Toni watched from the door as Mr. and Mrs. Teaney pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street. She turned and shut the door and headed into the living room, flopped into the recliner and picked up the phone. She dialed her friend Jamie and began to chat with her about the latest gossip. As she talked, she flipped her thick straight brown hair over the back of the chair and reclined it back. She didn’t see the Teaneys’ 8-year-old son Scotty come up behind the chair and touch her hair. Toni screamed in surprise as she felt a light tug on her hair, and jumped up and spun around.

“Goddamnit Scotty! You scared the hell out of me! Don’t sneak up on me like that!” she yelled at him. This was the first time she’d babysat for the Teaneys, and their frigging child had scared the shit out of her. She hated babysitting, and would have preferred to be out partying with her friends, but she needed the money. “Shit! Go play or something!” she yelled at him.

He looked up at her and in a quiet voice, said, “Will you play with me?”

Toni held up the phone and said, “See this? It’s a phone and I’m ON IT! So go play!” She spun around and walked into the kitchen with the phone and began to talk with Jamie again. “The kid I’m watching came up behind me and scared the shit out of me, that’s why I screamed. Little bastard!” Jamie laughed and they continued chatting. Toni turned and saw Scotty still standing in the living room looking at her. “Let me call you back, Jamie. This little weirdo kid is staring at me, so I’m going to put his ass to bed. I’ll talk to ya later.” She hit the “OFF” button on the cordless and stomped into the living room.

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“I told you to go play, Scotty, so go do it!” she snarled at him.

He just looked up at her and said again, “Will you play with me?”

Toni stood there looking down at him, then sighed deeply, knowing that he would probably bug the hell out of her until she did play a bit with him. “Fine, let’s go to your room and see what toys you have.” They walked up the steps and into his room, which was packed with all the latest toys and goodies from the toy store. “Jeez, looks like mom and dad blow a lot of cash on you, kid,” she snickered. Scotty walked over and picked up a toy pistol and cowboy hat and held them out to Toni.

“What’s this for?” she asked.

“Let’s play cowboys and Indians. You be the cowboy, ok?” he said.

“Oooooooooo K,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I’ll humor the kid for a bit, then pack his butt off to bed,” she thought to herself.

Scotty put on a headband with a feather sticking up, and picked up a toy bow and arrow. He turned toward her and said, “You go downstairs and the living room will be your fort, and I’ll attack, OK?” he said. “And I’ll try to sneak in and knock you out and capture you.”

Toni snickered to herself at the seriousness in his voice, and nodded OK at him. “OK, you try to capture me and take me back to your camp, kiddo.” She went downstairs and sat in the recliner and flipped on the TV and waited for the Indian attack. Scotty came down the stairs and got on his hands and knees and began to crawl around toward the back of her chair.

“I’m sneaking up, and you can’t see me, OK?”

“Sure, whatever,” Toni muttered, her attention more fixed on the TV.

“You act like you’re a lookout, OK? And I’m going to come up behind you and knock you out.”

Toni kept flipping channels and murmured “Mmm hmmm” in response. She then felt something bump on top of her hat, and turned and saw he had a plastic tomahawk and had hit her to “knock her out” for the capture. “Oh, so now I’m knocked out, right?” she asked, and saw him nod yes at her. Toni stretched out on the floor on her stomach and acted like she was out cold. “OK, I’m knocked out, capture me,” she said. She felt as he grabbed her ankles and began wrapping something around them. “What are you doing?” she asked and raised up to look back.

He was tying her ankles with what looked like a short length of clothesline rope, and he looked up at her and said, “I’m tying you up, so lay down. You’re knocked out, remember?”

She smiled, and said, “Oh, yeah,” and she lay back down. Kinky little bastard, she thought to herself, and snickered. Scotty got up after tying her ankles, and grabbed her arms and put them together behind her back.

“You’re still knocked out, so don’t move,” he informed her.

“OK, whatever,” Toni answered back. “Hmmm, he’s got me tied pretty good, hope he can untie the damned knots when we’re done, or I’m going to look pretty stupid when his folks get back!” she thought.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, and ran up the stairs.

