New Year’s Eve – A Lesbian Hair Fantasy

New Year's Eve - A Lesbian Hair Fantasy

New Year’s Eve – A Lesbian Hair Fantasy – CrewCut


The New Year’s Eve party to which Sue and Jennifer had been invited was in a luxurious harbour-front mansion on the north side of the city. The rolling lawns led directly to the water’s edge, and a jetty protruded into the harbour.

Chanelle Ludovic’s women-only New Year’s Eve parties were legendary throughout the lesbian community. The mansion’s many rooms were each individually themed, and more delights were promised out of doors, around the pool, the tennis court and on the lawns and water’s edge. Chanelle herself retained a discreet presence, and ensured that any and every kind of stimulant and intoxicant was freely available to those who wished to partake. On several occasions tennis players, in town for the summer season of tournaments leading up to the Open had been guests. Other closeted dykes from the entertainment, arts and other prominent cultural groups vied for invitations. Chanelle, however, was more inclined to invite more ordinary women from the ranks of the mainstream community – dykes who often found it hard to express themselves fully in the community – nurses, teachers, public servants, construction workers, computer geeks, salespeople and so on.

Sue had scored an invitation through her work at the languages institute at the university. She was a professor in applied linguistics (ok, ok, she’d heard all the jokes about applied cunnilinguistics!) and worked with disadvantaged children. How to describe Sue? I guess if you held a lezzo stereotype in your head, Sue might be it – athletic build, sporty, butch and proud. She had several tattoos in delicious places, including one twisting into her hidden hole. She was pierced in all her most sensitive places, and delighted in being in an almost constant state of arousal, promoted by jewelry which almost constantly stimulated her clit and kept her nipples erect. Yet, she hid all this secret activity in her usual clothing – jeans, shirts and denim jackets, business suits for meetings, or for tonight a very elegant tuxedo – silk lapels and starched white shirt. Sue kept her hair extremely short… at least once a week she or Jen gave her a #2 clipper cut. People openly referred to Sue as ‘the dyke’ or ‘the lezz’, none of which bothered her at all. When in the company of new students or other academics she could see were uncomfortable with her, she would openly broach the topic. “No doubt, you’ve heard about me. I’m the token dyke on staff”. This would be accompanied by a winning smile and a wink. To men she would say, “I guess that means you are safe from me.” To women “No need to worry, I’m not interested if you’re not – I don’t play head games!”

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Sue had no time at all for what she called ‘simpering femmes’. Sure, she had had sub and femme partners before, and she had nothing against them. Why, some of her best (non-sexual) friends were lipstick dykes… LOL. But it did make it harder for Sue to meet her soul mate. Femmes with cascades of long, Pantene hair were constantly falling across her path, but Sue negotiated it by deftly side-stepping in her best cowgirl boots.

During one episode of side-stepping she encountered Jen. If Sue was a proud butch, Jen was something else again. Jen started exploring her lesbianism at age 13. Never showed the slightest interest in boys, and spent most of her high school years promiscuously attempting to seduce women and girls. She joined every female sporting team in school, and had numerous relationships with other girls, coaches and teachers. At 14 she strapped on for the first time and got her first piercing (left nipple). As a young girl she had refused her mother’s attempts to interest her in dresses and long hair, and had insisted on a severe, short cut the same as her brothers… shorn back and sides and a kd lang-type floppy top over her forehead. Jen’s parents realised early on her ‘difference’ and remained loving and supportive, so she never had any ‘coming out’ difficulties. She loved her brothers ferociously, and spent her teenage years comparing notes about girls with them.

The first semester Jen was away at college she started visiting the campus barber, and her hair got shorter and shorter… from little boy cut, to flat top to crew cut, to almost shaven. Once she discovered that she loved having her nape and the back of her head shaved bare, she tattooed the back of her head with a tribal design. She also sported a tattoo on her left breast – a dew-kissed open pink rose, resembling the delicate folds of her favourite part of Sue’s body….

