Nurse Brooks’ Barber Shop Part III – The Birthday Party

Nurse Brooks' Barber Shop Part III - The Birthday Party

The following story contains a forced female head shaving, spanking, and forced infantilism. It is intended as a fantasy for adults, and does not advocate such activities in real life. If such material offends you, do not read any further.

NURSE BROOKS’ BARBER SHOP PART III – “The Birthday Party” – Joan Rathburn dedicated to Janice, who requested it.

Cindy Manning looked at herself closely in the mirror and looked ruefully at her walnut hair, that walnut-colored hair that fell limply against the middle of her ear. She thought back with shame to the day six months ago when Miss Brooks, the school nurse and spanked her and given her a crew cut, and then Cindy’s mother’s friend Jane had shaved her head and whipped her. So much had changed since that day. Cindy’s mother had been transferred to Japan, and Cindy had had to move in with Jane. The tall, close cropped black woman had become a second mother to Cindy, although a much more strict one. Cindy looked woefully at the clock, and realized that the guests would be arriving soon. The week after her punishment that six months ago, Jane took Cindy to a meeting with Nurse Brooks, and the two women had struck up a fast friendship that made them inseparable chums. Today was Miss Brooks’ daughter Amy’s sixth birthday, and Jane had volunteered to host the party. Cindy cringed as she envisioned herself serving cookies and Kool-Aid to a bunch of little brats and old fuddy-duddies. Taking a deep breath, she began applying some rouge to her cheeks.

“What are you doing, young lady?” Cindy was startled by Jane’s voice. She hadn’t heard her guardian standing at the door, but realized that she must have been standing there for some minutes. “N…nothing,” stuttered the girl, guiltily, trying to hide the forbidden makeup.

“Well,” said Jane, too busy setting up to take the time to discipline the girl, “go wash your face. And take those blue jeans off and get into your party dress! The guests are almost here!”

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Cindy rolled her eyes to the heavens. “Do I HAVE to wear the party dress, Aunt Jane,” the girl whined. She hated the frilly pink smock that Jane had forced her to wear to any social gathering. It had the same ultra-short hemline that all of her dresses now had since Jane had thrown out her designer clothes the day of her arrival. The dress had puffy pumpkin sleeves and a Peter Pan collar that made her look like she was ten.

“Yes you do,” countered Jane, smoothing her own white skirt. “And I thought I told you to get rid of those pants. Of course, if you want to look like a boy, I can get the scissors and cut your hair so that you’ll look like a boy.”

In an instant, Cindy rose and began pulling off the blue jeans.

“And put your hair in pig tails,” ordered Jane. “I want you to look pretty today!”

Jane walked back towards the kitchen as Cindy stuck her tongue out at the woman after she had disappeared from sight. She kicked off the blue jeans and then peeled her tee-shirt off. Sadly, she began twisting the little hair she could grab from one side of her head, and wrapped a rubber band around it. Then, she did the same on the other side. She walked over to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a pair of the frilly white panties Aunt Jane made her wear, and pulled them on. They were really too small for her, so that the top of her behind was clearly visible, but she paid it no mind as she reached for a pair of the dozens of white knee socks she was forced to wear. After they were pulled into place, the girl stepped into her buckled bright red party shoes. That left only the dress. The corners of Cindy’s mouth drooped into a miserable frown as she opened the closet to get the hated garment. She took it off its wooden hanger and slid it over her smooth tanned shoulders down her body. She pulled it down several times, mindful that her panties were clearly visible from the too-short hem. “I can’t WAIT till this is over,” said Cindy to herself as she went into the bathroom to scrub off the rouge.

As Cindy was washing her face, Nurse Brooks and Amy arrived. Cindy wasn’t crazy about Miss Brooks, but tried to treat her with civility out of fear of being disciplined. But she openly hated Amy. Whenever Miss Brooks and Jane did anything together, Cindy always had to be Amy’s “buddy” on the trip. The little brat was extremely jealous of Cindy getting preferential treatment, so Amy and Cindy were treated exactly the same.

“It’s your own fault,” Jane always derided the eighteen year old. “If you wouldn’t act like a little girl, I wouldn’t have to treat you like one!”

