Prince and the Beauty – A Musical

Prince and the Beauty - A Musical

The Prince and the Beauty A Musical by EddyZ

This story contains the names of persons appearing in my story ANGEL’S HAIR. So better read that first.

Gabriela, or rather Gaby, as she called herself now, purred like a kitten, sitting on a chair in the beauty salon while Chris was shaving her scalp. The feeling of the scraping and scratching, the sound by which it was accompanied, sent shivers up and down her spine.

“Darling, it feels so good,” she said.

“I love to do it, angel of mine,” he answered.

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Nevertheless her feelings were ambivalent. She loved it to be shaven on the one hand but on the other she wanted her lovely long hair back. Yes, Chris had given her that wig, made of her own hair but she hated to wear a wig. It was only a substitute.

It was three weeks after Christmas. Gaby worked as a shampoo girl in one of Chris’ salons. When he had shaved her head for the first time, just before Christmas to incorporate her as one of the elves of Father Christmas, it had aroused both of them so much, that Chris had continued to do this, although it was against the normal procedure: the elves/shampoo girls let their hair grow again after Christmas.

With Gaby, his dearly beloved, he had broken this tradition. Well, he had thought, when it applies to one then it should be in force for all of my shampoo girls

Charley, a new girl, 16 years old who had only recently left school, stood next to the chair and watched with interest the shaving of Gaby’s head. She was a cheerful giggler with a lot of freckles and a shock of red hair and she knew that she would be the next one.

“Your turn, Charley,” said Gaby as she left the chair. With a broad grin Charley sat down and was caped. Gaby tried to comb out the mass of her hair but it was so entangled that Charley got tears in her eyes.

“Oh, please, you are hurting me!” she cried out.

“I’ll use the clippers,” said Chris. Gaby grabbed the bulk of Charley’s hair, lifted it and bent her head forward. Chris placed the clippers at her nape and moved them upwards to her crown. The buzzing sound changed into a wailing one when the teeth gnawed on the thick hair and reaped through it. Path after path was freed of hair, the back and the sides, wile Gaby still held the bulk in her hand. Finally the top and most of the red shock came free from Charley’s head. Chris lathered and shaved her head. Again she giggled: “That is cool, it tickles. Are there freckles on my pate too?”

Yes, there were but as there was a red shadow on her pale scalp they didn’t dominate.

During her job interview Chris had asked Charley if she would agree to have her head shaved.

“I don’t care,” she had said, “but I’ll have to ask my mom.”

Her mother had come asking what the hell was the use of that? Chris had simply replied that this had been his decision and she could take it or leave it. She had nodded and giggled: “Okay, I won’t object. I should have thought that Charley would get a nice haircut when she would get to work in a salon. Nevertheless this is fun too.”

In the afternoon Angela and Michaela, like Gaby former “Nick’s Angels”, came in for a trim of their respectively copper coloured curls and jet-black straight hair. While Gaby shampooed and washed Mickey’s (Michaela’s) hair, the latter said: “Listen, Gaby, you know that when Chris came to collect angels’ hair, Nick got the idea of a ballet with shaven-headed girls, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. He wanted all of us to shave off our hair. It didn’t happen as he was arrested but nevertheless the majority of us lost our hair. This is another story, though.”

“Yeah, Nick is an asshole but he had luminous ideas. Well, Angie thought about it and she developed her own prospect: a musical.”

“Hear, hear!”

“Yes indeed. The story goes like this: a girl gets hopelessly in love with a scoundrel. Her relatives warn her that he is a good-for-nothing but she won’t listen. She is blinded by being in love. But he lies to her, cheats upon her, robs her and at last leaves her behind, poor and penniless.”

“Someone like Nick.”

“Indeed. She had broken with her family before but now she is forced to go back as a down-and-out. She is not received very friendly as you may imagine. The grief and stress are too much for her and as a reaction her hair starts to fall out.’


“Yes. At first the bald patches are small and she can cover them by combing her hair across but soon they get bigger and bigger till nothing is left. She is totally bald and she doesn’t venture out any more. Her parents are rather wealthy, they live in a small town at the coast and besides they own a very isolated beach house. From there you may walk miles without coming across anyone.”

“An ideal refuge.”

“Well, that scoundrel has been captured and judged. His case causes common interest and articles appear in the gossip magazines. Journalists try to interview the girl but her parents have hidden her in the beach house and she is not found. And well, it is a musical, a prince from a foreign country reads the story and he sees a picture of the girl with beautiful long hair and at once he falls in love.”

“It sounds like a fairy tale.”

“Yeah, a modern fairy tale. In any case the prince wants to contact the girl but she has vanished, no one knows where she could be. Then he is told that she lost her hair, the picture doesn’t match her present appearance any more. The prince makes a computer image of her without hair and in spite of it loves her still more. The prince tries to find her, he travels through the country. In every town, even in villages, he asks whether there are bald girls. And everywhere where he comes, girls hasten themselves to the barbers and have their heads shaved, every one of them hoping that the prince will choose her. But he looks at the girls, asking them to show a picture of them with hair and he shakes his head. No. No. No.