Jen studied literature and writing at college. She knew she wanted to write – screenplays, plays, short stories and eventually a novel. In order to support herself while she established her writing career she worked whatever jobs she could get. In her college town her unusual appearance was little barrier. The funky cafes where she waitressed had no problems with ‘out there’ looks, and she was much in demand as a restaurant and café worker.

That’s how she met Sue. Sue was a regular customer and they got flirting. It wasn’t too long before Sue and Jen were regularly fucking, loving and playing together.

Then Sue got the invitation for herself and a friend to Chanelle’s party. It took some time to decide what each would wear. This is when Jen announced that she wanted to do something different. “I have,” she said, “a fantasy about being a butch slut. I want to dress like a whore, but retain my otherwise butch outlook, demeanour, and of course display my tatts and piercings.”

And so it was that they were on the bus to Chanelle’s party looking like they did. Neither wanted to drive, aware that whatever intoxicants they consumed would render them dangerous on the road. And so, they decided to enjoy the bus ride as a prelude to the party.

Sue looked handsomely butch. No doubting she was female, but dressed as an elegant male ‘walker’ might be. Jen was playing it both ways, as she had fantasised. Her hair was freshly clippered, her head tattoo clearly visible. She wore an electric blue, skin-tight lace top, plunging so low that the top of her rose tattoo peeked out provocatively. Her gold nipple barbells were pushed through holes in the lace, so if you looked carefully, you could see them quite clearly. As well, she wore a brief, tight, black latex skirt. On her feet, she wore strappy stilettos, with a peek-a-boo keyhole strap framing her ankle tatts.

Jen and Sue sat in the bus seats towards the front where they could face each other. Now for some fun! Jen sat with her legs slightly apart, her cunt bush facing Sue. Sue removed her boot and stocking sock and placed her foot on the seat between Jen’s legs. She slowly extended her leg, until her big toe was tickling Jen’s clit. Jen’s pupils dilated, her nipples stood hard and erect, and she squirmed on the toe. Slowly, as the bus bumped its way along, Sue’s toe drove deeper into Jen’s hole, fucking her rhythmically in time with the engine noise and plunging deeper as they went over speed bumps. Jen arched her neck, twisted her barbells and moaned low as she came. The bus driver glanced in her mirror, furrowed her brow and wondered what was happening behind her. Two teenage girls, the only other passengers, leaned forward in their seat behind, saw what was happening and giggled behind their hands.

Sue then replaced her boot, while Jen stood up, wriggled her arse and pulled the skirt down to the point where it just skimmed her butt cheeks. The bottom of her butt tattoo was just visible, if you leaned your head on one side and dipped down to look. Which Sue did, giving the lead to the girls behind to sneak a glance. Jen started to move towards the back of the bus. She swaggered in her usual butch hip-swaying way, no mincing small steps for Jen! Sue followed her down the aisle, and they took up a place on the back bench seat. Sue ran her hand down Jen’s thigh, and then back up. She parted Jen’s legs and placed her thumb on the pierced clit hood. She pressed the clit, then coaxed it out of its protective cover. She then held three fingers upright, her hand resting on the seat. Jen moved her arse off the seat, then repositioned her cunt directly on the fingers, and proceeded to ride them, fuck them, while Sue leant and sucked Jen’s tits. Sue found Jen’s g-spot and proceeded to massage it with the insistence needed for her ejaculate juices to gush.

By the time they arrived at their stop, the seat was drenched with Jen’s juices, and her lacy top had enormous wet patches surrounding her tits. Other passengers had got on the bus and they were turning their heads and trying to see what was happening. As Sue and Jen walked the length of the bus to get off, there were some hisses and curses being uttered under breath. “Lemons, dykes, filthy lezzos,” were just some. At the doorway of the bus, Jen and Sue turned, and waved to the stunned passengers.

The two younger women scrambled to their feet and rushed to the door, eager to get off where Sue and Jen had. By now, they were determined not to let them out of their sight.