Cindy didn’t have to say much to either, as Amy’s little friends and their parents began arriving en masse and Cindy was expected to act as the server. She stayed pretty much to herself, until Jane told her that it was time to sit down to lunch. Cindy went over and perused the adults’ table, and grudgingly sat in the only vacant seat next to Miss Brooks.

“What are you doing, honey,” asked the nurse as Cindy plopped herself down.

“I’m sitting down for lunch,” answered the girl mindful not to put too much sarcasm in her voice. “What do you think?”

“That’s where your Aunt Jane is going to sit after she finishes serving us,” responded the blonde Miss Brooks with a smile. “Your seat is over there.”

Nurse Brooks pointed over to the two card tables that had been pushed together near the corner. Cindy saw that Jane was already serving paper plates of small portions of liver and onions to the children seated there, and had just placed an identical portion in the only unoccupied spot.

“But, that’s the kiddie table,” said an incredulous Cindy.

“That’s right,” smiled Miss Brooks. “You’re sitting next to Amy. Scoot over there, or your lunch will get cold.”

Her face flushing a bright scarlet, Cindy trudged over to the kiddie table. She lowered herself to sit, but came down with a crashing thud as she realized that she had been given the same miniature chair that the six year old around her had. She tried to ignore the screaming brats around her as she stuck a plastic fork into the lukewarm liver, as Jane began serving steak to the table she had just left.

“Today’s my birthday!” screamed Amy, the boisterous birthday girl, into Cindy’s ear. Cindy looked down at her distastefully, and realized that both she and the little brat were wearing identical dresses.

“Ask me if I give a shit,” responded Cindy quietly as she lifted a fork-full of liver to her mouth.

“Ummmmm!” replied the little girl. “You said a bad word. You’re going to get you’re mouth washed out again.”

Cindy’s eyes glazed over as she recalled the time Jane had heard little Amy use a curse word, and playfully threatened to wash the girl’s mouth out with soap, “just like I do with Cindy”. The only difference was that Amy just got tickled for her transgression, while Cindy’s mouth really was washed out at least once a week. Cindy began burning with rage at the thought, and lashed out at the little girl.


The ferocity of Cindy’s voice burst Amy into tears and sent the girl screaming to her mother. Jane was at Cindy’s side in less than two seconds.

“How DARE you misbehave at this birthday party,” hissed the sable-skinned beauty while grabbing Cindy’s wrist, as the five year-olds around her giggled uninhibitedly. Jane pulled Cindy up from her miniature chair and began dragging her to the empty corner by the TV. Cindy had been taken to that spot many times since moving in, but she couldn’t BELIEVE that Jane would do it in front of a bunch of people. But sure enough, when they reached their destination, Jane let go of Cindy and pointed to the corner.

“You stand in the corner,” ordered the woman. “And you can’t come out until you’re ready to apologize to Amy and everyone else here!”

Cindy pleaded to Jane with her eyes not to humiliate her like this, but Jane showed no sign of reprieve, so Cindy walked slowly to the corner. She had been sent to this banishment at least three times a week, and knew the drill well. She stood a half inch from the corner, careful not to touch any part of the wall, keeping her body rigidly at attention. She tried desperately that she was somewhere…ANYWHERE…else, but all that she could think about was that her shame was being witnessed by a group of five and six year-olds and their parents only a few feet behind her. The guests took a half hour to finish their lunch, as Cindy continued standing rigidly. As they concluded their meals, Jane walked over to Cindy and whispered in her ear.

“Are you ready to apologize?” Cindy sadly shook her head.

“Everyone,” said Jane loudly to the room, gaining everyone’s attention, “I think Cindy has something to say.

Cindy turned slowly around and surveyed the gathering. The adults all had judgmental frowns on their faces, while the little kid made no attempt to hide their delight at her situation. Cindy’s voice shook as she spoke.

“I’m sorry I was bad everyone,” said the eighteen year old, as the adults murmured a begrudging forgiveness. Cindy looked to Jane for closure, but the statuesque beauty tilted her head towards the birthday girl. “I’m sorry, Amy” Cindy added, as the little girl rewarded her with an obnoxious smirk.

