The Prisoner

“John! Why are you calling me? I thought I made myself quite clear the other night…”

“Yeah, Kelli, you did. I know it’s over, I accept that. I’m hurt, but I’ll live. I have a problem, though: I bought you a present, had it engraved…I can’t return it, and I obviously have no use for it…I’d like you to have it, please…a going-away present, if you like…”

“Oh, John…I’m touched… I really couldn’t accept…”

“Please, Kel. You have no idea how important it is to me that you have this.”

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“Well…okay. Meet me in front of the Thomas Building at noon.”

“See you there!”


Kelli glanced at her watch. 12:22. Good old John, late again, she thought sourly. I’ll give him until 12:30, then I’m out of here. He can KEEP his gift! Suddenly the wind kicked up again and tumbled Kelli’s long blonde hair into complete disarray. Damn, she swore to herself, pushing her thick mane back with both hands, I should have worn a scarf.

“Hello, Kelli…new look? It suits you.”

Kelli whirled around, startled, and peered through the shimmering curtain of her wind-tossed hair. “John! It’s about time you got here. And you can lose the sarcasm, too. YOU try keeping your hair neat in this hurricane!”

John sobered instantly. “Sorry, Kelli, that was out of line. Shall we step into the coffee shop? Get out of this wind?” Reluctantly Kelli let herself be led inside. She headed immediately for the bathroom to freshen up.

Once safely in the ladies’ room Kelli reached into her purse and drew out her hairbrush. With a resigned sigh she began smoothing her tangled locks. That asshole, she thought to herself. I’m so glad I dumped him. I wish he’d just give me this thing, whatever it is, and get it over with…let me get out of here…There! She gazed in the mirror with a satisfied smile. Her hair was once again perfect; brushed long and straight, parted in the middle and falling softly just past her shoulders, it gleamed like burnished gold in the sunlight that streamed through the window. In spite of her current state of annoyance she grinned at her reflection. She LOVED being a blonde, loved the attention it brought her, loved the way the sunshine made her hair come alive…loved the way her mane looked against her tanned skin…

She was in a slightly better mood when she rejoined John. He rose at her approach.

“God…Kel…you look…” he began.

“John,” Kelli said firmly, “you have something for me?”

John visibly slumped. Ah, well, he thought. If that’s the way she wants it….

He reached into his pocket and withdrew a small gift box, handed it to Kelli.

“Thanks, John,” Kelli said, her tone softening somewhat. The box opened with a creak. Kelli was dumbfounded. Inside the box was a beautiful, obviously expensive necklace! A large, immaculately clear stone, too big to be a diamond, a crystal of some kind, set in a sterling-silver pendant. Kelli peered closely at the setting. On one side was engraved, in elegant script, ‘Kelli’, and on the other side, ‘21257’. She looked quizzically at John. “21257?” she asked.

“Ahhhh…that must be some kind of registration number. The, ah, jeweller assured me it was a very limited piece.”

“John…this is worth a lot of money. I don’t feel right taking it.”

“Kel, I explained this. I can’t return it, I can’t use it…please accept it with my love. I’ll miss you, and I want us to part well.”

“If you insist. Thank you very much, John, it’s lovely.” She took the pendant from the box and fastened it around her neck. It really was a stunning piece.

They made smalltalk for a while; old friends at a coffee shop. Kelli had sufficiently warmed up to John to give him a peck on the cheek as they parted.


The first thing John did when he got home was to cross the living room and enter his secret chamber through the hidden door in the wall. He switched on his Trans-Time Communicator and waited for it to warm up. Damned twentieth-century technology, he swore to himself as the large machine hummed and vibrated. He plopped down in his chair just as the Communicator went DING!, indicating its readiness. He took up the microphone. “Agent 26 to Command Central. Agent 26 to Command Central. Come in. Over.” After a brief pause, a voice distorted by heavy static boomed out of the tinny speaker.

“Command Central responding. Over.”

“Agent 26 requesting transport of Subject 21257 at 1745 hours Agent Subjective Time today. Over.”

“Command Central confirms transport of Subject 21257 at 1745 hours today, Agent Subjective Time. Please report nature of Subject. Over.”

John thought hard. He’d been sent from the future to recruit—perhaps “abduct” would be a more accurate word—certain types from the past to ensure the survival of the population of the future. Those people well-versed in the sciences and the arts…athletes…many categories were sought by him and by “recruiters” like him. Kelli fit in to none of these categories. He was recruiting her as revenge for her dumping of him…because he knew how the future treated people like Kelli…But he had to tell Command Central something.