Jen and Sue stumbled, laughing, off the bus. They held each other around the waist and stopped for a passionate kiss. Their tongues lingered lovingly in mouths, and they caressed each other – Sue grasping Jen’s buttocks and gently pushing her skirt higher, so that she could clasp the bare , soft rounded bum close. Jen pushed forward and could feel Sue’s girlcock pressing into her. Jen remembered the first time she had strapped on – she had been 14, and her 21-year-old hockey coach was tutoring her. There was never a question for Jen about penetrative sex: she loved it and loved doing it. Just with girls, though. The thought of a male cock made her shudder even then. She had never had to come to terms with this, but one or two of her straight friends were endlessly curious about it: “But why if you like being fucked with a cock can’t you do it with a man?” Jen tried as best she could to explain that it was an emotional commitment… the softness (even if firm) of another woman’s body, the validation of self that another woman brought.

Jen and Sue broke their embrace and saw that the young women from the bus were standing nearby, watching with great attentiveness. Sue winked, Jen smiled, and the girls asked if they were headed for Chanelle’s party. Jen and Sue laughed and said, “Of course!” and asked whether the girls were invited. Jen thought they were rather young for such a gathering, and said as much.

One of the young women said, “Oh, we are 16 and 17… we met Chanelle at a women’s centre, at a meeting for young dykes. We were talking about how hard it is for some of us to get the privacy we need, and how it is sometimes hard to find affirmation from friends and school counsellors, even for those who had come out. We know we are not just ‘going through a phase’,” explained one who introduced herself as Vivvy, her friend as Ronnie. Chanelle was including safe spaces in her house for young women taking their first tentative steps into lesbianism, and those more experienced but looking for younger (or older) mentors.

Sue nodded, and said it seemed like only yesterday she was a baby butch. “Let’s get going then! I’m Sue, my honey here is Jen!”

Gorgeous women, couples and singles, young, old, fat, thin, butch, femme, and all sorts in between and unlabelled were thronging towards the house. Sue presented their invitation to the security woman at the door, and they entered. Chanelle stood in a large foyer greeting all her guest. She stressed the need to stay safe and remember each woman’s right to feel comfortable with what she was doing, and with great feeling and warmth wished them a Happy Party. The next room, an ante-room, had a guide to the house, and an explanation of the activities available in various sectors.

Jen and Sue decided to proceed to the indoor pool, located within a large atrium in the centre of the house. The full moon was directly overhead, flooding the atrium and pool with moonlight. Some women were swimming, or playing in the pool, others chatting and sipping cocktails, still others locked in private passions on the banquettes and sofas around the pool. Sue pulled Jen close to her and slowly stripped her. As she removed each item of clothing, she spent delicious moments caressing and fondling Jen’s body, so that each curve, crevice and surface was electric with desire. She pulled Jen, naked, to her and pressed her girlcock into her. Jen uunzipped Sue’s trousers, and placed her hands hard on her buttocks, pulling Sue still closer as they kissed. Eventually Sue whispered, “Time for the show!” Jen strode to the diving board and performed a perfect swallow dive from the end. Sue carefully removed all her clothes and stood majestically at the end of the board, her sequinned harness glistening in the softness of the moonlight. Jen emerged from the pool, her wet body so shiny and desirable. She climbed back on the board and braced herself against the railing, arching her pussy forward and head back. Sue kissed the sweet curve of Jen’s neck and thrust her girlcock into the wet and inviting space Jen so desperately wanted filled. A cloud passed over the moon as Jen humped and fucked as Sue thrust and pumped. At the moment the cloud moved on, and the moon emerged, lighting up Sue and Jen like a spotlight, Jen screamed her coming.

In a shadowed corner Vivvy and Ronnie watched, preparing to make their move….

Sue and Jen dived into the pool, their lithe bodies slicing through the water like arrows. They emerged at the other end and shook their heads. Droplets clung to their clippered hair, gleaming like pearls in the moonlight. Sue still wore the beaded strap-on. Laughing, she pushed Jen back into the curved stepped recess and again pushed the dildo into Jen’s willing lovehole. Relatively weightless in the water, Jen wound her legs around Sue’s hips and received the thrusting girlcock. Sue had to steady herself by pressing against the end of the pool and as she pressed forward her breasts swung close to Jen’s mouth. Jen darted her tongue out and eventually caught one nipple with her mouth. She pulled it deep into her mouth, filling herself with Sue’s tit.

