Secret Besheren

Secret Besheren

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Shoshana sat on the ancient stone wall facing the ocean. While her real name was Shoshana, her father had nicknamed her Sami. That’s what everyone had called her since she was a baby. The warm ocean breeze felt comforting, but Sami was nervous. Ari, her lover and soon-to-be husband was late. Sami knew their lives would be changing soon, hopefully for the better. Their marriage was just three days away, last-minute preparations had to be made, leaving Sami feeling edgy.

The ancient wall was built over two thousand years ago by the Philistines. Only a few sections of the wall were left standing, time is the great destroyer of all man’s creations. The marble columns of the ancient temple, the baths and some statues of the ancient Philistine gods were all that remained. The city of Ashkelon, Sami’s home town, sat on the Mediterranean Sea forty miles south of Tel Aviv. This City was famous as the site where Samson pulled down the Philistine temple after Delilah cut his hair. A few hundred feet behind where Sami sat were the ruins of that famous place.

It was dangerous for a girl to be out alone on the outskirts of town. Occasionally, the Fedayeen terrorists would cross over from Egypt, the border less than 10 miles away. They might kill an unfortunate soul, although mostly they came looking for a cow or other farm animal to steal. The things they would do to a young woman found alone were unthinkable…

Sami pulled her shawl tighter as the sun set. It gets cold quickly at night in the desert, and Ari still hadn’t arrived. Her long dark hair blew gently in the wind. Sami and Ari grew up in town together, living just a few blocks from each other. About a year earlier, they began meeting in secret, and had become lovers. If their families had found out, it would have been a major scandal. As in this traditional Jewish community, premarital sex was simply unheard of.

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Sami was seventeen when she began secretly meeting Ari. She had found him simply irresistible. Now she was eighteen and they were to be married. The normal method of finding a spouse was to have Rivka the Matchmaker arrange the marriage. She would bring together the fathers of the young boy and girl (as young as thirteen years of age, but most often sixteen or seventeen) to work out the details. Sami was hard to match, however, as her father ran a kiosk in town selling newspapers. He could not offer a proper dowry to attract a husband for her, despite the fact that she was incredibly beautiful, intelligent and witty. No one held a candle to Sami in her father’s eyes. She would make a wonderful wife for any man lucky enough to have her, he thought. Sami and Ari came to her father after work one day, imploring him to allow them to be married. Ari came from a poor family as well, but was a hard worker. After much pleading, Sami’s father agreed to allow them to be married.

Sami held her knees close to her chest and fidgeted nervously. What’s taking Ari so long? she wondered. He was almost an hour late. Sami ran her fingers through her hair, enjoying the thickness of her long brown hair, regretting the future for this beautiful part of her body. She knew that it would have to be cut off before the wedding, and did not look forward to this part of the Jewish marriage tradition. She liked her long hair. She had never had a haircut, but tradition held that a Jewish bride must shave her head prior to her marriage, then keep it shaved all through her married life. While some girls had rebelled and refused to cut their hair, Sami knew it was expected of her, since her father was deeply religious, she would comply. Besides her father would be hurt by her refusal, especially since he had given in and allowed her to marry Ari. It was something that simply had to be done…Period.

Sami didn’t want to have her hair cut by the town hairdresser and wigmaker, Mindl. She was present at the Basheren (haircutting) of her best friend Goldie a month earlier. More than a dozen women had gathered, eating cakes and drinking coffee as Goldie had her long red hair cut. The long hair was first cut with scissors and carefully saved in order to make a wig. Goldie shed a river of tears as Mindl approached with the big shears. Mindl made her living doing this and making wigs so she had little sympathy for the young girls. She wanted all of them to respect the traditions and submit to the shearing. Sobs racked Goldie’s body as Mindl placed the scissors to her beautiful hair. She hacked off large locks right to the scalp, then handed the pieces off to her assistant. Goldie could stand no more when the hand clippers were brought out. She bolted from the chair only to be caught and held down by her aunt and mother. The last remaining hairs were cut with hand clippers, which left Goldie completely without hair. Then, Goldie was shaved to the scalp with a straight razor. She cried and howled through the entire procedure. The women sitting around the room assured her that she would look fine without hair. “After all,” one said, “We had to do this as well.” Sami had no intention of being the center of attention at a party like Goldie’s. The whole affair had left a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Sami’s mother had offered to do the Basheren for her, but she wasn’t thrilled by that idea either.

Ari finally arrived, and Sami scolded him for being late. She then took him into her arms and kissed him. Part of the excitement of meeting Ari was that it was forbidden. Ari had a canvas sack with him, and he said, “Come to the room. See what I brought you.”

