Pre-Cut Story

Pre-Cut Story

Pre-Cut Story by Debbie

Well, it’s been about 4 weeks since my last cut. The super short nape buzz I wrote about didn’t quite work out like I imagined, but that’s maybe as well. At the time I noticed the top wasn’t taken too short, well the fringe to be precise, compared to other crops I’ve had. So now I’m getting these bad hair days. The top is sticking up all over the show and the now grown out super clipper looks very messy. So consequently my thoughts turn to my next cut.

This story is a chronicle of my thoughts and feelings up to, during and after the cut:

Sunday, 3rd Sept.

Spent last Friday stalking a local barber. Now, I knew this barber was a woman and if I do decide to have a barbers adventure it will be with a woman barber. No offence guys, but I just wouldn’t feel right going to a bloke. Anyway, on passing the shop opening I see she’s about my age (mid 20’s) don’t recognise her though. No one is in and she’s just reading the paper, would have been so easy to walk in but I need to prepare myself for these things. That’s good I think to myself, she’s not usually busy mid-day – mental note made. That’s another thing, I would want to have the shop all to myself, time wouldn’t be an issue then. She’s fashionably dressed, tight top, distressed jeans and wears her blond hair in a long crop, short at the back revealing a neat hairline. OK, so far so good, beginning to feel I can trust this girl. I do feel like I’m betraying my usual stylist though, she is a whiz with the clippers and we had a great time last cut, buzzing away at my neck until it was almost bare. Not only that my hair isn’t really in need of cutting just yet, so I convince myself I’m just scouting for the moment. My thoughts turn to worries, what if she insists I get it all buzzed since it’s cropped anyway and I’m in a barber’s after all, or what if she simply makes a balls-up of it completely. Worse still, some old duffer comes in mothering me, or her boyfriend comes in and she’s more interested in chatting to him? All paranoid fears perhaps, but real enough to me. When I have asked for an unusual cut in the past, or a particularly short one I have been greeted by two types of response from stylists. 1. They get really snotty saying it wouldn’t look right, decide I’m insane and give me a trim so that when I regain my senses I won’t regret it; or 2. They get more into it than even I am and spend ages gradually moulding away with scissors and clippers of various forms telling me how they love getting creative and thanking me for letting them do it. Every time I expect the worst however. My previous cut thankfully was like the second response, that’s why I’m torn between something new and something I know is good? HELP!

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Also at the moment things are happening in my life, or rather not. It ‘may’ be possible that an ex-boyfriend is coming back on the scene, I have to say it’s looking very unlikely though. If he does, I will lay off the super short dos for a while and go more glamorous like a pretty girlie. If the bas…d still isn’t seeing sense, well… I’ll shave my head myself, to hell with being girlie! Of course if we do get together eventually I’d like him to share in my hair interest, but I’d be pretty to begin with so as not to shock him too much – haven’t seen him for years.

So there it is so far. Sorry if all this sounds arrogant. I don’t mean to be, it’s just I have often thought that none of the stories about hair really get to grips with our feelings about our fetish, I suppose that’s what I’m trying to do, as well as entertain you of course. Anyway, the hair is growing – stay tuned!

Monday 4th September

Just a few minor updates. I saw my usual stylist today. She was so pleased to see me and I could see she was eyeing up my hair, wondering if it had grown out ok and perhaps when I would be coming back. I do feel guilty now. Having second thoughts about a barbering session. I mean come on Debbie, you’ve been very, very short before, but plonking yourself down in a barbers chair and saying, “Cut off all the fringe and shave the back down to nothing.”? You are going to end up with a true crew cut this time. Is that what you want? I’ve been told I’m pretty and have the right bone structure for very short hair, I am quite girlie vain and I wouldn’t wear it otherwise, but going to a barber’s and having it nearly all shaved off? I don’t know – we’ll see.

Apart from that is of course the flip side to my fetish. I’ve been on the Net nearly all night and have found some gorgeous styles. My fringe is annoying me, just not falling right at all. My bad hair days continue with the grow-out. Part of me wants to go for a shearing first thing tomorrow. Oh I don’t know. It’s been a long day; I’ll sleep on it. In town tomorrow so I’ll stalk the barber’s again.

Tuesday 5th

Just before the cut:


This is practically an on-line haircut. The barber is off. I went again today and wasn’t at all impressed. It just seemed dirty and there were loads of kids in getting crew cuts for back to school. So I go to my usual stylist, just to see her really. I seem to have been led on in a trance all this morning. My fetish has completely taken hold, it’s all this writing and thinking about it I’m sure. Anyway, I walked in and she’s on the phone, for ages I’m stood there looking in the mirrors convincing myself there is something on my head worth cutting. She finally finishes and we begin small talk. Eventually she says out of the blue, “Three o’clock then?” I’m taken aback, but really what did I expect? I um and ah about maybe it doesn’t really need a cut and I ask her opinion. “Well, the back definitely needs doing, round the ears too, maybe just a little tidy on top?”

