Office Shave

Office Shave


The Lynstrom business partners, Steve, Joe, Rick, and Cheryl, were meeting in the Conference Room to discuss the status of the company and their vision of where they would like it to go. While they were taking care of business the subject of team work and unity was brought up. “To promote unity, we shaved our heads to bring about a team spirit type atmosphere. Cheryl, we have been trying to come up with something that all of us could do to bring us together as a team, but I have not come up with anything. I doubt you would want to shave your head, but I’m sure we will come up with something.” Steve said, hoping he might get to shave her head. Cheryl looked at each of them intently, admiring their shaved heads, because she had always wished to try a buzzcut or a shave. And, she was getting tired of her mid-back length rust-red hair.

As Cheryl looked at each guy, she said, “So, you think that I would not shave my head? Well, I’ve always wished to … . Why not, it might be interesting to see what it looks like and how it might feel. I’d be willing to, … unless you’re afraid of a bald headed woman?” She looked around at their surprised looks. “Well, when do you want me to get my head shaved?”, Cheryl asked.

Rick was looking straight at her with his mouth wide open, that he could hardly speak, but he managed to utter his words, saying: “Why not do it now?”

“Yeah, … why not now?”, asked Joe, trying in his mind to picture what Cheryl would look like with a shaved head.

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“Okay. I’m ready to shave my head bald as a cue ball, nice and smooth,” Cheryl said excitedly and kind of surprised at her own excitement.

Steve sat up a chair in the room, while Joe went to get the barber bag from Rick’s office. Cheryl took off her jacket and sat down in the chair and Joe took out the clippers, the razor, and the shaving cream. Then Rick came back with some water and a couple of towels. Holding the electric clippers, Steve inquired: “Cheryl, are you ready?”

“Yes Steve, … shave me bald,” Cheryl responded, enthusiastically, while running her hand through her hair. As Rick and Joe watched, Steve turned the clippers `ON’, which sent a jolt through them all. Cheryl laughed at them at the sight of seeing grown men jump. At this point, Steve put the clippers above her forehead and started by mowing a strip down the center of her head which left an exposed white strip. He continued to clip away, strip after strip until he had buzzed the top of her head. As Joe took the clippers, Cheryl ran her hands over the top of her head.

“Hey, that feels good, and cool. WOW!!!”, Cheryl exclaimed as the air hit her exposed head.

Joe started by clipping the hair off in front of her ears and around them and clipped the rest off the right side. Then he ran the clippers up the back of her nape and continued to clip the rest of her hair off on the right side of her head. Rick came over to clip the rest off the left side and the remainder off the back. As Rick clipped the back, Cheryl was getting excited, but was being careful to not show it because she didn’t want the guys to know. After clipping the hair off the left side of her head, Rick ran the clippers all over her head to make sure all of the hair was cleaned off.

Cheryl ran both of her hands over her head to find a small bit of stubble, saying: “I thought it was shaved, but there is some stubble still left. Feels good, though. I’ve always wanted to try shaving my head just to see what it would feel like, but I could never get up the courage. You are going to shave me with a razor, aren’t you?”

“Oh yes, we are,” Steve said, as he put a wet towel on her head. Steve continued, saying, “This will get your head wet, so that you will get a closer and cleaner shave. And, it will keep razor burn down.”

“I want to shave some of my own head,” Cheryl said. After removing the towel, Rick applied a thick coat of shaving cream to her head and rubbed it in, letting it soak for a few minutes. She then took the razor and dragged a two inch strip down the center of her head exposing a smooth spot that sent tingles down her back. At this point all three men proceeded to shave Cheryl’s head, while she shaved some more of the top. They worked at the same time, shaving the sides and back of her head until she was shaved completely bald. Afterwards, Steve rubbed in aloe vera onto her scalp, which made her head take on a shine like a cue ball. As the guys stepped back to look, Cheryl rubbed her hands over her head, exclaiming: “WOW!!! Guys, … this really feels good. It is soo neat and smooth and soft,” as she giggled to herself.

At the end of the day, she went home, without wearing the wig that they had bought her. She attracted much attention driving down the freeway and got a lot of beeps from other peoples car horns. But, she just could not keep her hands off her smooth head, which was a great turn on. After a few days of the bald look, she decided that she liked it and continued to keep it shaved.



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