Re-growth by Buzz (Buddy)

I will try to explain what my wife had done to her hair this time. You see my wife has shoulder length hair. The problem with it, is that it’s ruined. She has been bleaching her hair blonde for many years. She had a perm about 4 months ago and because of the constant bleaching her hair was in poor shape. The perm dried out her hair to the point that you could say she had a chemical haircut. That’s where her hair is different lengths all over, caused by her hair breaking off. The last couple of times she colored her hair, she over-bleached it, leaving it a platinum white. But the regrowth area, about 1 to 1 and a half inches from her scalp was a yellowish orange. This was the new growth, and thus it colored a darker shade of pale white.

Now almost six weeks since she last colored her hair, her roots were showing through. Her dark brown hair was about 3/8ths of an inch in length, giving her a halo of black around this bonnet of bleached white fuzz. I told her she had to do something about the roots, and suggested she maybe cut her hair to get rid of her odd lengths.. We went out shopping to get a new hair color. At the drug store we were confronted with hundreds of choices of colors. I loved the rich deep red colors, but my wife wanted something in an ash blonde, with maybe some bright highlights.

As we stood and looked at the many shades of colors the drug store lady came over and asked if we needed help. We talked about the many shades that my wife had tried over the years, and I noticed with some interest how the woman kept staring at my wife’s dark roots. There really was a contrast between her bleached white hair and her new growth of dark hair. I think the look made my wife look trashy, especially with the bright blue eye shadow she wore. I guess that’s what the druggist thought also. I liked the fact that she shaved her eyebrows off, and would paint them on in a thin high arch over each of her green eyes, but the blue eye shadow was probably too much.

Any ways, after much talk, my wife settled on the rich red color I had picked out for her. She also purchased the streaking kit.

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On the way to the cash, I suggested we maybe look at some hair scissors, if she wanted me to trim up the uneven ends. We followed the druggist over to the hair care section and she showed us some hair scissors. We settled on a pair of 5-inch scissors and were about to go the cash when the druggist suggested a pair of hair clippers. She said that if my wife were brave, maybe she could use one of the guards in the kit and buzz all the burnt ends of her dried-out hair off and leave a nice close 3/8ths of an inch buzz. Then she said we could start all over and let her hair regrow. I looked at the wife, and she said why not, it could be neat. So we purchased the hair cutting kit and paid for it all.

When we arrived home, my wife said she wanted to try to save her hair, at least some length. She went into the bedroom and sat at the vanity and asked that I cut her hair a couple of inches all over. I told her to remove her top and sit on the stool. With that my wife removed all of her clothes and sat in her panties on the stool. I told her I was going to remove my top so as not to get any hair clippings on my shirt. My wife said, “Why not just remove all your clothes, and pretend to be my nude hairdresser.” I laughed and she said, “No, go for it.” With that I removed all my clothes. My manhood now getting a bit erect with the extra attention. I gathered up my wife’s bangs in one hand and with the other I brought the scissors to her bleached hair. I slid the scissors into the damaged hair and cut it off about an inch and a half from the scalp. My wife looked at her reflection and started to laugh. My cock was now covered in white hair. She said that now it was me who had damaged hair, and suggested that maybe she should take those new clippers to my pubic area. I smiled and said, “Why not?”

With that, my wife took the clippers out of the bag and put on an attachment. She then held my cock out of the way and proceeded to shave away most of my pubic hair. When she was done, I took the clippers from her and threatened to push them into her bleached hair. She told me to “Go ahead if I had the guts”. With that I grabbed her by the back of her hair and tipped her bleached head back. I placed the clippers at her forehead and pushed them into her hair. I watched as her hair was buzzed off to a length of about 3/8ths of an inch. My wife shrieked with delight and surprise as I buzzed her hair all off. When I finished the cut, my wife’s hair was a scant 3/8ths of an inch all over, but because the length of the regrowth was only a 1/4 of a inch in length it left a 1/8th of a inch of still bleached hair at the end of the regrowth. The overall appearance from a distance was blonde in color, but up close it was still dark with white tips. I asked her what to do, and she said, “Give me those clippers… I’ll fix it.”

With that she removed the attachment and proceeded to run the bare clippers right down the middle of her head. I watched in horror and with great excitement as my wife sheared all her hair off bald, leaving behind this incredible white strip of stubble. We both started to laugh and then my wife yelled, “Laugh at me eh?” She then stood up with all the cut off hair on her shoulders and breasts and said, “If I catch you, then you’re getting the same cut.” With that we both set out running through the house… hair flying everywhere.


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