“Why don’t you come with me, Cindy,” said Miss Brooks cheerfully in an attempt to lighten the mood of the room. “Jane, you watch Amy while I fix Cindy up.”

Nurse Brooks took Cindy by the hand and walked her towards Jane’s bedroom. As they disappeared into the door, the last thing Cindy saw was Jane’s angry sneer.

“This hasn’t been your day,” said Miss Brooks as she closed the door behind them. “I think you probably shouldn’t have had that liver for lunch. Let’s go into the bathroom, and I’ll fix you up.”

Sadly, Cindy walked into the bathroom as the nurse followed closely behind. Cindy’s stomach sank as she saw Miss Brooks reach into a cabinet and pull out a rubber enema bag.

“All you need is a little cleaning out,” said the nurse cheerfully as she began filling the bag with warm water. “Bend over the counter, and I’ll take care of you.”

Cindy knew better than to argue with one of Nurse Brooks’ enemas. As much as she hated them, it was better to get an enema than a spanking AND an enema, which is what would happen if she dared protest. Cindy bent over the counter, and curled her toes as she felt the nurse glide her frilly panties down her legs.

“Step out of these,” said the nurse cheerfully, “and stand with your legs wide apart.”

Cindy obeyed without hesitation. Within seconds, she could feel Nurse Brooks’ warm hand pulling the cheeks of her fanny wide apart and inserting the plastic hose of the enema bag. The girl flinched for a moment as the stiff hose entered her anus, and then felt her stomach coil tightly as the warm soapy water made its way through the hose and into her system. Cindy buried her face into her forearm and gritted her teeth.

“It’s almost over,” said Nurse Brooks gently, as she rubbed Cindy’s right fanny cheek. The nurse removed the hose, and told Cindy to put her legs together to keep the wash from coming out. Cindy remained bent over the counter for five more minutes.

“Okay,” smiled Miss Brooks, “I think that should do the trick. Why don’t you sit on the potty and expel what you need to.”

Cindy lunged for the toilet and sat down, she expected Nurse Brooks to give her some privacy, but the woman gave no indication of leaving. Cindy had no choice but to continue her business. After she finished, the nurse pulled some toilet paper off the roll and gently pulled Cindy up. The girl stood in shock as Miss Brooks began wiping her bottom for her.

“That’s better,” smiled Nurse Brooks. “Now you stay here. I’ve got something for you.”

The woman disappeared for a few seconds, and returned with a spoon and a jar of mysterious liquid. Cindy tried to read the label as Miss Brooks poured out a large spoonful, and winced at what she saw: it was castor oil.

“You swallow this,” purred the nurse, “and you’ll feel much better.” The nurse thrust the spoon into Cindy’s mouth, and the girl swallowed the wretched stuff. Her face screwed into a disgusted grimace as the bitter oil made contact with her taste buds, but she swallowed it all down. “Good girl,” smiled Miss Brooks.

She was about to help Cindy back on with her panties when Jane walked into the door, talking to the nurse, but all the while staring angrily at Cindy.

“The party’s broken up,” she intoned coldly. “Everyone’s gone except Amy.”

“Well,” said Miss Brooks, “we should be going too. Cindy has developed a sensitive stomach. You ought to put her on baby food for a while.”

“That,” said Jane, “is an excellent idea. Let me walk you out.”

Cindy sat on the bed as the two friends walked out the door. She knew that the look on Jane’s face meant that she was going to get it bad this time. The girl got up and walked into her own bedroom, taking off the hated party dress and carefully hanging it back in her closet. Eager to please Jane, she slipped into some blue tights and a white frilly dress. She began tying some blue ribbons in her pigtails when Jane walked in the room.

“That was quite a show you put on today,” said Jane, her voice steaming with rage. “I hope that you’re proud of yourself.”

Cindy looked guiltily at the ground. “And Amy told me that you said you ‘didn’t give a shit’ that it was her birthday,” she continued. “What about that?”

