Shaved for Pregnancy

Shaved for Pregnancy

Shaved For Pregnancy (or alternatively Clipped for Conception) by Miss C

This is a true story, apart from the bit about me being pregnant. I’m not – yet, but the rest of the story: the bet is true. In real life the haircut has already happened, we are still working on the pregnancy. I’m told that there might be an interest in the motivation behind the cut, so here goes…

“You are?” The look on Steve’s face was one of disbelief, then it changed to excitement and he hugged me. “That’s great, how long?”

I told him that I had just found out this morning that I was pregnant and that I was 2 months gone. “So, fingers crossed, in January you are going to be a Dad!”

“Too late for the Millennium Baby then,” he joked. I playfully slapped him.

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“Of course, you know what this means?” I teased him, I knew what was on his mind. “You’ve kept your half of the deal, now I have to keep mine.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” The words came from his mouth, but I knew he was only saying what was expected.

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to, for you.”

The bet had been that we would try seriously for a baby, obviously we had been “practicing” before, but now I had come off the pill. I felt that it was right for me to become a Mum, as I was 35 next birthday, and I knew Steve would be an excellent father. I decided to make it fun, a sort of “last fling” before responsibility took over. I told him that if we were trying for a baby I would let him give me the haircut he had always wanted me to have. The style he told me he fantasised about when we made love. It was a style loosely based on memories of his teenage years, he was heavily into gothic music: Sisters of Mercy, The Mission etc. and he liked girls with heavy make-up and dark hair. He also confided in me that he got rather horny when he saw one particular style: long hair with shaven sides and back. He asked me if I remembered Annabelle Lwin ( lead singer with Bow Wow Wow) and Allanah Currie (of the Thompson Twins) – both these ladies had their head shaved at the sides, whilst it was still long on top.

I had decided to let Steve cut my hair as he wished, which was a risk, as ultimately he had control. But I trusted him, as I knew what he wanted to achieve, but without his knowledge I have taken things a step further by posting about the cut on two hair fetish sites on the Internet. And as a result I have shared my feelings and thoughts with people whose encouragement has led to this story. One other thing about me, I’m a trained hairdresser, although I don’t work in a salon any more (I work in retail). I still cut hair every now and then. Steve, to my knowledge, has never cut hair!

So I was comfortable with things we took it slowly. The first cut was done using scissors only. I gave him a quick instruction on how to pin up and separate the hair that was going to be cut. He parted my hair, horizontally from a line level with the temple to the back of my head. He repeated this on the other side and at the back as well. The hair above this line was gathered up and secured with a band on top of my head. Having cut bobs before I knew how stupid I looked!!

This is how I described that first cut on the Catwalk site:

“Hi, I have been persuaded to post this here by my boyfriend. I’m Sarah, 34, and the office manager for a busy store. My hair is long, thick, dark brown/black and an even shoulder length. I wear the hair off my face by clipping the front of it back on the top of my head. Why this post? Because of what happened last night… After washing my hair, my boyfriend brushed it out, and carefully parted it and sectioned it. I had a parting on the left, the right and at the back. Carefully he then gathered up each of these sections and gathered them all up on top of my head and secured them in a big top-tail This left some hair hanging down, but not at the front. He then took it in turns to gather what hung down into a bunch, before scissoring off each clump about 1 inch from my head. Once he had cut all the sides and back down so it was close to my head he released the top knot so the hair fell down and covered up his handiwork.”

So that part of the cut was done. I felt strange whilst it was happening, a mixture of nerves and excitement. We decided that that was enough for now, even though we had cut so much off there was little we could do but progress to a shorter undercut. So we left it as it was and I went to work the next day. When I got there I made it a priority to post something on a message board, saying what I had done and asking others for their views.

“So I have come to work today and all the short bits are covered up by the hair cascading down from the top of my head, the great thing being, no-one knows the hair secret I hide. My boyfriend has gone into town to buy some clippers as tonight he has said he will neaten up what he has done by clipping my sides down using a close guard. This is a compromise as he really wants to shave me totally under my curtain of hair, as he thinks this will be really sexy. Like I say I love having this secret, and if I think I can get away with it, then maybe he can have his wish. What do others think? Mail me…”

I got replies and I got talking to one person in particular, who was encouraging and supportive, he told me to enjoy whatever I did and to go with it, so that’s exactly what I did do.

