truly over, he removed the cape.

“Please show your appreciation for the stunning Eve.” The audience applauded enthusiastically. Again Mick turned the microphone off. “You should really have a word with John. You might be able to get some free haircuts or something. Good working with you. Hope we can do it again.”

Eve meekly walked off the stage to find somewhere to cry in private.

Rachel eventually found her friend who had run out of tears and was staring blankly at the floor.

“Wow. You were great,” Rachel enthused. “No wonder you were nervous beforehand. Why didn’t you tell me what you had planned. I’d never have left you if I’d known what you were going to do.”

“I didn’t know,” Eve said flatly. Rachel was confused and couldn’t think of a reply. Still, she wasn’t going to let Eve’s mood spoil hers. “Look what I got. It was a bit of a fight, but I won.” She held Eve’s ponytail proudly. “I’ll let you come round and play with it if you miss it too much,” she offered. Eve found some more tears to cry.


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