Pair of ‘Genes’

Pair of 'Genes'

A Pair of ‘Genes’ by DPTemplar

The title, as you will soon learn, will try to make sense by the end of the tale. I would like to apologize to Stan Lee, and to anyone at Marvel comics, as well as any celebrities this will mention; this is merely fiction, used for entertainment. Thank you, and enjoy the story.

John had just gotten out of his hangover; the sun was still an enemy to his eyes, but this time, it wasn’t as bad as it was hours ago. But still, the urban jungle known as New York City was ever active, ever stimulating. That, thought John, will be the last bachelor party he’ll ever throw. As he was walking to the store to get a drink, a small commotion took place. He looked to see where it was coming from. It emerged from a modest-sized barber shop. He walked in to see a beautiful Asian woman sitting in the chair; she had thick brunette hair down to her shoulders, and bore a striking resemblance to adult film star Asia Carrera. She told the barber, “Give me the usual.” The next thing John knew, the barber picked up a pair of clippers, and removed the guard, and mowed her head right down the middle! John was both shocked and aroused by seeing this stunning vision get her head shorn. After being left with less to nothing on her head, hot foam was rubbed vigorously, and shaved off with a long stropping razor. A man who was next in line for the chair whispered to John, “That’s funny…this is the third time this week she came in here for a head shave.”

John was now puzzled… how can this woman have gotten her head shaved for the THIRD time this week? That’s impossible… a scientific anomaly… perhaps a rift in the space-time continuum? Or maybe… something she’s not telling everyone….

After she had paid the barber, John built up enough courage to ask her name. Christina. Ah, what a lovely name, for a lovely woman. He was attracted to her before she was shaved, and now she looked just as hot with a shiny sexy bald head. John was the kind of guy that respected people and their wishes; he didn’t ask why she had her head shaved, but rather he asked another question. “Listen, I don’t want to start trouble, but this guy told me that you came in here twice this week for a head shave, and now you did it again? How? You have a full head of hair? What’s going on?”

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Christina knew that John wouldn’t stop until the truth was revealed. “Okay,” she said, “I’ll tell you. Follow me back to my place.” Already, for John, the day was getting better and better. People were complimenting Chris for her new look; a rare amount of the comments were negative hurtful remarks, but she shrugged them off. Finally, she came to her apartment door, and let her new friend in. Inside was Chris’ roommate.

Her roommate looked familiar to John. He’d seen her somewhere before… wait a minute… Christina “Genie in a Bottle” Aguilera is her roommate? No way! he thought, because first off, Aguilera is a blonde, and this woman has shoulder-length auburn hair, plus she was taller than the singer. “Angie, this is John. He may be on to us.” John shook Angie’s hand with caution.

“…On to us?

“John,” asked Angie, “are you an open-minded man?”

“Sure,” he replied. “Why, are you two gay or something? I mean, that’s okay with me.”

“No, we’re bi, actually, but thanks for asking,” Angie jokingly answered.

Then Christina chimed in. “No, what she meant was… are you okay with mutants?”

Mutants! These gorgeous women were mutants?

“Sure, I’m okay with it. Wait, you’re not with that gang the X-Men, are you?”

Chris laughed and said, “No, although it wouldn’t be so bad to join them… to kick ass and take names.”

Angie then told their guest that she and Chris have the same mutant power: cell and gene control. “Anything that we lose on our body, we can grow it back. No, we can’t heal fast, but if I break a nail, I can grow it back just like that.”

Now John understood the head shaving. “Oh, I see! So, Chris, you wanted to get a head shave, because you loved it so much, and you knew that you can grow it back anytime you pleased, right?” Christina nodded, and then, much to John’s chagrin, she demonstrated her mutant powers. Quickly, her thick brown hair grew back, to a length slightly longer than what it was. She then went and turned her brown eyes to green. “As we said, John, cell and gene manipulation; this includes eye color.”

“Chris and I not only have the same powers,” said Angie, “but we also have a hair fetish. I love to get my hair cut and shaved, too. We don’t do it often, but when we do, WHOA! What a rush!”

Christina then looked at John soulfully in the eyes and went, “John, most people here in New York don’t like mutants, and some people have no idea about our hair fetish. But you’re rare; you can hang with us. What do you say… want to be a partner?”

John couldn’t believe it; to work with 2 beautiful women, to help in their shaving escapades whenever they feel like it? “Sure thing!” he replied. He and the two mutant babes shook hands, and started a long-lasting relationship.



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