New Life

New Life

A New Life – BigPapa1

At Home

The smell of perfume floats through the air as Jessica brushes her beautiful long hair. Jessica gazes into the mirror and admires how her hair flows and how long the strokes last all the way to her waist. Eventually her arms begin to feel fatigued, finally Jessica sets the brush down onto her dresser and admires her looks one last time.

“Come on Jessica we’ve got to get going!” shouts her roommate Karen.

Jessica gets up and smoothes her tight dress that doesn’t leave much to the imagination and rushes out of the room. Jessica faces her friend standing near the door and admits, “OK Karen, I promised you we would do whatever you wanted to do tonight for a change, so I’m game for anything.”

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Karen smugly replies with, “I know, Tonight’s plans are going to be very special, hon.” With that they’re off to a night out.

The Place

The chill of the late night begins to affect the girls as they approach the club for the night. Jessica hides snugly in her long, thick black hair as Karen’s shoulder-length bob protects her delicate Asian neck.

Jessica peers at Karen quizzically. “Where exactly are we going?”

Karen grins and points at an entrance to a cellar of a building. The group walks down the stairs and is greeted by the bouncer that gives Karen a hug and a kiss.

“I see you brought your friend along, finally. Well I’m sure you can walk her through the paperwork and have her sign in at the Cashier,” says the Bouncer.

At this point Jessica is a little hesitant but an eager Karen grabs her hand and leads her inside where she whips out a pen and says, “Here quick, Sign this.”

“But why? What is it?” asks Jessica.

With a quick, almost rehearsed, reply Karen says, “Just one of those things in case you get hurt and drink too much. Just sign it and come on!”

Jessica felt Karen overpower her with the tone she used and just signed away without reading any of the print. Jessica paid the cashier and left the paperwork with her and began her new journey.

The Transformation

What Jessica was seeing was unbelievable to her eyes. There were people being led around nude with dog collars and other sorts of jewelry adorning them. Jessica even caught the eye of a young lady being levitated totally with flesh hooks in her back. This was way too much for one night, she thought. Karen glanced at her and sensed her anxiety. “You’re not leaving, hon. Now come along, we have an appointment to keep.”

Jessica asks, “Appointment for what? What’s going on here Karen?”

All of the sudden Karen smacks Jessica hard across the face and shouts, “It’s Mistress Karen, now be a good pet and you shall be rewarded. I paid good money for you to stay here for the month. We’re going to be having a role-playing session that will last a month. I won’t be doing all the playing, of course you’ll be the club’s property, so behave and only good things will happen. Oh and sweetheart, you signed away to agree to everything and that all resistance would be role-playing and the more you resist the more they force it onto you.”

Jessica stood there dumbfounded and lost, she hadn’t a clue of what she should do. There was clearly no way out of this situation so she decided to play along for a little. Maybe she was joking about the month and would take her home soon. Karen pulled Jessica around by a long strand of hair until they reached a purple door. Karen knocked on the door and a transsexual named Rhonda opened the door and acted all surprised.

“Karen! Sweetheart, Sugar! It’s been sooooo long! Gosh have I missed you, I heard you’d be coming in with a pet of yours that we’re going to have to keep groomed for you for the month. Now step right in and get her prepped to your specifications!”

Karen shouted, “In here now my pet!” Jessica meekly came in and the door shut behind her. She got a good look at the place, it was a rather large room with a big bathtub, a large mirror, large closet and a barber’s chair in front of the mirror.

“Listen Karen, I don’t know what’s going on any more but I’m out of here.”

Karen grabbed Jessica by the hair and gave her a hard tug. “It’s Mistress from now on! You will only address people as Ma’am or Sir! Now get undressed. I don’t have time for this, slut!”

Jessica began to sob softly and removed her dress and all undergarments. She stood there before the two of them fully nude with her perfect body and firm breasts.

Rhonda looked Jessica over and finally faced Karen and asked, “This submissive needs some work, hon, OK? What’re we doing today?”

Rhonda totally acted as if though Jessica had no say in this and Karen said, “I want her body completely shaved of all hair, her eyebrows to be plucked to a very thin line and she needs a haircut! I don’t want my submissive with such hair, you understand what the standards are for my pets so you may proceed and do whatever it takes to restrain her.”

It Begins

With all that said and done, Rhonda attached a tight leather collar to Jessica’s neck and attached a leash to it. Rhonda led Jessica to the bathtub where the shower head began to disperse warm water and she attached the leash to a hook on the wall. Jessica was now scared at what was going to happen to her. No way out, the more she resists the harder it would be. Rhonda then had Jessica spread her legs wide open as she began to foam up her soft pubic hair with shaving foam. “Now sit still, we need to clean you up, girl!” With that said Jessica sat perfectly still as Rhonda shaved her of her womanhood then she began work on her arms and anywhere else that had the slightest sign of hair.

“There you go, you’re looking prettier already. Now come along with me we need to dry you up.” Jessica followed Rhonda as Karen sat on the couch watching all this occur and nodding with approval of Jessica’s acceptance. Rhonda roughly dried off Jessica and attached her chain to the barber’s chair and commanded her like a dog to sit. Jessica complied and her head was forced back to a tilt and Rhonda got to work on her thick eyebrows. After about 15 minutes of plucking Rhonda was satisfied with the new look of surprise she had given to Jessica: she now looked like she was always arching her eyebrows like she was shocked at something.

Rhonda looked towards Karen for her approval and she nodded. With that a barber’s cape was put on Jessica and Rhonda began to comb out and section Jessica’s hair. Slowly Rhonda cut Jessica’s hair at the nape, making a guideline at about chin length. Jessica cried throughout the process as Rhonda sectioned out parts and cut it at the one length. Her long tresses fell to the ground and in front of her. She was no longer herself but she was soon to find out who she was. Jessica was beginning to feel totally submissive, her rights had been stripped from her and she was being transformed into someone else’s standards. Rhonda finished making it all into a one-layer sharp bob then combed out a large section in the front of her front head and schnip – off came a couple of inches. The scissors rose to a half inch above the middle of her forehead and sliced off a thick set of bangs for Jessica. Jessica stared at herself in the mirror with shock and disbelief of her new looks, the bangs showed off her eyebrows which led to the look of surprise and her hair was so short she can’t hide under anything anymore.

“You’re so cute! I am a genius!” Rhonda shouted with glee.

Karen gets up and approaches her pet. “I will be back tomorrow to check on you my pet. Be good because I will hear of it. Rhonda here will take care of you for the rest of the night.” Karen gave Rhonda a hug and thanked her. Before she left she whispered in Jessica’s ear, “You’re not going anywhere, this is going to be your new life for a long time. You will grow to like it if you like it or not. It will be a part of you to please men and woman as they see fit. Welcome to your new life, slut!” With that Karen walks through the door leaving behind a shell-shocked Jessica.

Rhonda tugged on her leash and signaled her to go on all fours, then before Jessica could even think a large butt plug was forced into her anus rather forcefully. Attached to this butt plug was a long ponytail that used to adorn her very own scalp. Rhonda smiled with glee and says, “You’re such a good pony! We’re going to have lots of fun tonight, I don’t know what we’ll do first! Oh I know! There’s this guy that’s been bugging me for a blowjob, you can do it for me! You’re going to fit in great here, hon.”

This story was made because I was tired of stories being released with no detail, skipping major scenes that made no sense. No, didn’t leave the reader guessing, just made no friggin’ sense. So I sat down rather umm excited of my own thoughts so decided to type it up, leave the reader guessing why is this being done to her, what’s going to happen now. This will all come together part by part =)

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