Now or Never

Now or Never

Now or Never A Hair Story by Ian White

Maggie woke bright and early on this particular Sunday morning and made herself a nice hot mug of tea. As she looked out of the window, she could see that it was a typical autumn morning, bright and breezy, if not a little cool. She walked away from the window and into the bathroom, where she turned on the shower. She then got undressed and stepped into the shower cubicle, allowing the warm water to envelop her entire body. As she washed herself, she started to think about her day ahead. There wasn’t anything that she really needed to do, although she thought it would be nice to go out for a little while later and get some fresh air. After spending about ten minutes under the running water of the shower, she turned it off and, picking up a towel from just outside the cubicle door, dried herself off. Stepping outside, she put on her dressing gown and looked at her reflection a mirror on the bathroom wall.

She picked up a comb and, running it through her hair, was quite surprised as to how long it had grown. She had meant to book an appointment to have it trimmed last week, but had been so busy at work, that she had simply forgotten. It was at that moment that an idea came into her head. For quite a while now, she had been thinking about having her hair cut really short in a barbershop and as the thought had grown, she had searched around for one where she could go and get a real haircut. Only the other week she had found the ideal place on her way home from work and noticed that they opened on a Sunday. Well, here was the perfect opportunity to carry through her idea. She really had no excuses not to do it, after all, it was a Sunday, she had nothing else planned and it was only a short drive to the barber’s shop. So her mind was made up, she put down the comb, walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom to get dressed.

She tried on several different sets of clothes and was quite undecided as to what to wear, which was unusual for her, as she was always very specific about what to wear and when. It must be because I’m nervous, she thought, as the reality of her decision started to kick in. As she thought about her impending visit to the barber’s, she started to feel a mixture of nervousness and excitement, causing her heart to start pounding. She was a strong woman though and took a deep breath, putting all thoughts to the back of her mind as she decided what clothes to wear. In the end she chose a pair of jeans, a white blouse and fawn coloured sweater, which she quickly put on. As she looked at herself in the long mirror in her bedroom, she noticed that her blonde hair had dried naturally, so she just ran her fingers through it to tidy up any loose tresses. After all, she would soon be having it cut, so it didn’t need to look that perfect. With that thought, she stepped out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. It was still quite early, so she decided to make herself another mug of tea, before heading off for her appointment with destiny.

It was around 8.30 a.m. as she left her condo and got into her car. The barbershop was only a short drive away, so she decided to take it nice and slow. It was such a beautiful autumn morning and as she drove down the road, Maggie noticed how the leaves were starting to fall from the tall trees that lined it. What a great day for a haircut she thought, trying to build up the courage she knew she lacked. She had only been driving for what seemed like a short while, when she noticed the barbershop ahead of her. The street was deserted, so she pulled up right outside and as she came to a halt, she switched off the engine, got out of the car and locked the doors. She walked around the back of the car, stepped onto the sidewalk and walked slowly along the front of the shop. As she glanced through the window, she could see that the shop was empty, except for a man sitting in the first chair reading a newspaper. That must be the barber, she thought as she stepped up to the door and took hold of the handle. She paused momentarily and thought to herself, well it’s now or never, so taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open and walked into the small, but brightly lit, barber’s shop. The barber looked around as he heard the door open and greeting Maggie with a smile, got up out of the chair, putting the newspaper he had been reading down on a small rack by the window. Maggie removed her coat and hung it on the coat stand in the corner, together with her little shoulder bag. As she turned around, she could see that the barber was waiting for her.

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He was a tall man in his late thirties, but the most distinguishable feature about this man was his hair. It was closely cropped in a type of crew cut, with the back and sides almost shaved. Maggie really liked that type of haircut and hoped to have her own hair cut that way one day, but knew that she would need a bit more courage before that could happen. For now, she was happy enough to have got this far, after all, it had only been six months since she first had her hair cut short, after years of wearing it long and as much as she wanted to be really shorn, it was going to take a lot more nerve than she had mustered to walk into this barbershop.

She looked at the barber and nervously smiled, obviously feeling very anxious as she walked across the barbershop floor and up to the big red leathered and chromed barber’s chair. Her legs felt very heavy and it seemed almost an effort as she placed one foot on the footplate and, reaching for the armrests, slowly lowered herself down onto the padded seat. She had never been in a barber’s chair before, but she had to admit that it felt rather comfortable. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and could see the barber standing behind her with the white cape in his hand. He proceeded to spread it out in front of her and then slowly drew it back around her. He then went across to the counter, pulled a length of what looked like cotton wool out of a dispenser and, walking back to the chair, placed it on the back of her neck, before pulling the cape together and fastening it.