They walked up the hill to “The Room”, which was once the living quarters of a family of Philistines. The room had been discovered during an archaeological dig in the area, and was their secret meeting place. They kept two old blankets hidden in a steel drum near the room, and would meet evenings when they could, sometimes making love on the floor of “The Room”. “I’m getting a chill,” said Sami. “Let’s start a fire.”

Working as a team, they quickly gathered pieces of wood, and in minutes had a nice fire going in the fire pit in the room. The yellow flames bounced off the stone walls, flickering and dancing about. The two stared at each other in the fire light, hungry for the promise of things to come. In the distance, the waves crashed to shore, pounding like thunder.

“What did you bring?” asked Sami.

“Look,” said Ari, opening the old sack. “Bread. Here, smell it,” said Ari.

Sami inhaled deeply, and closed her eyes at the aroma of the fresh baked bread. “Mmmm” she said, “It’s still warm. What a treat.”

“That’s not all,” said Ari. “Look, orange juice.” He pulled out a liter bottle of orange juice, and set it on the big rock next to the fire, which they used as a table.

“You’re such a good provider,” Sami said, giving him a passionate kiss and hug. They sat on a blanket next to the fire, and enjoyed the feast Ari had brought.

“There’s something else I brought,” said Ari, reaching for the canvas bag. He pulled out a pair of old scissors, the kind a seamstress would use, and a pair of hand clippers. “I know you don’t want Mindl to cut your hair, and you don’t want your mother to cut it,” he said. “So if you want, I’ll cut it.”

“Oh, Thank you Ari,” she cooed. “You would be better than my other choices,” she sighed. She reached over and kissed him, and he held her close. “Make love to me, Ari,” she said, as their embrace tightened further. He buried his face in her hair, breathing in her scent.

A moment later, Sami stood up, and slowly pulled her dress up and over her head, revealing her beautiful breasts. She then pulled down her underwear, standing naked before her lover, her shadow flickering against the wall by the firelight.

“My God, you’re beautiful,” said Ari, as he stood up. He undressed slowly, unable to take his eyes off of Sami.

They lay together, hugging and kissing, and in a few moments, began to make love. As was their habit, they began talking while they made love.

“It’s such a shame to have to cut your hair,” said Ari.

“I know,” said Sami. “I’m only glad that you will do it.”

Ari ran his fingers through Sami’s hair. Such softness, like strands of silk.

“When will you cut my hair?” asked Sami, “We only have three days before the wedding.”

“When do you want me to do it?” he asked.

“Right now,” she said, “While we make love.” Sami reached over her head, and felt the scissors, and handed them to Ari. “Make sure to cut it close to the scalp. We have to save the hair for a wig,” she said.

Ari lifted his chest and was kneeling. Sami lifted her chest, and rested on her elbows, Then she tilted her head forward to make it easier for Ari to cut her hair. Ari lifted a piece of Sami’s hair from the front, and stroked its full length of over three feet. He held the scissors in his hand, and paused a moment.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“I’m ready,” she said, nodding and lifting her head closer to the scissors.

Ari held the scissors up to Sami’s forehead, just an inch above her scalp, and slowly squeezed them. The hair gave out a low groan as it was cut. Again Ari opened the scissors and squeezed. The hair groaned again, and then the scissors snapped shut. The hair came away from Sami’s head rather suddenly, and both Sami and Ari stared at it as he held up the hair away from her head.

Ari carefully handed the piece of hair to Sami, and she squeezed it tight in her hand. Sami leaned her head forward, inviting Ari to cut more. She felt Ari take another piece of hair in his hand, hold the scissors up to her head, and snip, snip, he handed her more of her hair. She turned her head to the side, and held it up for Ari. He pulled the hair on the side together, and carefully scissored it off as well.

Suddenly, Ari stopped cutting her hair, and had an incredible orgasm deep inside her. He lay back down atop Sami, catching his breath, whispering, “You excite me so.”

A few moments later, both Sami and Ari lay on their sides facing the fire. Ari lay behind Sami, and felt the urge to make love again. Sami did not protest a bit as Ari slid inside her from behind. She could see him raise up the scissors, and knew he would now cut off the hair in back of her head. She felt Ari take hold of a piece of her hair, and heard a loud snip. He handed her another piece of hair, which she clutched tightly.

“I’m going to have a lot of hair to make the wig,” she said, staring at the thick, long hair in her hand. Seconds later, another crunching snnnip, and Ari handed her another bulky piece of hair.

“There’s still a lot more to be cut,” he said, snipping off another piece close to her scalp, and handing it to her. Seconds later came another snip from behind, and more hair to hold. Finally, the last piece of Sami’s hair was about to be cut.

“Let me feel it one more time,” she said. She felt the silky hair on the side of her head, so comforting and soft. She then held the piece of hair close to the scalp, and Ari slid the scissors in and snipped it off. As Sami held up her long, shorn off hair, Ari again had an orgasm deep inside her.

