The Runner by Anonymous Author to Kelli21257

It is a bright, warm, sunny day. You decide to take a run in the local city park. There will be plenty of sights to see–particularly nice looking men. You put on your skin-tight sports bra and your sexiest little running shorts that show part of your tight little ass as you run. “This outfit will definitely get me noticed,” you think to yourself. A quick look in the mirror to check your hair and you’ll be off. Your wonderful blonde hair–thick, shiny, absolutely breathtaking–one of your best and most noticeable features. Men love blondes, and of course they will love you. And out the door to the park.

This run is more for pleasure than anything. As you run a comfortable pace, you survey the area. You take notice of ALL the young men around. Some lounging, some playing Frisbee, others running around the park’s path like you. You see a nice looking young man and give him a little smile and a flip of your luxurious blonde mane. “He wants me. They all do.” You continue to stride along confidently. Your perfectly perky breasts bouncing with each step, your skimpy running shorts revealing glimpses of your perfect little butt that sits on top of long, lean legs. Beads of sweat glisten in the sunlight on your tan skin, running down your body, tickling as they drip down your cleavage.

Many men are taking notice of you as you run–and you know it…you love it…it feeds your ego. One young man, in particular, you notice is staring at you unabashed. He is blonde also, nicely muscular, about 5’10”, and tan. You pass each other in opposite directions several times as you lap the park. His staring is growing more confident each pass. As the two of you approach each other, your eyes meet. He smiles, and observes how your nipples show through your tight sports bra, perched on the front of the two most beautiful breasts he has ever seen. As you pass, his gaze lowers to your wonderfully toned butt, soaking up every glimpse he can manage.

You are now fully aware of his staring and wish to let him know this. Being the obvious flirt that you are, you turn around, give him a wink of your big baby blue eye and the sexiest smile you can muster. You just love to tease men and watch as they swoon over you. He is so overcome by your stark beauty and flirting that he loses his composure. He trips and falls clumsily to the ground. Others nearby notice the exchange and can only laugh at the hapless prey caught in your seductive trap. You also snicker at him, give a flip of your hair, and continue on your run, completely satisfied with your victory over this man.

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However, he is not snickering. “That little hussy!” his mind fumes. “Strutting around like that. Showing off that sexy little body, bouncing those tits around, showing her ass, flipping her hair. What a flirt! She’s going to get it! I’m going to give her what she deserves–she must want it anyway acting like that.”

As you continue around the loop path, you don’t see him on the other side where you should pass again. You just want to see the look of a conquered man on his face. But he is not here. Wow! You must have humiliated him so bad that he just left. What you don’t realize is that you are in for a big surprise. The young man has returned to his apartment right beside the park to regain his confidence.

As you reach a secluded part of the park, you hear footsteps approaching from behind you. You startle and turn to see it is the young man whom you conquered. He is smiling his most charming smile at you, which is quite attractive. This puts you at ease as he joins your side to continue the run. He apologizes for staring at you so much, but he’s never seen such a beautiful, buxom blonde around here before. He just had to meet you. You both slow down so you can talk and flirt with each other. He introduces himself properly as Tony. You spread a smile across your face that would light up any place. In an innocent voice you say, “Hi my name is Kelli. It’s nice to meet you.” He laughingly admits that the fall embarrassed him, but he is over it now. (Or so you think.) You tell Tony that it is okay, it happens to you all the time. Men all over adore you. They can’t resist a blonde as beautiful as you. Such an innocent face, yet so cocky inside.

As you talk you flirt incessantly–smiling, batting your eyelashes, flipping your wonderful blonde mane around, leaning to the side on one leg showing as much of your butt as possible. These tactics are tried and true for you. “He won’t be able to resist me at all. He won’t even know what’s happening to him,” you think to yourself. You notice the effect your seduction is having on him when you glance down. Since he is only wearing running shorts, you can easily notice that you are getting quite a RISE out of him. You could have total control over this guy if you wanted.

He is a very nice guy (seemingly) in this conversation. This puts you at ease around him. What you don’t know is this will be your downfall. He is very clever. He proposes a bet with you. “A bet?” you say. “What do you want to bet ME about?” You love to bet, but do not reveal this to him. You can win any challenge he can propose. You are just that seductive.

“Yes, a bet,” he says. “Since you seem so confident that all men adore you, I’ll bet that while I run with you around this park, no other guys will stare at you.”

“Are you serious? Just because you are with me, that’s supposed to keep all guys from staring at me? Sounds like an easy bet. What are the stakes?”

He says, “Well, since you think that all men adore you because they can’t resist your blonde hair…If I win, you come back to my place and I get to cut off all those lovely locks.”

“My hair? All of it? You know what? I know I can win this one. And when I do, I get to cut off your blonde hair. But you don’t have as much hair as I do. Oh, I know. I get to shave off all your pubic hair too! And your eyebrows. That should make it equal.” Then you laugh evilly, “Hahaha!”

