Permanently Bald and Chelsea’s Mother

Permanently Bald and Chelsea's Mother

Permanently Bald and Chelsea’s Mother – Jaci

Chelsea Wimsatt was a very popular 8th grade girl with a pretty good body and shoulder length hair with a light brown color to it with some blond mixed in. Her hair looked very good and made her what she was. But her mother was not too happy with her grades as they declined week after week and with teachers calling her mom every day about behavior problems Chelsea found herself in a pickle.

As one day in school Chelsea was talking to her best friend Rachel in class, the teacher interrupted and said, “Chelsea, you just got yourself two days detention and a phone call home.” She didn’t understand but she went to detention and when she got home she found her mother at the door looking at her with this look. She just looked at her and dumped her backpack and walked out the door and went to her friend Aylee’s house. She stayed there and came back around 9 the next day but didn’t tell her mom she was going to spend the night.

When Chelsea arrived home her mother was not home and neither was her little sister. She found a note saying that they went to the salon and that they had a surprise for her later on. So she waited for them to get home. When they arrived home her little sister had got a short bob and her mom got her usual pixie cut. “Chelsea, at 5:30 you’d better be home or face the consequences,” her mother said as she walked by. “Your sister and I are going to the store and you’re going with us, then I’m going to drop you off here about 3:00 and I’m taking her to Sara’s house so she can spend the night and her mother and I can have a chat. When I get home you need to be here and if you’re not here at exactly 5:30 you’ll be in trouble. And I mean no phone, T.V., boyfriend, or computer for a month.”

“Is that it?” said Chelsea.

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“Ok, no going to friends’ houses for a month too,” said her mother back. “Now get your sister’s raincoat and yours and put it on so we can beat the big downpour,” her mother said as she put her coat on.

So they all went to the store and her mom dropped Chelsea off and she decided to go to Fani’s house to see what was going on. They played around and talked about boys and things for a few hours but Chelsea looked down at her watch and realized it was already 5:45. She knew she was in trouble so she raced home as fast as she could. She found a note that said to go down to the basement. So she did and she flipped the switch to turn the light on. Nothing went on so she kept flicking it. Suddenly her mother grabbed her and turned the light on and dragged her down the stairs.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING MOM?” she said as she struggled with her.

She took Chelsea and tossed her into a salon chair and then started to cinch her down with belts and a rope. She took a pair of scissors and cut her shirt off and did the same with her jeans.

“MOM, LET ME GO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Her mom then took out silver tape and gagged her. Chelsea then saw two other people walk in with some things.

She wondered what was going on as they set up things and her mom said stuff to their ears. As her mom spoke to them a woman took out a little orange thing and pulled the tape off Chelsea’s mouth and told her to open wide and bite down on the gag. She did so as then the woman pulled out a black cape and caped her and Chelsea realized that they were going to do something with her hair. The man then walked over and took out a comb and scissors and started combing out her hair as her mother walked next to her and just looked at her as they started to do their magic. Chelsea’s heart stopped when she heard the word “bald” when the woman spoke to her mom. The man guided her head straight and started cutting the sides and back.

But once he started cutting she thought to herself that she was just getting a haircut as he cut the hair to ear length with perfection and then cut it shorter with even more perfection. He then took out a set of clippers and plugged the cord into the cart. He turned them on and even though she thought it was just a normal haircut she was wrong. “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” was what she heard as he titled her head forward and started to buzz up her neck and head. He made one pass straight down her head and then went down the left side. He then began to work down the right side as Chelsea’s eyes began to work overtime with tears falling out like there was no end to them. The man kept working more and more on the head so she now had a short buzz cut when he stopped.

Chelsea’s mom walked in and released the gag and then told her not to scream. “Now Chealsea, we CAN make a deal here. If you want to keep the hair you have, you agree that for one month you can’t go to anyone’s house unless it’s for a school project or so necessary that you can’t miss it. Also you have to go to all Church related programs with Shannana and Sara no matter what and no going out past 6 o’clock. Or we can shave the hair and you can still do what you do right now. Now what’ll it be?” her mother said with a strange look on her face.

Chelsea looked at her and then said, “Shave me, you bitch.”

The man then re-gagged her as she just stared with an angry look on her face. He took out the largest blade and clippers he had and fired them up. He went down her head several times until nothing but stubs were left. He put the clippers down and drew out the razor and a handful of hot lather and applied it to her head. He put the lather on her head and took the razor and proceeded to carefully trim it all off. He did so but just when Chelsea thought he was done, he wasn’t.

The woman and Chelsea’s mom came out with a cart and a bowl of some kind of pink mush or liquid.

“How fresh is it?” said the man to the woman.

“It just came out and it’s the new formula so it should work.”

He brought the cart over and took out some towels and wrapped them around Chelsea’s neck and then took a hair cover and cut it in half and put it around the ears on her head. He put on a set of gloves and took a spoon and poured the pink stuff into a small bowl. He then took the same spoon and took it towards her head and then poured some on. It was warm and she loved the feeling of it as he spread it out. But she felt suspicious as it felt stingy and after the third pass with it the man stopped and said, “Congratulations Ms. Wimsatt, you are the first to test our permanent bald gel.” Her heart stopped and the tears started. She couldn’t believe it.

When they said permanently bald they meant it as weeks went by and not one hair grew out of her head. She wondered if she would ever grow hair again. Her mother did apologize to her for doing it but it did straighten Chelsea out as she stayed out of trouble more often and listened to her mother. Her friends couldn’t believe what happened. She wondered what her best friend Lizzy would look like with a bald head…


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