As Jen and Sue continued their sex play, Vivvy and Ronnie stole quietly to the edge of the pool. Vivvy was naked, Ronnie wore a diaphanous blue sarong around her waist, her large and firm breasts exposed. As Jen arched her neck backward, Vivvy slipped onto the step of the pool above her and placed her legs over Jen’s shoulder. The backs of her knees pressed against Jen’s tits, the hard nipples banging Vivvy’s soft behind-knee area. Vivvy’s cunt was pressed firmly against the back of Jen’s neck, its warmth and wetness mingling with the warmth of the pool water. As Sue fucked Jen her eyes took in with enormous pleasure the scene in front of her: Jen arching and bucking her head and rubbing Vivvy’s pussy as she did. Ronnie meanwhile stood, legs slightly apart, playing with her own breasts. She rolled her nipples between her fingers, tweaking and scissoring them, them rolling the flat palm across them. She looked directly at Sue as she did. Sue had an unimpeded view of the joy of all three women which made the thrill of fucking Jen so much more intense.

As Jen began to moan her coming, Ronnie threw off her sarong and dived silently into the pool, lost from view. Vivvy continued to rub her cunt across Jen’s bare neck, relishing the sensation of the smoothness of the shaved nape against her clit and lips. At the moment Sue’s final thrust brought Jen to a screaming, shuddering climax, Ronnie appeared behind Sue, her hand clasping the bare ass and one finger finding her asshole. Sue gasped and thrust further forward, thus unbalancing both Jen and Vivvy, who toppled, laughing, into the water.

The four water babies splashed and frolicked, giggling and laughing. Vivvy pulled Sue by her cock and attempted to ride it herself, with no success! She was floating free when Ronnie came up behind her and lifted her on to Sue’s dildo. Vivvy rode it and whooped with pleasure while Ronnie pulled her nipples from behind.

Eventually all four women emerged from the pool, and threw on the fluffy bathrobes provided for them. Vivvy and Ronnie kissed each other passionately, and Jen and Sue did the same. Sue unstrapped and taking Jen by the hand, and smiling at Vivvy and Ronnie, led them all to the sauna. They shucked off the bathrobes and went and lay naked on the benches chatting. Jen idly flicked Sue’s clit with a finger, and Vivvy explored Ronnie’s cunt with a finger.

Ronnie said, “I guess you are a little surprised we are so confirmed in our sexuality at our ages?”

Jen smiled and said, “Well seeing I was fucking girls at 14, I guess not! Sue here was the repressed one – she waited till she was nearly 18!”

Vivvy was relieved and said so… “Ronnie hit on me the first time we met, and I was so naïve I didn’t know what she was doing till she kissed me. I melted immediately, and my jeans got soaking wet. I hardly knew what was happening, but I loved it and haven’t stopped since!”

Sue was running her hands along the nape of Jen’s neck, and up the back of her head. Vivvy exclaimed, “Jen, when I was rubbing myself on your neck, it was sooooooooooo delicious. My greatest wish is that Ronnie shear off her long hair…” she added wistfully.

With that Ronnie leapt off the bench and in measured tones said, “Well, tonight is a night for wish fulfilment… let’s dry off and go to the barbershop room!” “But,” she added, “you have to grant me a wish too! Later.”

Jen opened the door to the Hair Room and led Sue, Ronnie and Vivvy inside. It was a luxurious cross between a beauty salon and barber shop. There were leather reclining lounges, large, high barber shop chairs and the room was lined with mirrors. A full array of hair cutting, clipping , styling and shaving tools were set out on the marble topped counters.