Maggie was feeling so nervous that she clenched her hands under the cape to try and stop them from shaking. The barber began pumping up the chair and it was at that moment when he told her that he didn’t get many women in the shop, which made her feel even more anxious, but she tried to reassure herself by saying that she had always wanted to have a real haircut in a barber’s shop. The barber smiled at her through the mirror and told her that she had certainly come to the right place. He then asked her those immortal words, ‘How do you want it?’

Maggie hesitated for a moment, before telling him that she wanted it cut very short, especially at the back and sides.

‘How short? You mean a crewcut like mine?’

Without thinking, Maggie could hear herself saying, ‘YES.’

That was music to the barber’s ears. He told Maggie that it would really suit her, as she had great features and then said that he wished more women would try it.

Maggie was now really scared. She couldn’t believe that she had actually said that, because although it might have been what she really wanted, it certainly wasn’t her intention to go that short this time. It was too late to change her mind though and although she tried to tell the barber that she had made a mistake, it was obvious that he already had a mental picture in his head of what he was going to do with her hair.

Taking a comb from his pocket, the barber walked around the chair, combing Maggie’s hair into its usual style. As he reached the front, he put the comb back in his pocket and, reaching across to the counter, picked up the clippers off a hook.

Maggie closely watched him as he placed the #4 attachment over the blades. She then heard a pop as the barber switched them on and they came to life, filling the small barbershop with that beautiful buzzing sound. The sound sent a shiver down her spine and at the same time, brought a strange glowing feeling welling through her entire body. Although she was very nervous about what was going to happen next, she was equally excited at the prospect of the clippers taking her to a whole new level in haircuts. That thought also distracted her attention from what the barber was doing and it wasn’t until she felt a firm hand on the back of her head, that she realized the barber was standing behind her with the clippers in his hand. Maggie bent her head down in readiness for the approaching clipper blades, but it obviously wasn’t far enough for the barber, as she felt him push it even further, until her chin was almost resting on her chest. All she could see now was the whiteness of the cape as she looked down towards her lap.

The barber didn’t waste any time: no sooner had the hungry clipper blades touched her skin than she could feel them running up the back of her neck. The barber pushed them quickly through her hair, up the back of her head and continued right the way up to her crown. Maggie looked a little shocked, as the severed locks slid down the cape and into her lap. She couldn’t take her eyes off them and as the barber made the second pass, even more hair slid down the cape to join the rest. The sight of that, together with the feel of the clippers on her skin, set off those wonderful feelings deep within her body, so much so that she found it hard to control herself. The barber was oblivious to anything she was feeling, as he continued to shear away the remaining hair, leaving it no more than half an inch long on her nape and the back of her head. As he moved to her left side, she raised her head up and looked straight ahead in the mirror. All signs of nervousness had now disappeared and she was really starting to enjoy the haircut, that was until she saw the barber place the humming clippers on the crown of her head and quickly move them along the top towards her bangs. Maggie closed her eyes, as the clippers approached her forehead and as she did, she felt a stream of hair falling down past her face. She tentatively opened one eye, just as the barber drove the clippers along her head for the second time and her chin dropped, as her eyes followed the second stream of severed blonde hair falling into her lap. She couldn’t believe just how much hair had been cut, as it lay there so lifeless, but the barber just kept shearing away, adding even more hair to the pile. The thought of losing all this hair, together with the feel of the clippers on her head, was making her feel very aroused, so much so that she could feel a slight wetness between her legs.

As she looked back in the mirror, she was a little shocked to see the results of the barber’s action. The top of her head had been completely cropped, leaving the hair no more than about half an inch long. Gone were her bangs, together with the rest of her hair and as she looked at her reflection, she couldn’t help but notice how different her face looked without it. The barber, meanwhile, had moved to the hair on the left side of her head. He expertly bent her ear down with one hand, while manoeuvring the clippers around it with the other and then placing the clippers in front of her ear, quickly pushed them up to the temple, severing in an instant all the remaining hair from that side. He then quickly moved around to the other side, once again bending down her ear as he severed all the hair from around it, again running the clippers past her ear and up to her temple, taking away any trace of her previous style. It was only then that the sound of the clippers suddenly stopped, leaving Maggie to believe that the barber had finished. She could hardly believe the transformation that had taken place, it was so different from any other haircut she had ever had, but she certainly liked what she saw in the mirror and couldn’t wait to touch her shorn head.

