Pendek Sekali – Crewcut in Indonesia

Pendek Sekali - Crewcut in Indonesia

Pendek Sekali – Crewcut in Indonesia – BarberJos

Some months ago I wrote a small haircut story titled, “Crewcut in Ireland”, a mixture of holiday experience, hair fetish, etc. In fact it is the typical story about a man who hopes that his fetish will be shared by his partner. I am in the happy position that my present partner tolerates my fetish and nowadays likes her sometimes very short hair. At the same time I know and learn again and again that that I must be very careful with the fulfillment of my wishes and my needs to experiment with her hair looks, because she herself does not feel the need to have her hair as short as I like it.

For a year I have had a computer with internet facilities and one of the first things I did was to explore the net looking for sites with short-haired women. I did not tell my wife about the many hours that I spent reading messages of co-fetishists, seeing pictures of beautiful women, reading haircut stories etc. Many stories showed parts of hidden feelings and wishes. Often I had the feeling that they could have been written by myself. To a certain degree I found this discovery and utterance of my inner world extremely fascinating. Around ten years ago I read a big book about the psychology of the female. Alas I forgot the title. In that book there was also a chapter about hair fetish a.o. a story about a woman with a partner with an extreme short hair fetish. At that time I found it shocking that in the end the man had to undergo a lot of psychotherapeutic sessions in order to be saved of his “abnormality”.

How abnormal are we, how fixed on hair, almost forgetting the rest of the body etc of our partners or the women that are used or “bought” to produce the videos that are for sale.

For me short hair gives an ascetic pleasure, but it is also connected with sexual wishes.

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Search under “fetish” or read many haircut stories; you cannot escape the association with “pornography”, but alas also with sadism and prostitution. There are not many moral certainties in my life and I am not judging the good or bad of fetishes. What I know and feel is that the whole world of prostitution and pornography represents an extreme loneliness of those concerned and a shameless suppression of the women that are used.

As a human being I am ashamed of a lot of the short-haired business of egocentric men that are not interested in the feelings of women.

I am happy with the sites like the Catwalk hair salon, which offers women and girls a real opportunity to develop their feelings about short hair or even a headshave.

I cannot deny that my exploration of the short hair sites also influenced my taste and curiosity.

10 years ago I should have been happy when my partner had the courage to have her hair short at the sides (1-2 cm long) and about 4 cm long at the top. Nowadays I have a crewcut myself and even sometimes a shaved head during the holidays. And I was wondering and fantasizing how my partner would look with such short or even no hair.

This summer we were visiting again Indonesia and I suggested to my wife that we easily could visit the local barbers asking to cut our hair shorter and shorter in stages in the same way.

My wife did not like the idea at first, because she was afraid about the reactions of the barbers. However she also remembered that four years ago barbers in Indonesia cut her hair without any trouble and very well. In the months before we left to Indonesia we let our hair grow somewhat and I made it clear that we would end up with a perfect buzzcut, almost looking like a headshave. For my wife this was very extreme, the more because in Indonesia such (lack of) hair is extremely unusual for woman, except perhaps for girls in big towns.

It meant that we left The Netherlands with rather “long” hair leaving the clippers which we usually use at home, only taking thinning scissors which we could use if I had to improve our haircut in case a local barber should do his work less well than planned by me.

Our plane was fully booked and I was happy that we had two seats near the emergency exit.

Looking around in the plane my wife remarked that she still had short hair compared with most of the women in the plane. An exception was an apparently lesbian couple who had their hair in a short pixie cut. They observed my wife with more than usual interest, which she happily did not see. One of the frustrations of my wife is that she attracts with her short hair a more than usual attention of a certain type of lesbian woman, who seems to be attracted by her somewhat male-like hair. It costs me a lot of energy to explain to her that the reverse is true and that she looks very attractive and female with her nice face.

It reminds me of the other objections that she sometimes has against short hair.

Troubles with breast cancer reminds her often of the possibility that she could have lost all her hair, in case chemotherapy should have been necessary. Somebody who had not met her for many years even asked her if her short hair had something to do with chemotherapy.

My wife was married in the past to a Jewish man and very often she associated short hair/headshaves with the terrible circumstances in the concentration camps of the Nazis.

The curious thing is that orthodox Jewish women had/have to shave their heads as part of the marriage rituals. Whether they like it is another thing, even though as a hair fetishist I sometimes wonder about a sexual aspect.

Anyway we had a good flight to Singapore where we had to wait for our transfer to Medan.

Somewhere in one of the waiting rooms we saw a nice girl with extremely short buzzed hair, her white skull shining through. “A nice girl,” said my wife, “but heavens I do not hope, that you want my hair as short as that.” I did not say much, even though I enjoyed the good look of the girl.

“Let us see,” I said, “our hair will be cut gradually, and we can stop when we do not want it shorter.” I did not say “that will be very difficult with a headshave”

In Medan we had no troubles with the customs and very soon we were outside the airport on our way with a taxi to the city to look for Indonesian money, plundering the ATM’s. Originally I had the idea to visit our first barber already in Medan but we lost a lot of time to find Indonesian money, moreover we were very tired and the best seemed to leave the hot town as soon as possible. So after some hours we went on our way to Prapat at the Tobalake, without doubt a cooler place at 900 metres altitude. On our way we saw a lot of small barbershops and my wife reminded me sometimes about the forthcoming barber visits that were planned.