A long-haired sylph-like Asian girl was having her hair brushed and combed by her statuesque androgynous Mistress. Her hair reached to below her ass! She was being prepared for their adventures in the Rubber Room. Her body was entirely encased in a full-length rubber catsuit, the only exception being a triangular shaped cut-out exposing the lush and luxuriant straight-hair bush of her mons pubis. Through this her Mistress had already woven brilliant glass beads, so that when she walked, they clinked against each other, and provided a colourful contrast to the black rubber catsuit. The Mistress tied her sub’s long tresses into a ponytail high on her head and secured it with a rubber thong decorated with matching beads. After she had finished decorating, the Mistress had her sub sit in the barber’s chair while she cut two feet of hair from the ponytail. To do this, she secured another band two feet from the end of the cascade, and picked up the shears. SCHHNIK, SCHHNIK, went the scissors as the sliced through the thick black hair. Mistress held the shorn half-ponytail in her hands. The sub’s hair still fell to the middle of her back. Mistress then reclined in one of the leather lounges to plait and weave the hair with beads, thus creating a unique collar for her sub. She concentrated, but smiled, all the while she received the gentle probing tongue of her sub against her clit and along her labial lips while she was completing the collar.

While they waited, Jen and Sue examined the tools available in the room. They were familiar with the different sized clippers… they regularly sheared each other, and on occasion, their friends. They had long since made their hair fantasies part of their love play. At this time, Ronnie and Vivvy were not yet aware of the extent to which Jen and Sue were excited by the act of hair shearing. Part of Vivvy’s desire to see Ronnie with a shorn head was the anticipation of the excitement of the act. For some months she had been staring in barber shop windows and snatching long looks at the dykes at the Young Lesbians’ Centre who had spiky cuts and bare napes. Coming out to herself and her friends was only one of a continuous series of self-surprises for Vivvy. What she did know was that every time a girl with a trim, short cut came near her, her cunt filled with juice and the result was a wet crotch.

The four waited for the Mistress and Sub to finish. The anticipation was as if waiting for a hair appointment at a salon or barber. It made them all more excited than ever. Jen and Sue shared private looks, knowing how fucking sexy this could be. They kissed passionately, Sue sitting on Jen’s knees, facing her, sliding her wetness along Jen’s long leg. Sue had not yet come tonight- she had been so busy making sure Jen was pleasured. But hair scenes were Sue’s come-makers extraordinaire. She had introduced Jen to them, just as Ronnie and Vivvy were about to be. Ronnie’s eyes were wide with anticipation. She had volunteered for this! She had been bold and carried away in the sauna when she had agreed to Vivvy’s request. Now she was here, she was squirming with a mix of thrill and fear. Ronnie was drenched between her legs and could hardly wait to get started. Despite never having had any experience as a cutter or barber, she was determined to attend to Ronnie herself. Ronnie and Vivvy were both wrapped in silky sarongs. They stood and swayed to the beat of the music being played through the speaker system in the barber shop.

Ronnie and Vivvy held each other by the hips. Their sarongs dropped to the floor, and their young, lithe bodies swayed against each other. Their hands explored each other’s bodies softly. Vivvy locked her hands, fingers intertwined, behind Ronnie’s neck. They were hidden by the thick mane of hair tumbling down her shoulders. Vivvy lifted the veil of hair and ran her fingers along the hairline, anticipating the smoothness that would replace it in a short time. She pushed her pussy closer to Ronnie, who feeling the droplets of juice falling on her legs, cupped her hand around that pussy, and explored the flaring and pulsing hole with some fingers. Jen and Sue looked at the younger women and their faces filled with smiles. They hoped the first shearing experience would be as pleasurable for their young friends as it had been for them.

The Mistress finished crafting the beaded hair collar for her sub, and plaited it in place around her neck. Mistress was wearing a red rubber skirt, thigh-high boots and a bustier. Her small breasts were pushed up so that the nipples were exposed. Before leaving she had her sub bend over and she whipped the sub’s ass with her leather whip. This excited her sub so much that she swayed and clacked the pubic beads which rested on the outside of the rubber catsuit. Ronnie paid particular attention… she hadn’t yet revealed HER wish to Vivvy, but the thought of bondage and punishment was dancing in her mind….

Jen and Sue caught the expression on Ronnie’s face, and watched as Vivvy followed Ronnie’s eyes, starting to tune in to her thoughts.