“You got yourself a deal!”

“Okay, deal. Shall we continue?” And off you go on your next loop of the park where he will lose all his dignity.

The two of you continue to run around the park–the cute couple. You see many people around the park as you run–mostly men. Certainly a few of them will notice. Some people glance at you but don’t think twice about it. As you near the end of the loop, you start to get worried. No guys have stared yet. Aahh! Here comes salvation. Three attractive young men running together coming toward you. ONE of them will notice you. As you approach, though, not one turns to look. In a last desperate attempt for attention, you even turn around to entice them to stare. But to no avail. “OH NO! I LOST! I NEVER LOSE!” your mind races. “What about my beautiful hair?” You look at Tony and a smile of victory comes over his face. “Oh well, we weren’t REALLY serious about this bet anyway. Right?”

“Oh no way. I am serious.” You open your mouth ready to protest, but he looks at you with such a disapproving look that it bores right through you. “You have to come back to my place now. I get to cut aaaalll of your lovely blonde hair off your pretty little head.” He says this with a bit of jest in his voice, so you think all is well. Besides you have never been one to back down from anything. And he’ll probably just scare you a little. He won’t really go through with it. “Okay, I’ll go with you,” as you follow him towards his apartment building. “OOOHH! I’m really scared. You’re going to cut off my hair.” You are quite cocky, and still don’t think Tony is serious.

You notice that your taunts have no effect on him. So, you try a different tactic. You overwhelmed him before, just seduce him now. You smile very sexily at him, lean in close, and try to kill him with those big baby blues. He does take notice of this. Once again you notice a bulge in his shorts. You are obviously turning him on. However, he will not be deterred from his mission–to cut off that thick blonde mane that claims many an unwary man. Thinking about what the stakes were for him–to lose all his body hair–he gets an idea. He now wants ALL of your hair. Head, manicured eyebrows, your lovely (he imagines) bush. And hey, she can use her long manicured fingernails to seduce men, why not cut them off too?

You arrive at his apartment and he opens the door for you. He looks at you as if to say, “Well?” You reluctantly enter his apartment, fully knowing that he will not carry this through. As you walk in you notice electric clippers sitting on the table. He had this planned. He wants revenge for embarrassing him. Okay you’ll let him play his little game to regain some humility.

He goes to the refrigerator and gets out two waters. He offers you one and you graciously accept. It is a hot day and you have been running. “So I see you are all ready for me. Gonna cut my hair right off, huh?” you taunt. He replies with a loud, “bzzzzzzzzzzz.” and a smile on his face. You both have a good laugh and mocking like this continues. Shortly you feel very relaxed around Tony. Maybe he really is a nice guy. And you just can’t even fathom the idea of him really cutting off your hair.

After a while you ask to sit down because you are feeling woozy, even a little groggy, almost sleepy. Your tight little ass slumps down into a chair and your head swings back flipping your beautiful blonde locks back over your head. You are getting sooo tired now. A calm comes over you as you settle comfortably into the chair. He approaches and tells you that you are going to get what you deserve. By this point you are so out of it, that you do not protest. You sit there, barely conscious, beautiful strands of blonde hair framing an angelic face, and smile dumbly at his remark. He thinks to himself what a wonderful thing his pharmacist friend gave to him. Totally dissolves in water, tasteless, and very effective.

Tony now runs his fingers through your now untamed mane of seduction. Wow! So soft, so thick, so shiny. What a waste this will be to cut off all this. But he doesn’t care. You will get what you deserve. He snaps on the clippers and approaches. You give a groggy smile–too out of it to know what is about to happen to you. He says, “My, don’t you look happy? Just wait, Tony will take good care of you,” in an innocent voice, but with such cruel intentions. You are absolutely helpless. Your enticing blonde locks hang behind you on the chair and hang around your pretty little face.

He runs the clippers right down the center of your head, cutting a huge swath of hair away. Long strands of luscious blonde hair fall lightly to the floor. He continues to run the clippers over your head–time and time again. Each pass causes more damage to your once regal feature, your pride and glory. You watch starry-eyed as the top of your head becomes nothing but short blonde down. He will have to lean you forward to clip the back off. He does so, supporting your body. He feels your wonderful firm breasts and is becoming very aroused. Although you look like a different woman already. You are not the luscious little vixen that taunted him so in the park. Off goes the back of the hair, floating to the floor like little angels. “Wow! She looks so different!”

