New Recruit

New Recruit

New Recruit by Dan

It was back in October when Mary first arrived at Military boot camp. Mary had grown up in a fishing village on the east coast with not many opportunities for jobs: many of the local boys would decide to enlist after high school and perhaps get out and see some of the world.

Mary was not your typical military soldier, she was just eighteen and had more experience in teasing the boys with her slender tight body and lengthy blonde hair than in what was in store for her away from home.

Mary arrived that early morning in October, to a place that was to be home for the next 10 weeks. It would be called “Hell”, as well as other things, but it was also to be remembered as something completely different.

The training was tough, up at 0500 for the morning run, but you really had been up since 0330 shining your boots and getting things in order for the morning inspections. The drill sergeants arrived; Mary’s was in his early thirties, a tough looking man who seemed to take great pleasure in making their job difficult.

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The morning inspection came and while standing at attention the drill instructor stopped, looked her in the eyes and then began his inspection of her from the boots up. It was an uncomfortable feeling, to stand there being so closely examined.

“Recruit turn around,” he barked. “I want all you women to know, there is no special treatment here, your HAIR WILL BE KEPT OFF THE COLLAR.” With that he whispered in Mary’s ear, “You have very pretty hair. If you want to keep it, don’t give me any reason to take it.”

Mary was petrified; a small town girl not aware of what to think about this, yet she felt somewhat aroused by the idea of being so dominated. The following day during the platoon’s afternoon run, it happened: tired and sweaty her hair began to let loose, strands shadowed her face. Not realizing her drill instructor had noticed she ran on.

Shortly before dinner, the drill instructor entered the barracks and ordered everyone out on the Parade Square. It was time for our march to dinner. “All except you, recruit.” Mary stopped. “You are required elsewhere, come with me.”

After the platoon marched off, Mary nervously asked, “Where am I going?”

“To the barbershop, recruit,” he said with a smug grin. “I told you no special treatment.” Mary thought for a moment – he was just trying to scare her, no barber could be that bad to a woman.

When she arrived at the barbershop a feeling of relief came over her – the shop was closed, but that feeling of relief was soon replaced by fear as her instructor reached to his pocket and produced a key that soon opened the door. “Sit down in that chair over there, and we’ll begin.” Mary had now given into the fact this was going to happen, she slowly made her way to the chair.

Now as he frantically pulled the pins from her hair Mary quickly wrapped the barbers apron around herself and then the sound of buzzing clippers filled the room. She felt a hot sting of the metal as they cut through the long blonde locks on the back of her head. She felt herself moan, but wasn’t quite sure why.

“You want to look like a man, is that why you’re here?”

The buzzing continued for what seemed like an eternity and Mary found herself feeling aroused like never before: the more he cut, the more she didn’t want him to stop. When it was all over, there she stood with the looks of a beautiful Marine. The young marine returned to the shacks. That night in bed, with one hand massaging the silky wetness between her thighs and the other caressing the nape of her neck, a smile came across her face and she knew she would never be the same.


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