Toni lay there and tried moving her hands and feet. “Shit, I’m tied pretty tightly!” she realized, and then saw as Scotty came back down the stairs with a brush. “What are you going to do with that?” she asked, a little nervously.

“Brush your hair.” he said innocently.

“Um, why?” she asked, wondering why he would want to brush her hair.

“You’ll see, just lay there, it’ll be fun,” he said, and Toni lay there thinking what a weird little kid he was.

“OK, just be careful to not pull it while you brush it,” she told him. A hairbrushing Indian, she thought, what a strange kid. He began to gather up her long brown hair, which fell just below her shoulders in a thick straight blunt cut. “Mmmm, this feels good,” she thought. Her eyes closed, and enjoyed as the kid gently brushed and gathered her hair up on top of her head in a thick tail. “So what are you going to do to my hair?” Toni asked.

“You’ll see, I just have to get you back to camp first,” he said, and she started to say, “Um, tied like this makes it hard to walk, so you’ll have to untie m…..” but her words were cut off as he pushed a washcloth into her mouth to gag her, then pressed a length of duct tape over it.

“What the fuck?” she screamed in her mind, and tried to push the rag out, but the tape held it in too well. She began to struggle as she became angry at him gagging her, and wanted this game to end right now! Her eyes flew open in pain and disbelief as her hair was suddenly pulled excruciatingly tight, lifting her head off the floor. “MMMMMMMMMMMM!” she screamed into the rag, and felt as he began to pull her body across the floor by her hair! Scotty had both hands firmly locked into Toni’s silky thick brown hair, and was backing toward the steps, pulling her tied body along at a slow pace.

“I have to take you back to my camp now, OK?” Toni’s eyes were wild with the pain of having her body weight pulled along by her hair. The boy was only ten, but was a stocky kid, and evidently strong to pull her along like this. She screamed in pain as he backed up the stairs one at a time, and pulled and jerked her hair to pull her up the steps. Tears streamed down her face, and Toni tried to free her hands, but she was tied much too tightly.

“Oh god, my HAIR! It feels like it’s going to rip out!” she screamed in her mind.

Soon, he had her up on the second floor, and pulled her into his room. Her muffled moans and cries of pain caused Scotty to ask her, “Does your hair hurt?” in an innocent sounding voice. Toni could barely nod yes with her hair pulled tight, and hoped that he would release her hair and stop dragging her. “OK,” he said, and kept pulling her toward the bed.

“I’m going to kill him!” she screamed in her mind. “He is DEAD for doing this to me!” Toni was now getting scared, wondering what he had planned for her. She remembered his comment about why he was messing with her hair downstairs. “You’ll see, just lay there, it’ll be fun,” he had said. This little fucker had better let her loose NOW, she thought. I’ll drag his little ass around by his fucking hair! She suddenly screamed into the rag as her head was lifted up, her hair pulled so tightly that she thought it would rip right out of her scalp. He had climbed up onto his bottom bunkbed, and was pulling her up onto it. Soon, he had her on her stomach on the bed, with her head over the end, and finally released her hair. “Oh god, my scalp hurts! Let me loose, you little son of a bitch!” she yelled in her head. At least her wasn’t dragging her anymore, but she had to get loose before he tried any other freaky shit in his little cowboy and Indian game.

Toni raised her head and tried to look around, and saw him with a thick rubber band and another length of line. “What the fuck is he going to do now?” she wondered. He began to gather her hair up again, and she jerked her head around to try to make him stop, and uttered curses into the gag. Scotty pulled her hair hard to get her to stop, and she knew he might hurt her if she fought him, so she lay still. She tried to free her hands again, but he had tied her so well that escape was impossible. She felt as he smoothed and brushed her hair again into a thick tail, her tender scalp feeling each brush stroke. He messed with the tail for a long time, and she worriedly wondered what the hell he had planned now. Oh god, she thought, cowboys and Indians? He’s the Indian, and he has her by her thick soft hair. He wouldn’t dare cut my hair! Toni’s eyes flew open in pain as her head was jerked up by the hair, and she saw in the full length mirror on the closet door that he had her hair tied with the line and had thrown it up over the top rail on the foot of the upper bunkbed. He was backing up and pulling her head and upper body off the bed by her hair! She could see herself in the mirror, her mouth taped, her arms back behind her, and her hair smoothed and tied in a thick tail straight up from her head. The pain was incredible as she hung there, and she saw him tie the rope off on the bed rail.

