Sabrina Written by Mistress Janice. Original Storyline by Shearingly. Copyright 1996

A story about sweet revenge and love of a boy……

Roberta was sixteen, and in love. Her boyfriend, Ken, was the exact opposite of her, physically. He was tall, handsome, well-built, athletic, and blue-eyed with the cutest blond curls that always stayed in place. Roberta was short and scrawny, brown-eyed and her dark hair was a thick, frizzy mess that stuck out all over her head like bedsprings. She didn’t want to believe it, but she finally decided that Ken was her boyfriend only because she had the best grades in their English class and he was barely passing. She did help him, a lot. In fact, she ended up doing most of his homework while he either sat next to her reading Hot Rod Magazine or else excused himself saying he had to run some errands for his mom and left!

Actually he only took her out once, and that was after she had complained bitterly that they never went anywhere, despite the fact that he called her, “his girl.” They went to an afternoon movie in another part of town – where she saw absolutely no one from school, so of course the other girls didn’t believe her when she told them Ken took her to a movie.

The last month of school he would come over to her house, dump his books on the table in front of her and then, if she was home, would go out into the living room and talk to her sister, Sabrina. Sabrina was twenty-two and as pretty as Roberta was plain. Sabrina’s waist length hair was a glossy black mane that attracted lots of attention wherever she went. Her dark eyes, nearly hidden under beautiful long lashes made her seem exotic and enticing. After Ken discovered Sabrina he stuck around the house while Roberta did his homework – but he spent the time hanging around Sabrina. She laughed and flirted with him shamelessly. It made Roberta’s blood boil.

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The final straw was the night that Sabrina said she thought she was falling in love with Ken. He acted like he was head over heels in love with Sabrina. It was sickening to Roberta – Ken was the first boy that had ever called her his girlfriend. And to have him stolen away by her sister – that was too much. Roberta watched her at the dinner table, talking with so much life and animation, tossing her long dark mane back over her shoulder and flaunting her good looks. It was too much.

The next day after school, on the way home Roberta walked into the drugstore and studied all the different haircoloring boxes. She picked out the one that looked the most powerful – the picture on the front was of a model whose hair was so blond it was almost white (platinum blond, it was called). She took it into the bathroom and found Sabrina’s bottle of shampoo – she bought it herself and absolutely forbid anyone else to use from that bottle. Roberta shook it – it was three-quarters empty. She dumped out half of the shampoo that was in the bottle and then poured in the extra strength hair coloring. To be extra sure she poured in some peroxide too.

That night Sabrina took her shower and shampooed her hair. She came out to the living room with a towel wrapped around her head and watched some TV with the family. Halfway through the program she pulled the towel off her hair and began running her fingers through it to work out the tangles. A moment later their mom looked over at Sabrina and shrieked, “What did you do to your hair?”

Sabrina looked at her like she was stupid. “I shampooed it. Why?”

“Look at yourself. You look like some freak. It’s all white like you grew old since supper!”

Sabrina dashed off to the bathroom. We knew the precise instant she looked into the mirror because the scream almost made the windows rattle. She came running back into the living room holding her head, yelling, “What happened to me? What’s wrong.”

Her mom said, “I know what happened. You tried to color your hair but you got the wrong stuff and it didn’t work.”

“No, mom. I didn’t try to color my hair,” she protested.

“Quiet, girl.” her mom shouted her down. I have watched you, these last few weeks, make an absolute fool of yourself over some boy who’s at least five years younger than you. I think you wanted to be blond for him, but you messed it up. Now you look like the fool you are.

“No, I didn’t, mom. Please believe me. I think Roberta is involved in this. She hasn’t tried to hide the fact that she’s jealous of the relationship I have with Ken. She’s angry because she couldn’t keep her boyfriend.”

Roberta sneered at her sister and stuck out her tongue. This angered Sabrina.

Mom shook her head and said, “That’s ridiculous. Now you’re gong to lie to me also. How could Roberta color your hair, you don’t let anyone touch it.” She grabbed Sabrina by the arm and marched her out to the kitchen. “I’ll take care of that bleached blond look. We’ll do something so it doesn’t look so freaky.”

“Leave me the fuck alone…..AAAAAAAH…..”. Mom pulled on her hair very hard and was pushed into a chair and she sat there slumped over, crying and holding the strands of hair in front of her studying the white strands. When their mom came back holding a pair of scissors, Sabrina shrank back from her, “What are you going to do with those?” she asked fearfully.

“Humm,” she said, talking to herself, “If I cut it about shoulder length it will be easier to work with. Maybe then we can get some coloring that matches your natural color and touch it up.” Without further ado, she placed the scissors at shoulder level and began gnawing through the thick locks. Heavy strands of hair fell to the floor. After the first two snips, Sabrina tried to bolt from the chair, saying, “Hold it. I don’t want my hair cut. You can’t do this to me.”

