Saturday Shaving

Saturday Shaving

Saturday Shaving – Bob Barker

It was early on a Saturday morning when my new girlfriend was waking up. I had just finished growing my hair out from that last flattop. She said that she was going to cut her hair today and she wanted me to come along. She had red hair that came halfway down her back.

We arrived at her salon and her stylist took her right away. It was summer, so a lot of women were cutting all of their hair off.

The stylist asked her what she wanted, and she couldn’t believe the answer. She said that she wanted to shave her head perfectly clean.

Eventually the stylist agreed. So she sat her down in the chair and started the cutting. She took the scissors and cut off her hair above the ear. Then she broke out the clippers.

She gave her one last chance to back out and when she said no, she went on ahead. She pushed the clippers down the middle of her head, and I looked as masses of red hair filled the floor. She continued to push the clippers over her head until there was less than 1/16″ of hair on her head. She then lathered her head with shaving cream and shaved her head smooth as a cue ball.

I loved it so much that I had my girlfriend do it to me too. Now we shave each other daily.

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