Sami held her hair close to her chest and Ari hugged her, clutching her breast, and her hair between his hand and her breast.

In a moment, they both sat up, and Ari began snipping at the remaining hair on Sami’s head, holding the scissors against her scalp and snipping. Pieces of hair came down on Sami’s bare shoulders. She sat quietly, watching all her hair as it fell around her. He continued this until only a short covering of hair was left. He then reached for the hand clippers, squeezed them together a few times, as the barber did, and kneeled over Sami, preparing to clip her head clean of hair. He began at her forehead, squeezing the handles of the clippers together in a fast vibrating motion, pushing them into her hair and running the clippers over the top of her head. Sami held her knees close to her chest and stared at the fire.

“At least it doesn’t hurt,” she said. Ari plowed another path over the top of Sami’s head, leaving pure white scalp behind. He continued clipping the top until there was no hair left. He then clipped around Sami’s ear, and began clipping the back of her head.

“How does it look?” she asked.

“See for yourself,” he said, reaching for the canvas bag. He pulled out a small mirror, perhaps two inches square and handed it to Sami. Sami stared at her scalp, speechless for a moment.

“Not bad,” she said, “At least my head has a good shape.” She had feared that her scalp would have an odd shape, but it was nicely rounded, which pleased Sami.

“You’re a good barber,” she told Ari, “Will you keep my hair clipped after we get married?”

“Of course,” said Ari, clipping around Sami’s other ear, and then running the clippers over her head again to make sure he hadn’t missed any stray hairs.

When Ari finished, Sami kept staring at the mirror, and Ari was running his fingers over her bare scalp.

“Do you think I look ugly now?” asked Sami.

“I think you look more beautiful than before,” he said. “Your eyes shine like a fire.” And with that, Ari hugged Sami tight, and said “I love you, and I always will.”

Sami and Ari huddled with a blanket around them, watching the fire until the embers began to fade. Sami kept rubbing her scalp, trying to get used to the feeling of having no hair. She felt naked without her hair, without its comfort and security. Ari kept rubbing Sami’s scalp as well, saying she looked beautiful.

Finally, they packed up the blankets in the steel drum, gathered up the rest of the bread and orange juice, and headed back to town. Sami covered her head with her shawl as they walked along the beach for nearly a mile. The ocean pounded next to them. Sami was glad that Ari had done the haircutting, and had done it so gently.

Sami was a beautiful bride. The whole town attended the wedding, and there was much merriment and drinking. After the reception, Sami and Ari went to the small house they had rented to begin their married life together. Sami and Ari’s parents had prepared the house with fresh fruits and flowers, fresh bedding, and clean, but second hand furniture, as best they could afford. To Sami and Ari, it was a doll house.

Sami and Ari went into the house, and Sami immediately pulled off the long haired wig she had worn to the wedding. Ari just stared at the sight of his young bride in her white wedding gown, and how beautiful she looked with no hair.

They started to unpack their belongings, ate some oranges, and then lay on the bed. Their kisses were long, their embrace so strong, this was the happiest day of their lives. In a short while, they made love. It was wonderful. It was the first time they could do so without worrying about being caught.

After they made love, neither one was tired, even though it was past midnight. Sami went into the small bathroom and complained that her scalp felt like a wire brush. Ari came into the bathroom, and offered to shave it clean for her. Ari went into the kitchen, and put some water in a kettle to heat up. The house had no hot water heater. When the water was heated, he brought a bowl of it in the bathroom. Sami sat naked on a stool facing the mirror, as Ari dipped a small towel into the water, and wrapped it around Sami’s head. After a few moments, he took off the towel and folded it neatly. He then opened his shaving kit and took out his mug and brush. He put some shaving powder into the mug, then added some warm water, and whisked it with the brush into a nice warm lather. As he began to put the shaving cream on Sami’s head with the brush, she closed her eyes and moaned. “That feels so good, Ari.” Next, Ari took out his straight razor. He dipped it in the warm water and stood over Sami. He touched the razor to her scalp at her forehead, and with a quick rasp, rasp, shaved a small square. He felt the shaved area to make sure it was perfectly smooth, and then wiped off the razor on the wet towel. He then proceeded to shave another small square, and another until a stripe of white scalp ran from Sami’s forehead to the back of her head. Ari was quite adept at shaving, despite the fact that he had only been shaving his face for two years. He continued slowly, carefully shaving Sami until her scalp was gleaming and smooth.

Sami ran her fingers over her scalp, and smiled. “That feels much better,” she said, as her scalp felt tingly and sensitive. During the shaving, Sami had noticed that Ari was becoming aroused. When they finished with the shaving, they returned to the bed and made love again.

“What a wonderful life we will have together,” Sami told Ari afterward.

“You have made me the most happy man in the world, Sami,” he said.


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