Power Outage

Power Outage

Power Outage

One night I was on the couch watching my favroite TV show. The next thing I know the power goes out and leaves me in the dark. I was walking around hitting everything possible looking for a flashlight. Once I found what I was looking for I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I got to my bathroom I figured it was too early to go to bed, but at that time I found myself looking at my tightly-pulled ponytail that reached all the way past my butt.

I thought about what I would look like without that ponytail always around. At that time I was dating a guy I met at a bar in town. He always complimented me on how beautiful my long blonde hair looked. But lately we had been fighting a lot. So right then I looked for the pair of scissors I had for clipping my dead ends and my bangs. When I found then I raised them up to the ponytail. I opened them and put the hair right in the middle. I started having second thoughts but then I closed them. A long cutting sound came. I opened and closed the scissors until the ponytail was loose. The ponytail fell to the sink and I looked in the mirror at my short hair.

At that time I thought since I’ve gone this far, why not go all the way? I ran out of my room looking for the clippers I used when I shaved my dog and sometimes my son’s hair. It was a good thing they were battery-powered clippers because the power was out. I turned on the clippers to hear a deep bzzzzzzzzz. I raised the clippers up to my forehead then gave then a slight push and there they went up my forehead and over my head, revealing only stubble instead of what used to be almost 30 inches of hair. Push after push I went until I had no hair left. I stood in shock for what I had done but I was also very wet because the vibration of the clippers sent me into an orgasm right away.

I left the bathroom only to have the power click back on. I walked through the room to find my 16-year-old daughter standing there in a dead stare at my newly shaven head. I asked what’s wrong and she said, “Mom, you shaved your head!” Next thing I knew I had talked her into shaving her head too. I sat her on the counter. Her hair fell down past her shoulders in a very sexy layered look. I turned on the clippers and put them to her head and pushed them forward to see all her blondish brown hair fall slowly to the ground. She started to cry, but after about 5 minutes we both stood there bald as can be.


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