The transformation was nowhere near complete though, as the barber starkly reminded her when she noticed him changing the clipper attachment for a smaller one. The next thing she knew, he was standing behind her again and as he switched the clippers back on, he placed his hand firmly on the back of her head, pushing it down so she was staring down at her lap once again and all that hair. The barber brought the clippers down on to the hairline at the back of her neck and as the vibrating blades touched her skin, her heart missed a beat and she started to breath more rapidly. This time around, the clippers seemed to produce a more sensuous feeling, as they were driven through the short, bristly hair on her neck and the lower half of her head. Maggie couldn’t believe the sensation that was being generated throughout her lower body, a feeling that was quite orgasmic and the more hair the barber sheared away, the more explosive the feeling became. It was so intense that she had to bite her lip to stop herself from crying out with ecstasy.

The barber was cutting the hair much shorter this time, working from her hairline, up to a line about level with the top of her ears at the back. The newly shorn hair was only about a quarter of an inch long and in stark contrast to the hair on the top, as you could see the pale skin of her head through it. Maggie was enjoying the experience far too much to worry about how short her hair was now being cut and as she sat there thinking about how good she was feeling, the barber could have shaved her head and she wouldn’t have known. After finishing off at the back, the barber moved around first to the left side and then to the right, each time shearing the hair that little bit shorter, until he was satisfied that it looked as perfect as it could be.

It wasn’t until she heard the clippers stop that Maggie awoke from her dreamy, wet thoughts and as she opened her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The reflection staring back at her was totally unrecognisable from the one that had sat there at the start of this haircut. Although it seemed really strange to her and she knew it would take some getting used to, she was delighted with the result. She never realized just how liberating an ultra short haircut could be and just as the barber had promised earlier, she did have the perfect features to get away with hair this short.

It was really funny, but this was the first time that she had seen her ears looking so naked. There was usually at least a faint silhouette of hair around them, but now they were fully exposed and stood out in perfect proportion from her cropped head.

The barber put the clippers back on their hook and went across to a tall dispenser on the top of the counter. Maggie couldn’t exactly see what he was doing, but as he turned around, she saw that he had what looked like mousse in his hand. She thought that he must have been using it as a styling aid, although there wasn’t exactly that much hair left to style and as that thought passed before her, he proceeded to walk to the back of the chair. Maggie was in for the biggest surprise of the haircut so far though, as the barber smeared the soft, warm lather all around the hairline at the back of her neck and up behind her ears. The terrible thought of her being shaved entered her head and she suddenly felt very nervous again. The barber then wiped his hand on a towel and picked up the straight razor from the shelf in front of where Maggie was sitting. She was now feeling really scared, as she saw him open it up and sharpen it on a long strap which he pulled out from the counter. Fortunately he could see the anxiety on her face and tried to reassure her, by telling her that he was only going to tidy up the stray hairs around her hairline. She let out a huge sigh of relief as the barber walked behind her once again and proceeded to shave away the unwanted hair. The short strokes of the razor felt so good on her skin as the barber worked quickly around the back of her neck. Maggie suddenly got the strangest thought in her head; it was a thought of how it would feel if the razor was actually shaving her head. She couldn’t believe that she would ever go that far, but then again, she had said that about this haircut and look what had happened. The barber then took the towel and wiped away the excess lather before picking up a small long bristled brush. He brushed the loose hair off the top of her head, from around her ears, neck and shoulders and then followed that by dusting a little talc onto where he had shaved her. Now he had finished and before removing the cape, he took the large hand mirror and showed her the back of her new haircut. It looked short, very, very short, but Maggie loved it. The barber asked her if she liked it and she smiled back at him from the mirror, thanking him, saying that it was a great haircut. He then unfastened the cape and held it out of the way as he removed it from around her, so that the hair piled on her lap didn’t get onto her clothes. She instantly raised her hand up and rubbed it all over her newly shorn head. The feeling was wonderful, more than she had ever dreamed of, and she started feeling aroused again.

While the barber hung up the cape, she got up from the chair and admired herself in the mirror, turning her head all ways, so as to get a good look at her hair from all angles. She then walked across to the coat stand, took her wallet from her bag and paid the barber for her haircut. He helped her on with her coat, saying that she looked really good and he hoped to see her again in four weeks time for a trim. She smiled at him and said that she would certainly be back and with that, she opened the door and walked out onto the street. The cool air suddenly hit her as it blew around her cropped head. She started to feel a little cold and turned the collar of her coat up around her bare neck. She then got into her car and drove off on the short journey back home. After many years of wishing to be liberated from her hair, she had finally accomplished her desire, well at least one of them.


Dedicated to my friend Maggie.

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