In Prapat I looked for the hotel where I sometimes stayed long ago, when I worked as an ecologist in Indonesia. We were the only guests in the hotel that looked rather grim and dirty. But we were very tired and I decided to take a room for one night.

After an hour our fatigue disappeared and we decided to make a short walk through the lake part of the town, which I remembered as a busy place with a lot of tourists during the whole year. We had already heard about the decrease of tourism in Indonesia, but the situation was really shocking. We just walked around and discovered a nice new hotel, almost no tourists again and discovered that this hotel was much cleaner and cheaper than the other one. We made a booking (not necessary) for the next day and walked to the market where I expected some barbers, but alas. In the main street there was a hairdresser for women, but that was not what I wanted.

Suddenly we were very tired and decided to look for food. In the busy restaurant of the old town there was only silence and only after some time a boy came looking and with some trouble we could order a simple nasi goreng, because all the other things were not available and must be ordered a day before.

I asked the boy if there was somewhere a barber, but after a lot of giggles he explained that the hairdresser, that we saw a moment ago, was the only place.

After our return to the hotel we went to bed and had a very sound sleep.

The next morning we moved to the other hotel, my wife was still tired and I went out to look for transport. I suddenly remembered that there was another part of the town along the highway.

Already soon I saw a sign “pangkas rambut” (haircutting) and saw a barbershop above a small river. As far as I could see the barber was busy, moreover I should go with Helen. Along the highway I discovered another barbershop where two girls where sitting. I asked for the barber but the girls tried to “push” me to the barber’s chair and I understood that one of them wanted to cut my hair. I said maybe later and walked somewhat around.

On my way back I entered the first barbershop and decided that my hair could be cut. In the shop were a lot of pictures of haircuts, male and female and I asked the barber if he could cut my wife’s hair. At first he pointed to a special chair and said that his wife should do my wife’s hair. I explained that her hair should be cut very short, almost as short as my hair.

In the end he agreed that it was okay and we started a discussion about the price, which for us was ridiculously low, but two times the local price.

I returned to the hotel and told my wife that I found a barber. She smiled and said that she expected that of course. We took a meal and afterwards went on our way to the barber.

My wife was somewhat nervous. The barber decided that my hair should be cut first. It would be clearer what should be done with my wife’s hair.

The barber did a good job with the clippers, cutting it over a comb at the top. Afterwards he gave a good massage.

Now it was my wife’s turn and I took the camera in order to make some pictures.

The daughter of the barber was present because she could translate our wishes to the barber, who only spoke Bahasa Indonesian. It was not necessary and only confusing because her English was poor and my command of the Indonesian language much better.

I explained that most of Helen’s hair should have a length of about half a cm and that the hair on top should be a little bit longer in front.

At ease, smiling to a man who came looking for us, he put a #2 attachment on his clippers. Soon locks of blonde hair began falling down from the sides. The rest of the hair on top was removed with the clippers without attachment, but working over a comb, leaving the hair somewhat longer in front as wished. Expertly the transitions from the short hair at the sides to the longer hair on the top where made. And Helen looked rather satisfied after the first barber visit. We walked back to the hotel happy with our much shorter hair, certainly also because the temperature was rather high. For the next day we rented a boat and we had a nice trip along the coast of the famous peninsula Samosir. It was rather relaxing and very good

For our conditions we were very tired after our long trip from Holland.

The following day I hired a taxi for a trip to some traditional villages and the town of Balige to see the traditional week market. We were the only foreigners and lots of children followed us and most of the local people were surprised y the extreme short hair of Helen.

In fact I had planned to visit a local barber for the next stage and Helen was prepared to enter a barbershop where at that moment a local man was getting a headshave. However so many children followed us that I cancelled this plan, moreover I had some intestinal troubles. It was a pity because 20 years before I had been in this town and seeing a local boy getting a headshave wondered how that would be.

Back in Prapat we decided that the next day we would visit our first barber, before we should go to Samosir where we had booked a room in a small isolated hotel far away from the villages and probably also far from the barbers.

My stomach troubles were over the next day and rather early in the morning we walked to our barber, but it was crowded and we decided to walk around.

I told Helen about the barbershop with the two girls and she was happy to go there even though she was satisfied with the work of the first barber.

“I wonder if the girls want to cut your hair,” I said. “The best is that they cut my hair first and then you just sit down in the chair.” Before we had discussed that Helen’s hair should be cut very, very short with an #1 attachment on the electric clippers.

We entered the shop with the girls where no customers were; the men of the village seemed to prefer the other barber.

I explained that my hair should be buzzed, expecting a quick job with the electric clippers.

To my surprise the work was done with hand clippers, something I enjoy very much.

Gradually all my hair disappeared. I had asked if they could shave me, but their knife caused a lot of pain so that I ended that part of my plan.