Cindy remained silent as she felt her face flush with shame. Jane grabbed the girl’s arm and began dragging her back into the bathroom. Cindy had made the march too many times to try and protest. She looked down sadly as Jane once again turned on the tap and grabbed the soap. Cindy obediently opened her mouth in expectation of the soap being thrust in. She closed her eyes and crossed her hands behind her back as Jane began scrubbing out her tongue and gums. As Cindy made what seemed like her one millionth lunge for the running water since moving in the house, Jane reached into a drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. As Cindy rose from the tap, and saw the shears, she knew that only meant one thing.

“Sit down, young lady,” commanded Jane icily. “Now.”

Cindy bit down hard as she sat on the folding chair in the bathroom, but offered no protestations as Jane threw the terry cloth towel over her shoulders. The girl stared sadly in the mirror as Jane grabbed one of her pigtails and hacked it off with a single SNIP! of the scissors, and then did the same to the other side. Cindy continued sitting limply as Jane took the hair clippers from off their hook on the wall, a reminder to Cindy that this is what would happened if she misbehaved too badly one day. This was the day, as the loud buzz of the clippers hummed loudly in her ears as Jane sheared her hair back down to stubble. The girl still felt nothing as shaving cream was smoothed roughly over her scalp, and the razor reduced her once again to being completely bald. Jane ordered Cindy to stand up. The girl was expecting to be sent to bed then and there, but was in for a surprise.

“Take off your clothes,” Jane commanded. “Now!”

Her face finally flushing with foreboding, Cindy peeled off the frilly white dress and unbuckled her black patent leather shoes. She slid off the blue tights, and stood shivering before Jane nervously.

“Since you behaved like a little baby today,” said Jane, still fingering the razor, “you ought to look like a little baby.”

Jane got down on her knees and began spreading shaving cream over Cindy’s pubic hair. The girl flinched slightly, but stood still while the dark skinned woman made a few swipes with a razor. Seconds later, Jane was looking at herself in the mirror, and beholding the image of a girl who looked younger than any of the children at the birthday party that afternoon. But Jane wasn’t finished yet. She grabbed a big wooden hairbrush off the counter, and pulled Cindy back into the bedroom. Jane sat on the bed and pulled Cindy over her lap in one motion. She wasted no time in beating the girl’s backside. Cindy had been spanked by a lot of women since moving into the house, but nothing compared to the spankings Jane gave her. Jane spanked harder with her bare hand than Cindy’s Principal did with her paddle! And with the hairbrush, Cindy began her usual wild Indian dance over Jane’s lap as the hard wood met the reddening skin of her bottom again and again and again. Cindy was crying hysterically, so much so that she hadn’t noticed that Jane was omitting her usual lecture over the spanking. She was too angry to lecture the girl this time. She thought that she had sensed a change in Cindy since she moved in, but after today, that change obviously hadn’t happened. Drastic steps would have to be taken, and now.

Still not saying a word, Jane finished the spanking and threw the hairbrush across the room. She pulled Cindy off her lap, and dragged the girl into her own bedroom, throwing her down on the bed. She disappeared for a moment, and came back with a towel, some safety pins, and a bottle of baby oil. Cindy was still crying as Jane began rubbing the baby oil over her bottom and freshly shaved private parts, and then folding the towel between her legs and around her hips, snapping it firmly into place with the pins. Cindy was still crying, so Jane finally reached back and slapped the girl’s face as hard as she could. It had the desired effect as Cindy stifled her tears and grabbed her cheek in pain. She seemed to shrink as Jane glared at her in anger.

“Since you’ve decided to act like a baby,” she began as Cindy dared not even blink, “you’re going to be treated like a baby. Tomorrow, I’m taking all of your dresses to the salvation army, and you’ll wear only diapers until you learn to behave. It’s now 4:00 in the afternoon. From now on, your bedtime is 3:30. You will eat baby food exclusively, and drink from a bottle. When you begin to act like a young lady, you’ll begin to be treated like a young lady. Until then, you may not use the bathroom, only your diapers. You may not go ANYWHERE without grown-up supervision, and your head and private parts will be shaved three times a day.”

Jane finally paused to give Cindy an opportunity to respond to her new regimen. The girl said nothing. Jane gave her a final, disappointed look, and walked out with three final words:

“Then, good night!”


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