“Errr…Code Four…Recruiter’s Discretion,” he replied nervously.

“Code Four confirmed and acknowledged. Transport confirmed, Subject 21257. Central out.”

“Phew,” John sighed in relief. Then his face split into an evil grin, Kelli was on her way!


The first thing that Kelli did when she got home was to kick off her high heels. They sure made her legs look great, but God, were they uncomfortable! She eased down onto one of her dining room chairs and massaged her sore feet. Evening Ritual time, she thought wearily. Every night, same thing, same time. But it DOES seem to relax me. First step: go to the kitchen and fix a glass of wine. Carry the glass into the bedroom; remove clothes slowly. Examine self in full-length mirror. Carefully she studied her reflection in the dimming light. She was very proud of her taut, tanned body: her smooth feet, with their immaculately-pedicured toenails; her long, well-muscled, tanned legs which rose majestically to her slim hips; her lush, golden bush (she paused a minute in her self-examination to stroke it lovingly); her narrow waist; her sweet, firm, ample breasts; her slim, tanned arms ; her graceful hands, and their manicured red fingernails;her slender neck; her perfectly-shaped face adorned by her full red lips, pert nose, and sparkling blue eyes; and, of course, her hair. Truly her crowning glory; she caressed the shimmering length, marvelling at its softness, its rich color. She shook herself from her reverie.

Now to put up my hair and draw my bath…

Her eyes refocussed on her reflection. John’s pendant certainly was lovely. It looked great dangling between her breasts. She fingered it meditatively. What a shine! It almost seemed to glow! She felt the room slip away as her conscious thoughts centered increasingly on the gift jewelry. Was it getting warmer? W-what’s happening? Kelli’s mind reeled, the room turned on its axis, then she lost consciousness.


She came to slowly. Sensations roused her; she felt the sun’s heat on her bare back; the brilliant sunlight assailed her eyes; a warm, gentle breeze ruffled her long hair. Underneath her nude form she felt soft grass. This triggered the first warning in her sleep-befuddled mind: My god…I’m outside…naked…Her eyes snapped open…and just as quickly closed. That sun was BRIGHT! She opened them again, this time quite slowly, letting her pupils dilate. Putting her arms beneath her, she unsteadily pushed herself up off the ground until she was on all fours. She turned to her right, and involuntarily gasped in surprise.

Standing no more than five feet away were two figures, watching her. One was about five and a half feet tall, the other only four feet tall, but both were dressed identically: both wore shapeless, shiny long-sleeved black tunics that reached all the way to the ground, and, stranger still, both had shiny black lycra hoods covering their heads! Their features were completely hidden from view. Kelli shook her head slowly. Was this a dream?

The smaller figure turned its masked head towards the larger. “Mommy?” it asked. “What’s that?”

“Hush, Angel. You’re too young to deal with this. This is a deviant, a very bad person. Don’t you worry, the peacemen will be here soon to deal with her.” And the larger figure scooped up the smaller one protectively and walked away.

Kelli squeezed her eyes shut, re-opened them. This had to be a dream! She stood up and looked around, one hand attempting to cover her large breasts and the other shielding her crotch from view. Everywhere she looked people were staring at her; everyone she saw was dressed exactly alike!

A distant noise startled her out of her confusion. A very strange-looking vehicle pulled up, and two large men got out. (Kelli assumed they were men; they were both well over six feet tall). They were dressed the same as everyone else, except that their masks were a bright scarlet. They approached Kelli quickly, wordlessly, and each one grabbed a shoulder.

“W-what…wait a minute, where am I? Please, what’s going on?”

They ignored her importuning. One of them reached between her breasts and examined the pendant. “Yes…just as reported…errant recruitment. John will have some explaining to do at the next tribunal. Well, I guess we have no real choice but to process her just like any other deviant. A shame, really, it being not her fault and all…”

“Wait…you guys know John? Is he here? Where? I’m sure he can clear this all up…”

One of the peacemen reached into a holster at his side and removed what appeared to be a remote control unit. He depressed one of the buttons. With a ratcheting noise the pendant’s chain began to tighten! Frightened, Kelli watched as the crystal slid up her chest to snuggle firmly against her throat. The chain was not choking her, but it was definitely too snug. She was constantly aware of its presence.

“Hey! What the hell’s going on? What’s hap…”

The peaceman holding the remote control flipped a switch. The gem around Kelli’s neck glowed briefly… Kelli’s eyes widened in fear as her mouth snapped shut! Frantically she brought her hands to her face and began trying to pry her full lips apart.