“You’re my captive now, and this is how we torture the captive white women we catch,” Scotty said, matter-of-factly. Toni’s eyes had a pleading look in them as she looked at him, hoping he’d realize how much he was hurting her by having her body lifted by her pretty hair like this. “I’ll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom, OK?” he said, and headed out into the hall. Tears streamed down her face as she was forced to hang there and look at herself in the mirror. Her hair was pulled straight and tight, and her scalp was lifting by degrees from the weight it was forced to support. She hung there for what seemed like an eternity, until Scotty returned with a juice box drink in his hand. “I got thirsty,” he informed her, and came over to check her hair bondage. She glared at him, her eyes filled with anger, but he didn’t seem to notice. “This is fun, isn’t it?” he asked, and smiled at her.

Fun? This kid was fucking crazy, Toni realized. Dragging her around by her hair and then suspending her by it was fun? Toni tried to struggle to free herself again, but only caused more pain to her tender scalp. “Oh god please let me go!” she begged in her mind, stopping her struggles. Scotty picked up something from the dresser and turned and walked toward her. Toni felt her pants become warm and wet as her bladder let go, and her eyes opened in horror when she saw what he had in his hands.

“OK, the torture is over, and it’s time to take your hair as a trophy, OK?” Scotty said to her. The shears he held were large and chromed, and Toni knew that he was going to take her hair from her with them. “I’m going to cut your hair off for a trophy to hang in my camp, so hold still!” he said, a smile on his lips.

Toni shrieked in horror as she could see and feel as he slid the sharp scissors into her hair just above her hairline and began hacking into her hair. “OH GOD DON’T CUT OFF MY HAIR! NOOOOOOO!” she screamed into the gag, but he kept cutting and was humming some sort of happy little tune as he hacked her hair off at the scalp. She saw the hair relaxing as the shears separated it from her head, leaving her with ragged chunks from 1/4″ to 1/2″ long. The pain became more focused as less and less hair was holding her up, and finally he hacked through the last bit, dropping her body back down onto the mattress with a thud. Toni cried into the gag as she raised her head and saw that where she once had beautiful hair that all the guys liked, there was only ragged remains. The thick tail of her hair now hung above her from the line, and she saw Scotty taking it down and running his hands through it.

“Nice hair, Toni. It’s a neat trophy!” he said. He reached over and tugged on the ropes on her wrists, then ran from the room into the hall. She heard a door slam and the sound of it being locked. He was letting her go! She got her wrists free, then ripped off the tape and pulled the cloth out of her mouth and began to scream at Scotty.

“YOU LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY HAIR! YOU CUT OFF MY HAIR AND YOU TOOK IT! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” She sobbed as she freed her ankles and got off the bed and turned to go into the hall. She could faintly hear Scotty’s voice in the other room, and he sounded like he was crying and talking to someone. “You’d better be praying to god that I don’t catch you, you little shit! You’re so fucking dead for doing this to me! I’m goin….” She was stopped by the sight of herself in the mirror. Her eyeliner was smeared from her tears, her jeans were soaked with her urine, and her hair was a butchered mess. “Oh…. my…. god,” she whispered. She began to cry and ran into the hall to find him. “Scotty! Get out here NOW!” she shrieked. “You took my hair! Come out here now!”

He didn’t answer as she beat on the bedroom door, but she suddenly heard sirens outside, and ran down into the living room. She threw open the door and saw 2 police cars in the distance coming toward her. Toni ran out into the street, sobbing uncontrollably and waving for them to stop. The lead car screeched to a stop in front of her, and she saw the two officers get out and pull their sidearms. “Oh thank god you’re here! The kid I’m babysitting got me to play cowboys and Indians and he tied me up and dragged me by my hair and then cut it all off! He’s crazy, and he’s locked himself in one of the bedrooms!” she blurted out.

