Shona and Caroline

Shona and Caroline

Shona and Caroline – Crew Cut

Long, flowing tresses forming a curtain of hair down her back. That’s how Caroline profiled herself in Internet Chat rooms. She was proud of her long hair, and was careful to keep it trimmed at the ends, shiny and well-conditioned. At school the boys had thought it incredibly sexy. But, to tell the truth, now she had no interest in boys, well….

To Shona, the hairdresser, Caroline was a beautiful woman with a gorgeous neck, hidden by a wall of unnecessary camouflage. Shona’s cunt began to throb and her nipples stood erect when Caroline walked into the salon.

Caroline wore a heavy cream silk blouse, the top two buttons undone. Shona could glimpse firm, ripe breasts inside. The shirt was tucked in to faded blue jeans, a black leather belt clasped around her waist. Shona wore a short, tight skirt and singlet top, her only underwear soft lace panties.

“I’d like a wash, head massage and trim,” said Caroline. Shona led her to the basin. Caroline settled into the soft leather chair, arched her head back and Shona shampooed the hair. She felt the wetness of her cunt as she firmly, then gently, massaged Caroline’s head, neck and temples. Caroline moaned very low and wriggled in her seat. The seam of her jeans rubbed against her clit, sending shock waves of pleasure through her body. “Mmmm – great massage,” she murmured, deep and low, to Shona.

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Shona then led Caroline to the cutting chair, her head wrapped in a towel. There was an enormous mirror in front, and a wall of mirrors three metres behind. Shona stood behind, her nipples millimetres from Caroline’s back; only a field of static electricity separated them.

“Your neck – the nape and under your chin is sensational. Your earlobes are fabulous. You could wear long drop earrings and have several piercings along your ears.” Shona released Caroline’s hair from the towel, combed it out and then twisted it into a knot and clamped it at the top of her head.

“I’ve been considering more piercings rather than just one,” smiled Caroline, “but my ears alone weren’t what I was thinking about piercing!” Shona’s nipples were pointing into the creamy silk fabric of Caroline’s shirt.

“Have you thought of cutting your hair to show off your neck and ears?”

“Well, actually, I had considered a change. I’ve booked a beach holiday, and was thinking of liberating myself from the tyranny of the blow-dryer.”

Shona’s excitement made her pussy quiver. She started to cut. Caroline said a chin-length bob would be quite a change. Feminine, manageable and not too radical. Shaped around her ears, with a low fringe.

Each touch of the comb and scissors excited Caroline, and Shona’s cunt got wetter as each tress fell to the floor. Shona went a little shorter than the chin, to earlobe length.

“I could under-shave it at the back, and you could keep it longer on top,” Shona suggested. “That way your neck can be exposed, but you will also keep some length.” She gently guided Caroline to a shorter length. Caroline assented.

Shona got out the electric clippers. Buzz… buzz…. buzz, she neatly shaved to within a quarter inch at the nape. “Feel that,” she urged.

Caroline put her hand to the back of her neck and slowly ran her hand over the bristles. Shona watched, stepped back, and slipped out of her skirt. Caroline saw Shona’s actions in the mirror and swayed in the chair, rubbing her clit vigorously on her crotch seam. She unbuckled her belt and undid the top button of her jeans.

Shona was enthusiastically brushing hair from Caroline’s neck when she dropped the soft brush over Caroline’s shoulder on to her lap. She reached over to retrieve it. Caroline’s hand caught hers, and guided her hand inside her silk shirt and placed Shona’s hand on a nipple. Shona gave it a tweak, rolled it between her fingers and thought how delicious those tits would taste. Soon. Caroline held her breath, and again guided Shona’s hand, this time to her fly. Shona gently unzipped and put her hand into the jeans, feeling moist pussy bush. No panties.

Shona leaned forward so that her nipples brushed Caroline’s exposed neck, nibbled her ear and whispered, “Let me crop your hair further, hon?”

Caroline let out a low moan of assent and wriggled out of her jeans. Shona took off her top and stood bare breasted behind Caroline. Their image was reflected dozens of times around the salon. Shona picked up the shears and began to shave the back and sides of Caroline’s head. She shaved it bare around the ears, and up the back. On top she left a 1 millimetre stubble, and right in front a half-inch thatch the size of a coin. Shona then rubbed her nipples over the baldness, and the prickles, then let them linger in Caroline’s earholes, playing and bouncing her tits around Caroline’s head.

Caroline writhed, fingering her own wetness with two, then three fingers. Shona unbuttoned the remaining buttons of Caroline’s shirt, and reaching round, cupped Caroline’s breasts in her hand. She rubbed Caroline’s nipples with her open palms. Shona moved the chair away from the mirror and went and knelt before Caroline, who put her legs over Shona’s shoulders. Shona buried her face in the soft, sooooo wet cunt before her. She ran her studded tongue along the shaft of Caroline’s clit, and with her teeth, pushed back the clit hood to expose the glistening bud. She pushed it and rolled it with her tongue stud. She lapped her from front to back with a flat tongue, then stiffened it and shoved it deep inside. She worked her tongue in and out Caroline’s hole, lapping juices that were flowing freely, and exploring the walls deep in her cunt with her whole tongue and stud. She sucked her clit until spasms of ecstasy gripped Caroline, and creamy wet cum gushed from her.

Shona scooped up cum and spread it on Caroline’s shaven head. She massaged the cum in with her fingertips and palms. She slid her nipples over the wet smoothness and spikes of stubble.

Caroline then pulled Shona towards her. She sat Shona on her lap, facing her, legs astride. First she tongued Shona’s nipples and let her fingers dance on tits. Still sucking, she moved her hands under Shona’s ass and with one finger explored inside her panties. RIP. She tore Shona’s panties down the back and began to rim her ass hole with a finger. Shona writhed, her cunt humping Caroline’s leg. Caroline’s finger made its way into Shona’s ass, two from her other hand into her cunt. She pumped and fucked, while Shona rode the fingers. Caroline sucked hard on Shona’s tits, pulling the nipples out from the breast, and gently biting.

Shona in response once again massaged Caroline’s newly shorn head, scraped her fingernails over it and down Caroline’s back. She bounced up and down on the fingers so firmly bringing her to the point of no return.

In a glorious explosion of cum, Shona arched back and shuddered and throbbed her orgasm.

Next stop, the piercing studio for these two fuck babes!


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