Night at the Movies

Night at the Movies

A Night at the Movies

We went and watched the movie at the ReAldo. It was an older theater in the shaky part of town. My girlfriend Cindy was with me and our friends Katie and Dave came to. The movie was all right but the theater was in poor shape. The seats were to close to the ones in front. We all had the feeling that the perverts sitting behind us were watching us instead of the movie. When we went out of the movie we decided to walk a block to a small cafe and have a coffee. As we were entering the cafe, Cindy shrieked out loud…

“Katie, your hair”. After much commotion we realized that a large hank of her middle of the back brown hair was missing. I had Cindy turn around and she also was missing about seven inches of her fine blonde hair. Cindy started crying and there was a lot of screaming. The owner of the cafe came running over and tried to calm us down.

The police arrived and we gave a description of the perverts sitting behind us in the theater. The police said to return to the theater and look around. When we arrived the night manager was called and they stopped the movie and we went inside to where we where sitting. The girls were really upset and after looking around we found a small bit of hair, blonde from Cindy on a seat. Not one hair of Katie’s was found.

We gave our statements to the officer and he told us to go home and try to relax.

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When we got home my girlfriend Cindy asked me if I would help her correct her now obvious lack of hair and since it was Saturday night, that tomorrow they all had to go to the Flewclub dance and she could not go with her hair hacked off. I told her to sit down on the stool in the kitchen and have a coffee while I went to get my scissors. Katie still could not believe what happened to her long.long hair, chopped off so short at the hands of some crazy.

Cindy sat down and I returned with my beard trimmer hair clippers and comb. I went to the kitchen drawer and got the kitchen scissors and asked her if she was ready? She said go ahead, and I asked her how short I should cut her hair. She said that since her hair was so fine, that maybe she’d like to try a middle of the ear chin bob. She started to give me direction on how to cut her lovely blonde hair and I told her the damage is done, just let me try to correct it, after all I couldn’t do worse.

Katie started talking to Cindy as I took the scissors to her hair, about whether she should also cut her hair or wait till Monday. I placed the scissors at the center of Cindy’s cheek and closed the heavy blades and watched as this soft white hair fell slowly to the floor. Katie brought her hands to her face and peeked out from behind as I slashed lock after lock of Cindy’s hair off. I only cut about three quarters of a width of hair at a time so as to get a nice even line of hair cut around her head.

Piece by piece locks of hair fell free from her head and the women soon found another topic to talk about. I was listening and cutting away. When I got to the other side of Cindy’s hair the nice straight cut I started out with was well above the level I started on the other side. No wanting to alarm her, I told her I’d cut all around one more time so as to get any stray hairs and make sure it looked professional. She was so engrossed in the talk with Katie that she said Yeah sure go ahead just cut it evenly all around.

So I continued cutting her hair off shorter all around her head. When I got around to the first side I had cut her hair evenly but it was more closer to middle ear length than mid chin/earlobe length. I asked Cindy if I could shave the neck area and make the cut look clean and crisp. Katie jumped right in by saying how sassy her hair looked and that you know your boyfriend is not bad as a hair cutter (and a lot better than the pervert who hacked her hair off so wildly) Cindy told me to clean up the underside and neck area.

I took my clippers and turned them so that the teeth were upside down. I placed the cutter head about one inch into the hair line hidden by the bobbed hair and shaved down removing about 3 inches of neck/nape hair. This I did all around the back of her head and when I finished her blonde hair started to curve in a rounded over bob style because I removed the underlining hair. Now all that was left to do I told Cindy was to cut her bangs. Cindy said that since she had this short and sassy hairstyle that I should chop her bangs off short and wispy. I told her that I saw how to make them spiked on TV. and how about I try it that way. Katie sat up and said lets see, so I took about one inch sections of Cindy’s bangs and started twisting them into a rope of hair and placed the scissors about one and a half inches from her hair line and chopped them off at a upward angle. When her hair unrolled the bangs were feathered and cut at a spiky angle. Katie said maybe she should cut her bangs the same way. I continued cutting her bangs and when I finished Cindy stood up and shook her head. Her hair swished back and forth just like a hair commercial for Vidal Sassoon. The contrast of her short bobbed hair against her white shaved neck. My girlfriend put her arms around me and hugged me saying its nice to have her own personal hairdresser.

Katie turned to Jim and asked him if it was OK for me to fix her hair and Jim just nodded. He said that he couldn’t go around with a girl who’s hair looked like a lawn mower had buzzed it off. Good old Dave, a real smooth talker. Well next Katie sat down on the stool, and ran her fingers through her once all long, beautiful hair. She asked me what cut she should get? I told her that the missing hank of hair was large and that what ever style, it had to be short.

Dave said “Hey, Katie how about a buzz cut like mine” Katie just gave him a look. “Yeah right, what’s that called…a crew cut” With that Cindy said, “Go for it Katie you’d look good and just think, how easy it would be to take care of. A little hair gel and back brush it and off you go.”

“Well with such small features and having had long hair since I was a kid….what do you think guys?” I said, “why not….You’ve already come to terms with having to get your hair cut, because this jerk cut your hair anyway, now all you have to do is say go for it…”

“Fuck them all, ya go for it, buzz my hair off in a crewcut style just like Dave!” I couldn’t believe my ears. “OK, are you sure?”

“GO FOR IT…before I lose my nerve.”

Cindy came over to watch and Jim sat up in his chair as I turned on my beard trimmers. The sound of those little clippers were rumbling as I buzzed up the side of Katie head. My arms were covered in long hair as a milky white strip of scalp appeared in the wake of the clippers…Katie screamed with delight as I buzzed those long locks from her head…Cindy just kept saying… Katie, you’ve got guts and Dave just started feeling the buzz of hair left by the clippers….me, well I was getting hard…..what a turn on…..


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