Toni suddenly realized that they were pointing their weapons at her, and she could hear them yelling for her to get on her knees in the street. “Wha….?” she said, not knowing what was going on. “No, it’s not me, it’s Scotty! He cut my hair off! He dragged me up the stairs by my hair! He’s a little crazy fuck!” she sobbed.

“Get on your knees and put your hands behind your head NOW!” the officer yelled at her.

“But I didn’t do anything,” she whispered, but found that she was beginning to kneel in compliance. The officers grabbed her and cuffed her hands behind her, and pushed her into the back seat of the patrol car. Toni sat there, tears streaming down her face, her voice a cracked whisper. “I didn’t do anything… he cut my hair off… I didn’t do anything…” as the officers finished reading her the miranda.

Mr. and Mrs. Teaney sat there in the detective’s office in the police station, listening to the detective as he recounted the nights events. Scotty was lying nearby on the office couch, sleeping peacefully. The Teaneys had been contacted at the party they were attending at some friends’ and had rushed to the station.

“Scotty told us that after you two left, Toni yelled at him and told him to stay out of her way. She was on the phone for a bit, he said, and then a greasy-looking guy came over. Someone Toni knew, he said. Evidently, Toni likes to be treated rough, because she told the guy to tie her up and… well, drag her around by her hair. ”

Mrs. Teaney looked at the detective with disbelief. “That little sicko! I can’t believe she had the gall to have her sick boyfriend over and do that in our house, and in front of Scotty! He’s just a child!”

The detective smiled and agreed. “Yeah, there are some weird ones out there. Worse yet, she had him tie her hair and lifted her partially up by it from the boy’s top bunkbed.” The Teaneys looked at each other in disbelief. “Then, he cut off her hair with scissors, and then untied her and left with her hair.”

Mr. Teaney wiped his hand across his face and muttered, “What kind of sick sonsabitches do that in someone’s home, in front of their child?”

The detective just shook his head. “Worse, the girl claims that your son did it to her, all of it. She said he wanted to play cowboys and Indians, and he was supposed to capture her. Well, she claims he tied her up, gathered up her hair and dragged her up the stairs and onto his bed, where he lifted her up by her hair with a rope he tied to it.”

“That lying little shit!” Mr. Teaney bellowed. “He’s only 8 years old! She’s not a big girl, but for Chrissakes, she expects us to believe that he can drag her up a flight of stairs by her hair and then cut it off? What a load of shit! Hell, he called 911 from our room, you said. What kid would do that and then call the cops? Jesus!”

“I know, sir,” the detective said. “We think that she realized what she had done, and not wanting her boyfriend to get in trouble, blamed your little boy here. She was raving on about suing you and that he was a crazy kid, so I think it might have hit her that she could make some serious money with a court case against you.”

The Teaneys looked at each other, and Mr. Teaney muttered, “Sick little bitch. Blaming that kind of twisted shit on my boy. I’m pressing charges for endangering my son, and I hope she rots in jail.”

The detective leaned forward and shook hands with them both. “Toni claims that there was never anyone over, that the guy doesn’t exist and that Scotty did it and made up the story he told us. But, we contacted her family and she’s going to be taken to be given some psyche tests. She’s obviously got some problems deep inside to pull something like this, and then blame your son.”

Toni had been given a tranquilizer to calm her down. She had been screaming in her cell that Scotty was sick and had taken her hair against her will. She now was mumbling softly as the attendants came to take her for her tests. “He cut off my hair… he cut off all my pretty hair…” she mumbled.

“Yeah, sure, lady,” one of the attendants muttered, and winked at his partner over her head.

The Teaneys had taken Scotty home and tucked him into bed after cleaning up the ropes and assorted items used during the night by Toni and her friend. They kissed him goodnight and headed to bed, leaving a light on for him in case he had bad dreams and wanted to come in with them during the night. Scotty lay there or a few minutes, then reached under the bed and pulled out Toni’s hair and pressed it to his face and smelled it. “Pretty hair, Toni,” he whispered, and began to giggle.


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