In between my wife had prepared all the postcards for Holland. When I was finished and left the barber’s chair she took my place to the surprise of the girls.

I explained the girls with a small lie that my wife likes very short hair (rambut pendek sekali) and told them that her hair should be somewhat longer than my hair. At my suggestion the girl started to remove the hair using the hand clippers over a small comb.

The comb was rather thin and that meant that the sides and back had an almost shaved appearance. Regularly the other girl looked to see if the work was neat enough and endless corrections led to a perfect result. At first the girl only wanted to cut the sides with the hand clippers leaving the hair on top longer, but I insisted that it should be cut also with clippers over comb. Even in that way she left the top hair longer, but made good work of the fringe. In the end we took a photograph of Helen with the two girls. The whole business took a lot of time and we had to hurry back to the hotel and to the harbour for our boat to Samosir.

We spend a whole week at the small hotel, sitting in the sun, swimming, sometimes going out for a walk etc.

I enjoyed Helen’s haircut and we made a lot of love, caressing and kissing each other’s head.

A week later we left for Sibolga a town at the Indian Ocean, where we planned to go to a small coral island some kilometres from the mainland.

It was a beautiful, but very tiring drive, along a road with hundreds of bends, so we arrived rather tired in a very hot and humid town, and decided to stay one night in an air-conditioned hotel with a good swimming pool.

Later in the afternoon I went to the town center to look for transport for next week and because I needed a good shave. I walked criss-cross through the town and discovered some barbershops near the bus station, but there were a lot of people waiting. I organized a taxi for the next week and returned to the hotel, where Helen told me that there was the possibility of massage. “In that case I will go to a barber while you have your nice massage,” I said. “And I will ask if a barber will cut your hair because it is still too long at the top.” I returned with a becak (3-wheeled bike) to the station and found one barber just finishing his customer. I asked if he had a real good knife for a shave. It seemed to be okay.

I saw that he had only hand clippers and asked him to make my hair as short as possible (habis semua). The barber was a short man even for Indonesia. The sides of my head he could easily reach, but for the cutting of the hair on top he had to bring his chair and me in the shaving position.

Anyway he did a good job and the shaving was not too bad. I was satisfied with the whole business and returned to the hotel where my wife was far from satisfied about the massage which resulted in a lot of blue marks on her arms and legs. Even worse she just missed a wonderful sunset. I told my wife that the barber, even though the shortest in Indonesia, was excellent and that her hair would be very fine again. She agreed, happy to satisfy my needs and the next morning early we walked through the town to the barber. I asked him if he could cut my wife’s hair and he just nodded.

After finishing his customer he asked my wife to sit down and asked how it should be done.

“Also habis semua.”

“Just like you?” he asked.

I just hesitated, because I should have been happy enough. “No,” I said, “very, very short at the sides and above on top just still a little bit of hair and gradually somewhat longer to the front.”

The barber looked for a very thin comb and just like the girls in Prapat started to cut the hair with the hand clippers over the comb, gradually making it slightly longer higher up. At a certain moment when we thought that he had finished this part of the work he frowned, laid down the comb and without asking started to shave away the hair at the sides and back with the clippers.

We were totally surprised, but the result was stunning. Again the barber made a lot of work of the transitions. After that he cut a little bit of the hair on top and the fringe and declared the work finished. I was too surprised by the whole action to ask to make the hair above still shorter. The surprising thing was that Helen had a perfect male haircut, but it showed her extremely female. I was very aroused by this mixture of male and very female attraction. Unnecessary to tell that the whole thing gave a lot of sexual pleasure for both of us.

We spent some very good days at the Island swimming, resting, reading, making love etc.

The question of the barber, “habis semua,” was still in my mind when some days later we travelled on to Sipirok, a small town more in the centre of Sumatra. We looked around in the surroundings of this cool town and made a trip to the old rests of Hindu temples. In a small town we asked a barber to cut Helen’s hair but he flatly refused, referring us to a real hairdresser. It was a pity because the shop was like an old barber museum.

The next and last day we went to a barber in Sipirok at the market. It was an open shop where everybody could see what happens and to our surprise it was rather quiet. In fact both of us should have a haircut and Helen announced that it should be the last one during this holiday.

The barber worked rather slowly and in the end, to the surprise of the barber, Helen took her seat. I asked the barber, who had electric clippers, straight away to cut her hair at the sides without attachment, so that it would look like shaved again and the part above should be done with the #1. At first he started again with #1 over a comb, but I made clear that it should be really very, very short. In the end only a little bit of hair at the fringe was somewhat longer, the rest was hardly 2mm long. Helen had the shortest crewcut she ever had. I still enjoy of the photographs of her hair when it was just cut. They could be good for the Catwalk Hair Salon, but we are afraid of our privacy.

A week later I made a big mistake suggesting that she could have a headshave now, she flatly refused and I think she was quite right now. It was a good thing because I realized now very well how far she had gone and probably will go in future holidays.

Later on I had my first real headshave with a knife, but Helen had made clear how very far she went.


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