Robin’s Game

Robin's Game

Robin’s Game – Ex Dutch

Robin pulled into the mall parking lot and jumped out of her car. She was trembling with excitement. Today was the day. She had been toying with the thought of a new look for quite some time. She and her boyfriend had pored over books of hairstyles on five different occasions. There were so many choices, she could not decide. Her boyfriend had a few favorites, but no front-runner. Over time, a plan materialized.

Robin was a true looker. She had flawless skin, and pronounced cheekbones. Her nose was just right. Her mouth had the size and voluptuousness that girls would kill for. Her most striking feature at this time, however, was her hair. The thick, long ravenous black locks flowed from her head to way below the shoulders. Robin always thought that her hair distracted from her other features. She was always referred to as the girl with the gorgeous black hair. This would soon end.

Robin had a friend who was a professional photographer, both still and video. He was going to meet her at the salon. She had the whole gameplan mapped out.

Robin’s boyfriend was in the army reserves, and had been called up to active duty. He was going to be away for 3 months. She decided this was the right time to play her game.

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The photographer, Max, had his studio in the same mall as the salon. He was waiting for her just outside the salon.

“You look excited,” he said.

“You have no idea,” she replied.

They went inside. They had been here before, and had talked extensively with the owner of the salon, Heather. Heather would personally do all the work, at no cost, in exchange for use of the pictures for promotion.

Heather was waiting for them, and took them to a back room. After a few preliminaries, Robin sat down in the chair, and Heather began brushing out her hair. Max went back to the studio to set up. Robin sat back and relished every last moment of the brushing. The swishing sound, the tug at her scalp and the soothing effect it all had on her. Was she having doubts? No, she just wanted to remain in the moment for a while.

Heather got out her shears and cut a line in Robin’s hair. She cut off about 15 inches of dark flowing locks. Robin moaned and smiled. The resulting length was just above her shoulders. Heather worked quickly to shape it into a neat cut, and went to put in a color. The color was a dark red that was applied to the black hair. After the color had set, her hair was rinsed out, dried and styled, a different Robin was sitting in the chair. Her hair was bouncy and fell around her face. When Robin turned her head the reddish dark locks would cascade and tumble playfully. They both loved it. As did Max, when Robin walked into the studio. The prints from earlier that week were on the table, Robin with her long black ravenous hair. She was wearing various outfits, most of them chosen to show off her great body. Some were quite revealing, others were sexy in what they hid.

Robin changed into her first outfit, and Max started shooting. The stills took about an hour, with different poses, clothes and backdrops. A video camera captured the whole thing, including the times when Robin changed clothes. When they were done, Robin said, “I’ll be back,” and left. She walked straight back to the salon.

Heather was waiting for her again. In the same back room, Robin sat down again. It was time for a new color. Heather spent a good amount of time on Robin’s color. The darkness of her hair made it very difficult to lighten up. But Heather was one of the best in the business and created a fabulous looking light golden blonde. With the highlights and lowlights it looked perfectly natural. Then came the cut. This time, Heather only cut a few inches of what was now lusciously thick blonde hair. The remaining length was just below her ears, showing off Robin’s exquisite neckline. Heather cut some mild layers into the style, and spent a good bit of time to create the perfect messy curl. Robin had asked for the best Meg Ryan style Heather could deliver (from the City of Angels movie), and she did. Robin was completely transformed. When she showed up at the studio, Max almost did not recognize her. Then they went through the same routine as before. This time, Robin went to eat some lunch when the shooting was done. She reveled at the looks she was getting from other people at the mall. Blondes really do have more fun, she fleetingly thought. After walking around a bit more, and picking up a new, daring outfit, Robin stepped back into the salon.

Heather washed out all the styling product that she had used to create that look. Then she applied more chemicals. When they had set, and had been rinsed out, Robin once again found herself in the chair. This time, Heather picked up an ominous looking pair of clippers and turned them on. The snap and buzz made Robin jump. Then she leaned back in eager anticipation. Heather started moving at the back. Using no guard, but only a comb, she expertly removed most of the hair at the back of Robin’s head. Robin had her eyes almost shut. She moaned as she wriggled in her chair. The feeling of the vibrating clippers on her skin was more than she could stand. Heather worked feverishly from the back to the sides. On the sides, she created a perfectly straight line from the high back of Robin’s head to the front, where she left the length at chin level. It was the most extreme inverted bob she had ever given to someone, and it looked fabulous. At the back, and the sides below the new hairline, Robin was buzzed to the skin. Robin could not believe the sensation of cool air breathing on her skin. When Heather was done, she looked at herself in the mirror. She knew this look would stop traffic: she had a severe inverted bob, and the color was all bleached out. She reached her hand to the back of her head and rubbed the stubble and traced the hairline. She shuddered as she had an orgasm. Heather just looked on with a huge smile.

