No Other Choice

No Other Choice

No Other Choice – Baldnia87

“Shit”, said Jane, “this is the seventh job interview I have been turned down from. There isn’t a single waitressing job that has an opening.” She drove around for about two hours looking for another restaurant to go in. Finally she saw a restaurant, but it looked different. It looked a little like it was separated from all the other buildings. Jane got out of the car, took a look at the restaurant and said, “I hope they’ve got an opening.” She opened the door and walked in.

Now before I go any further, let me describe Jane. She was 23 years old with a nice body, brown eyes, and thick, straight, beautiful brown hair that reached just below her shoulders. She was single, an only child, and lived alone. She had just gotten fired from her old waitressing job and had moved from her old town to a new one where she stayed in an apartment. She desperately needed a new job because her rent for her apartment was three months overdue. She was still glad her landlord had given her a chance to get the money. She was desperate and would take any job.

Jane walked in and saw that the place was semi-full and she saw the bar and went there to ask to see the manager. When she got to the bar she saw that the bartender was a woman. What surprised her the most was the bartender’s hair. Her hair was about 1/4″ long. This surprised Jane very much, because she had never seen any female with hair this short. She was here for another reason though, so she asked the bartender who she had to speak to about a job.

“I’ll call the manager, just have a seat,” she said

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“Thank you,” said Jane

Jane sat down and waited for the manager to arrive. Jane looked around and she got another surprised that kind of made her feel weird about this place. Every waitress was female and they all had the same hair as the bartender.

“What is that all about?” she said to herself

She didn’t think too much of it and as she was sitting, the manager arrived. Jane looked up and she was stunned. The manager had the same haircut as all the other staff members in the restaurant.

“Hello,” said the manager

“Hello,” said Jane

“I hear you are interested in a job?”

“Yes, I am,” she said, “do you have an opening?”

“First, can you tell me about yourself and about your previous waitressing jobs?”

“Yes,” she said, and started telling her about her experience as a waitress and she explained for about a good half hour. She tried not to exaggerate too much, though.

After she was done, the manager started telling her about the restaurant and what was expected. She explained for about fifteen minutes and everything sounded perfect to Jane. Her salary, her working hours, her uniform, and everything else.

“There is one drawback,” said Miss Holier (by the way that was the manager’s name) “Every waitress here, as you see, has a certain hairstyle that may seem a bit drastic to you. Every waitress that works here must have their hair like this. It’s sort of like dress code here at our restaurant.”

“What?” said Jane, at first Jane thought she was kidding, but she saw that there was no smile on her face and said, “I couldn’t possibly cut my hair like that, I spent years growing my hair. This whole time Jane didn’t think much of the fact that all the waitresses had short hair. She just thought it was a coincidence. “I’m sorry Miss Holier but I think I’ll look for a job elsewhere.”

“I understand, but I’m telling you… this is probably the only place for miles that will have an opening.”

“Well I’ll just check anyway. Thank you very much for your time Miss Holier and have a nice day.”

“Thank you,” said Miss Holier

Jane walked out thinking what a bunch of weirdoes. She sat in her car and drove off.

The next day Jane woke up early and went out looking for jobs again. She drove around for miles, visiting every restaurant but she was unsuccessful. Finally, it was already about 8:00p.m. and she was tired out. After searching the town for two days, the only job she could find was at that “weirdo” restaurant.

“I can’t believe this, I’ve been searching for two whole days and not a single job, I cant believe this.”

Jane went back to her apartment and sat down. She couldn’t believe this was happening. If she didn’t get some money fast she would get thrown out of her apartment and she’d have to sleep somewhere out on the streets because she had nowhere else to go. Jane was deep in her thoughts and she spaced out. Then she was startled by a knock at the door. She wondered who it was.

Jane opened the door and saw what she didn’t want to see at this moment… the landlord.

“Hello Miss Cormier, how are you doing this evening?”

“I’m fine,” said Jane

“I’m hoping you have your rent.”

“Nnnno, sir I don’t.”

“I see, well Miss Cormier I have given you many chances to pay your rent but you have not made an effort to come up with the money. Ok, since I am a nice guy, I’m gonna give you one more day to come up with at least your rent for the first month that you still haven’t paid, or else I’m gonna have to evict you. I’m sorry.”

“I understand,” said Jane, “good night.”

She was dead – what was she gonna do? There was no way she could come up with the money in a day. She didn’t even have a job. Jane sat down again and thought long and hard. She realized that the only way out of this would be to get the job at that “weirdo” restaurant. She was puzzled. She needed to think about this. Was her being out on the streets worth her hair that she had taken great care of for as long as she could remember? She didn’t want to do this, but it was the only way out. She decided to accept the job at the restaurant and go through with it. She didn’t want to be homeless. She went to sleep thinking what was gonna happen the next day. Whether she would have the guts to go through with it or become homeless. She fell asleep.