Tony remembers his mean idea of taking ALL her hair and decides to go through with it. Why not? This little tease completely embarrassed him. You were once a sultry little thing–long blonde hair, proud, intelligent, cocky, feeding your ego by preying on the desires of men everywhere. He vows to put an end to that. Two quick swipes and your eyebrows are gone. He realizes that you are still out of it and thinks he could have some real fun here. He gently lowers you to the floor, laying you on your back. He removes your sports bra slowly so as not to awaken you. He has never seen such perfect breasts before. And they’re even real. He needs to experience these. He is becoming totally aroused. He wants her so badly, but he has a mission–to shave bald every inch of this girl

Next, he gingerly removes your running shorts. No panties? What a slutty vixen you are! You lay naked and helpless, a pathetic stubble where your once great mane decorated your head. He takes the clippers to your soft bush, but not before he makes sure to run his fingers through it to enjoy its surprising softness. One swipe after another over your crotch and down between your legs carefully removes your lovely bush. He really loves the look of a shaved pussy. But he wants to make you really bald.

He runs to the bathroom and returns with shaving cream and a new razor. He lathers your almost naked head. You don’t even groan. Scrape! You can feel the cold of the new razor against your scalp, but are powerless to resist. After several minutes, he wipes your totally bald scalp clean. Just to be cruel, he gives you a sharp smack just to hear the sound it makes. Now the eyebrows go. With precision, he removes them, rendering your face almost featureless. He is crippling your looks for revenge, and it is arousing him. He never realized he had tendencies like this. But you are still beautiful, and he wants you! He will not stray from his task, though.

He sees your perfectly manicured fingernails still on the end of your fingers. Before he gets to the really fun part, he will torture you some more. He grabs his fingernail clippers and gets to work. As you lay, you don’t even notice the feel of carpet on your bald head. You don’t feel Tony picking up your hands and removing your ten long weapons of seduction, either. Hands now looking like a ten-year-old’s, so as not to seduce unwary men, he turns to his labor of love/lust.

He can’t wait to shave your pussy bald! He spreads your legs a little wider–your nearly hairless mons now in full view, decorated with blonde stubble. You lay helpless, now even looking helpless with no hair and a featureless face. Tony lovingly lathers your stubbled yet very beautiful pussy. He takes time to enjoy all of it–the prickly short hairs, the fleshy lips, the wetness. This has gotten him fully aroused now. The razor makes its first cruel swipe. He thinks, “Now she’ll be put in her place.” You flinch ever so slightly. You must be starting to wake. But he doesn’t want to hurry this. He takes wonderful care to shave every little piece of stubble off, while he gently caresses your mons with fresh lather. Soon you are bald as a baby. When finished, he wipes away the shaving cream to reveal a truly beautiful sight, indeed! A totally bald pussy–and quite a work of art created by his own hands.

You clumsily start to sit up, so he comforts and supports you. You lift a weary hand toward your head to find out what all the commotion was up there. You discover that your once great mane–years of work–is gone for good. However, you display no emotion, as you are still out of it. You slowly caress your body and discover that you are totally naked. With a shaking hand, as he watches, the fate of your lovely bush is revealed. “Totally bald,” he says, “that was the bet.” Barely awake, you stroke your bald pussy and find that the new sensation is physically arousing you. “Feels pretty good, huh?” he asks. You nod dumbly, still not fully aware that you sport a hairless scalp.

Tony realizes that you have no reaction to all of this. You are still out of it! Now he is getting a great idea! “I bet I could get her to give me oral in the state she is in,” he thinks. He takes off his shorts to reveal an already-hard cock. With a soft, caring voice and soothing arms, he comforts you. He leans you into his lap, saying, “Here you go. Right here.” He puts the head to your lips. You open your mouth and begin sucking his dick like a little girl sucking on a lollipop. Your lips feel so good wrapped around his shaft. He realizes the level of humiliation he is causing: Before, you were in charge–totally; long, luscious blonde mane; proud, independent, cocky, intelligent. Now, he’s got you totally degraded–bald all over your body, obediently sucking his cock, and totally dumb to boot.

You keep sucking, harder, your sexual instincts driving you on. Your bald head bounces up and down, with no idea that your blonde hair lay all over the floor. The sunlight gleams off your scalp and he laughs. He is totally enjoying this. Victory is his! Just as he likes to do, he puts his hand on the back of your head holding you in place. He feels the stark baldness of your head, and notices that he can see everything going on–no hair to hide the action. He has put you in your place better than he ever thought.

You keep sucking hard and obediently. Your instincts drive you on as you are becoming quite aroused. Tony wants to feel your bald, wet pussy, so he reaches down between your legs as you continue. Oh how he loves the feeling of a cleanly shaven mons! The fact that it is his handiwork makes it even more arousing. As he strokes your clit, he can feel your pussy lips engorge. You are totally physically aroused now, but still not in your right mind. The irony of it all–he got to take one of your best features off, and now he’s got you sucking his cock. Man, victory is sweet! He decides to take full advantage of the situation and humiliate you to the fullest. He feels his hot liquid rising now as he grabs the back of your bald head again, holding you in place. His body shudders as he shoots his warm goo into your mouth. With his hand firmly on your head, you cannot move. He says, “Go ahead, be a good girl and swallow it.” You obediently and hungrily gulp it down as he comes forcefully into your mouth. Still out of it, some dribbles down your chin. He nicely wipes your chin as he lifts you out of his lap.

