Not What I Expected

Not What I Expected

Not What I Expected – K Locks

I walked up to the unisex salon for my regular trim every six weeks. I always went a little early for my appointment. I loved women’s hair and it was fun just watching. I walked in the door and took my seat. As I sat down my attention was drawn towards a woman who had to be in her mid 40’s. She was drop-dead beautiful. What really drew my attention was her hair, it was a jaw length bob that was curly. Her nape was outstanding, with a side part to die for. I watched as she sat there calmly as the cape was put around her. She crossed her legs, and the chair was swung away from the mirror. My heart was beating so fast because she was so beautiful and the anticipation was unreal.

The stylist pulled out clippers, which threw me back for a second. She started in the back with a guard attached and just started going up the nape and never stopped until she reached the top or her crown. I was shocked as this outstanding bob was being shorn. The stylist continued in the nape area… all these curls were flying everywhere and her thick hair was now on the ground and her shoulders. Next she tilted her to the side and clippered the sides up over her ears. Soon the bob was gone.

The top was next, and again I was in shock as I watched the clippers take these wonderful curls and turn the top into a flattop. The most amazing thing through all of this was the fact that the woman getting the cut was so calm, it was no big deal. Soon the flattop was her new look, curls were everywhere. The stylist did not stop, it was like round two started again, the guard came off the clippers and the stylist just cleaned the back and sides real short… shaved short and tapered. The stylist attacked the top again and made the flattop the most square looking flattop I have ever seen. The amazing thing was this lady was still very good looking for the hairstyle she just got.

Soon her chair was swung around for her approval, which was given, and the stylist left. The lady though just sat there… no emotions, nothing. She picked up her cell phone and made a call, it was like nothing happened. I’m thinking, “Wow, and it’s just another day in the office for her.”

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Soon another woman came over to her. She had a cloth and some chemical stuff. She took off all the make-up on the lady, and then shaved her eyebrows right off. “Holy shit,” I said under my breath. “This lady is making herself look ugly and it is no big deal.”

Soon she was shown the mirror, she gave her approval and she walked over to the counter to pay for her services. I just stared, it was the same body, but the face was so different, she had a man’s face with a flattop. I was amazed. When it was finally my turn for a trim, I asked my stylist, “What’s up with the lady?”

My stylist said, “She does that to herself once a year, just to keep herself humble.”

“Why?” I said.

My stylist said, “She is trying to set an example for her two daughters. See that girl to your right with the shoulder-length bob?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well,” said the stylist, (and as she said that I heard the clippers go on) “That is her daughter and school starts next week, so it’s time to humble her. And guess what? Look to your right, there is her other daughter with the curly hair to her shoulders.”

Wow, and I just want a trim, thank God.


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