Another button pressed…Kelli’s throat began to close off, rendering her incapable of making any sound. Breath whistled wildly through her nose as she continued to fight her enforced silencing. Her struggles increased in fury until…

BEEP BEEP BEEEP…the crystal glowed…Kelli snapped to attention, arms straight down by her side, legs together. She was absolutely motionless; except for her eyes, which cast about in abject terror, seeking help. But no help was forthcoming. Her keepers manipulated the remote again, and she found herself marching like a marionette into their vehicle.


“Case number 21257…charge: Deviation in the First Degree, with special circumstances, to wit: complete and egregious public nudity while in a state of beauty. The prisoner may enter the docket.” Kelli, still nude, was maneuvered into place by the insidious device. She faced what was all too obviously a judge’s bench; seated thereon was a figure dressed exactly the same as everyone else in this insane place, with one single exception: his mask was a gleaming white. Kelli assumed that this was the judge…maybe now I can get this straightened out, she thought.

The judge turned towards one of Kelli’s captors. “Couldn’t she have been covered up for her trial? I know the nature of the charge, I don’t need to suffer this affront to my personal dignity…”

“Rules of evidence, Your Honor. She appears before you exactly as we picked her up, so that you may evaluate the moral outrage involved.”

“Hmmmmph…very well.” He turned to Kelli. “Young woman, the charges facing you are quite grim. While the law does not require me to hear from you, I’m going to give you an opportunity to defend your frankly indefensible actions. Say your piece.”

The pendant glowed as her captor freed her voice. She took a deep breath to compose herself before proceeding. “Y–Your Honor,” she began, her voice trembling in fear, “…P-please…what have I d-done…where am I..” Her voice faltered.

“So your defense is insanity? Young woman, let me explain what it is you have done. You have flaunted our most basic law! You have presented yourself in public in an outrageous fashion!

“The whole world used to traipse about just like you do, you know that. People walked about looking completely different from each other. And what was the result of that? Racism…ageism…sexism… We have eliminated these problems! No-one knows my color…no-one knows my age…they may guess at my sex due to the timbre of my voice, but they don’t know that for sure, either…

“When a person applies for a job today, the employer is forced to evaluate that person solely on the basis of his or her qualifications! There are no more hate crimes…no housing discrimination…the ideal world. With the passage of the Equal Appearance Amendment in 2215…”

2215?!? Kelli boggled. I’m in the future?!?

“…we solved all those problems. And now here you come…flaunting your beauty…upsetting the pristine order of the system…I tell you, I am not inclined to be merciful.”

“B-but that’s crazy! That’s…that’s no w-way to live! I…”

The judge nodded to the peaceman in charge; he pressed a button, and Kelli found herself silenced again.

“I’m ready to rule. Guilty, of course. As far as the sentence, I have two choices: Death by Disintegration; or Public Display, followed by Treatment at a Beauty Salon. The second sentence doesn’t sound so bad, Kelli thought. Since her voice was removed from her, she pleaded with her eyes. The judge’s face hardened. Oh…shit…he’s going to…Kelli thought desperately. “The sentence is Public Display, and the Salon, and may God have mercy on your soul. Case closed. Take her away.” Kelli sobbed in joy. She was going to live!


Unfortunately for Kelli the first part of her sentence was carried out by the Display Master, who considered himself an artist—and a frustrated one, too, for he very rarely got a chance to practice his craft. So when he got his hands on Kelli he decided to pull out all the stops. Kelli was marched into the center of a public park, and a pedestal was erected. Up onto the pedestal the controlled Kelli jumped, and once in place she was positioned on all fours.. The Display Master stood studying her offered form for several minutes; then took the remote in hand. BEEP. Kelli’s eyes snapped wide open, and she could not shut them. As a result of this enforced stare she was not able to blink, so her eyes began to water profusely to protect the soft membranous tissue from dust particles. Tears dripped copiously from her ruthlessly-controlled blue eyes.

BEEP. Another button pushed—Kelli’s mouth was jacked painfully open. The Display Master motioned with his hand; two of his assistants brought forth a life-size statue of a well-built man kneeling back on his haunches. When the statue was carried into her view Kelli noticed with alarm that the statue was anatomically correct—and grotesquely so! She knelt in impotent surrender as the statue was placed in front of her face and pushed forward until the white plastic cockhead rested at the entrance of her gaping mouth. With an evil smile the Display Master nodded his head, and his assistants eased the statue forward, forcing the immense plastic dick deeper and deeper past Kelli’s lush red lips. Farther and farther back the phallus went, until Kelli began to audibly gag on it—then the Display Master pressed another button, and her gag reflex was suppressed! Kelli’s entire field of vision was taken up by the gleaming white torso of the statue; so she didn’t see the assistants leave and return with another similar sculpture! This they positioned behind her; the first she knew of it was when she felt the new plastic intruder begin to breach her pussy!