Her mom grabbed a handful of the hair still attached to her head and jerked her back into the chair. She told Roberta to go get some velcro cuffs and they soon had her secured into the chair – feet and hands. With that done she finished sawing off the hair to a shoulder length bob. Then she combed it out and noticed that some of it was uneven. She started snipping away to even it up. It ended up about an inch off her shoulders when she was done. A hand mirror was held up for Sabrina to see the results. When she saw the short hair where her long mane used to be her face screwed up into an angry scowl. She began yelling at her mother, swearing and cursing with words that had never been spoken in that house before.

Her mother abruptly left the room and Sabrina turned her venom onto Roberta. It was so hateful that Roberta began crying. When their mother came back into the room and took in the scene, she said, “Sabrina, it’s time you learnt a hard lesson. For too long you have used your beauty to get your own way. You need to start thinking about other people’s feelings instead of being selfish. You thought it was funny to steal Roberta’s boyfriend and after a few weeks of toying with him you would have dumped him for someone else. I’m sick of your attitude. Today it ends!”

With that she produced a pink bar of soap labeled CAMAY and shoved it deep into Sabrina’s mouth. Back and forth, she shoved it, breaking off bits and pieces and causing the twenty two year old miscreant to choke and gag. Then she left it in and slapped it hard to bury the soap deep into her teeth. “That should quiet you a bit young lady.” Roberta snickered again.

With that she opened the box that she had carried back into the room. She lifted out an old set of electric clippers. She had used them to cut their dad’s hair when a flattop was in style. She plugged them in and stood behind Sabrina A plastic guard was still on the teeth, making it so it would leave about a quarter inch of hair. She held Sabrina’s head still and placed the buzzing clippers against her forehead. After only a tiny pause she plowed the clippers back over the top of her head eating through that thick mass of hair. After taking one swipe she lifted the clippers and carelessly tossed the pile of severed hair into Sabrina’s lap. Her eyes got wide and she began sobbing as she realized what her mom was doing to her. In a short time only dark stubble remained on her head.

The bar of soap was removed and Sabrina’s soapy face was wiped clean. Suds and soap pieces were visible as mom ordered her to spit up some in the towel. Sabrina did so willingly, then mom handed her a toothbrush and ordered her to clean out her mouth thoroughly. Sabrina was slow and for that, mom tilted her head back and forced her to swallow the soapy contents, causing her to cough and gag. The faces that she made as the harsh soap went down her throat was most pleasing to mom.

When the clippers were turned off and she’d been given another look in the mirror, Sabrina took a deep breath and told her mother in no uncertain terms what she thought of the new haircut. She sprinkled all kinds of obscenities and curses in the tirade. Apparently the soap treatment had little effect. Mom left and returned with a shaving mug full of lather, a disposable razor and a warm towel. She spread the shaving cream on Sabrina’s head and frothed up a hearty lather. Roberta laughed. “Sabrina’s gonna be an egghead. HAHAHAHAHA!!…”

After a good shave, her head was covered with the warm towel and dried off. Then another indignation was about to take place. Sabrina’s mouth closed after she felt something warm being spread on her head. “What’s that?” she asked after a moment. “What are you doing?”

Her mom didn’t say anything, but continued to spread the warm substance on her head, pressing it down onto her scalp. “I am waxing your head girl, so that the roots can be easily pulled out and I won’t have to shave your head for a very, very long time. According to the instructions I just read, looks like about six months at least. Now sit still!….” “NO WAY MOM!…….” A good slap to her face and then after waiting for a few minutes for it to cool she took a section and jerked with a mighty pull. Sabrina’s scream would have woken the dead if there was a cemetery within two miles.

Her mom held out what she had pulled off and said, “This is a lesson that will stick with you for several months. The rest of the ordeal couldn’t go fast enough for Sabrina. The waxing job was excruciating. Then, as if that wasn’t enough her mom and Roberta held Sabrina’s head absolutely still while her mom shaved off her eyebrows. Then she applied some hot wax and let Roberta have the pleasure of pulling it off. Sabrina screamed in pain .

After that Roberta fluttered her eyelashes at Sabrina and mimicked her older sister mockingly. Then a thought came to her mind. “You know, mom, Sabrina always did like to flutter her eyelashes at the boys….” The suggestion was quickly acted upon, as her mother picked up a very small pair of scissors and yanked on her eyelids and then carefully clipped off the long, lovely eyelashes which had been such a source of pride and joy for Sabrina.

When they were done, they stood back and surveyed the work. “All her hair is gone, now mom,” Roberta said mockingly.

