Sally’s Story

Sally's Story

Sally’s Story – Leland

Sally was a one in a million customer and I knew it. Sally sat down in my chair and I placed my white cape around her lovely neck and proceeded to remove the bobby pins holding up that torrent of silken hair. I hurried as fast as possible remembering the last time Sally had come in for her special treatment and the effect it had had upon the entire staff. The last pin was removed and Sally’s hair fell free to the floor even through I had placed the chair to its highest level. Her five-foot lengths of jet black hair cascaded to the floor, completely covering the back of the chair and the cape around her. I took my wide tooth comb and proceeded to grab a section of those shining links, slowly combing from her forehead down to the floor where I had to pick up the last twelve inches of black silk to finish one pass of my comb. I had asked all the male stylists to stay for a very special reason as they all now surrounded Sally’s chair with their combs in hand. There were now seven males with bulging crotches combing this incredible head of hair out to a sea of straight black silken joy. Sally was now tilting her head back enjoying this mass of attention to her crowning glory which was now combed out into a huge fan that totally engulfed the chair and those around it. All the other stylists looked at me and I knew they were awaiting my signal to begin Sally’s special conditoning treatment. I dropped my comb and undid my belt as did all the others, letting our throbbing members jump to life. Each of us grabbed a huge handful of that silken hair and wrapped it around our rock hard members, Sally’s hair was now completely covering seven men who could not hlde the pleasure. Sally could see while looking into the mirrors in front of her. The feeling of her hair stroking our penises was indescribable as one by one we shot huge loads of white come all over Sally’s head, slowly turning her black masses blond. The sight of seven men coming all over her head was too much for her as she shuddered in a huge long lasting orgasm as more and more come was shot upon her head, running down her forehead and neck. Everyone was now coming for the second time and her hair was unable to soak up any more of the protien treatment spilling down her ears and neck. Sally’s hair was slowly unwrapped from our manhoods and left to fall to the floor in a white cascade of wet locks. The receptionist who I had asked to stay and help now walked up to the back of Sally’s chair and slowly proceeded to comb her hair from her forehead down to the floor spreading that special conditioner to every strand of that incredible hair. When she had finished Sally was completely covered from forehead to the froor in our come. The recepionist then took her hands and slowly started to work Sally’s hair into a huge lather starting on top of her head and slowly moving down to the ends until it appeared Sally’s hair had been covered by can after can of shaving cream. This wonderful cream was left on Sally’s head for about ten minutes and I then led Sally over to the shampoo bowls where I proceeded to rinse and then shampoo those incredible tresses for what seemed like hours. Sally was led back to the chair where we each held dryers to her hair until it had the shine of black pearls. Sally kissed us all goodbye and said she would see us again in another two months. We could only dream of that day.



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