She woke up the next day thinking about what was in store for her. She got dressed and drove to the restaurant she was calling “weird” a couple days ago.

When she arrived she walked up to the door and took a deep breath. She walked in and the first person she saw was the manager, Miss Holier, from a couple days ago. Miss Holier gave her a look like she was saying, “I told you so” and Jane walked up to her, explained and apologized for maybe being rude to her, but Miss Holier said it was ok. They talked for a little longer and then Miss Holier said, “Shall we begin?”

“Yes,” said Jane and followed Miss Holier to sort of a back room. When Jane walked in the room, it looked like a barbershop combined with a basement. This was the place where all the employees had their hair trimmed. It seemed liked the haircuts were done by Miss Holier because there was nobody in there besides Jane and Miss Holier. Jane was freaking out, but she knew she had to go through with it. Jane zoned out again and was woken by Miss Holier when she said…

“Please have a seat”

Jane sat down, still in shock, and felt the soft leather on the chair. Miss Holier opened the drawer and took out a gray colored barber’s cape and strapped it around Jane’s neck. She twitched a little when the tiny hairs on the cape tickled her neck. Then Miss Holier took out a brush and started brushing out Jane’s beautiful hair that she had been growing out for such a long time. Jane enjoyed that very much. As Jane was getting in the excitement of having her hair brushed, it stopped and Miss Holier put the brush down and picked up a pair of scissors. Jane thought she was gonna just jump out of the chair any second now, but she remembered what her landlord had said. Next, Miss Holier brought the scissors to the right side of Jane’s face and lined them up with her chin. Jane closed her eyes and then she heard that first horrible snip. Snip! Snip! as the hair tumbled down the cape and touched Jane’s hand which was exposed from underneath the cape. She still kept her eyes closed as she heard the next snip and then the next and the next. Snip! Snip! Snip! and a mass of hair tumbled on the cape, the floor, and behind Jane. Jane still kept her eyes closed. She hadn’t seen any of the hair fall, but she could feel it and hear it. Jane heard the scissors being put down and heard the drawer open again. She was curious, so she opened her eyes and closed them as fast as she could when she noticed that Miss Holier was bringing out a pair of black clippers and a black attachment. Jane heard a small click as the attachment was put on. Then she heard an even louder Snap! and she jumped a little as the clippers were turned on. Miss Holier gently pushed Jane’s head forward until her chin touched her chest. She shivered as the clippers touched her neck and then without warning, felt the clippers run up the back of her head and felt about 5-6 inches of hair fall and tumble down the cape. Jane kept her eyes closed tight. But then something very weird happened to her. Something she thought would never feel. She was actually enjoying the feeling of the clippers shear away her hair in the back. She was so surprised and decided to open her eyes and actually see the action. Jane didn’t think she would enjoy this moment, but she was. Miss Holier decided to proceed as she saw the look of fear on Jane’s face disappear and a look of excitement come about. She tilted Jane’s head forward again and put the clippers on Jane’s nape again and ran them up as more hair fell around Jane. She watched in excitement as her hair was being sheared. Miss Holier continued, when she was finished with the back she proceeded to the right side. She put the clippers on the right side of her face and ran them up the side and more hair fell. She ran them up a couple more times and the hair was cut to about 1/4″. Next she went to the left side of her head and ran the clippers a couple more times as the hair fell down. Now the sides and back of Jane’s hair were the same length, about 1/4″ long.

Now came the good part, the top. She wasted no time and put the clippers on Jane’s forehead and ran them back over head as Jane’s hair fell all around making a deep path down the middle. Jane was all smiles as she saw her hair falling. A couple more times and Jane’s remaining longer hair was gone. Miss Holier ran the clippers all over Jane’s head to get the tiny hairs that might have been missed by the first couple of passes. When she was done, she removed the cape from around Jane’s neck and all the cut hair on the cape slipped off on the floor. Jane looked up and took a good look at herself in the mirror for the first time. She was a bit shocked to see herself. She barely recognized herself, but she still had a smile on her face. She ran her hands through her short bristles. She got up and Miss Holier shook her hand and said, “Welcome to the team.” Jane became very happy when she said that. Her anxiety was over and she was glad it was over, although she loved the experience.

For the past 5 months, Jane has been working there and she is very happy. She closed her debts with the landlord and is now making enough money for a good living. She also got another great thing out of all this… a great haircut, which she gets trimmed every 2 weeks or so.

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