“Not quite,” her mom said. “She still has some hair.” The two looked at each other and giggled. It took a moment for the words to sink in, but then Sabrina cried out, “Oh, no! Not that too.” She began to struggle against her bonds, but got nowhere. Her mom carefully untied one limb at a time and then the two of them lifted Sabrina up onto the kitchen table and retied her so she couldn’t move. Her mom undressed her, like she used to when she was a baby. Roberta looking so innocent, took a few tugs of Sabrina’s extra long curly pubes and mom nodded. The tugs gave way as Roberta plucked several dozen extra long hairs. Sabrina screamed in agony at this intrusion, but to no avail as Roberta continued. Then mom nodded again. So then the scissors were used and finally shaving cream and a safety razor to make it satiny smooth. Roberta held her legs spread wide as her anal hairs and hard to reach areas were deliberately denuded of any remaining hair.

By then Sabrina was reduced to a babbling, bawling little girl. Her mom looked at her in disgust. “Sabrina, from now on we will treat you like a little girl in keeping with your behavior. Your sister, Roberta, will be your chief babysitter. She has absolute authority over you and can discipline you by spanking or whatever she wants anytime she thinks you need it. You will go to bed at 5:00 tonight and every night, unless of course you misbehave and in that case could find yourself in bed by as early as 3:00 in the afternoon.”

As they were talking they untied the now co-operative Sabrina and led her to her room. Once they got to Sabrina’s room her mom began taking clothes out of the dresser drawers and closet and making a big pile on the floor. “A little girl doesn’t need all these grown up clothes. We will take them away and get rid of them for you.” Sabrina wept again as she saw her favorite jeans, short skirts and skin tight short dresses piled up on the floor. Her mom pulled out a pair of tights, white cotton panties with floral patterns and a white blouse that was too tight – she’d outgrown it a year ago but hadn’t gotten rid of it.

Her mom held up the three items and said, “This is what you will wear from now on. Even if we have company or visitors in the house, no matter who they are, you will wear this in front of them. She made Sabrina get up and put the items on – the white panties, navy blue tights and then the blouse that just reached her crotch if she stood straight and didn’t move. Any motion – walking or sitting – would allow the hem of the blouse to move up and down revealing to everyone the tights and panties.

After her mother left the room with the armful of clothing, Roberta put her arms around her sister, gave her a hug and then whispered, “Time for bed, little girl. You thought you were such hot stuff, well, you will have a lot of time to consider your actions and mend your ways. It will be a long time before another boy looks at you with any interest.” Roberta smiled smugly at Sabrina’s discomfort and began to close the heavy curtains and blinds.

Sabrina hit Roberta in the back of the head just as mom re-entered the room to help in her errant daughter’s bedtime preparation. “THAT DOES IT YOUNG LADY!….”, she screamed and flung her daughter to the floor. Roberta recovered from the blow and turned on the overhead light as mom placed a restraint belt around Sabrina’s waist and clamped her wrists into the velcro cuffs before attaching them to the belt. This severely restricted Sabrina’s movement.

Then she pulled her up by the arms with Roberta’s help and produced a hypodermic needle syringe and began to draw up the 20cc’s of red orange liquid. Sabrina was taken back as mom screwed on a long three inch #20 needle and motioned for Roberta to hold her head. Sabrina was speechless as her head was turned away and mom plunged the syringe into Sabrina’s thigh. The liquid emptied quickly and coursed through her veins.

“Now Sabrina, no more will you be a pretty girl for any boy, for I just injected you with a new serum that is guaranteed to prevent hair growth. In other words, your hair roots will never produce hair again. Your an egghead now and forever and that includes those eyelashes too……” Sabrina was angry and before she could shout another word of profanity, a large adult sized baby pacifier was strapped into her mouth and fastened from behind. Roberta looked down on her. “Babies don’t talk Sabrina. If I have my way, you’ll always wear that pacifier and never speak again!…..”

The doorbell rang and Roberta went over to the intercom on the wall. It was Ken!….She ran downstairs and invited him in. “Well Sabrina, I think it’s time you said nighty night to Ken and apologise for your behavior.” Sabrina looked on in fear as mom grabbed her ear and marched her down. Ken looked at the egghead girl, devoid of hair and standing in underwear and a blouse and his jaw dropped. Standing before him, Sabrina looked downcast as Roberta made her apologise to Ken. “It’s bedtime young lady!. MARCH!!!….” commanded mom as she was led upstairs. Ken laughed as her blouse glided up and he saw her childish flower print panties beneath the blue tights.

Then she was helped into bed on her stomach and covered up to her neck on a beautiful summer’s day. “It’s only three o’clock, but you earned this early bedtime for your childishness Sabrina. Now go to sleep!….We will be back up at dinnertime to feed you some baby formula, won’t that be nice?…” Then a baby monitor was plugged in to keep Sabrina in check as the adults went about their business and the light was turned off and the bedroom door was closed and locked.

She heard the sounds of laughter as Roberta and mom went back downstairs. She could hear Ken laughing too and fought the desire to sleep, though she wouldn’t have much choice. Her life would be that of a child now. And yet she wondered, “Was that injection for real?…” Only Roberta and mom knew for sure. One thing was very evident though, she felt very naked from the loss of all her lovely hair…..



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