Patience Pays Off

Patience Pays Off

Patience pays off … – JustAnAce

This is a story of one incredible night …

It was the end of a long and frustrating day. My wife Rachel and I had both just gotten home, and were ready to relax. Not wanting to simply plant ourselves in front of the television , we tried to come up with something we hadn’t done in a while. That’s when Rachel proposed taking a bath together. We hadn’t done that since before we were married, so we set about getting ready.

Rachel went upstairs and began running the water, while I went to our bedroom and turned on the stereo, playing some relaxing music. I then went downstairs and poured two glasses of wine. When I returned to the bathroom, Rachel had lit candles in the room, shut off the lights, and climbed into the tub.

Before I go further, I must describe Rachel. Rachel is a striking lady, mid-20’s, about 5′ 9″, with long, straight blonde hair. Her hair reaches down to the middle of her back, and she has had it that way since before we met. I had mentioned several times how I thought she should cut it, and tried convincing her to do it, but she was never ready. I didn’t want to force her, so let it go for a while.

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Rachel had pulled her hair up on top of her head with an elastic band, to keep it from getting wet. I climber into the tub behind Rachel, and she leaned back against me, her head on my chest. I began to stroke her hair, when she looked up and asked me if I liked her hair. I said yes, that it was very beautiful. She then asked if I still thought she should get it cut. I paused for a second, and then said “Yes, I do.” She turned back around, and set her head back on my chest. After a few moments, she said “Maybe sometime, when I get the nerve.”

After a few minutes of soaking in the tub, Rachel shifted her body around, laying on her stomach, and began kissing my chest. She slowly worked her way down, stopping just above my crotch. She then looked up at me, and said “There’s some scissors in the cabinet next to the tub.” It took me a second to realize what she had just said. I slowly reached for the scissors inside the cabinet, and looked at Rachel. She smiled and said “Just be gentle,” and lowered her head.

I gently grasped her hair, moving it forward on her head. I repositioned the elastic on her head, moving it further down the ponytail, leaving approximately 2 inches on the top of her head, the rest in a ponytail draping forward. She asked me what I was doing, and I told her I heard about this technique over the Web. I lifted the ponytail, which was now about 12 inches long, and gently began to cut. As I did, Rachel let out a gasp. This gasp was not one of fright, but of excitement. She began to breathe more shallowly, the excitement in her rising, as it was in me. I cut further through the ponytail, watching the hair fall around me, until I had cut all the way through. Rachel’s hair was surrounding us in the tub. I then repositioned the elastic, moving it further back on her head, to trim more of the back. Her bangs began to fall around her face, framing it beautifully.

As I repositioned the elastic, Rachel noticed how excited I was. Without saying anything, she took me into her mouth and began to gently suck. Her head bobbed, ever so slightly, so not to disrupt my cutting. I began to cut again. As I did, Rachel began to moan in excitement. I could barely contain myself, but I had a mission to complete. I finished cutting the middle section, and began to work on the back. Each time I would grab the ponytail, and cut just above the elastic, just enough so the hair would not fall out. I finally finished cutting the back. Rachel then raised her head, and looked at me. Most of her hair was still wrapped in the elastic, and I reached to remove it. She stopped me, and smiled. She then said “You’re not finished yet.”

Rachel slid her hips underneath her, and pushing her pelvis up against mine. She then asked me to “give her a trim.” I reached for my shaving cream and razor, and spread the cream across her pubic hair. I slowly began to shave Rachel’s crotch, gently and slowly. After a few moments, her pubic hair was gone.

Before I realized what was going on, Rachel mounted me, and we began to make love. We began to rock, feeling the excitement mounting in each other. Then, just before we reached climax, Rachel stopped and stood up. She turned on the shower, and began to rinse the hair off her body. I was in shock, but she smiled, and asked me to wash her off. I did, and rinsed off myself. Rachel then told me to pour two more glasses of wine, and wait in the bedroom. She said she would be a few minutes longer, and for me to “be patient.” She said patience always pays off.

I poured the wine, and patiently waited in the bedroom. I could hear movement in the back bedroom, and then running water in the bathroom. I was tempted to look, but decided to “be patient.”

After what seemed like an eternity, Rachel came to the door. She opened it slightly, and told me to shut off the lights except for the one next to the bed, and to close my eyes. I obliged her, and waited. Rachel then told me to open my eyes.

Rachel had brought in two of the lit candles from the bathroom, and had placed them on the dresser in front of the bed. She stood at the foot of the bed, in front of the mirror on the dresser. She was dressed in the white merry-widow she wore on our honeymoon night, but with no panties. She had silky white stockings on, and a see through shawl. There my blond goddess stood in all of her beauty. Her freshly shaved crotch was glistening. And then there was her hair …

My Rachel, who had hair that touched the middle of her shoulders, now had a beautiful bob that barely touched the back of her neck. Her bangs gently fell across her face, brushing the middle of her ears. She was beautiful. But there was something else …

In those few minutes Rachel was in the bathroom alone, she used a lightening mixture her hairdresser had given her to keep her highlights. My Rachel had gone from a light honey blonde to a near platinum blonde. She looked stunning.

I sat there, unable to speak. Rachel then giggled, asking “So, do you like it?” Without saying a word, I swept my wife off her feet, and we made love all night.

Before we drifted off to sleep, my newly shorn wife and I, Rachel rolled over and coyly said “Maybe next time you’ll get to use your clippers.”

This is completely true, so help me.


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