Steve has bought the clippers, but it was a few days before we got around to reducing my undercut further. It happened on my day off, and before Steve was let loose on my hair, I showed him how to handle the clippers as I gave him a quick cut. Again he pinned up my hair, and he chose the guard to use. I had no say, he chose a number 2 and was soon buzzing my hair down closer to my head. I now knew what it was like to feel the clippers as they buzzed and vibrated, the teeth on the comb tickled my head, and the hair that fell itched me as it stuck to my skin. I have to admit I found this very exciting, as did Steve.

So it was back to work again, with my hair cut pretty close to my scalp, but I still was able to hide it under a “curtain” of hair. Thing is I forgot that the hair would lay flatter as a result of the undercut, so those who were observant could tell that something was up. A couple of colleagues asked if I had had my hair cut, and I told them, “No, just a trim!” As I have rather full-bodied hair it used to slope outwards from my crown, whereas now it is much more controllable, but not as bushy, which I prefer. In a mail to a friend I admitted that I liked my cut, and maybe I would let Steve get nearer to his fantasy haircut. “So depending on how the concealment of the cut goes, I might let Steve take it shorter (to skin?).” I knew he wanted me smooth underneath.

Nothing changed for a couple of days. There were a few close calls at work, when I almost revealed myself, but we never got time to get it any shorter until one night when we had been drinking and Steve took out the clippers, and took the guard off. It resulted in a rather close crop – not bald but as good as, it was clipped with no guard on. Or rather clipped up, clipped sideways, clipped down. A triple clipping, so there was not much left, but it was not totally smooth either. So under my curtain I was pretty much clipped to the bone, I had been thinking about being shaved totally as an undercut, leaving just a 1-inch strip in front of each ear, so no-one at work would know, but I soon forgot this idea. With persuasion from Steve and others I wore my hair tied back, although not at work and not where I thought anyone I knew would see me.

I found the whole situation strange, I had gone from being stylist to model, and had my first experience of feeling the clippers cut hair, my hair. I found whole thing very exciting, the feel of the clippers was very “stimulating” and seductive – all too quickly they finished what they were doing ,and I started to feel confusion over whether I went along with the cut because Steve liked it or did it for myself.

Suffice it to say that clippers are an aphrodisiac! My haircut meant that regular trimmings were in order, which I was happy to sit down for.

And this leads us on to the events of last weekend, yesterday, as I write. As usual Steve got out the clippers, minus their guard and he buzzed me real close, closer than he had ever done so before. He held the clippers at such an angle that once they had passed hardly any hair remained. What stubble there was was hard enough to see, but it could be felt. “You might as well not stop there,” I told him. “Go and get your razor and gel.” Steve sprinted to the bathroom returning with his shaving equipment. Soon I was sitting with my hair tied up and white foam encircling my face. There was strange warm sensation and my scalp tingled. These feelings were nothing in comparison to what followed. I could hear Steve shave me and remove each hair, leaving me smooth and bald in the wake of the razor blade. Halfway through I managed to sneak a peek at the side of my head. I was shocked by how pale it was and the contrast between my bald side and the hair that sprouted from the top of my head. Steve could not shave the rest off quick enough for either of us, and as soon I was shaved we enjoyed feeling my new haircut.

So now I have a totally shaved undercut, my skin is smooth and oh so pale underneath its curtain of dark hair. I will be buying some black hair dye tonight and colouring what remains, so there will be an even more exaggerated contrast between smooth and hairy, long and shorn, pale skin and dark hair.

So that’s the story of my haircut. I know from talking to friends that some of them have been shaved before childbirth, but this was their pubic hair, not their heads. I am at the conception end of proceedings, and as far as I know no-one has had their head shaved to facilitate conception, the clippers have proven to be an amazing aphrodisiac. I think even Steve has been surprised at how he has felt. I feel great, as I type one hand can stroke my shaved head, a finger on my smooth nape, hidden from the eyes of others by the curtain of hair that conceals my shaved head.

(I’d just like to thank Pete, without whom I never would have put finger to keyboard! Thank you)

I’d appreciate any feedback you have after reading this. Please send it to [email protected]


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