You fall to your back giggling stupidly. Tony just can’t believe this is the same long-haired blonde he met in the park. You reach down and begin to stroke where your bush used to be. This is a new sensation, and it is arousing you fully. Your mons is now fully engorged and dripping with wetness. You moan quietly with a large smile on your face as you get off. He wants so badly to fuck you. He decides to see if you are still in an obedient state. He tells you to roll over onto your stomach, and you easily comply. He grabs hold of your luscious curvy hips and guides your tight ass up in the air to be on all fours. He knows that doggy style would make you feel degraded, that is why he does it.

Your hand again moves to your nether regions. You stoke your clit lustfully and begin to moan with pleasure again. You are really enjoying this new sensation down there. Tony wonders if you are even worthy of fucking. After all you look so pathetic and stupid. As you become more and more excited, your legs slowly creep apart, revealing your beautifully shaved lips dripping wet. He decides to give you what you obviously want. He moves up behind you with his big hard dick in his hand. Just to be mean, he tells you to bark like a dog. In between your moans of pleasure you throw out loud ruff, ruff, ruffs. You bark with a dumb grin on your face, almost featureless without eyebrows. He snickers that you are so obedient in your humiliated state. Now the head of his cock is rubbing between your dripping, hairless pussy lips–teasing you. You continue barking, even though he only asked once–wow, what a good little doggie.

He thinks, “You are completely mine. I took you from blonde, intelligent, and independent to bald, dumb, and obedient.” You fill with lust as he teases you. Overcome with desire, you thrust your perfect, round little ass–thong tan line evident–back to meet his hips. In one stroke his full length enters your hole. You both groan with desire, and he realizes that his conquest of you is almost complete. You continue to stroke your clit and moan and bark as he lustfully forces his shaft back and forth inside you. He loves the feeling of your lips tightening around his cock as you approach orgasm. Moaning incessantly now, you are driving him wild. You have no idea how much he is enjoying his victory. He laughs again at your level of humiliation and his total dominance over you. He showed you, you little tease! Too bad there isn’t a way to keep you in this dumb obedient state forever.

Tony continues fucking you, harder now as he also approaches orgasm. You groan, your knees getting rug burn. Your tits sway to and fro, nipples fully erect. He loves the feeling of his cock sliding past those luscious pussy lips with no hair to get in the way–completely smooth. Your back arches and your maneless, pathetic head rears up into the air. You moan louder and your pussy tightens forcefully around his cock. This drives him to the brink of coming. You begin to scream out ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff as you reach orgasm, still quickly rubbing your clit. “Good doggie!” he says. He can hold out no longer. This is all so arousing to him. As your hole tightens around his shaft and shudders with waves of orgasm, he shoots a huge, hot load deep into you. You both moan loudly with lust. His conquest of you is now totally complete. You strong, independent, sultry, long-haired blonde vixen. You are now just a dumb, weak, obedient, funny looking, bald little bitch…who willfully sucked and fucked him good. And he is very proud of what he has done to you–removing you from your pedestal.

He now has one more task. The humiliation is almost complete. He lifts you to your feet, breasts heaving from the workout. You feel his hot load dripping from your hole and running down your leg. He puts on his shorts and leads you to the door. You barely make a groggy sound. Totally naked, bald and dripping, he leads you out into the hallway. You have no idea where he is taking you, and you still don’t protest. You’re still reeling from your powerful orgasm. He puts you on the elevator, and presses L. You are still not totally with it, but you are coming to, and will soon realize your total humiliation. He knows you will not be happy finding out you are totally bald–your best feature gone–naked, sweaty, and dripping with and smelling of come. He climbs out of the elevator and waves, smiling an evil smile at you.

He runs down the stairs as fast as he can–he wants to see this. A very cruel gesture, indeed. As he opens the door from the stairwell, the elevator door also opens. You stumble out into the lobby naked, dumb, sweaty, bald over your whole body, and dripping with cum. Women cover children’s eyes with horror. Men gawk and catcall. Teens laugh and point. How humiliating for you! You stumble clumsily to the street where even more people see you with the same reactions. You are very confused, but you are now starting to realize that all the attention is over you. With a scared shaking hand, you feel your head, your face, and your pussy–bald and used. You start to freak and cry. You now realize that you are totally naked in public and….OH MY GOD….BALD ALL OVER!!! You crumble to your knees and cry, totally confused. Meanwhile Tony thinks to himself, “Now they’re staring at you! You little hussy, you tease! You are totally conquered now! You are mine!”


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