OK she now has me hooked; she’s turning me round to see the extent of her previous shearing and I run my hand up the grown-out fluff. I’m starting to cook now. “I’ve been thinking of cutting the fringe off, what do you reckon?” Here we go.

“So that you can make it stick up, you mean?” she replies.

“Well, I mean like right off,” and I motion with my fingers in a mock snipping at my forehead, right up to the hairline. The conversation changes then and an old dear comes in for her perm do. My stylist has to go, reluctantly it seems, too.

OK folks that was an hour ago, another hour to go? Like I say this is practically an on-line cut. Now I am convinced my stylist is one of us, my hair simply does not need cutting, especially not “oh yeah, definitely the back,” as she said. Perhaps she’s just playing me, if she is she’s very good at it. The nape hair must be about a grade 3 or 4, I mean four weeks ago it was this side of bald.

OK, I’ve relaxed a little now. I’m glad the barber’s didn’t happen, I just wouldn’t have belonged in there. Of course that’s half the fun but I am going to have to wear this cut. Luckily the couple of hours has given me time to warn my Mum. She doesn’t know the fringe is going, I never say too much about a cut. It’s a private thing in many ways, oh yeah, until you broadcast it on the Net, Debbie… duh. So next time I write I’ll be a proper shorn girl, let’s see how it turns out. Ohhhhh… nail-biting time?

After the cut:

Ahem… Well, if you’re still reading I take it you want to know how it went… but… YAWN… I’m a little tired, maybe I’ll tell you in another story? Only joking. OK it’s like this, I am now sporting a crew cut. My hair is an inch or less all over the top and the back is shaved grade one, but not too high, only the bottom two inches. The top isn’t clippered, just real short and a little spiky, no fringe. I’m disappointed in the way the cut went, my stylist seemed rushed and then this bloke came in. Anyway here’s how it went:

I get there early and flick through a mag for 10 minutes, trying to find a no-fringe style to illustrate my intentions, didn’t find one. I get in the chair and the last old dear leaves, excellent. When I’m alone with a stylist I feel much more comfortable and I tend to talk more about how I just love how it feels when it’s shaved and about any of the stylists’ head shaving experiences; actually they tend not to discuss other clients, must be some confidentiality code, I dunno? Well, it was going OK and then disaster, some bloody fella comes in wanting a trim, a friend of the stylist and now she’s chatting away to him, speeding up my styling. She chops off my fringe in two attempts and I see how short it looks, but I’m on guard now, waiting for the comments to come from this bloke. She quickly finished and showed me the back, it looked awful. I get a little cross now and pipe up, “Er, do you remember how you did the back last time, with the clippers?” My stylist seems impatient now and the chap who is now sprawled out over the waiting chairs lets out a huge sigh. I don’t think he really meant to come across as an arsehole… but he did. I get a quick, yet careful nape buzz and I’m out the door, feeling pissed off. This was a big step and was supposed to be a bit of an adventure, but I really wasn’t made to feel special this time, or even welcome. If things had gone differently I may have even asked about shaving my nape perimeter off higher this time. I asked last time but it wasn’t done noticeably. I poddle off rubbing my head.

OK, should have gone to the barber’s, I know that now. However, what I’ve found is that since it’s now super cropped I now know what I look like with all my hair cropped around the hairline. This is something new, and I don’t look bad. Now this is the bit you guys will probably want to hear. I’m halfway to considering shaving my head, say a grade two all over, one at sides and back. The thought horrified me at first but now I’ve had it this short, a full buzz is not so far away at all, in length and style terms. I think what I mean is the vain girlie in me can picture it as an actual style I could wear, whereas before it just seemed like an undesirable consequence of me going too far with my fetish. I feel I could have a shaved head hairstyle, is that making any sense to anyone? Now I’m a little older, people would see it’s a style I’ve chosen rather than me being rebellious, I would have hated that ‘oh she’s having a phase’ kind of thing from people. Clothes-wise a shaved head would go great with what I wear now too, I love big chunky jumpers with high necks and really crisp shirts. When I was Little Miss Angsty teenager I was more punky, so a shaved head would have been sort of clichéd, now I think it would really suit me.

Talk, they say, is cheap. To be honest a shaved head isn’t on the cards anytime soon, but I once felt that way about a short haircut. So, who knows? I do think this will be my last true story for a while and I won’t be going back to that stylist, I have already seen that she has missed bits here and there, or gone too short where she shouldn’t have. Still, it was nice to get a change.

Hope I’ve not bored you and hope I’ve not disappointed you like I was disappointed. For me getting the cut is almost the biggest thing for my fetish. I wanted to tell it like it happened, next story will be more fictional and perhaps more interesting?


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see ya for now

Debbie. (That girl who’s had all her hair cut off….. oh you must know her..) xxxxxxxxx


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