One of the assistants turned to the Display Master. “Sir…she seems to be too dry to permit easy entry.”

“I’ll fix that,” Kelli’s tormentor said. BEEP BEEP. Kelli waited, frightened, for the next reaction of her body to the remote control. At first nothing seemed different…and then…she felt her pussy start to lubricate! She was getting wet! The damned machine could even control that! Kelli’s trapped mind reeled in shame as her cunt began to dribble sex juice onto the pedestal. Another BEEP…Kelli felt her nipples harden until they ached! With a businesslike grunt the assistant shoved the new statue home! Kelli’s beautiful pussy was nearly split in two by the massive invader.

The Display Master then strangely pulled out a brush and groomed Kelli’s mane until it shone. Parted in the middle and brushed straight down, it framed Kelli’s impaled face beautifully. And then the trio left her there, shafted at both ends!

Kelli was frozen in that awful position for three days. During that time she suffered countless humiliations. On midnight of the first night she began to worry that they were going to let her starve to death; she had no sooner formulated the thought, I’m hungry, than the statue in front of her activated, and a white, viscous, gooey food substance was pumped into her stomach through the massive plastic dick. Kelli’s stomach was rapidly filled to near-bursting point by the pulsing, pumping rod; with her throat under complete control she was helpless to stop the injection of the sticky mass.

And then later that day a bird landed on her shoulder and pecked free a strand of her golden hair to use in its nest. A dog jumped up on the pedestal, chasing the bird away; then he proceeded to sniff and lick Kelli’s dripping twat until his owner came and collected him.

But the worst humiliation came late in the second day. A group of school children came out on a field trip just to see her displayed form. She shuddered in shame as the teachers explained to their students exactly what was going on in the tableau before them.

“You see, children,” the hooded teacher stated, “this is a fine example of what the late twentieth century used to call a ‘slut’. Note the obvious sexual arousal…the eagerness in the expression…a clear example of all the vices that brought that civilization down.” Kelli’s tear-streaked face reddened as the teacher branded her a whore with his words.

On the third day the peacemen came and retrieved her.


The trip to the Beauty Salon was uneventful. The futuristic vehicle glided silently down the immaculate streets. After her three-day ordeal Kelli was looking forward to a little pampering. She figured that the humiliating public display had been her punishment, and now she would be groomed and outfitted, and would take her place in society. She was not looking forward to wearing the concealing tunic or the featureless black hood, but it would appear she had little choice.

Kelli’s heart quailed as the vehicle pulled up to the Beauty Salon. No sweet little boutique, this. In front of her towered a foreboding edifice that could only be penal. The peacemen dragged her from the car and pulled her resisting form past the heavy, wrought-iron gates. She was led straight past the administration area and into a room which for all the world looked like an operating theater. The peacemen released their hold on her and stood back, leaving her standing alone in front of a full-length mirror.

The door opened and in strode a tall, gaunt figure dressed in the standard tunic and hood, but also draped in a midnight-black cowl. He approached Kelli purposefully.

“Good afternoon, Miscreant 21257. I am the Beautician General. I am here to execute sentence on you. It is traditional to allow the condemned any last words. You may speak them now.”

“Please…I don’t understand…the judge said I could live…w-what are you going to do to me?”

The Beautician General sighed. “I was told you were difficult. You are here because you make a mockery of our most sacred laws. You are here because you choose to flaunt your great beauty at your fellow man, thereby disrupting the carefully-cultivated order of our society. You deviate from the mandated norm. That is not to be tolerated.”

He continued. “Since you prize your beauty over the good of your fellow man, it is that same beauty which is now forfeit. Shall we begin?” And he pressed a button on Kelli’s remote; instantly her body went stiff. He circled her slowly, falling into a creative reverie. Nodding to himself, he turned from her and made for his instrument table, returning with a device which resembled a boxer’s mouthpiece. He touched the remote—BEEEP—Kelli’s mouth snapped open. He worked the big device into Kelli’s mouth, fitting her upper and lower teeth into the grooves. He then closed her mouth and flipped a switch on the device. Kelli felt her teeth and gums getting warmer. W-what’s happening? she thought frantically. The device reached a temperature which was uncomfortably warm, but not painful, and for five minutes she endured in enforced silence.