Jen broke the spell by suggesting that if Vivvy was going to shear Ronnie, they could get started. Sue went to the bar in the room and poured drinks all round. Ronnie settled into the high barber’s chair, her legs astride on the foot plate, her cunt tilted forward. Ronnie was at Vivvy’s mercy.

Vivvy didn’t intend the shearing to take very long, for her fantasy was to use the clippers straight down the middle, around the sides, and back and forth across the edges. Sue showed Vivvy how to hold the clippers, plugged them in and turned them on. Vivvy started a little as they throbbed into life. Rather than take the traditional place behind the subject, Vivvy sat straddling Ronnie, her wet cunt sliding along her lover’s bare legs. Ronnie bunched three fingers together from her right hand, and stroked Vivvy’s clit as Vivvy made her first foray with the clippers into Ronnie’s tresses. They slipped easily through her hair, a number 2 guard in place. She ate into the hairline on her forehead first, and as the hair fell down into the gap between them, Ronnie manoeuvred her fingers into Vivvy, so that as Vivvy moved forward and back pressing the humming clippers, Ronnie’s fingers probed deep inside the folds of the love tunnel she knew so well.

As soon as Sue and Jen were confident the younger woman was okay with the clippers, they retreated to the large, plush velvet lounge provided in the shop. They intended to participate as voyeurs, and exhibitionists… voyueristically watching the younger women and reliving the ecstasy they had enjoyed the first time they sheared each other, and flaunting and exhibiting their lovemaking through the closed-circuit video system that existed in each room.

If anyone wished to have their sexual encounters videoed they could throw the switch in whichever room they were in. It would be broadcast directly to the darkened cinema room, where the voyeuristic could view. Vivvy and Ronnie were also being filmed, so viewers could choose to view on a split-screen, or zoom in on one couple, or take in the entire room.

Vivvy finished the front of Ronnie’s hair, as far back as the crown. She twisted around on Vivvy’s fingers, humping and riding them, then raised herself from them and went and stood slightly to the side of Ronnie, still facing her. As Ronnie took Vivvy’s tit into her mouth, she started on the side of the head before her, again shearing a number 2 cut through the luxuriant locks. Half Ronnie’s hair was now on the floor, and dropped across her naked body.

Vivvy was flushed and excited, her nipples hard and her clit throbbing. She smiled with delight at Ronnie, who lifted her hand to the side of her own head, and s-l-o-w-l-y ran her hand across the stubbly bristles so far created. She cried out with delight at the touch. This caused Jen and Sue to kiss urgently and hungrily as they recognised the erotic charge of the first touch of your own clippered bristles.

Vivvy moved to the other side and repeated the procedure. Now only the back of Ronnie’s head, from the crown down was covered with the two-foot-long tresses. Vivvy laughed at how weird it looked, and showed Ronnie by use of a hand mirror from behind. Ronnie yelled “Off with the rest!” and urged Vivvy to hurry. Vivvy decided to tease her lover now, and instead of plunging the clippers in, turned them off and picked up some scissors. She picked up a hank of hair and S-C-H-N-I-K: cut it off as close to the scalp as she could. She then tickled this across Ronnie’s tits and down her belly., before throwing it into her lap. She repeated this procedure a dozen more times, until the back of Ronnie’s head was a clumpy mess of hair all uneven and tufted. At last, after what seemed an age, she turned on the clippers once more and cleared up the mess, the soft clumps falling all around.

Jen and Sue took all this in from their position on the couch, their breathing becoming shallow and panting as Ronnie’s head became more and more stubbly.

Vivvy then decided to finish off by using the smaller clippers, the unguarded ones, to shave around Ronnie’s ears and along her neck and up her nape to the occipital bone. She wanted those areas as short as possible, whilst still leaving a “five o’clock shadow” effect.

At last the clippering was finished, and Ronnie got down from the chair. “Right!” she declared. “Now for MY fantasy desire!” She watched as Sue and Jen came in a shuddering, entwined embrace, and leaned over to whisper in Vivvy’s ear.


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