Max fell off his chair when she walked in. He regained his composure, and they went to work. The photoshoot was quicker now, since they were getting used to the routine. What a routine. Robin left the new outfit in its bag with Max, and told him they would be needing it the next time.

With the time having passed quickly that day, Robin had to rush to get the first set of pictures (with her long black hair), and video FedExed them over to her boyfriend. She went home, after she picked up some groceries. Everywhere she went, she reveled in the fact that people were outright staring at her. Guys would get hard looking at her. It was amazing. She loved it.

After a long and wet night of rousing sleep, Robin took time getting ready the next morning. She played with her new hair and giggled at the look and feel. She felt like a completely new woman.

When she got to the salon, Heather was waiting as usual by now. “You want to go through with this?” she asked.

“Oh yeah! I cannot wait!”

This time the cut came first. With the clippers racing, Heather quickly chopped off most of the rest of Robin’s hair. She left a few inches on the top and along most of the sides. Then came color. It took time again to get it right, but before too long, a perfect redhead appeared from the dryer. Heather had to spend some more time getting the styling right. The result was a stunning redhead with short messy hair. Robin was glowing with excitement. Max was ready for her, and they shot the next series. After that take, Robin took the second set of pictures (with the reddish-black hair) to the FedEx service center. Her boyfriend would not believe his eyes!

Robin went back to the place she had spent so much time the last few days, and plopped back in the chair. Without many words, Heather pulled out the clippers and started buzzing again. This time, she left no more than an inch of the thick red hair on the top of Robin’s head. The sides were buzzed off with no guard. Robin had to contain herself during the cut. The ultra-short resulting cut showed off all of Robin’s best features: the sculpted cheekbones, her perfect nose and voluptuous lips. The shape of Robin’s head lent itself perfectly to this cut. Heather smiled big as they both rubbed the short hair on top. Then they bleached it again. It took several tries to get all the red out, but the result was worth it. A perfect, spiky thick shock of perfectly bleached hair looked back at her in the mirror. Robin buzzed with pleasure.

This time Max was ready for her. His huge smile showed Robin all she needed to know. They quickly went through the whole series of shots and Robin almost ran back to the salon.

Heather said that this would be a quick one. With the clippers and no guard, she buzzed off the rest of Robin’s white shock, and left nothing but a thin fuzz. This time Robin came in the chair. Heather just smiled again, knowingly. Then she got out the shaving cream and liberally lathered Robin’s head. Robin came again with this sensation, and a few more times with the meticulous strokes of the razor. When she was done, Heather rubbed a compound on the bald head, to create a bit more shine. Robin shuddered with pleasure. She went back to Max’s studio, and took the final set of pictures for the day. The item of clothing Robin had left the day before was put on last. It was a tube dress that seemed made for someone three sizes smaller than Robin. Robin squeezed herself into it, and the result was fabulous: Her buttocks almost peeked out underneath the dress at the bottom, and her ample breasts pushed themselves almost over the top. When the shoot was over, Robin changed into something a bit more modest and drove downtown.

She had visited the place before, when she was planning everything, and as promised, Doug, a casual acquaintance, was waiting for her in his shop.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“Why, do I not look ready?” was her reply.

“OK, let’s go.”

She sat down and he positioned himself over her. After a few minutes of preparation, Doug turned on his equipment and the buzz made Robin jump. The pain was not as bad as she had thought it would be, so that was good. On the top and one side of her bald head, Doug tattooed an intricate pattern. His excitement was obviously visible through his faded jeans and that helped Robin forget the pain and concentrate on the pleasures that happened within her. After a few hours and several breaks, Doug was done. He had outdone himself. Robin had a dark and elaborate pattern flowing from the top of her bald pate down one side of her head. Doug took some pictures of his handiwork, and let her leave with no charge. He could get good money for the pictures.

The redness of the tattooing needle had to subside for a few days, during which Robin FedExed her boyfriend a new set of pictures and a video every day. After she had sent off the bald pictures, she went back to see Heather. Heather was shocked at the effect of the huge tattoo, even though she had known Robin had planned it all along. She lathered Robin up, and started taking care of the stubble that had appeared in the past few days. When she applied the shine back to Robin’s head, the stark contrast of the tattoo was more dramatic than ever. She rushed back to Max for the final series, and then dropped these off at the FedEx station. The looks she was getting now were even better than before.

Robin’s boyfriend had no idea that he was getting a series of pictures and tapes. He went wild with each installment, and talked to her on the phone for hours each night. A few weeks later, he was told he could go back home, and Robin made one more visit to the salon.

Most of her tattoo was now hidden under the thick black hair that was starting to grow back. She resisted the temptation to shave it all off again, and instead went for the final planned step. Heather bleached the hair one last time, and then applied bight fuchsia coloring. After a bit of cutting and styling, the effect was perfect: She had a wonderful short shock of bright pink hair, with the black tattoo shining through just enough to be visible.

Robin’s boyfriend loved it.

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