At last he comes in the town on the coast. Three girls who are friends, Wendy, Shirley and Louella, are excited, as Louella resembles the girl at the picture! Her two friends talk her into cutting her hair and shaving her head. Reluctantly she agrees but she doesn’t feel very happy about it and she feels guilty when the prince really believes that she is the girl of his search. He spends a lot of time with her but he doubts if she is the one and only, his great love. He likes her but does he love her?”

“And Louella? Does she love him?”

“She doesn’t know for sure. And she knows she is not the girl he is searching for. After they have a spent another night together Louella feels that she cannot go on like this and she tells him the truth. But she also tells him that she has heard rumours about a girl hiding at a beach house. She says that she can bring him there and begs him to forgive her.”

“Does he?”

“Of course he feels deceived but he is magnanimous as Louella really shows that she regrets that she took him for a ride. When she brings him to the beach house the prince knows that he has found her, the girl of his dreams.”

“So this is the end? They live long and happy?”

“Not yet. The prince is grateful and offers Louella a position as his secretary (Louella has had a training as such) and she goes with him to the palace.”

“Does the girl know that he did sleep with her? Wouldn’t she be jealous?”

“I don’t know. Maybe, but it is soon settled as Louella falls in love with one of his friends. They are married together with the prince and his love.”

“How about the girl’s hair? Does it grow again?”

“Maybe…. or maybe not. Time will tell. In any case she is still bald as a cueball when she is married. The bald princess, she is called. And Louella, as a penance, keeps her head shaven as long as the girl is bald.”

“You are talking all the time about “the girl”. She should have a name, shouldn’t she?”

“You are right. What do you think of Grace?”

“To become princess Gracia? Just as Grace Kelly? Funny, her daughter Caroline has been bald owing to alopecia.”

“Well, we may call her Caroline as well. But this is the story and now it has to become a musical. We are in need of a composer, a director and so on.”

“Well, we can do the choreography. But we need actors, singers and dancers.”

“First things first, Gaby. The music and the choreography. The dancers, the show ballet is no problem. The girls from the former Nick’s Angels are behaving well and Mickey and I have spoken to the social workers. They will be set free within a month or two and most of them are willing to join us. We will start calling them “The New Angels”. They will represent all the girls in the story who shave their heads.”

“There is one problem, Angie, that has to be solved first: Money!”

“Yeah, I know, we need financiers.”

“I think Chris can play a role in this. He knows a lot of people.”

Well, things developed favourably. Chris succeeded in finding substantial people who were willing to invest money in the business. Angie proposed to speak to Nick.

“What?” exclaimed Gaby. “That asshole?”

“He is a asshole but also a genius, a man of brilliant ideas. At least it was his idea to make a ballet of bald beauties.”

“You are right, Angie,” said Mickey. “Why shouldn’t we try?”

Angie visited Nick in jail. He was glad to see her and very willing to cooperate. Angie told him what they had in mind.

“How many dancers have you?” he asked.

“Well, from the girls in the convent, six don’t want to be on, so fifteen remain and the three of us.”

“You three should have prominent parts. Find another twenty-one girls so that you come to a total of thirty-six.”

“So many?”

“Yeah, a lot of girls, all of them with shaven heads, beautiful! You don’t intend to let them dance naked, do you?”

“Nick, you are incorrigible! NO! And that is final!”

He sighed. “I know, forget it. And forget the actors. For the roles of the prince and the girl you need two professional singers who can dance. The parts of Louella, Wendy and Shirley can be interpreted by Gaby, Mickey and you. You want names? I know some very good performers but of course I don’t know whether they will be free.”

“You have been a great help, Nick.”

“Well, I’m bored stiff here. And don’t call my angels any longer so. I know an appropriate name. You have heard of the “Bluebell Girls” from Paris? Well, call them, your girls, the “Cueball Girls”.

“I think that is wonderful but my friends must approve.”

To complete the show ballet an audition was held, attended by more than a hundred candidates. But most of them dropped out when they heard that their heads had to be shaved. Nevertheless twenty-one new applicants were admitted.

At last all had been set. A composer had composed the songs and set the story to music. A director and a conductor had been attracted; Chris had taken care of the management, together with a staff of professional co-workers; Gaby, Angie and Mickey had done the choreography, gratefully accepting the advice of Nick who was glad that he could do something to fill up his time.

“Well, it is not Broadway,” he had said, “but I think you are doing a good job.”

No, the Theatre of Above wasn’t on Broadway but the musical attracted much attention, not in the least owing to the sensational thirty-six Cueball Girls with their shining domes, which had been specially polished and reflected the stage lights. The public lined up and soon a bigger theatre should be sought. A movie company was interested and bought the movie rights.

According to the latest information they plan to film it with Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue as the prince and the girl. So look out!

The end.


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