“Time’s up,” Kelli’s tormentor announced, and he reached out and began working the device out of Kelli’s mouth. Kelli could feel a strange tugging, and she could hear a sucking, slurping noise as the mouthpiece cleared her lips. Puzzled, she ran her tongue over her mouth. Something felt..wrong…She glanced at the mirror in front of her…

Her teeth were gone! Every single one of Kelli’s gleaming white teeth had been extracted by the device! Tears streamed down Kelli’s face as she stared in shock at her ruined mouth. Instead of her beautiful smile, she saw a gaping wound of a mouth…pink gums glistening obscenely…

The Beautician General shook the teeth out of the mouthpiece. “There! That’s that. Now to take care of that lovely hair of yours…”

M-my hair? P-please, no…leave my hair alone…please…Kelli, unable to speak, despaired as the Beautician General approached her with what looked like glowing clippers. He snapped them on; they buzzed angrily. He then with two quick swipes removed her eyebrows! Kelli’s skin tingled where the clippers had touched it; her tormentor explained. “These are psionic clippers, 21257. They not only remove hair, they also kill the roots in one simple operation. You will never again have eyebrows.” Kelli’s heart sank as she looked at her face…so strange-looking without eyebrows…

“And now for that glorious mane!”

Kelli struggled against the controller with all her might. She remained helpless as the glowing clippers were brought towards her…the blade was laid on her hairline…and the clippers pushed on through, leaving a wide swath of total baldness! She sobbed as she contemplated the ruin of her beautiful hair…the shears made swipe after swipe…long blonde locks slid down Kelli’s naked body as her head was denuded of all hair. Finally, he finished. Kelli stood unmoving in a large pile of her own blonde hair.

The Beautician General rubbed Kelli’s utterly-smooth, permanently-bald head appraisingly. Then he brought up a strange machine and placed it on her head, like a crown. He switched it on…Kelli could feel a prickling on her scalp…over and over again she felt the pinprick as the machine hummed…

She was distracted by her nemesis approaching her crotch with the clippers! The remote BEEEPed; Kelli felt her legs spread! The beautician General stroked Kelli’s lush blonde bush appreciatively… enjoying its softness…then without a further word clippered it bare. Kelli reddened in shame as her pussy was bared for all to see…rendered as hairless as a little girl’s.

The Beautician General turned her attention to her face next. He pierced the septum of her nose and inserted a large, golden ring! Her ears were then pierced multiple times, and golden hoop earrings positioned; then her nipples and labia were pierced and ringed! Kelli began to feel more and more like a freak.

The machine on top of Kelli’s head buzzed; apparently it was finished. The inquisitor carefully pulled the machine off and examined its work, then stepped aside, satisfied. Kelli was almost afraid to look.

Across her bare, gleaming skull was a blazing red tattoo! The word SLUT in two-inch-high letters, and underneath, 21257! Kelli was branded for life!

Kelli was then manipulated into a glass cabinet. Her labial rings rubbed up against each other as she was forcibly marched to her fate. Inside the cabinet she was positioned with her legs spread wide, and her hands cupped underneath her breasts, supporting them. The remote BEEPed twice; Kelli’s mouth opened to its widest aperture, revealing its gaping toothlessness; and to her horror she felt her pussy lips open wide. The cabinet was then closed. Outside she could see her punisher turn the valve on a gas canister; freezing vapor flooded Kelli’s glass prison! She felt her ringed nipples harden in the cold air. In minutes she was frozen solid…but oddly enough she was still alive! She could hear and see everything going on around her! Frozen…expressionless…completely bald…ringed all over…tattooed…hideously displayed…She puzzled over her fate as a black tarp was draped over her frigid cubicle…she had a vague sense of motion, as if she were being transported…then the tarp was yanked away.

Dozens, maybe hundreds of black-hooded people were staring at her frozen form! Her mind writhed in humiliation as she realized she was on display in a museum! She could clearly hear the tour guide…

“…and here we have an example of the excesses of the late twentieth century. These misguided souls were so into self-adornment that they even committed self-mutilation in an effort to appear unique. This one actually had herself injected with indelible ink, and had metal jewelry fastened into piercings she made in her body. Note the shameless way she presents her pubic region…begging for intercourse like an animal in heat! We must take lessons from these wanton…” the guide’s voice droned on and on as Kelli realized that her sentence was worse than death…to be a living museum exhibit…forever…


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